How do Muslims respond to Merry Christmas

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah we respond in to people in a way that is best Allah commanded him in the Quran will pull all in NASCI personnel, say to the people that wish is positive and good and wholesome. The Prophet says Allah Allahu Allah, He will send them to greet someone with a smile on your face is a sadaqa. So Islam is not a religion that tells us to be anti sociable, but Allah has the most rights for us to worship Him. And we cannot condone or endorse any form of disobedience. And the worst form of disobedience is making Schick with him. So if someone were to say Merry Christmas, there is no way in the world that the Muslim understands Christmas in any shape

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form of fashion as being married, because it's calling to *can cover. And it's calling to have an incident partners along with a line ascribing to him sons and daughters and wives. And other than that, and this is something that the heavens are about to rent a Sunday and they split, the mountains are about to fall down, because the people say it, the right man, whether that Verily Allah has taken a child. So the response of the heavens and the earth and the mountains is that they tremble on a fear at such a statement. So they are a creation of Allah and we are creation of Allah. So if someone were to give you that greeting, it's your job to come up with a formula and and the

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best thing to say not to be disrespectful, but never respond back by saying and Merry Christmas to you. And thank you very much you come up with what needs to be said Inshallah, to get the job done without being apologetic or negative or disrespectful. And Allah is Allah in Ireland.

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If a person's parents, their relatives, they celebrate Christmas, and they invite you over to participate in that celebration. That is not permissible to find yourself in that place. And our religion we have been commanded to avoid people in places where lies being disobeyed, we can find ourselves in that place, perhaps perchance yomo Qian was established at that time, and that's what you're going to be judged by. Perhaps perchance, death may come to you, and you're in the middle of celebrating that which is in disobedience to aligning hasten. The Prophet says Allah, Allah who it was sending them, the curse of Allah is upon the table where hammer is consumed, shut up. The Curse

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of Allah is on the place where the comer is squeeze. The Curse of Allah is upon the one who carries the hammer. The Curse of Allah is upon the one and they all equal because of this issue of alchemy. The same issue holds true with the Riba that Allahu Taala has cursed the one who takes it the one who gives it the place where it's being agreed to. So all of that goes to show we have to avoid the places and the people who are openly disobeying Allah Who Subhanallah with the Isla, but in saying this being a person who have relatives who are non Muslims, I am not suggesting that we are disrespectful or that we're even antisocial. But we do it in a play play in a way that is wise. It

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fact Binetti here acid as Allah said, push back in a way that is best and most appropriate, and Allah is Allah in Ireland.

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It's not permissible for Muslims to celebrate Christmas in any shape form of fashion. And that's because the Prophet said something Allahu Allah, he was setting them when he found some of the companions and in Medina, celebrating some of the celebrations that they used to do in Jahai. Yet, he said in Allah, but della Kumar Hua, Jairo Minh Houma, Allah has replaced the celebrations that you used to do with that which is better, that read of Ramadan and the aid of Al Hajj. We also have the Arctica we have the walima for the Mecca, and other celebrations that are sanctioned by the religion. But part of what our Baroque is that we have to make a Bura and separate ourselves from

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covering shirk, and from the people who are practitioners of Cofer and sherek. And the bad that the forms of worship that come from covering share and the I add the celebrations that are steeped and connected and they originate from cover and shake, not to do so will be a case

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of a person displaying weak understanding and weak application of the deen of Allah Allah subhana wa Tada

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I would advise you to go to YouTube and you can find some really informative and beneficial

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talks breaking down, where all of this stuff comes from paganism. For an example, the hitting meaning or hidden history of Christmas, by one of the elders in Ellis lamb, brother Abdul Hakim quick

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the Quran has mentioned in detail the birth of IE seven or Mariam and the authentic sunnah has also come with a hadith a supplement that one of the ayat of the Quran where Allahu Taala mentions in the method reciting the like method and color omen to Robin from Makala level confiar con, I'll happen Rebecca phala Tahquamenon TuneIn Verily, the example of Asa to Elijah, Joe is like the example of Adam, Allah created Adam from dirt. And then he said, Be and he became, and then Allah told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The truth is from your Lord, and this is the truth. So do not be like those people are in doubt. So we believe that Lisa was born, and he had an immaculate

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conception. No father was on the scene. And the fact that there's a man by the name of Joseph that was put inside of the story, and LSM we don't accept that we've categorically rejected because we haven't been told that we just believe that the angel Aurora Amin came to his mother, Mariam Betula, the virgin lady, and as a miracle and assign Eliza gel allowed her to get married, as Allahu Taala is fine, don't be my you read, he does whatever he wants, will love on a condition that deer and Allah is able and capable of doing anything and everything that he wants to do. They create an item from dirt and from Adam II creative Hauer and from Merriam he created V Cebu Mariam Salawat Allah He

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was Salam o Hawaii and Allah is Allah in Ireland.