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In Alhamdulillah in el campo de la in a

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movie when atovaquone

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fusina woman say, Dr. Medina may Allahu Allahu

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Allah, the other one is shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de Mola Sheree Cara

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Maulana Mohammed Abu or pseudo

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Baraka Ouattara.

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Khan, you're watching Bismillah Angkor Wat Manya Rafi y bajo de una

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una de La Moneda hironaka Oussama Allah tala Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah. Allah, O kumbhakarna and

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honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders, every human on the face of this earth, regardless of his color, creed, or nationality is the servant of Allah, be the believer or be the copier. However, there are certain servants of Allah, whom Allah has very passionately referred to as his beloved servants. By way of example, a father has four sons, but he refers to one of them that is my son, there is my boy, he does not for a moment mean that the other sons are not his sons, but the one that has been obedient to Him that has been obliging to him, the father makes a reference to that son, that is really the son that I love most my beloved Son, I'm very fond of this

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particular boy. Likewise, every human on the face of this earth is the servant of Allah. But Allah has made reference to certain servants as the beloved servants of Allah, and hence Allah told the devil in Nevada Allah is Allah guiding him so far upon you will try and mislead and be guided. But there are some of my beloved servants, you will try your level best you will never succeed near melaku in a Rob what a brilliant servant a yubari salam was nehama labdoo What a brilliant servant today man and his salon was calling everybody and levena Armando up masala, tell my beloved servants, the question arises who are the beloved servants of Allah in the 19 jewels of the Quran

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very explicitly, Allah highlights 13 qualities 13 attributes of those people who are the beloved servants of Allah, the first of which is in the academy that I recited before you worry about your Walkman in leadin. I am Shona Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah says my choices made beloved servants are those who walk on this earth with total humanity. The first quality that defines one becoming the Beloved of Allah is the quality of humanity. Now when we say walking with humbleness, he does not for a moment suggest or advocate, a slow walk and the Tajik walk that is not a humble walk, sit normally seen one person walk in very slowly he asked him, Are you sick? He said no. At one and said

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walk past lhaviyani salatu salam had a brisk walk. Here an upright walk. I haven't taken out time to study the work of navire Salatu was salam, and amongst the daughters of nabire salaam, pass, the olana enjoys the privilege of emulating the work of nearly Sam precisely. Saba used to say if you seen Fatima delana working from the back, you would swear this is the work of libvlc salat wa salam. What was the description of the work of mine epi sallallahu wasallam cannibal youngsville as though he was descending from a flight of stairs, and upright was a brisk walk. However, sahaabah eight does this description as though the viola was descending from a flight of stairs. So it was just not

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the work of nebulous term that denotes the humbleness but the entire life of living a Salam was an embodiment of total humbleness. He was sitting in the house of Ayesha Siddiqa de la Mancha in an absolute humble posture, were they in a tub and he had a plethora of food before him. He was eating from the plethora of food sitting on the floor. One woman happens to pass by she glances at the humble posture of nivia salaam. She says on Doru Isla de su cama de sola Is this the man who they say is the noblest of humanity, but he says like a slave, he says, like a slave, let me call that woman and tell her Yes, I am a slave. And

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I sit like how a slave sets and are Toluca, Maja akula I eat like how a slave eats anila aku Mata Ki and I will never recline or lean against something and it aku Allah larvae I sit on the floor and eat and Oh gee Buddha.

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I accept the invitation of Baker's enslaves low to me to enter Kira in the GPIO. If you call me for a mega meal in which you've prepared nothing other than the shoulder of a sheep. I will accept

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to Darwin, if you give me a mega gift, I will accept it. I have no fuss. These are the words of never you can insert a lot he will tell him. He was sitting with your Sahaba one woman came, she was captured by the striking personality of navionics salaam. She started pulsating and breathing heavily. Let me say the whole when I leave, oh sister come down for in nama. Let's do the mannequin number one I'm not the king and then see how the viola introduces himself. And there's not a lot of work but Libya is around says in the lung another of

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Allah searched the hearts of humanity and Allah then selected my heart from the entire creation for patent law will be resolved at any one topic. And when a law was to come to me with profit and loss in jabril, and others say gibreel make one request to my inner beam or give him one option in limited I have decided he is minor B, but I give him one choice either he accepts Prophethood with the kingdom was a dominion, or kingdom was slavery. One of the two choices for oma la de la via a certain season jabril indicated to me Tabatha Arabic, or Mohamed Salah Larissa limits your choice Allah will respect your choice, but my humble opinion is display humbleness to your Lord, the very

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son said yes. Do you believe that is the very thing I was going to say. But now Ba ba ba ba ba ba I want Prophethood with a slave with slavery. I will live as a prophet and a slave. That is why they never lasted. Only Foucault cadre Oh my Sahaba do not elevate me beyond my position for the kulu see yamaka

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mercy and do not attend in my favor and my honor things which people said regarding he sorry his salat wa salam learn to forgive a loony Allah.

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Do not constantly chanted the slogans that I'm no good in unison. Although Allah has made me know that in university salat, wa salam ala

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rasulillah for Verily Allah has first made me his servant and then he has made me His prophets. Now here is Toronto this woman come down then whenever you have a line produces him himself. He says oh sister, let me tell you, I am an ordinary man but in nama Annapurna in Rocky Minh Pura is color coded. I am an ordinary man of a simple woman from the courage and my mother used to live eating on blind meets what is going to be overlap describe himself by I am an ordinary man of a sudden can we call the mother of nearly ceram an ordinary mother, there hasn't been a great a woman on the face of this earth. Like Hassan

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said scholars right nobody has praised Libya a tsunami in a more comprehensive description other than what Hassan said.

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Son Amina Callum taraka 20 Oh my nebby more beloved than you more handsome than you I haven't seen a Jamila Minka telegin Lisa Oh, more beautiful than you know a woman has given birth to any child who lives in Cali IV. Allah has created you flawless and faultless can aka the holy pizza comma, Tisha It is as if Allah created you, and a lot of fish in your in the manner you wanted. So what did anybody ever lesson I'm an ordinary person. Saba came to an aviary salon owner Viva La often we present in the courts of kings and rulers and emperors. And we find that the people come bow as a token of respect, we find that you are most deserving for this respect. permit us when we make our

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presence. We can also have a bobbing posture before you and then sit down in your gathering nebulizer and set

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it up Modoki Ha. This is how the disbelievers honor the kings or my Sahaba To start off, I'm not looking

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for Sahaba discussing and someone said so strange. Allow me to buy him his friend from his creation allow me to friend and Allah spoke to Musa and Allah made Lisa rucola Let me have overheard the discussion even came out he said oh my Sahaba you were discussing? I heard this. You are correct in what you said in Ibrahim Ali Abdullah Ibrahim is the friend of Allah as you said, When Musa Karim Allah and Allah had communicated with Musa whenever you saw hola and Isa is the rapala however, we're under habibollah he will occur and I am the Beloved of Allah and I say this without an iota of pride. Let me tell you live off the bat Yeoman piano, the banner will be in my hands on the day of

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Yama, kulana SeaTac, Delhi, ye, Adam and his progenitor Tiamat will stay under my banner and I will make you hungry COVID Belgian not the first to knock the door of Jen net will be mean for us, it will be opened up for me and I will enter first and let me also tell you, I say this without pride, no prophet can put foot into jannatul I do not enter.

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So the first quality of the beloved servants of Allah is humbleness, or am I refer to humbleness is

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the mother of all good and coupled with that in the same breath and in the same vein, the first quality of people whom Allah dislike and the enemies of Allah are those that have pride, arrogance and haughtiness, Satan or Moosa communicated with Allah

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Tell me who is the most wicked in your creation, who is the most wretched in your creation? Allah is the one who has four evil qualities. manchaca barakaldo was the son who was

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the one who has pride his heart, just as the abode of taqwa is the heart

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About the abode of fear in lies the art which is then manifested by the organs, in the same way the abode of pride is in the heart, the one who is primed in his heart, who is arrogant with his tongue, who is arrogant with his tongue. But let me let me seize the opportunity a few months ago, one person working in our community working for some affluent family, what example are we given to those working under our employment? He came to me crying Yeah, well, I don't have words to express. He said one and I'm a revert. I work in in this particular family. I am desperate for the job. The people for whom I'm working the children come to your Melissa, they speak to me with such elegance,

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my heart cries, I have just come to ask you from time to time when you advise the children teach them respect to speak to those that are senior to them. The one who is arrogant in his tongue, who has weak conviction and will misers what is well, that is the most evil in the eyes of Allah. The hadith of asthma being Tommy's nanny, Sam said, when you said

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when a CL Kabir al Motta are evil indeed is that servant who displays pride and forgets that pride is the government of Allah? Because Allah Akbar, Allah azza wa jal Jabara Allah even indeed is the man who displays displays arrogance and might and forgets that the Almighty is Allah is Allah.

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Wa onesie, macabre will Bella even indeed is that sermon who loves the live in heedless, in oblivious and forgets the game and its loneliness basin up to na,

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da da even indeed is that servant who rebels and forgets his beginning and he's ending? Because alarm clock to 20 Oh, evil indeed is that servant who is driven by greed and equally evil if that servant who is driven by lust? What are the words of nobility? Salaam, what is the definition of pride? My inner being said, Leia, kolonie. Jana, he will never entertain Nah, man canopy it'll be a mythical evening Kevin. It was a hot day he is an iota of pride in whose heart is an iota of pride savasana Viva La I am a person I'm very meticulous about my dressing. I love my clothes to be need my shoes to be named. What's iraq una de gente In fact, I'm so meticulous I even want my shoelace to

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be neat. Is this also pride nebulous term said no. Let me then set the record correct and define pride in our journey alone you have been Jamal. Allah is beautiful in Allah loves beauty in the lava your Hippo and your attorney Amati Allah here. Allah loves to see that a person expresses the bounties of Allah upon him. You gave someone a gift, if he uses it, it brings joy to you he is put it into good use. Allah Allah to see that to express the numbness of Allah. There is not pride. Oh my Sahaba Let me tell you what is pride. I'll keep robotron hockey Welcome to last Friday in essence is to consider us as inferior. The automatic result of which is you have a perception of yourself

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and you create an opinion of yourself that I am superior, and we're happy to deny truth. That is that there is a definition of pride. Now, as I mentioned, that when a person has the perception that others are inferior, and I am superior, satana O'Mara, the Alon who said in a whopper ma Polycom. The thing I fear the most for you is when you become obsessed with yourself. When you walk around with an attitude, and you walk around with an opinion about yourself, woman color and I'm

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the one who says I'm learning as a normative ignorant woman color.

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Or the one that says I'm in paradise even help someone came to my mother I shall be Allah Subhana Allah what words of wisdom Allah inspired on the tongue of the mother of this entire oma? This Sahabi as I said of Yolanda Mata Mnemosyne Oh my mother, can you tell me when will I know that I'm a good person is our alum tanika musi. She says as long as you consider yourself to be evil, one might need mercy. When do I know that I'm an evil person, as long as I consider myself to be a good person. Now via a certain set of bizarre low lamb to the niebo la casa de la cama Superwoman, whoa, oh my Sahaba if you were not to sin, I feared that you would have been grabbed by a cent greater

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than all sins, and that is pride and obsession over the fact that you send us a knowledgeable pride will enter into you that I am sinless.

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What comes in this particular quotation? One person,

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he made a budget of Allah for 17 years. This perception, this attitude about oneself of the lightness already alone who says salvation lies into things and destruction lies also in two things. The two things in which salvation life A taqwa one Nia fear in Allah and having noble endeavors whenever you interact with anyone keep your intention clean don't have ulterior motive, noble endeavors and taqwa and into things they are destruction. One is despondency, we find currently the the aim of the media is to advocate despondency to the entire Muslim Ummah, to make them despair, a believe in limited displays of the mercy of Allah satana Jaco is separated from Eastern Europe for a

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period of 18 years. He tries to align he loses his sight. He's making blood one law will not return my use of in the process, he loses his second son, Binyamin. You making dua that the standard must come to an end, but he's becoming darker. You're asking a lot for the rain to stop, but it's pouring one after the other, but he never disappears. He makes what will let you return the second son he loses the third son for what is the spirit of and maybe you have any other hypothesis only use of

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a lot. You're making dua to Allah to kill you from cancer doctors now detect a different illness into you. A believer is one that never just failed. It says All My Sons, those of you that are remaining go and look for you so and look for my other sons also. And don't despair from the mercy of Allah. It is only that this belief is that despair. So destruction lies in despair when a job and having an opinion about yourself having an attitude that I am someone brothers The world has become so desperate for fame and recognition that people are excelling in evil to be on record the fittest man in the world, just to be on record. People are going on hunger strike to gain world sympathy

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that a human by this name existed. The longest names in the world are these things just just for fame. The world has become so desperate to be recognized that I'm also a human that is existing. You haven't greeted me, the nephew of Allah says Alba to be salami, buddy. I mean, I'm the one who greets first and doesn't wait to be greeted. He's three from fight. There are so many qualities we learn from God The one who drops his trousers below his ankle. He is a proud man. Now let me clear this particular Hadith. There are certain bodies within the body of Allah says whoever drops his trouser below his ankle out of pride will go to jahannam many people argue the fact that no I am not

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doing it out of pride. There is no human womb we can definitely say he was free from pride other than delivery of Allah. Yet not once in his entire life. He dropped any 1000 below his ankle. He was certainty we can save in the Bible. I had no pride, yet he never ever dropped his trousers below his ankle. It is just not the time of Sarah Maya's phenomenal caffeine, or whatever it goes beyond that ankle is in charge of that person and whatever else is working. So what they tend to be over LaSalle as I was if people are desperate for fame, in the same breath and be over lightly sprayed certain people who keep themselves silently hidden. Nobody knows about them. Maybe only salon safe there are

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some servants of Allah. That if that man comes to your door in the La mulata Baba decom he would come he comes to your door. You will look at that man's condition you will not even give him a 20 cent These are the words of Libyan a solemn, articulate many who he loves a short life. Collect bollocky at his death, very few people come and mourn in rapala moussaka when he's absent from your function, you don't look for him in other Olam. ukara when he comes nobody salutes him will give them additional hospitality a free outfit dunya when he speaks nobody listens in whatever community when he proposes nobody accepts his proposal. Very few know him by his name but I swear by my alma

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mater oh and happy summer every Angel knows that man by his name. Oh my Saba he knocks your door you slammed the door. But if that man has left his hands low up sama, Lima Baba whatever custom he takes a lot will make it happen on his person. If he has to look these hands once Allah will give him genital for those

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satana who sir walks by an aviary salami sitting with gibreel in the form of Jacobi, so he doesn't recognize that this is gibril gibril, telenovela tsunamis and that your companion abuser low sell the marina La Rosa Denali up to greet me I would have answered his greetings. So nearly Sam said oh jabril you know my companions by the name gibril said Well, let me by attackable Athena Bo Mohammed says And let me tell you, I swear by that Allah we have seen you as a prophet opposer is more famous in the sky than the abuser is more famous in the sky than the Earth. Supply. It is nearly Salaam said the one that has an army

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have tried will never enter into gender Why? The hurry it explains that when a man has pride, then this will become an obstacle to all avenues of good by way of examples and to be able to say the proud men will never great he'll wait to be greeted people that say no nobody greets, why don't you greet yourself and everybody will respond. The problem is you are waiting for people to greet you. This is the problem. levier is not proud. It was never great. Number two NaVi Salaam says ask for forgiveness in general is your apartment will never apologize. It's below his dignity to ask. It's below his dignity to go and apologize. Number three visit to see a proud men will never take a time

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to visit his employee to visit those that are poorer than he is below his dignity. Hence, in essence, it is one sin but it is almost a mirage. It is the mother of all evils. There are various types of pride. One is pride against Allah was not the first crime coming in this universe, the quality of pride when Allah told Chapin prostrate hwadam it said Halekulani. minnaar wahala. To whom in clean but then Am I not superior? I was created from fire. He was created from saying, I am superior and he is inferior. Allah speaks about the pride of the kuffaar McAllen, la de la, la la la la la, la la la la la la da, da da da, da. The Cooper made a request that we want to see a law with

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our naked eye. Look at this step by roofie and pushing him. Allah says what pride have they displayed? The second level of pride is pride against the prophets, when Satan or Moosa and hide that is what nearly Sam said denial of truth is pride. You having an elaborate function for your daughter's occasion, when humble man came to you and said brother, it is your money it is your daughter, but you know what the Navy of Allah told you You mustn't be so elaborate. So you turn around in your snappy men you say well, it's not your money. It's not your daughter. Are you jealous that you can own what I have. The Navy of Allah says you are proud is no gender for you. That Gina

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in Detroit, there is pride Even if you say it in a humble tone. It is pride. So Tina in Detroit, what did they say Lola? And was there

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any hobby that the Quran shouldn't be revealed on Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam it should be revealed on a woman's or coffee or when he blew up this was the Friday displayed in Manila Marie him been by Nina is this the so called fortunate people amongst us. That is the second level of pride when the Vla ceram told the Kufa

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they come and sit in my gathering what commented they may cave and naturally swim in the water in Dhaka hula How can we sit with you when you have these poor people with you? We can sit with you saving us Lima and one of the greatest things to he's been accepted in the course of a lot daily is to take our time and sit with the poor daily used to take our time and sit with the poor salmaan Farsi becomes the governor of Medina someone mistook him to be a laborer. I said my brother Will you help me? He said no problem he puts a load on your shoulders and he started walking. As we entered into the city people say to me and me remote meaning the man who gave him the task he opened up his

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eyes he Allah who have I burden. That's the time he realized he was a needle moment and it's a lifelong I caught my ear that will never touch anyone such a great men the government of Medina took my load and when this was the humble nature of both Sahaba interview Kareem sallallahu sallam, what am I have written? There are a few reasons why pride come into a person. Number one, pride comes into a person out of knowledge. Each man understands his one reality beat not it beats skills, beat competence, you know, like in English, they say fame. If you can't manage it, it becomes a flame and it burns the very same person. You see the celebrities of the world, they come into the limelight,

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the world salute them, though you flock towards them, and then they cannot manage that Fame at an early age. They start womanizing, they start taking drugs, they cannot control themselves. So behind Allah, the Navy of Allah, Allah crowns in what Prophethood he enters into Makkah, my respected father always tells us he always advises us until now he cautions me when men assumes authority that is very dangerous authority for you take a simple man in an ordinary job sitting behind the counter in a post office. What honorable position is that? But he's behind the counter. He is now pulling the shots. He now dictates so authority, the lobby of Allah enthesis the conqueror of Makkah rewired

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suggests he humbled himself so much that his chin was stuck in his chest. He enters the unlike, you know, what, what what what might what, what what, you know, what, what, what honor and dignity. So the first reason is out of knowledge that really Salamis prophesize, the time will come people will read the Quran and they will say man across me now who can be more learned than me that is the first reason of pride. The second reason of pride is out of piety. A person does sit in good action, it becomes proud about the whole thing. The Vla ceram said when you hear someone saying halycon not that people are useless and hopeless, then remember he is the worst of them all. He is the most

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hopeless amongst them all. That is why we have been constantly exhorted that we spend our health in our wealth in the time over in the path of Allah. If a man only spends his wealth pride will come into him. I sponsored a mustard Yeah, I put up a well yeah, I think

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In five people, there is pride. And if a man will only come on the sponsorship of others greed will come in through you. I am ready you sponsor me. You sponsor me and that is why the Quran says Java to be. The balance between the two is your own health and your wealth, it is the time no pride will come. That is the second reason out of piety. Pride comes into a person that I have done so much. One man worship Allah for 70 years in Bani Israel. After that he made what to Allah, Allah did not accept his law.

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He admonished himself and he says, You know what? You're you are incapable you are incompetent otherwise Allah would have accepted your law and you started reprimanding himself. Allah send me an angel to tell this person in Lusaka lucky is the return of that moment where you condemned yourself was better than your 70 years of really budgets. There is what Allah with the third reason, the third reason of pride is because of wealth, a man becomes proud of another look at the wealth I have. Look at the chi Dr. Allah speaks about two brothers in Bani Israel who met after years the father died, they inherited the legacy. One invested his money in accurate data one investor in the

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world he developed he expanded he will find it a wonderful house car everything. So one day he meets his brother, Paula moussaka who love what you have in your pocket. Oh,

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come on, was Donna para. He takes his brother he says let me show you my house. Let me show you my garden. He shows him everything he has. The brother is silent. He just observed that he said look at my garden. Look at my orchard you gave me charity. Well, that the consequences of your wealth. The brother the pious brother after listening to the entire discussion, he said, Oh my brother, I wish you well in your wealth. I have no problem. I don't own a car Mashallah you own wonderful cars, your children live in such an affluent life. I don't have a problem with your wealth but I have a major problem with your attitude. Let me tell you if you are making this the grounds of on a very short

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very soon you will see Allah will give me a better garden than yours and I'm afraid Allah will send the divine toman the very next day, Allah Allah sent a divine torment and reduce the steam to ruin that he got up in the morning saying you're late and he loved to be a father. I wish I had never ascribed part this what Allah took everything away from me. The fourth reason for pride is out of beauty. Because Allah has written in Medina This generally happens in woman you find woman say she's so dirty she couldn't even say look nice. Just waiting for comments, waiting for someone to praise Allah what but I saw the Alanna puts on a beautiful garment. A photographer comes by any woman she

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admires herself. Our characters are Martin Dorinda, for in the la police have been out there in LA. Oh, my daughter party. Oh, my daughter Ayesha. What are you admiring? Because Ally's not admiring you? Why my father? Don't you know my daughter when you dress that and you consider yourself superior and others inferior. Allah abandons you tell you abandon that pride. She took out that government and she gave it to charity. She then became Ayesha Siddiqa, the wife of Buhari Food for Thought for the youth. The Vla Salaam says by Mr. Rajan, one man was walking towards people who were not super impressed by himself and Mirage Ilan rasa who he had his hair combed beautiful toffee

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machine yet he elegant in his work, you find so many of the youth, they drive in a courtesy pm and they show up not even his own car. It belongs to the garage but a man is flashing up with his car what an elegant walk it doesn't even belong to him. What he's going to be able to say what an arrogant with an attitude. He takes out his cigarette in front of you. You look at him, you know to tell him he says Look at that guy. He's looking at me as if his son doesn't smoke cigarettes. So he's taking the blind attitude brothers, you see it happening?

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surround scene from the shabalala looked at him down. Allah told us to split mine up, he said

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Yama, he will sink in the earth and the day of Yama, I haven't got time. The next reason for cryotherapy of Allah says is strength. One of my questions then, what did they say, Man as a domain Nakula who is stronger than us? You know, you find these people lifting weights and then I find it to be a very strange question. But I respect the diversity of questions that people have. And you know, whatever it is for me, brothers, one last thing, if if you can lower your gaze when a semi nude, woman walks by there is strength in the eyes of Allah. If you can flip the blanket and respond to the Lord in the early parts of the morning. karela

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jamun then you're a strong man, but I don't have a problem with your patient. I have a problem with your sleeveless vest, the muscles that are protruding? Why do you have to wear a sleeveless vest? The Quran says

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Allah Allah, the Hanako whom who do mean whom don't they realize the one who gave them strength is stronger than them. We make go to the Almighty Allah scholars have written to break pride number one constantly remember of your sense. Very often when you go for a program person stands and introduces you. I always say that man is saying what he's saying because he doesn't know the other half of me. If he knows the other half, you would have never dead saying What do you say? That dark line for me you wouldn't have taken your time to come and listen to me.

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man knows his dog. He's praising you because he doesn't know the other half of you. That is the kindness of Allah that He has failed us. So constantly look at yourself. Secondly, regard yourself incapable of what Allah has given you. A lie don't deserve the same, like don't deserve this. Well, I'm a hopeless, useless, helpless people so feeble servant, Allah, these children this well it is only your sheer mercy. We make God with Almighty Allah He freed our hearts from pride and arrogance, and make us humble servants of Allah tala. that very reason to be of Allah says whoever will display humbleness, Allah will elevate him to the sky and whoever will display pride Allah will drop him

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beneath the earth Alliance pious or walk without any company.