The Dos And Donts Of The Engagement

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Episode Notes

Episode 5 – The Do’s And Don’ts Of The Engagement – Night Kalam

There are tonnes of misconceptions regarding what an engagement really entails. There have been misunderstandings on is it recommended or not in Islam, or what changes before and after a couple get engaged.

These questions will InshaaAllah be clarified by Sheikh in this installment of Night Kalam.

November 18, 2016

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brother and sister, welcome back to the night color Alhamdulillah. Today, we are like to discuss about a very practical issue that we always engage in. There is about engagement in Islam,

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to Islam allow us

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to go to her engagement, yes, the profits on our salon, allow the men

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to make a kind of agreement with the woman on both sides to end up with an engagement, engagement is like booking, you know, make a booking first. But why the booking because to make sure that no other party will come in between, because the profit do not allow, if one woman has been engaged to enter the brother, no other brother can come in until this engagement is being dissolved. So Islam do it is also asuna. But how long do the Islamic engagement should carry on Islam do not like us to delay anything that is good. Even the Quran say festival pirate, anything good be history, don't delay, why must you delay for nothing, because the more you delay, you may encounter more problem morphic.

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Now more trial, you know, it can cause a lot of

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suffering to the other party sometimes, you know, if there's a delay just because of financial matter of days, we can sit down and discuss, you know, and help each other what I will not allow you to attack. But not purposely you know, I want to engage after two years after three years is too long.

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But again, brother and sister,

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everybody have to be wise and be fair for both party. No. So if the girl sister is ready to get married, they don't have to delay anymore. That delay can cause a lot of fitna to her. Yeah, but there's another issue in some culture, maybe in some country, when

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brother and sister in case they thought that when you were engaged, that mean now your husband and wife, you can take her to any place you can even take her on the on the bike, you know, the ride on the bike. Now, engagement is just like booking, it's like a lesson you know, you don't even carry any, any, any passengers with you only have the right to, to drive the car by yourself because you are in there on the license. You don't have the freedom as husband and wife, all the dawn is still there is not for you to do anything yet. You can adjust you know now because you are my I have engaged with you. So you are my girlfriend now but not know, the normal girlfriend, the serious

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girlfriend, you know when to be away. You cannot just go out partying outing by yourself, because you are not Muslim to each other yet. So this is something that I like to remind all the good practices that after engaging on it now mean that you have the license to bring her anywhere, just among yourself to be together. Because you are not legal as husband and wife yet. Whatever you do, that normally people do is wrong and it's Haram. So please remember that engagement does not give you the license to do anything you like because you are not really husband and wife yet until you commit yourself in an

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afternoon. Then of course, now you can declare yourself as husband and wife. But engagement is just remember, is an airline license, just a booking.

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So May Allah protect us from this misunderstanding. And may Allah caters back to the teaching of Islam, not pulling out culture and tradition that create a lot of fitna that before you get married, so many things have happened. And it can cause a lot of no address to the whole family. And then May Allah protect all of us from a greater Phaeton by coming back to the fall of Islam and follow the Quran and Sunnah, that Allah and the Prophet allow us to do, we can do what is forbidden is forbidden.

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I mean, element of the letter 50 were upgraded wanna well hamdulillah al Ameen, Swan

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and structural kawakubo la sala

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monokuma rahmatullah wa barakato