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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. At this stage everyone is aware both locally and globally of the mayhem anarchie and lawlessness that has grabbed, rocked and play the shores of South Africa. If I were to describe the sequence of events that have tragically unfolded over the last few days and hours in the language of foreign, I would say number one, were you to have pifan nurserymen howdy him. Sadly, we are witnessing a scenario where people are being abducted around us and looted around us in another verse of the Quran where Allah speaks about monarchs and tyrants and oppressors and in this case it is that of looters, either deaf or low Korea whenever they enter any town, city

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village, more Plaza or economic hub. If sadu ha, they destroy it to ruins they reduce it to deputy. What do I do? resetter actually has a villa. And sadly they usually eight and disgrace the very owners of that place. Well, you tell me rumor. reylo tend to be around what do you tell the rumor I know who tend to be anything and everything on which they can lay their hands. Unfortunately, they destroy torch and vandalize. In fact, to the extent in fact, to the extent a verse of the Quran in chapter two in verse 205, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks of evil people, what is their agenda usually call haritha one nestler where they literally destroy crops and they burn plantations where

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you have legal Hertha wellness law, and they torture livestock animals cattles. So that's the sad reality. You have a boon abou, ad him. By default, they are actually destroying their own homes and their own source of income. I've received outpour of messages on my inbox in my email, etc. And I'm sure many others would have also received it from the global community and May Allah reward one in all people asking the same question. Are you safe is your neighborhood okay? Again, I say to you, my brother and my sister in the language of Quran, there are two descriptions to safety. Gannet Amina 10 motto my inner Allah speaks of a community that was safe and tranquil that was in peace and

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contentment. So Amina means that you have not been attacked per se and many of us with the grace of Allah as as vulnerable as we are. We are Armenian for the moment we are safe. Most of my inner means where you don't feel any attack. And sadly Unfortunately, there isn't a soul in South Africa. There isn't a soul in South Africa at the moment that we can say is more to my in some of us are Armenian, they are safe Alhamdulillah personally, we have not been attacked or looted, but we are definitely not my end. And because of that there's so many neighborhood watches and again in part of the neighborhood watches which we've been compelled to mobilize for many young lives have been lost as

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well. The young soldier manana Hamza Rahim Allah who was standing on duty and patrolling, and a bullet was directed towards him and he lost his life. And definitely that of a martyrdom and putting LaDonna Malley here for who was shahidan May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept his martyrdom. The question is where to from your we've been told of course to read the to us husband Allah who were killed, that Allah is sufficient for us. Allahu manana Gerardo Kofi no hurry him when I rose to becoming sruti him. We read these doors, and we realize how fickle life is how things can change, how instantly and drastically. So over the last two years, I've been telling myself as turbulent as

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the world was, it was so peaceful before Corona, you could book a flight, these are the days of hij I would have been probably there you would have been in mocha, mocha Rama, the bus, the atmosphere, the ambience, it would have been nothing but maca and buzzing around the sanctity of the GABA. And do you know we are in these blessed days of hygiene and to what extent are we live in the legacy of the of maca and the GABA Of course, given the crisis and yet again, I must say, you know, acknowledge there are so many homes here Al Hamdulillah in South Africa, not withstanding this crisis and the shortage of food and the uncertainty of edibles. But Mashallah people are fasting

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each day, you know, and spending the night in Qian etc. So May Allah accept from one and all. So as believers our messages give charity my brother give charity my sister turn to Allah make is still far and that is the formula and the formula will remain the same. The formula will remain the same. You remember when that person came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he asked for something for his brother and

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said give him honey, Allah has kept Keo in honey and he came back and he said Masada who illustre Tanaka, I gave honey to my brother and it has aggravated things and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Sadat, Allah wa katha bottineau Avi, Allah has spoken the truth that there is cure in honey, the problem lies with the belly of your brother. So again we say that the kiora of Allah and the help of Allah is with charity, give charity my brother and if you have told me you have given charity, I'm going to say give charity again. And if I if you tell me that I have recited Easter far I'm going to tell you increase in Easter far, but that is the cure.

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And that is the formula given to given to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah to to change the events that have gripped us. Today we find ourselves sadly tragically in a situation of adopt Allah who lieberson jury will Hove where we are gripped by the garment of fear and hunger. We asked that very same ally in this blessitt moments and these sacred moments to turn and reverse our situation. And from you know, what, this unpleasantness towards the following towards goodness and bring about a situation of a lady Adana whom endure Amina whom in Hove where Allah subhanho wa Taala takes away this fear in its entirety, and Allah subhanho wa Taala restores peace and Chronos ease

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and alfia ajilon array of ideal I mean, you're a bell I mean,