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Livestream Sacred Knowledge Shaykh Sulaiman Moola Guest speaker at the INTEGRATED QURAN HIFDH PROGRAM FIRST ANNUAL GRADUATION Brighter Horizons Academy – Houston (USA)

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throughout the world,

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he began his his Islamic Studies after the age of 14, where he finished up on the memorization of the Quran. And he began his Islamic theology for extensively seven years, who has mastered the Arabic language, master data Farsi, the different the Farsi chef sorry mama is also I'm not sure if you know his but he's also from my hometown. We actually share the same street that one of his

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his family members was also in. But I've learned immensely from chef, you know, through his lectures through his advice. And currently chef Solomon is his teaching and is part of the senior advisors of the Jamia in South Africa also. He currently goes on teaching and lecturing throughout the world. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to preserve him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant him the best of both worlds to put Baraka in his in his in his wife in his life and his family's life as well. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us benefit from his from his teachings and from his lectures to supplement our famous chef with with with that being said we give the mic over to chef in sha Allah

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does that come along fail for all those who are listening for all those who have joined us wherever you may be throughout the world locally internationally and fully for for the beach, a family Sapna fate again to all of you, whatever whichever way you have helped and and elevated our family and you know give us give us insight May Allah subhana wa tada grant you the best results more faith I said I'm ready to take more time to wait we're gonna catch up

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Alhamdulillah healer and email hobby Alma Trini vermelha elemi Bella marine in wanna sleep for Subhana Allah He led the Hikmah to who barely knew who was he? When he mo who was Silla tune Isla de moi Kabir wanna shadow Allah Allah Allahu wa de la sharika lahu finitary monotony when I say the NSA Donna Maulana Muhammad Abu or pseudo aladeen Hi Donna kitabi Mooney whether Anna ilahi bill in Tbilisi sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, Madame de kawaki Buddha seal

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call a la junta Baraka tala filco, an image evil for corneal Hamid also below him in a Pani rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What Allah Domine Esma akula from Morocco malamala aka Fatah MB only be as smart as Ola in Gundam saw the T in sada Kala will have him I greet you with the universal greetings of Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. So, I managed to secure the tail end of the events that were unfolding back there in Houston, Texas, and I could actually feel the vibe and the ambience and the excitement Mashallah. And as the names were being called out of the different participants, so I'm going to try and develop from there and time is of essence, because

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I'm kind of given a window period of half an hour and I have been asked in this half an hour to motivate our parents, our teachers, tutors, and more importantly our learners to advance the cause of studying Dean etc.

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So, Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said,

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Masahiko who karimun whenever when added to Burnley, Mo Mohammed bin Idris, a chef, he was a man whose name is synonymous to knowledge. Right? He said Rai to Laila Sahaba, who carry him I observe that the possessor of knowledge, the one who has knowledge Sahaba who Karim he he is a noble, a dignified and an honorable, honorable person or fellow Allah that who only even if he is born into a home where there isn't much social standing, and that reminds me of a good Asian enough hydrilla that I read that there was a man by the name of this masumi so he didn't have much external appearance he didn't have much external appearance. And you know what today much is focused on a

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person's features, beauty, complexion, etc. But it is not coupled with

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With value and quality, then there's no meaning to it. There is no meaning to it. Abu lahab is the uncle of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His name was Abdullah Rosa, he was referred to as Abu lahab. lahab in Arabic means flames. So he was fair skinned with the rosy cheeks, which by the definition of many because everybody's beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or like I say, Beauty is in the eye of the beard holder. Beauty is in the eye of the beard holder. You know, that's the challenge with online you don't know if people are having a chuckle with you. But anyway, my producer is given me a smile and a chuckle.

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So Abu lahab was the person who was perceived as handsome beautiful, rosy cheeks, etc. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala preserved that same name in the Quran when addressing him, but the ones who tested me I was different the motivation behind the name was different and this is mentioned in some serious money that by the other biela have been with my ohana and omalu America sub that may the hands of Abu lahab be perish because that's the phrase he hurled towards the messenger sallallahu wasallam turban la casa yo yo, Mama Jama Jenna in la lucha de Magana and whoo man Oh, mama Kassab mama and woman who is welded not avail him one ma gosub and what he

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earned and gained and one tafsir of cassava is his children, his children, that's one Topsail. So he had the physical beauty but he was devoid and be left of spiritual beauty. In order they say Seurat kidney he hood surah toe see rocky montage hottie surah Kitani hood superato see rocky matar Jyoti here, regardless of how beautiful the external is,

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its beauty is dependent on inner beauty. When a child has a sweet tongue he has a loving demeanor, they may say Oh, what is sweet Charlie is so adorable, Mashallah he's so obliging, isn't it? So angelic. When he grows up, he becomes a young boy, he becomes an adolescent child, he becomes a young adult. Wow, that's an amazing boy. He's got outstanding character. He's got great values. He's got amazing morals. He becomes an adult, he becomes a dad, he becomes an old man. The beauty of character never fades. But if a person has physical beauty only, and is devoid of character, then I'm afraid the vacuum and the emptiness of character invalidates his supposedly beauty. When Allah

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subhanho wa Taala speaks about the damsels of gender. Allah says hi Ratan Hassan hirelateral Allah Hassan will do. They won't only be striking in their appearance sublime in their character. So Oh, it is masumi Rahim Allah he says I was a person who did not have much physical beauty. My mom sat me down and my mom said Allah cubby deal, oh, my son pursued deal study Islam, and studied sincerely and passionately and actively. And Mashallah, I was very delighted to Europe, the amount of learners in conjunction with their academic studies in conjunction with the academic studies, and that's what we saying, We want our kids to excel on all friends, we need them to be active citizens of the

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country in which they live and reside and to play an active role. We need them to come into the legal force, we need them to come into the police force. We need them to have the intrapreneurial skills, we need them to become physicians, doctors, scientists, but remember to have that Islamic values and morals to imbibe the teachings of the Quran.

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And at that, that that, you know, combination would be the most ideal acid that we can give to the world.

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So my mom said to me, it could be Dean pursue Islamic knowledge for in Allah Yara v al hasa. Where you team up and nothing so because by virtue of that, Allah will perfect the defected and elevate the downtrodden for now for any Allah will be Colombia, the words of my mom struck my heart, it struck a chord with me and then I started my journey of knowledge for would lead to Kabbalah. Then came the day where I was crowned as the official Judge of Macumba Rama adira the Allahu anhu said, and so me and JT Timothy Lee akufo abou whom Adam will will on how well Neptune can have seen what erwan Mashallah done while I'm on holiday but fee him

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for he akula home in Asli him has a brand new fancy Runa be here for cleaner welcome.

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Metal metal follow

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me in whom Allah Allahu dalaman is a de la Oh waka Drew kolibri Makana your sin Oh, well Jay Hello Nellie I think

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that if you were to analyze the human from a anatomy perspective, then everyone is pretty much the same the composition of the average human, his eyes his body veins, you know, blood the heart organs lumps x and nurserymen getitem Fili AK fo a boom oedema. Well, our ancestor been Adam and Eve, Neptune can have seen what moussaka Obama nominated for him.

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him, hacer Ufa sirona beat him. If we want to boast on our region, then it's either water or sand. We will create it from blood from from,

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from from mud and clay. Right. So that's our origin mentality membrane, an extract of clay hammer, Ms noon, Allah says from muddy water Miss noon, which gave off a stage salsa in Kalfa Hall like the potter's clay. So these are the different verses in the Quran. That that's our origin. So if you want to both, that's your origin melfa de la me, yes. If you want to give credit that it goes to those who possess knowledge, couldn't even amend their work. That's a bad about uniqa mahamadou. And in necessity, you can be born in any home to any family. But if you carry knowledge, then your knowledge will make you independent of introducing yourself through any other way. But when we talk

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of knowledge, my young brothers learners sisters, we're not only talking about the sheer acquisition of words, but we're talking about imbibing the tacks, coupled with executing the meaning of Mohammed Al ghazali. Rahim Allah said to his student and disciple, lo, Cora, atel alma mater, elf, no para Tell me at the center, where I left the alpha khudobin. If you were to study religion for a century, and you were to author 1000 books, it will not attract the mercy of the Almighty until you do not practice it. And he also said why real men law you

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remember the knowledge that cannot distinguish you from vice in this world will not distant you from hell in US era. So

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there is this amazing dialogue. There is this amazing dialogue in

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1841 late summer Tandy Rahim Allah has made mentioned about it and I think today we need to stimulate our youth on all fronts. A believer is never stagnant. Right, stagnation is not in the life and the vocabulary of a believer. Abdullah minimus Rudra Viola who said, in Nila orajel inilah on the head or Raja nefarian, Laffy Amelie dounia when a farmer in Accra

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if there's something I despise is to find a person in active inactive, neither objectively engaged in material worldly things or nor religious things in although they say hazhar Kamiya dunya maker naked as our karma da dunya mechanic a Jonah cucina e Kurt a command kurta, hazare, calm head of dunya McConaughey, Jo Cocina, he karte karte there's just so much to be done. The day is too short. The week is too short. I'm not yet getting done. I haven't ticked all my boxes. And then people are sitting idle few times. How does a person do that?

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So you know what, unfortunately, this has become a common condition with youth and it has almost created like a type of paralysis, which has incapacitated them and paralyze them. There's just stagnation. We need to motivate them stimulate them and in fact say that our honor, he was so meticulous that if you seen people walk in and they were slow and lame and sluggish, he would discipline them and said that's not the work of a believer. A believer has meaning in his world he's he has an object you can see he's he's on a header fees on a target he has a goal so a believer starts off with with with a vision he retires to bed with a vision and that's what we need to to to

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inject in our youth. When Abdullah Mubarak Rahim Allah was as low and Allah Oh Ha La Liga. Anika may you? li si Yama anthocyanin Elio if you were told that this is your last day and you won't see the sunset. How would you like to spend the last hours of your day

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Without touching his eye without any reservation or apprehension, he said I will engage in the learning of Dean so that's the vision of a believer that he wants to learn he wants to better he wants to improve himself and Subhana Allah the lives of the self is blooming is brimming with this you're constantly trying to pick up learn memorize acquire, you know do this

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why why are you pursuing this simultaneously acquire that when?

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When I have been manic and as Jerry when I have been manic as Jerry are the Allahu anhu had passed on lamella Hippo fuba nomadic as Jerry as Jerry bgv Robbie

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over it was actually another Sahabi had passed on then alveolar Malik as Jerry, labia London seen him in a dream. And he seen murjani right there was this metal about green lush,

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fussy hell, Raja waffle afia beautiful landscape lovely cascades and this is the dream of a zombie Fie Hippo baton Avi Mattoon min admin, and in the dead center there is like this dome like structure and for Paula Abdul Rahman Minal Koba suddenly I'm drama and evening for the exits from this beautiful structure. And then he said, Yep,

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Yep, Anna Malik has Amma upon Allah as the agenda below Quran. This is how Allah has compensated us for our service for the Quran. So the real reward for your passion of studying Deen is what Allah will give you in other in this world, you know, you have a graduation you have a ceremony. But understand my young boy and my sister, the privilege and the honor to imbibe the Quran, in your heart and your bosom is such that Allah has elected you and selected you to be part of the custodians for the preservation of the final revelation. So when when the devil was expelled from Paradise, right, and then he wasn't allowed to enter into paradise, however, they use to eavesdrop

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and this is in the Quran, in madness, taraka, some

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bamboo she has been elaborated many star aka the one who would eavesdrop who would steal and intercept for at Tibet or who it would be followed by a star. And that would then drive him away. So they used to, you know, what, hang out, they used to intercept and eavesdrop. And occasionally, they would pick up on some discussion of the melodica communicated to the fortune tellers, and the fortune tellers would then add 1000 lines to it, and that's how they would exploit and abuse people. And you know what, I take a lot of money out of them. But when the Quran came down Mali at Harrison Shadi de moolah in Surah, telegin, in the 2019, Mali at its fold, Mali at Harrison with security

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shady that intense, right? That now nobody likes it, he'll bathroom in baney, he will I mean, healthy, all these measures were put in place for the preservation of the final revelation. And Salah said, what will happen? Well, now what will happen as well, we sent it with purity, and it arrived with purity. Sometimes you send a gift wrapped very beautifully, but by the time it ends up at the person to whom you've sent it, it's not in the most present table of manners or, or you know, in the most appealing of manner. Why? Because it's changed hands. It's gone through so many different people, etc. And it loses its fresh nature or crispy nature, or that elegant touch to it.

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What Bill had the einzelner, who were Bill hackday, Nazzal we've dispatched it with truth and it has arrived with truth. And you know what my brother and you know, what, my sister, the greatest comfort and I've said this in, in many of my dogs, is that Subhan Allah The beauty of the Quran is that it was revealed in a particular instance. But its message is so general and broad that it applies to a million scenarios, and it will continue applying as though it was revealed independently for that situation. And I can tell you in my own way, and I've said it to my students and in my talks and my discourses, there's nothing there's nothing trust me and I swear by a line this is absolute truth.

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There is nothing that can give you direction, navigation, comfort and solace in the challenges of your life. Other than the words of the Quran. So a person is going through difficulty and May Allah make it easy and it's happening right across right to one end.

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All and it's going through a very, very challenging period.

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And I always say that as challenging as it is, it could be more intense. It could be more severe. Cigna, Amara villano, passed by a person Maru B ra Julian mobitel. And he was afflicted with them. He had leprosy ama, he was visually impaired. A some he had hearing impairment. And he was in a pitiful and a very, you know, appalling state. So say now Omar looked at those present and he said, Allah, Allah, Allah has a meaning. I'm Elijah, do you people see this man as a recipient and a beneficiary of any bounty of Allah? And they said, No, not really. The poor man is in an awful state and said, no hamara delana said ask him, can he pass urine with ease? And he said, Yes, I can pass

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urine with ease. He said, haha, Ivan Minami LA, this is the bounty of Allah that He can drink water and he can pass water is a great bounty of Allah. So in other words, a number of the olana was seen as challenging as the situation is, it could be more severe, it could be more severe. So the point i'm saying is, the Quran is the greatest book and is the divine speech of the Almighty to give you comfort, you're going through a difficulty someone can say persevere, what cannot be cured, you must endure be okay take it easy, different motivation says but the Quran tells you one thing, cola you see Bana in llama kata Bella hula hula Maulana Li evaluate our Kalyan Menon say unto them, nothing

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but nothing afflicts us, other than that which Allah has decreed and ordained for us. Who am Alanna he's our guardian. He's our helper. He's our ally, while ally he fell yet what kalila means known and upon Allah should the believer rely.

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So in every stage and phase of your life, if you engage in poron, you will get a sense of direction, meaning and fresh motivation. Time is running out very softly. I actually wanted to share one dialogue here, where some people had a discussion and a debate. What's the greatest legacy I can leave for my children. As parents we all want the best and I speak with the cap of a father on my head. If we don't want the best for our children, we're not parents, but we cannot claim that what we define is the best is always the best. Let's be clear on this year. I don't doubt your motive. I don't doubt your your your passion. You're a parent you selfless you want the best for your

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children. Right? That's why this girl is different than anyone portobay has made mention of it, that when Satan aiyar qubes son use of he had the dream that he said like duck sauce, Roja Kala aquatic Oh my son, don't rate your dream to your brother's for your key do like a Qaeda leaves they plot against you. But Satan I aku. Allah His Salam did not tell you so don't tell me that. He didn't say Don't tell me that rape. Because the father is the only one or the parent who has the capacity to see that his child can outshine him can can go beyond him. If you excel me good luck. To me, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's a credit for me, it's a feather in my cap. It's an

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accomplishment for me. It takes the entire family to another notch and another level. But siblings won't necessarily share that sentiment. Hence a nyako said lotso through a gala equity, your brothers they might react differently for your key do like a K that leaves the plot for you.

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So we all as parents wish the best we wish the best, but it's always not what we define as the best as the best.

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You know,

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time is so short, I was in in California. I was in California, years back and I was there for the Ramadan prayers. And I used to deliver discourses after taraweeh prayer and one day when I was delivering a discourse and I was speaking about Arthur and the letter life etc and the transitory nature of this world, blah blah blah and I said Listen, you know what?

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We all are worried about what they say are Bob key effects take a minute Myrna kebab Marionette caca banega arch kiss Bob Conficker, heck Ma, Allah k Myrna Gabbard, Mary olanka Cabernet Agha, we all are like, okay, the day I die if my eyes closed now, I hope my kids have adequate resources to rely on. I need investments. I need to diversify. I don't put all my eggs in one basket. I have out sure investments. So this can mature. My son can take this great, awesome, lovely, wonderful. It's okay, because quotevalet comida Hazara had Kumamoto, it has been decreed upon you if death overpowers you in Iran and your higher means wealth if you left behind wealth, so the scholars say that it's quite

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That unethical mal law unifi, a taqwa to die leaving behind wealth does not go contrary to the station of nobility, because Islam has legislated there are rules of law of inheritance. So the fact that Allah gives you the rules of inheritance, that means it's fine to leave behind wealth. Of course, we need to qualify it in a context and understand the dynamics of it. But principally, it is fine. Anyway, I'm saying that we all take care of living wealth assets for our children. But what about what would happen to my child the day he dies, and I'm always concerned by what would happen to my kids the day I die, right, and no man prepares for the death of his beloved. Because that's

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human nature. We just shut down and we blocked that off. We it's a it's a dark corner, we don't want to go into it. But how many of us think of it?

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Anyway, I gave my dog and I encourage parents prepare for your children in this world and prepare for them in Arthur as well. And then there was a brother in the audience, he was sobbing, he was weeping profusely. After the talk, he contacted my host. And then he said, is it possible for the chef to come home by me tomorrow, and I'm like, fine, that's fine. And then I went in, and I had this vivid memory, I have this vivid memory, it was in California, and we get there to his house, La ilaha illAllah. And then he walks me through a room where his late son, a young boy, and I pray for him whenever I speak about this year. And may Allah allow for my humble prayers to descend on his

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blessings, soul in the form of ease and comfort and tranquility. And the dad walked me through and it evoked a nostalgia and he started crying. And everything of this young boy was left as it was his pillow, his checkered his laptop, his mobile phone, his car keys, and tragically, he had met up in an accident. And he was pronounced dead when he was, you know, rushed to the medical adjacent facility. And the dad cried, and he said, I've made peace on the decree of Allah. But I'm grappling to make peace on the fact that I left behind, I prepared a healthy life for my son year, but I prepared nothing for his grave, I prepared absolutely nothing. I obviously embraced him. It was

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emotional. It was a poignant moment, we both cried, and then I comforted him to teach him or to share within teachings from the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the importance or that you can still do a solid job, and you can do so many good things. My time is running out. I didn't even even start what I wanted to say.

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I bring you back to this year, and I'm gonna mention this and I hope I can get a little extension of five minutes if, if everyone is on board that side. I'm not gonna get a signal but I hope so.

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Okay, so I was saying to you that we have, we have their interest at heart, but we cannot swear an oath that our interest is the absolute flawless

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choice that we've made because we can earn we can earn in the choice. So there's, again the authentic hadith, in Sahih Bukhari and in Sahih Muslim where the messenger sallallahu wasallam says a mom was nursing her child, she was suckling her child, right? lactating her child, and then a man passed by Aurora Julian has a doula. Hey, these are the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, well attired, well clad mounted on a horse moving swiftly trotting and galloping. And the mum is like, you know, busy nursing her child, and, and and

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suckling her child, and she looks at this fully grown Evolved Human. Well, a diet in an impressive physique mounted onto his horse galloping and trotting. And this is her prayer, understand this year Allahumma Gianni Allahumma Ebony Mithra the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Allah make this baby this infant of minds one day like this man, the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, and we believe it it's authentic hadith taraka sadya. The child detaches from the chest of his mom. And then he looks up and there's an infant which speaks miraculously. And the Hadees speaks about the infants that spoke in the infancy as the medical and the child said, Allahu mulata Gianni mithila Allah Don't make me

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like that man. The mother made a prayer in her own sincere interest. But as I mentioned, she urged she didn't know better, superficially, cursory glance, externally, outwardly apparently looked like great, wonderful, a great future for my child. And then she continued again and the child started drinking etc. And then after a period of time a woman passed by and people were accusing her people accusing her Zen at Surat, isn't it correct? Isn't it does daddy you guilty of theft, you immoral your unchaste you immoral you unjust? So it was a

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Quite a painful sight to see how she was being, you know, accusations were being hurled at her and how she was being blemished and soiled etc. So the mom prayed Allahu malaita jolly Ebony Miss LA. Allah don't make this child of minds this baby this infant like that at the baby again detached from the mom and said Allahumma Gianni mithila Allah make me like this woman. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, Raja al Kalam, mommy and baby started speaking. So mommy's like baby, my baby My love My darling, my angel. This is the Hadith of the Prophet SAW some you can see it in Buhari, we believe in the words of the messenger sallallahu wasallam.

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Like I pray for that man, and he was like, amazing. And the baby said, Oh, my mom, you looked at the external but he was a tyrant person. He was an autocrat. He was an evil man. He was an oppressor. You looked at the external wishing I must be like him, but he was an oppressor and Allah despise them. So I pray that Allah mustn't make me like that. And the second person, people were accusing her and hurling nasty commands, but she was innocent. So she was beloved to Allah. So I made that I must be like her. What's my message from this year is that we sometimes in our passion, we feel that we absolute, and this is my vision, this is my dream. And I need to do this, we often wish to give

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our children what we didn't have, but we failed to give them what we had. So maybe we didn't have wealth, we didn't have holidays, we didn't have luxuries, we didn't have amenities and perks. So now I want my child to grow up in the lap of luxury insulate him, give him all that. But we forget, we grew up with values and morals. And these are the we lose it on the way. Let me share this here quickly with you. And then I believe there's a q&a session. So there was a discussion between ignorance for some people, is wealth, a greater asset or knowledge and knowledge? Are we talking of sacred knowledge, right, sacred knowledge. You know, what hurts me a lot is when someone pulls us

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Islamic knowledge, then people are okay. And what's your academics like your data, you need to learn academics as well, you need to cover it, you need to balance it, you need to flavor it, you need to, you know, have some degree you need great, wonderful, nobody denies that. But if somebody goes the other way exclusively into academics, then rarely would someone say to him, You know what, you also need to have basic Islamic knowledge. And you know, what's the big difference between the two, my brother and my sister, a person pursuing academics exclusively grows up with a mindset by and large, and I'm not saying every person because there are great exceptions to it. By and large, such a

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person grows up with a mindset of what the world owes me. So you've been told at 12, you request at 15, you're entitled, at 18. It's your right at 20. You take legal action. That's the world in which we live. He owes me she owes me they owe me society owes me my parents owe me so often a child will point fingers you did nothing you didn't achieve. You didn't take me growing up with that mindset. And a child who's been nurtured with Islamic values. He grows up being taught what he owes. You owe this to your mom, you owe this to your dad, you owe this to your parents, you owe this to your teacher, you owe this to your mentor, you owe this to society say that our Amara, the Allahu anhu

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said, Nah, man, oh, man, you're gonna get me started. We're not gonna go anywhere. Yeah. Right. You owe it to the world. That's the different mindset that you come back. I need to give back to community. And you you come in with a mindset of what the world owes you. So it's almost like I'm entitled, I'm entitled, you delayed in giving me and yeah, it's like I've delayed in paying back, right? islamically you owe this to your mom, you owe this to your dad and regardless of what you do, you can never offset the favor.

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So the best would be to balance it. Are they for a man saho silly. He said laser theodorou, common Latina truco navdanya La La La La Nina through coonan. rollin. Tanya, what I can let you know, I mean, heavy, heavy, the best among you are not those who forsake the latter world to secure this. Neither are you the best, who secured this world who

00:34:11--> 00:34:58

forsake this world to secure that in totality when I came in, I mean, as he was he the best among you are those who can strike the fine balance strike the fine balance. And that is what Islam says it is mentioned about one of the great scholars that currently Ebony's Zubair mia tulameen right. It's Harkins the ration that Abdullah Edna Isabella the Allahumma head and with servants, yet sokola mokulua at minimum Beluga 10 Ohara each one of them spoke a distinct language for Cana immuno Zubair you can leave a con la vida min whom Beluga t Abdullah, Roberto villano mastered 100 languages. That's what I'm saying. We need to become assets. We need to work we need to toil we need to strive.

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

That's the passion of a

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

believer till his last breath he engages. He's learning he's improving himself for control either Navarro to Ella Emery dunia who pulled to Hazara Julian Lem, you read the

00:35:13--> 00:35:58

terrain, what is on the verge to Ella Emery rotti he pulled to has orogeny. Tanya tie in. If I looked at these religious matters, I would say this man has no worldly interest, no worldly inclination. Yet when I looked at his worldly inclination, I would think for a moment, it looks like he had no religious inclination, meaning he afforded both the Fine Time and the absolute balance. I visited an institution in India, where people are studying Islamic knowledge coupled with academics, you cannot distinguish in their garb in their attire in the character in the demeanor. It is a fifth year medical student or a fifth year Islamic students. Wow, wow. Whoa. So I urge you let me say this

00:35:58--> 00:36:32

in India, they debated which is the great asset. Let me just give you a synopsis of it because my time has lapsed. And then they said okay, let's send someone to Abdullah Abbas rhodiola Anima. So they sent someone to the lab Now, what is the greater acid he said knowledge? They said okay, inside a loony and in her grandmother akula home, if they asked me for a proof, what do I tell them? He said sample li la la mirada will ambia because knowledge is the legacy of profits and wealth is not the legacy of profits number one, number two Leanna Sahib Mal.

00:36:34--> 00:37:17

Use al a person leaving behind wealth will be interrogated will be questioned, he will have to answer for everything. And the safaiwala a person who leaves behind knowledge, then his legacy and his virtual continue. Number three Leanna gotta hustle man well, Maria. So if you live have wealth, you need to look after your wealth. But if you have knowledge, knowledge will guide you knowledge will protect you. Number four, Lee unelma, young possibile Bethany Well, he has died too badly, that wealth will decrease by spending unless you spend it in avenues of good then it will multiply what he has done to build badly and knowledge the more you spend it, the more it will increase. And then

00:37:17--> 00:37:57

he said, Well, he and Asahi Belmont de la Motta in Qatar as a crew. When a person dies, his wealth is gone, and it's done and people forget about it, but the one with knowledge, his name will prosper. So my time has lapsed, and I hope and I wish and I pray that my humble you know what words would motivate each one, to go a notch higher to exert yourself and to commit yourself to commit to yourself, you know what set a high goal in English they say, a poor person, a pauper is not one without wealth, but one without the dream, a person without a dream, he is a poor, but you need to Dream High, you need to Dream High, and you need to work towards that dream. You need to work

00:37:57--> 00:38:22

towards that dream, I can achieve it and I will achieve it with the grace of the Almighty and trust me, it will become possible and once Allah has put that Quran in your heart, the new the placid nature, the goodness of that is completely different. So I pray that this institution goes grows from strength to strength, may Allah bless those that are the well wishes of this institution. Those that are the teachers, the tutors,

00:38:23--> 00:38:42

the learners and the entire staff complement and inshallah You know what, we have many young fathers, boys and girls coming out as graduates coming out as great assets to the oma insula locally and globally. I mean, era balada mean.

00:38:47--> 00:38:52

Just below head on chef, we have a few questions here. First question is that

00:38:53--> 00:39:17

what advice would you give to someone who is struggling in their memorization? Okay, Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Jazakallah for the question. And at the onset. If I can say, please feel free to ask any and every question, we welcome it. If I have the answer, I will reply. And if not, I will excuse myself, but don't feel shy to ask. So thank you to the brother or the sister who has asked the question.

00:39:19--> 00:39:54

Let's just understand this objectively. When it comes to Islamic learning and acquiring, then you are winning from the word go. The fact that you engaged in the science, you're a winner already. So it's not the former graduation, which is, you know, a milestone of success. Yes, in some way or the other you've completed and it's a graduation, but in terms of reward and closeness and proximity of the Almighty. As long as you are engaged, you are winning. There is a narration it's more silent. It's not more for that

00:39:56--> 00:39:58

matter well who were yet to lose.

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

He'll Islam, but you know who were buying and Nabina da da da da, da da da. The scholars say it's the quotation of Hassan Al bacillary, Rahim Allah etc, academically, you can go into the debate of it, that the one who is engaged in learning Deen and he dies in the process with the primary aim of reviving the faith, then for him is a very lofty abode in that up. So there are many examples of people who had difficulties at the early years or in the beginning stages. And then at some point, the hurdle just cleared up. And then Subhanallah they were flowing at a nother level. So you know what, don't back off, don't die, don't surrender, don't give up. Remember, one of the greatest

00:40:45--> 00:41:29

efforts to divert someone from virtue is that of the devil in regards to a person studying Dean, because you are just not a learner, you are a prospective ambassador, you are a prospective teacher, and at your hands 1000s will be inspired. So I urge you, my brother, sister, don't back off continue. If it's becoming too difficult. The key thing is focus on the preservation of what you've memorized, and just move slowly forward. So instead of now trying to leap forward and compromise on the 10 Jews or the 15 Jews, or the five Jews or the two Jews preserve that hold on to that, you know, what, what absolute passion and optimism and move forward two lines a day, three lines a day,

00:41:29--> 00:42:12

one line a day, but just continue. I met a man in London, central London in his mid 60s or early 70s, who started memorizing the Quran at that age, and Subhana Allah on a subsequent visit, when I got there, the man had memorized the entire Quran, he had memorized the entire Quran, he commenced his journey in his late 60s. In a nutshell, don't back off, you are very beloved to Allah. It's not like you know what you need the degree you need the testimony, you need the Shahada. If you die in that process, Subhanallah, you will stand up as a heartbeat on the day of the AMA, your reward is immense. preserve what you have an injury slowly as you go forward. And it's it is a win win for

00:42:12--> 00:42:14

you, in all regards.

00:42:17--> 00:42:44

The next question is, is six years old, too young to start shift? Or what is a good age to start shift? So this is a very common question that people ask what is the right age? Right? I look at my own self, I started at the age of 12 hamdulillah. And I don't have any regrets. Now, let me make a clear distinction and yummy parents are very clearly people have this myth and this misconception that you know what, when, when you are

00:42:45--> 00:43:30

reached the age of puberty and beyond that threshold, then it becomes more difficult to memorize. And when you young, it is easier to memorize. Let me set the record correctly. And I heard this from one scholar and it really very profound. It's not Junior versus senior. It's not juvenile versus the senior. It is rather sinless versus sinful. So before the threshold of puberty, a child is not McAnuff, he or she is not tasked with the responsibility of Dean. So they're not responsible, they are not answerable. Of course, we encourage them motivate them, but if they have not prayed, there is no consequences on them. And it is at that time when the slate is pure as the Quran refers to as

00:43:30--> 00:44:16

knifes and zakia, a pure soul. So the the soft memorization has more of a tie with the clean mind than the junior age. It's not the age. It's rather the fact that the mind is clean and pure, they're not answerable. And once they reach that age of adolescence, and into the early teens, and they're having their hormonal spurts, etc. Now the mind starts going into different direction. And unfortunately in today's world, there is an influx of so much evil vices in morality promiscuity, and that obscures the the vision that derails the entire thing. So the earlier we start, the better I've met personally, personally in Canada, and I even met elsewhere in the world. Kids at the age of

00:44:16--> 00:44:59

five have memorized the entire Quran. Yes, I know it's a miracle but the Quran itself is a miracle. Once at at a competition and masaba Kala must have a lien on the entire Indian, you know, level where 10s of 1000s of people had attended, and I was privileged to be there as one of the guests as well, the young boy who took the award of the full position, right across the entire India was no more than 12 years. And he came out first and he was tested by hundreds of scholars. And finally he was asked in preparation for this great contest and masaba How much did you prepare and he said for the last six months, I recited one Quran a day, one quarter

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

The day like like, really, I just looked in tears just trickle down my eyes. So six is not early six is great and wonderful. And in today's time, I strongly encourage the earlier the better. I have observed myself that once you you will find a child, starting at the age of eight or nine, probably 11, he memorizes 20 Jews, once he hits 13, then from 13 to 17, sometimes at the next 10 Jews have been dragged, and it's slow, and it's sluggish. And he's reluctant, and he's not productive, and his mind change and his thoughts are elsewhere. And it's peer pressure. And it's evil company, and it is the substance abuse. And it's a host of social evils that plague the youth. And unfortunately

00:45:45--> 00:46:29

destroy them. I'm not saying it applies to everyone. But unfortunately, it is fairly widespread. So it's not a prerequisite for entire Navarra to be completed. I did not complete the entire Quran and Alhamdulillah I started my tech field. And I had no of course there has to be basic recognition. If the values at home are good, the you know, the data is right. The basic recitation and memorization is in place. The earlier you start, the better for the simple reason that hopefully by the age of Bulu, Amora. Here, they have completed the plan. Remember, the challenge still remains right? I always say it's, it's easy to become a Muslim, difficult to remain a Muslim. It's easy to get

00:46:29--> 00:46:33

married, difficult to remain married, I'm sure you'll agree with me.

00:46:34--> 00:47:15

It's easy to become a half it's difficult to remain a half, right? It might be difficult to become a half but comparatively that is easier, but to remain a half it is a challenge for the rest of your life. So it's not like if they done by the age of puberty, okay, like cello is done. It's over. No, no. Now it's a big responsibility for the rest of your life. But yes, if we can do the bulk and the chunk before the age of puberty, most of today's time because everage Lee at that point, unfortunately, the mind is diluted so we can get the most done. You know what in that time you will travel while while while it's light before night falls so you cover most of your journey because at

00:47:15--> 00:47:29

nightfall it becomes a bit more complex to travel. So post puberty, you're dealing with a host of external challenges, which can often impede the growth and the development. So the earlier the better, the quicker the merrier.

00:47:31--> 00:48:18

Are there any doors that we can make the kids who are stuck on a particular journey or they kind of have lost motivation? Any advice on getting them back on track you along with along with if I had memorized some parts of the Quran, and you know some I guess some Jews are difficult I forgotten them. Or how do I how do I get myself to continue? Okay, I don't have a flesh of a verse in the Quran. When you have one memasuki Ruby when you have one memasuki Ruby one so and they forgot have an abortion mingma from what Ruby they were reminded. This is the verse of the six Jews in Surah Tula ADA and Abdullah Massara the islanders quotation is mentioned under this year in Madeira cotton

00:48:18--> 00:48:39

zeal in Del Mar, I answer that fairly often, a person tends to forget much of what he memorize. Because of sins vies wrong transgression, there was a particular case of an individual who was memorizing the Quran, and then he just could not make progress. And then they decided to look at

00:48:40--> 00:49:22

the food he was eating. And it was discovered that he was eating from a doubtful outlet. He was eating food from a particular fast food outlet. And you know what, it was not halaal. And then once that was put to an end, immediately, he just started moving in leaps and bounds. And he continued, and he excelled. Let me say this also for parents when your child is studying, and I say this in gratitude to the Almighty, that he made it possible for my three kids and sons to memorize the Quran. And it's no claim and it's no achievement. It's only the grace of the Almighty. But I can say this, my dear, that you know what, when our children are doing that field, then it involves a lot of

00:49:22--> 00:50:00

adjustment to the parents as well. So if you want your child to remain motivated independently, without you having to make the adjustment, change the format of the house, make the good values create the right atmosphere and ambience, then it's quite cumbersome for this time. Create a time of Quran that we all said that's the vibe that's the atmosphere. Get rid of the other type of addictions and devices that are just you know what, corrupting and paralyzing the minds of our children. Nobody can trivialize the profound impact of drugs and supplements.

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

That's great. That's awesome. That's meritorious, but I think sometimes we elevated to like a miraculous like, you know, just read this prayer and then like, okay, you're gonna get up in the next day you know, the Quran is Subhana Allah in your bosom. So those things are not going to happen. That if that was exclusive for the Prophet sallahu wa sallam sonoko Kabbalah tansa la la, la Santa Clarita, jelibean Elena, Elena, that when jabril alehissalaam would come and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would listen then initially, he would try to listen and memorize so he was multitasking simultaneously, which is difficult. And then Allah said LA to hire a copy Lisa Nikita

00:50:40--> 00:50:53

jollibee don't move your tongue to Hanson in La Nina gem Khurana it's our duty to insert the Quran into your blessed mind and heart and bosom wherever

00:50:54--> 00:51:10

Elena bhajana and it's our duty for to confer its explanation to you. And Allah says once Elena in a COVID currently to be an alumnus. So I would say to parents, don't be discouraged. Also also listen to this very, very carefully.

00:51:11--> 00:51:55

The duration that it takes to memorize the Quran only has merit or significance for that period of time. So Chinese memorizing Quran Okay, how long are you doing? Oh, it's two years. Oh, it's three years already. Okay, really? Four years are you in two years? This discussion of how long is irrelevant in the greater happenings of life. Once you've memorized the Quran, nobody wants to know how long it took all they will say you must listen to his Koran. Mashallah. He knows his Quran very well, you must see the confidence, you must see how melodious he resides, you must see how beautiful you must see Subhana Allah, He knows his his his stuff. He does Moraga exceptionally well. So the

00:51:55--> 00:52:42

discussion of how long when you started when you ended features for that duration, which is very transitory and temporary. But going forward in life, it is how confident how well and how much you've preserved it. So it takes some two years, it takes some 12 years, it takes some 15 years, let not the delay be because of negligence on your part, that not the delay because of negligence. And I also want to impress upon parents, that if children are learning and they playful, we need to do it in a loving way. The worst we can do is impose on them to a level where they start developing the resentment to the Koran. So five fingers are not the same. Some have the passion, others don't have

00:52:42--> 00:53:28

the patient, those that have it might Excel and they would surpass the peers and siblings and others might lag and be slow but ultimately inshallah they will make their way through. So let's not be over enthusiastic, let's be practical and pragmatic, was set in manageable goals. exerting them, but at the same time giving them time and space and doing it together, creating an atmosphere of them. The key thing is don't back off, don't back up, be sincere, be passionate, be at it, preserve what you have don't like oh yeah, it's five years already. And he's only on a dose when it No, no, no, I know of one of my students that took close to nine years, nine years. Today, Mashallah is one of the

00:53:28--> 00:53:47

most successful teachers teach in Iran. And many a students have graduated yet it took him nine years. And after that he started doing his are involved in code, which was much shorter for him when his journey of the field took in nine years. And the examples of that are too many. So don't lose hope and don't lose courage.

00:53:49--> 00:53:56

Sharla just the last season, any final pieces of advice you have for teachers, parents, students shala.

00:53:58--> 00:54:41

to parents, I can say and again, it's a verse of the Quran and I just have a flash on what you've asked. So it's a verse of the 12, Jews of the Koran, the 11th chapter, sort of who it is the words of srivalli his Salatu was Salam. in which he says in od do El es la Hamas, Tata Otto, moto fi t Illa. Bill, Allah etowah, to LA oni in Henri de el es la, my aim and my motive is nothing but to reform. That's it right? In order to use law to reform to change to improve to better the kids, the community, the society, the atmosphere, just to to make things better right, in

00:54:42--> 00:54:59

Stata to the best of my ability or motto Fie illa Billah. And my inspiration and my ability comes from Allah, Allah he tawakkol to upon Allah de la la, la de nieve and to Him do I incline and this mentioned in biannual Quran under this is under the topic of masala

00:55:00--> 00:55:52

Hello, fi he jumped on Bay nawapa A Phil Murphy de la ilaha illAllah. This brief comprehensive verse, the statements, the utterance, the sentiments of srivalli in salatu salam, I told you it is the 11th chapter that we have just of the Quran. It encompasses and outlines and defines the role and the duties of a teacher, parent and mentor or guardian for that matter. fee john bainer wobba will mercy the minister, a minister, de Lille is law Hey, what's the first duty as a parent? I need to work to reform? Am I reforming myself? Am I reforming my kids? Am I making a change on myself? Am I making a change in my classroom? Are we all coming closer to Allah Mina certainly is is our means

00:55:52--> 00:56:47

to toil to endeavor mean a certainly a lot in Islam, to change model a philosophy, but it has to be paid with sincerity of motive. Because if if the motive is something else than Abrahamic, because Allah said in Ghana custo, Kofi he, if your aim is that how people can Lord you or extol your praises or congratulate you, or praise You for weighing luck or some luck, for where you lucky some way you luck then won't be to you and won't be to you again. And in fact, he says fatty Jara Takahashi Ratan Fatih Jara to kaha Sera, your engagement is few times. In fact, it comes as a loss to you. One more Allah mocha marine en laka, Allah husana and your teacher will be an accomplice to

00:56:47--> 00:57:30

this loss of yours, because your motive is not right. So he jumped on benavente Phil mercy, the Minister de Lille is lahemaa, a classy woman at the wakulla fee, and of course to rely on the Almighty Allah, I am teaching my children I'm teaching my students our law only you can you can effect the change in them. And I often say this and let me share it again with the parents and the teachers. There's a verse again in the 20th chapter of the Quran, in Surah Taha in the 16 Jews, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says workaholic and Zelda workaholic Asana feminine worried that we have turned unexplained different warnings in the Quran Lumia takuan. Hopefully, perhaps maybe

00:57:30--> 00:58:08

people will abstain and desist from the wrong Oh, you're de sola, whom they crawl, or you will stimulate reflection. So keep on telling them maybe they won't change now, but you left him in thinking mode. You advised your son You gave him that motivation, says Oh, you know what, my dad, I think is making sense. Well, I don't have the courage now. But maybe someday, he will. It will it will you know what, drive a lesson home, your home sacred. In other words, in this verse, Allah says that either people adhere and heed your message, or even if you leave them reflecting that itself also is a milestone.

00:58:09--> 00:58:20

So he jumped on benavente Phil Marcia, a minister in his law, he may or may not Tavakoli Fie, he. Then He further goes on to say

00:58:21--> 00:58:30

Fela yet keelin. Allah subhanho wa Taala yet ruku Surya Leah jelly taco de la ilaha illAllah Fela yet tequila, Alice

00:58:32--> 00:59:18

falaya. Tequila Anissa. You don't rely on your efforts. No, no, it has to bear fruits because I get up early. I work. I come to class early. I'm devoted. I'm committed. I'm selfless. No, no, because what did the Prophet say? My aim is to reform and allay tobacco to rely on Allah felonious tequila Allah azza wa jal through Casa de la actually Tavakoli. But the balance is that because of relying on Allah don't abandon your efforts either. Strike the fine balance as a very comprehensive My aim is reformation. I ask Allah to give me sincerity in it. I continue toiling and I rely on Allah and insha Allah, the results will follow suit. It's been amazing having this program with the

00:59:18--> 01:00:00

organization imaam Hamza Yusuf, and the rest of it my heartfelt gratitude to one and all, and my congratulations to our young learners, boys and girls who have taken the different awards in Sharla may just be a stepping stone for greater awards to come your way and inshallah the day is soon, where you will bring that honor and pride and glory to us and to the oma at large. Remember, child can come with a trophy or a team can come with a floating trophy, but there's no greater joy that anyone can bring to his parents or his community or to the oma then to return what the Quran in your bosom. May Allah make us amongst those who can preserve the Quran and be part of

01:00:00--> 01:00:07

That honorable group who are responsible for the preservation of the Quran, I mean your herbal Atomy

01:00:08--> 01:00:25

does not come along here and for joining a chef, may Allah Subhana Allah bless you and reward you. I know you have to leave so inshallah we'll stay in touch. We just have a little bit less of the program. With that being said, we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala for the sheriff. I'm going to go ahead and

01:00:42--> 01:00:46

learn from him. Next year, we are opening up a new class.