Giving Dawah to Non-Muslims

Hamza Tzortzis


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So when George the atheist comes to you, you know, you know, starting to say, oh, you know, Big Bang Theory science, and he's like, I don't care about science. He's more, you know, an IT type of philosopher type of poetic type. He just feels like, you know, religion doesn't answer my existential questions about who am I? Who's on my for whom am I? Why am I and you talk about some abstract scientific information that we don't even know, you know what that really means. And we don't even have the background to understand it yet. We're giving it to them. Because we've, we've, we've we're giving down to the judgment of George, we're not giving down to George right. And this

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is like a social hypocrisy for me, because, you know, don't we accuse many of the kinds of Islamophobes for doing exactly the same thing. They look at you or your terrorists, your exterior minutes, you're this you're that you're the other and you're like, No, there's a context. No, engage with me. No, let's have a conversation. It's okay when you know, the shoes on the other foot