Farhan Abdul Azeez – Snapshots into the Relationships of the Prophet

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the story of a messenger named Zaid who lost his son and was sent into slavery. He found his son in Mecca and set off to go to Makjit where he found his son. He then tells a story of his son's death and how he had his son in the clothing of his mother and uncle. The segment also touches on the importance of being a good person for one's life and the use of the "by the fruit of your fruit" phrase as a way to describe Islam's culture.
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flows into every aspect of our life. Every aspect of our life we find in the preservation of the Sunnah of the Prophet so I send them a guidance and not just guidance. But as Allah says about cannula, computer Sula, who sweat on hasna is sweat on hasna in a different era, you have the best guide, the best example in the Messenger of Allah that Allah left us with. And so in today's hotel, I wanted to give you a few snapshots into the life of the messenger bots and salam, particularly with the relationships he formed.

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And it's,

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it's tremendous, when studying the left hemisphere system is, is, is a never ending endeavor full of beauty and joy.

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The more you read, the more you learn, the more you grow in love with the Messenger of Allah salAllahu Salam.

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And so I thought it would be fitting to start with a narration, an incident that happened that perhaps

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is one of the most

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fitting to summarize, who the messenger also is animals to understand that.

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And it's a narration about Zaidan ohada, Allahu Allah.

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One of the companions in the messenger also I said, lamb who

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lived, he was among the tribe of men killed. They lived in the outskirts of Mecca.

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And he was actually as a young boy, he was taken as a prisoner before Islam, in the raids and the battles that would occur, he was taken as a prisoner as a slave

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taken away from his family, from his uncles and his father and his brothers and siblings and the like. And he was sold into slavery. And he ended up

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under the care and the ownership of Hadith of Alana, the wife of the MR Hassan Hassan.

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And he was then gifted to the Prophet of Allah salAllahu Salam by his wife Khadija. So now Zaid is the slave of the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam

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knows tradition even before Islam that people would come to Mecca and perform Hajj.

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And so there were members of the tribe of Allah caliber that came to Mecca, and they saw Zaid,

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and they recognized him.

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So they went back and they told his father and Hadith that they said that hadith that we have found your son, he is alive.

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He's in Mecca.

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So it had he forgets his brother, and he gets some elders from the tribe. And they set off to Mecca and how do you have to understand he lost his son? He lost his son, he would you know, write lines of poetry, and he would say different things back he knows even when I'm at three Marfan, hey, you knew Raja,

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agile, and he goes on and on. Like, I cry, and I cry about my my son's aid. I don't know, like the pain of not knowing what happened to him, is he alive? So I can keep hoping that I see him again, or has death come to him.

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So imagine that feeling as a father of not knowing what happened to your son or daughter. So he, he now is given the news that we think your son is alive and in Mecca. So he sets off and he goes to Makkah, and then he asks, where's Mohammed? Salah SallAllahu wasallam.

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And he is told that he is near the harem.

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So he goes and he finds him money, and he addresses him and he's, you know, after saying some words of crazy into he tells him that we've come to ask you for our son that's with you. So be good to us. And we will we will pay a hefty price. We are willing to pay whatever it is that you ask. So as I said, I'm when he hears these he's very confused. Say What do you mean your son with me? He's a man who Who are you talking about? This is Aw, Hadith.

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And the metro system, he says, Why don't I give you a better option than that?

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Rather than paying some high price, why don't we call Zaid and ask him if he wants to go with you. He's free to go with you. And so they said that you have been beyond generous and kind and your justice. We weren't expecting this. We came with a lot of money expecting to pay a hefty price. But if you're gonna let our son choose Absolutely.

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So Zaid is called and the Messenger of Allah says salam. He first asked him how to add info How do you recognize these people? And he said he had this is my father and this is my uncle. So the US versus enemy says so you know who I am. And you know, my love for you. So I give you the choice, choose whoever you want. If you want to stay with me, you can stay with me. If you want to go back with your father, you can go back with your father. You know, as he says in response, he says, well, Allah Hema and Abdullah, the act out one acre had an EPA and I mean the be mechanical everyone. He says, I swear by Allah. I can never choose someone over you ever in my life. You are

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To me, like the position of my father and my uncle and one

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and his father is hearing this, you have to understand he's not just just choosing to stay with the province that I sent him, but he's choosing to stay as a slave. He's a slave in Mecca. So as far as his way has, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? He says, are you choosing Bodie? Are you choosing slavery over freedom? And he says, and you're choosing slavery over being with your father again, and your uncle again? And so Zaid, he says in responses He's now on Fedora 18. Hi, there, Roger. Che and Matt and a bit lady, actually, he had an agenda. He says, yes, because I've seen things from this man, that I can never ever choose and prefer someone over him. Some Allahu Allah He

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And so the Meszaros has had him he takes day by his hand and he takes him to the hedges, his smile, you know, the little side part of the Kaaba. And he says, he calls out to everyone and he says, I call you all to testify to witness that Zaid is my son, he will, I won't hear it from him and he will inherit from me. So I believe and I'm not the one who now he says that we used to call as aw Javita Zaytoven. Mohamed Salah isn't

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until Allah revealed the verse of the room nearby him who the about him who were accustomed to, and Allah call your adopted sons, by their lineage by their father, this is more just in the eyes of Allah. And so then we call them Zeytinburnu, Hadith, but Subhanallah what kind of man what kind of character

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what kind of love and patience and, and mercy and, and, and every single good quality you can imagine would be embodied in a person such that a child, a young boy, young man, would choose a life of slavery, rather than going back with a degree of comfort with his father and his family, and SubhanAllah.

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I'm sharing with you to start this whole thing about the descriptions of those who are closest to the Messenger of Allah, because here's the thing that when we're at work, we kind of have to be on our best behavior. We can speak to our boss in a, in a bad way, our director or supervisor or coworkers because there'll be consequences.

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But it's sometimes those closest in our families and our social circles, our friends in our, our extended family, our wives, our husbands, our children, our parents,

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who we take for granted.

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And the character that they would testify to would be different, very different in the care of character that would be testified to us by our friends in the masjid or our co workers at work.

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I used to have the wife of the Messenger of Allah salAllahu Salam

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Abdullah bin Ahmad Alon Omar, he goes to her and he tells her

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between Abby and Jebi mt 18 Rasulullah Mara even ostracizing them had the Athena be algebra Mara at Minnesota as an AU Mother of the Believers. Tell us the strangest thing you saw

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from the prophets of Allah is

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just this after he passed away

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so imagine Isha being asked this question you live the life where the Messenger of Allah what's the one thing you can choose? That would be most amazing.

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And this is this is what's going through her mind. I mean, imagine she gets this question. And it's like a film roll going through her mind playing so many memories, how do I how do I choose?

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And so

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even amount he he narrates that fabricates Buka and Shalida.

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This, this film goes through her mind, and then she literally just breaks down crying, and not just crying. She's like weeping.

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And she says Kulu Emery he cannot achieve.

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Everything about him was amazing.

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Everything about him was amazing.

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Every aspect of his life was amazing how he treated me how he treated others how we treated the kids in the community how he treated the animals. I can't think of one thing just in and she went on to say something about how she was with him one night and the message was I said

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told her Yeah, yeah, Isha donnini at Aberdulais Robbie. Oh, it should allow me to worship my lord tonight's it's her night. And he would every night of course would be with one of his wives. And so her turn comes in. She doesn't have a turn again for the next time. So she's saying Oh, Aisha, I'm asking you for tonight's let me worship my Lord. And so she says in response to Allah and new hippo quarterback. Like I will almost remember I love to be close to you, but also loved which that which makes you happy.

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So she describes the narration of famous narration which he said a night and he cried, and he cried and Salah until she asked him, you know, why do you do this? And he says, shouldn't I be a grateful slave? But the point I wanted to share with you is when she says Kulu Emery he can Agia that, I think I said it but before he ever couldn't do it, he can ask you about every, every aspect of his life was amazing. And it's a new Malik Revlon who,

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again, a servant of the Prophet of Allah Salah and send them a young man who's with a messenger of ALLAH and he sees them to be Sri Salam. I shall see Nene Bill Medina, I serve the Messenger of Allah for 10 years, meaning his whole life of Medina. Miserable was in Medina for 10 years. I served him for 10 years in Medina and he says, Well, I know who I am, and I was a young man, laser Kulu Amory, can I actually he saw he me and Hakuna LA, because I want to do everything as He commanded me to do. The person who asked him to do certain things. And he says, I'm a young guy, like, I wouldn't do everything the way he he asked me to do it. But he says, But Subhanallah despite that mount colony,

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if he had often thought he never told me, like, he never said Why am I calling the Lima fowl to have the O? lf l to have a Why did you do this? Why did you not do this? 10 years serving the Messenger of Allah as the servants. So think how, you know, we don't have servants here, but maybe a maid comes to your house or back home? Maybe your family extended family has made their living servants who come and how they're treated?

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Never once off? Never once? Why did he do something? He goes on another agent, he says, And if somebody from his household would criticize me, so he never said anything. But what if somebody else at home says no? Why don't you do this? You know, he would say in responsible I send them their own fellow coder, aka loco, the Hakuna Ken. He says leave him alone. Because if it was written that it would have happened, it would have happened. Leave him alone. Don't don't, you know, cry over spilled milk, as we say. And subhanAllah and Asuna Malik and again, he's narrating this about himself. He says one time it's less. It's amazing. When you read these narrations, he says, he says

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one time the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam. He first says about him. He says cannot Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mean as a nasty hookah he was the best. He had the best character.

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He's he's found southern Yeoman he had.

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So he sent me to go do something to take care of something. And you know what anesthesiologist, and he says, we're going to Walla Walla.

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Let Mr. Hill says, go and do something for me. And he says, Well, I swear by Allah, I'm not gonna go.

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Not just your son saying it to the Father. But a servant saying to the master, but not just any servant saying it's any Master is a servant, sing into the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he says Allah, he died. And he says, in my mind, I'm telling myself, I'm gonna go, but for some reason, I just have to give him a hard time. I'm just, I'm not gonna go. So he leaves. And he says, he says, I go into the marketplace.

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And he says, I am

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I passed by some kids who are playing.

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And so he says,

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I as if he stopped to watch them, is what whatever, maybe whatever they're playing, and they're just watching, just like your son or daughter might do just watching the kids play.

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Time goes by.

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And so the process, he now walks by and he sees Ennis, he sent him some time ago to do whatever he told him to do. And so he grabs him from the back of his neck. And he says, Yeah, nice. Nice is like a loving way of saying ns. N A's. I don't have to hate you. I'm like, did you go where I told you to go? And he says, Yes, it was Cinderella. I'm gonna go right I'm gonna go right now.

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But the point being is Subhan Allah and the Sunnah Malik Look what he's describing as a servant of the of the Messenger of Allah Salaam. And you know, again, you have to understand when when I show begins weeping and weeping thinking about the life of the messenger center and a Sunni thinking back to this you know, Muhammad he records in his in his book of a hadith about * when he talks about the Messenger of Allah you know, he says,

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he was talking to the tabby Hain after after the Master of Ceremonies says

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in Nila Raju, and elkaar Rasul Allah, He is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He says he's talking about the day of judgment.

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And he's saying I'm hoping

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I'll be able to meet the Messenger of Allah.

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On that day, when everybody is saying NFC, NFC NFC. Everybody's running from one another, y'all my federal Nadelmann, me will be, you'll be running away from your brother, your mother, your father, your wife, your children, everybody's running for themselves. He's saying I'm, I'm looking for that day looking forward to that day when I can see the Messenger of Allah when I send them despite telling him Hola, hola, hola hub, then going to him and saying, yeah rasool Allah

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Who at MCC,

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O Messenger of Allah, I was just but a small servant of yours. I was a servant of yours, hey, remember me.

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And the Companions lived a life like that whoever says he's met, he left such an incredible impact on their lives, a void that cannot be filled by anything else. That's why one of the Saudi men when he was with his family, he remembered the messenger was a Salam. And he thought about death and he began crying. And he ran to the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam.

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He became nervous, and he ran to the restaurants in Salem. And he sees a messenger of Allah. When I think about you, and I'm with my family, all I have to do is come and I can see you. And when I see you that my thirst for, you know my thirst My eyes have for seeing your messenger of Allah is quenched. I come and I see you want to think of my death and I think of your death I realized that when we're on the Day of Judgment, you will be raised in the ranks of the prophets and the messengers, but I don't have the deeds of the prophet or a messenger.

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So I'm afraid on the day of judgment and alpha I won't be able to see you like I see you now in this dunya.

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And so the process enemy told him a verse that gave his heart comfort and gives all of our hearts comfort when he says, Allah says, well Manuel de la hora rasool Allah ecoman Medina and I'm Allahu La Mina, Naveen was so deeply in was shahada was Saudi hain, who has when Allah raffia whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be amongst those who Allah has bestowed His favor upon

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from the prophets, and the truthful and the righteous and the martyrs and that's the best companionship. And that's the the formula if we want to be with the Messenger of Allah, so when I send him to experience that level of, of, of, of care and brotherhood that he showed those closest to him and those who weren't even closest to him, it's a simple equation, man. Avani the Hello gentlemen Asante fucka dabba all my OMA will enter Jannah except for those who refuse they said, O Messenger of Allah who would refuse he says Whoever obeys me will entertainment whoever who disobeyed me has refused well could only have most often only when it comes to stuff we don't want

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to live for right.

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Now Rahman Rahim hamdulillah al Rahman Alameen, WA salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah Allah He also he is remain.

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When you look into the life of the Messenger of Allah say salam, there may come an example or thought of someone who does anyone who there may be a somewhat distance in the hearts. It will be a man by the name of Abdullah ibn Al Maktoum because he was the one who Allah revealed the verses I have as our salah. The messengers are Salam Aisha reports, Minister Hassan was talking to Tibet and che bevelled Robbia, two of the leaders of Kurdish the biggest enemies of Islam, but also the leaders. Now generally the Messenger of Allah never had an audience with these people that are the early days Mecca. He never would be even given an audience with these people. And now he has two of

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these leaders. And he's telling them about about Islam. And he asked them, he says helter aubema According to Betsa, do you find anything wrong or anything that you don't like with what I'm saying? He's making progress, actually, for the first time ever. He's making progress with people who not just their Islam is important, but if they embrace Islam, you have a whole community of Mecca that will follow them and embrace Islam. So this is a massive moment in the life of Marxism.

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And he asked them, Have you found anything wrong? Or are you this tasteful? What I have told you? And they say is Lau what, Dima? Or what do ya know by they take an oath by the blood of the animals that are sacrificed or by the idols in a different different? How have you changed that letter of the word different narration? He's taking over what's important to them. Ma Arabi Mata hoga we haven't found anything in what you say does distasteful. This is a huge moment. And here comes Abdullah bin Al Maktoum who was blind

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and he comes to the Messenger of Allah says sentiment is already Muslim. And he begins calling the Messenger of Allah saying, Bring me close, bring me close, and the Messenger of Allah was like that this time. And making progress was just such a critical moment.

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And so he, his forehead, ruffled others and the Arabic language is translated as frowned. But it's the least type of frown you can do his forehead literally ruffled like this, just a little, the least amount of

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you know, discomfort you could show on your face as well. He showed somebody send them what's our law and he turned away from them and from him and he went back to the two people he was talking to different durations, different leaders.

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Now, did the person do harm to Abdullah? Because he's blind. So he neither saw this little run

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From his forehead nor did he see him turn away. No harm was done but Allah revealed ibis, our Salah and Jaya Halima, Allah revealed verses about the Messenger of Allah recording this incident,

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which is kind of like, you know, like reminding very kindly, gently lovingly reminding the Prophet Salam about what he did that should not have been done.

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But look at the relationship he has with Abdullah tomb whenever he would see him he would say Mother haven't been let the art of nev Robin Welcome Welcome to the one who my lord kind of rebuked me about him. And not just him but his family. NARRATION say the Aisha was found Abdullah Mattoon was out the house and the messenger Allah says salam, and I Isha is taking a fruit from that time. It was called and she's cutting it and she's dipping it in honey. And she's giving it to me know Mattoon to feed to for him to eat. And so the man asked her message Oh, I use Yeoman mumineen Who is this man is blind man with you not knowing who it was. And she said this is the one who Allah

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revealed verses about censoring the prophets and tell them about this man.

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The love he had didn't just stay with him but his whole family Subhanallah this is who he was son, Allah, it was setting him and when we hear these stories, it's obviously incredibly difficult to live up to. But it's important to remind ourselves of the ideals that we should try and strive for when Allah says we're in NACA Allah, Allah who can Aleem you own the Messenger of Allah are upon the highest exalted character what that means is, he is seeing three times that indica is emphasis LA is emphasis Allah you are on top of you have mastered, you have mastered good character. So we ask Allah to give us Sophia, to be amongst those who not just follow the example of the Messenger of

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Allah, but follow the every detail of his life and to give us Sophia to have her sooty bath to have a beautiful following of his life. It's a difficult task because he was the best of creation and we're all human beings and we all have different you know, weaknesses, but it's an ideal we should strive towards May Allah make us amongst those who are our kind and body the character the messages and send them to our families, our friends, our environment, our massages our communities, and all who interact with Oklahoma. I mean, in Oklahoma, the Eco Sedona Sedona be out of the amorosa he recently moved to St. Mallamma Sanjana, Muhammad Ali Muhammad came out Sunday to Lebanon he wandered

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he brought him into Hamidah, Majid, Allah Mubarak and Muhammad you want to add in Mohammed income, a volatile Ebrahim on the Brahim Philomena in Nikka Hamidah Majeed, welcome to Santa

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