Own The World’s Largest Buildings and Didn’t Make A Single Screw!

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Do you look at the Muslim world today? What do the Muslim world really make? Or create besides chaos? What do they do? You look at the look a look at the countries, the richest countries in the world today. The Middle Eastern countries. What do they make? They have the largest buildings in the world. They have the latest cars, the biggest cars, they have the latest fridges, TVs, you name it, they have it. They don't make it one screw. One screw which goes into the buildings of goes into those motors or cars. They don't, because Muslims are become low achievers share his old Calabi Rahim Allah mentioned I remember this is one of his talks. And he says that there was a country that

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didn't mention the country. But he mentioned one of the Middle Eastern country, they did an analysis. They said in a day, the average person works 17 minutes 17 minutes. You can pay for the whole day. You think that's halal for you. And the message of Allah saying whatever you do, do it with Tom do it well, don't waste your time. You know, they say regarding

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the Allahu they say he really walked. You couldn't keep up with him.

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They say about the Messenger of Allah, Allah Allah Allah was one of the Sahaba say when the messenger of Allah walked we could not keep up with him. While he got the message of Allah was going somewhere.

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He had a mission. It was a letter basically walking through life. When Omar saw two people walking like this.

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Omar took a weapon he whipped him

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it's unbelievers a walk like this. One you're weak. The second is that you've got no aim in life.