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In Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

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avacado la, Rue de la

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fusina Dr. Medina, De La, La

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La La La La La La La wa de Mola, Cherie Keller

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Donna Maulana Mohammed Abu or sudo

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along with the Baraka with Allah

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Hamid, rubella immunoassay Ponyo Jami? Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in Bellona. woonkamer Ballona

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is the Uncle Sam oh three Monaghan has been

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known photographer and a

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moon worker in Libya sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by the rubies sadaqa in Urbana Kakapo aka Macaulay Salatu was

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honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders, a lot of people is it out of his kindness has opened up many avenues and provided men with many opportunities to reach Allah. When the verse was recited when the lady up to LA Paragon Hashanah when this verse was revealed, a Sahabi by the name of Allah who came to me via Kareem sallallahu sallam, and he said yeah, Rasul Allah in Arizona who

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didn't understand the implications of this verse correctly. is Allah asking us alone despite Allah being independent? Let me again somebody responded by saying Nam you read a

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letter V. Yes, you've understood correct. Allah is is providing you with an added opportunity to enter you into Jana. What were the words of maybe Sarah? Yes, we have heard correct. Allah has asked for a loan Allah doesn't need the money just providing you with another opportunity to get you into genda he said okay, whenever you have a transaction with you, for any in

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your manual Li B what is CBT A Da Da Da Da. If I give a lot alone can use 10 guarantee that myself my wife and my children will definitely intend to live every salon says yes if you promise me I promise you in three to 10 you say Okay, listen.

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I have two gardens online in LA I'm likova yahama. I slipped by your legacy is my entire wealth I owe nothing beyond these two gardens. That will not be self evident when Robin Aria one is in Safina one is in Alia?

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I give both john tumaco vanilla I give vote on the name of Allah on the condition Did you secure my abode in Jeddah Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam you know responded very positively but

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let's do this year each family law was

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the one I will give to you one you can contribute in the name of Allah and when you keep is a form of income and provisions for your wife and your children. It is okay whenever you have a law if you suggest that then I make you mind witness the better of the two for a lot and the other one for myself. I want to be over the two for my other one for myself. Really? Sam says Well, the only thing I can tell you either yet is he can lobby agenda, then technically agenda is for you, your wife and your children. Am I the other one for myself? No, we are a ceramicist. Well, the only thing I can tell you even yet is he can lobby agenda, then definitely agenda is for you, your wife and your

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children. He leaves from there happily. And he comes towards his wife who was reclining which was customary among parents. They would sit in their gardens in the date palms in the vineyards, perhaps enjoying the beautiful breeze some birds chirping nearby spring of water, children playing their wonderful atmosphere. From a distance he calls out to his wife and he sings couplets to his wife. He sings couplets to his wife had Akira be so polar Russia the intercept a little higher Arabia Saudi benei mineral hot

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chocolate Morocco Daniela chana de la tema de la dee da de la familia mid fertile enough see will be will be Rola Shaka Rosa in El Mahdi, that oh my beloved wife I can no longer enter this garden belongs to Allah, may Allah guide you to prosperity and righteousness. I have agreed and I have made a transaction with Allah, I have given this baney Middle High eatable whether you know very well how fun and how attached I am to these gardens, but I heard that a man is asking for a loan and I've made an agreement with him and I've given this garden as a loan to Allah, happily with the hope that Allah will definitely might reward for leaving it. I cannot come inside take the children and come

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out. For verily piety is the best provision on the journey to his wife congratulates him his wife congratulates him she embraces him, and then she also responds with poetry. But Shahrukh Allah will be hiring Lafarge in myth

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Look at

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the woman with the soda. He was will benefi Walla Walla Walla,

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Toulon, Leon Valley, Terre Haute that may Allah guide yo my husband. Indeed I will stay and guarantee on the day of the Ahmed Did you have discharged the obligations of the wealth and the effluence that ally has given you allowed us to benefit from these gardens. But I know in lieu of these dates Allah will give me more superior dates in genda. You know she uses the word better if you study Arabic you can appreciate the vastness and the eloquence of the Arabic language. When the date comes out on the tree. The first form of the date is called halaal. It is called halaal. Thereafter It is called Bella then it is called water then it is called Bowser and then it is called

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Tamar. These are the different names of the growth and the development of the date. Then she comes towards the children Raja Murphy of why he or she takes her wherever he is in the mouth. Then photo Murphy aka mommy him she does the pockets out she says these dates now belong to Allah she throws it out she comes out and husband and wife great. Let me le Salaam looks at this year. It says coming

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in what are in, in Arabic? Allah Allah knows Allah I don't know how many gardens and orchards how many day ponds and how many vineyards and how many palatial homes about data and his family will have internets. So one avenue that Allah has given us His generosity on the name of Allah. Levy occur in Somalia. Some says there are two angels in disguise, who have noticed other than one making dua and one person cursing monokuma they have no other duty other than one saying, Allahu

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Allah, Allah, whoever gives on your name, give him a better substitute. And the other one saying Allah

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Allah, Allah the one that was destroying his wealth instantly not destroy his well. It comes in

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decorate agenda shop coffee, ha ha ha aliquots delivers to flow then Luffy has hemara Allah let the fruit hang in gender. Then Allah addressed his genitals weirdos and unless it tickled me speak what do you have to say all those when I design you and decorate with you so gentleman said to me No. Hello What can I say other than fortunate although that will reside within me. Oh, what can I say other than fortunate are those that will enter me a login address gender and said what is it Eva Jelani law you jabiru Cafe Kibaki alone, I swear by my grandma I will never allow a miser to put foot into you. I swear by my grandma, I will never allow a miser to come close to you. When the levy

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of Allah was leaving this world, the greatest calamity and catastrophe that could come on human race. Can we imagine every man was sharing his pain and his his the agony of his separation is honorable consorts he's honorable respective wives around him, and each one crying and knowing that now whenever you have a line my husband needs to leave. Whenever you ever left one advice to his wife, us about open Meadow can be

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done naturally after the death of nearly Salaam Sahaba did not want to look weak in the lives of Libyan Islamic desire like the Vla Salaam says I know every one of you is desirous to join up with me quickly after my demise. The one that is most generous Allah will give her death firstly to join me Internet's the one that has the longest hand. Let me hurry Sam said in the lung of Bharata Habibi, gibreel. Allah sent my beloved gibreel to Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And he came in he told Ibrahim alayhis salam that Allah has told me that I must inform you Ibrahim in Neelam kalila Allah Anika Buddha Li, O Ibrahim, I have not made you my friend because you have worshipped me the

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most when I

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mean, but I searched the hearts of the believers for them as well as from in pelvic, and I did not find a more generous heart than yours. It was this generosity that inspired me to make you my friend and my profits. In fact, in one room, it comes when Allah will command the copier, a well a generous capital, who will be thrown to john for your Polo mnemonic has any Gangnam Allah will tell Malik who is in charge of a good who punished this man, he will suffer eternity in gentlemen because of this belief will have fun hula hula Teresa II under the canopy that eternia but the juice is strong and in relation to his generosity in this world. There is no other act of nobility that would avail a

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curfew on the day of the arm and of course because of the scooper, he will suffer eternity in Jannah. However, his punishment will be reduced in relation to his generosity, and this can be substantiated. In another quotation. We know the incident of Sam Lee the man who initiated the worship of the cup in rural Montana with reference to Barrymore hate it is less than that when Musashi Sam came he wanted to kill this person because of the evil act that he did. Allah told musasa indeed his crime justified that you murder him. However, he has one quality and that is generosity because of that cursing but don't kill him, and hence Mousavi salat wa salam did not kill

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him. He only cursed him and he lived a life of loneliness. So birth is one of many

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That Alliance provided is for us to present our well to the deen of Allah tala. We have to endeavor to, to advance ourselves both physically and physically as well as contribute in those forms of worship which are monetarily related. I just want to speak on one yes, they can give you the virtue of charity.

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In the beginning, Sam said Bertie rubis sada hasten in giving charity for in albula Allah yet Ah ha

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ha lo calamity and tragedy will come up to charity nabire salaam says a calamity will not surpass tragedy. What did you ever say in the saga? Tofino Guevara verily charity cools down the NGO Villa and that is why I often say and I tried my best and let me also advocated at this, you know, platform that when a person repent from a sin, then he decides you know, brand, he performs Salah he should also give charity in the path of Allah after every sin committed as a token and as repentance from the crime. Charity should also become a common practice what the delivery of Allah say. It calls the Angola

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a suit and it safeguards a person from an unpleasant death. It diverts in avert calamities, people are talking of insurance and out surance and cut out the middleman and lower premiums and whatever else have you there is no better way you can insure yourself and your family then Then give me charity on the name of Allah in it Karima that I've recited Allah draws a picture of a wonderful scene. Allah paints the picture, there was a wonderful man, elderly person, a father living with his sons, the Quran speaks about it. And he had a farm he used to harvest his crops. He had a wonderful action that whenever it was time to harvest the crops, the poor people used to come and he used to

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give them charity they used to line up there, he never really mind you know, never felt bad about it. They all used to come he used to give them a shed is to bring a certain amount of crops home, he used to eat from it, and a certain amount of crops used to take to the marketplace and sell. The old man passed away. The youngsters inherited the legacy of the Father. The use of the time as the youth of today thought they were smart, competent and intellectual. So they said no, no, no, we are the heirs we have inherited. We're going to do away with the practice of the Father. I mean, what is this year anybody comes they must pay. There's nothing like nothing is for free. The father passes

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away they inherited why the father was getting on with that particular practice. So many calamities were being averted, and so much Berkut was coming home. So Hanalei wish you could comprehend Arabic. Allah speaks about the discussion of the brothers in the night when they're getting ready to harvest the crops early. So did the Vegas cannot come fun. pelaku Nia Taka Fatone, they advanced why they discuss secretly amongst themselves and yet the whole

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eco miskeen no poor person must come we harvest the crops before the Vegas come when the biggest company must pay the price that everybody pays. One of the brothers felt that no no you know what I think we trade in our own party. I think this is wrong. we doing? We played with a liar. Look, you're our respected Father. May Allah give him generally a good practice. It looks tempting that we will make more money, but we don't know what were the hidden benefits of this charity. Nonetheless, they argued but the others dominated and they said you know what, if you don't want to join us, you can stay behind we're going to have is the crops early in the morning, no poor man will get by doing

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so we will multiply our income. You see this is the way we thought we think that we can make more money. It's not also teaches us a different way of multiplying wealth, and that is by giving on dream of a law firm pelaku Nia Taka Fatone Elijah de Polan, Nahanni O'Malley to miskeen Bogota hurtin katerine. The only floated this year to deprive the poor people of the charity, Allah Allah says

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if only one day, Allah sent a divine storm that came in burnt out that entire garden buena mo and while they were deep in their sleep, they did not even know they still planning plotting. The entire thing has been reduced to ruins beyond recognition fantinato as they come to the garden at the farm, ready to harvest the rich crop

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in for a moment that the words of the Quran it was destroyed beyond recognition that the initial reaction of the goddess were in nada God loan I think we came to someone else's farm. It was destroyed in such a way that for a moment they contemplated again they looked at the place from where they said no no. No macro moon. We have not made a mistake we have been deployed did divinely deprive a young brother who advised them seize the opportunity. He said I want you people don't do this year.

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Lola to behold so you know bread is you for example. And I will make mention of it later you have a salami encourages the businessman to give charity. A person who has 10,000 for example, he's taken for the day, he gives 1000 link charity on the name of Allah. He comes home with 9000 he feels he has multiplied he has decreased that well, but I swear by Allah that 1000 has averted calamities of 90,000 Rand. So when is to come home with 10,000 when the calamity comes, you have no choice now you pay for the medical bills or you pay the penalty does not

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You pay the advocates up the noise and you get no sew up. You get absolutely no survive in the process. pay in advance and store in the bank of a lot get out and get your calamities averted on the name of Allah. Doris comes in pencil on man let me hurry Serato Salaam says can a female in Karnataka come in the previous nations there was a man wearing he will practice that whenever a bird would let her you know lay an egg and it would hatch and and Leslie would be born. This man crew man would come and snatch that bird mercilessly in front of the parents for shakalaka Pharaoh in a lighthouse

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module. So this bird complained to Allah, Allah you know every time I lay an egg and it hatches and I have a child and yesterday, this man with cruelty comes and snatches my little one. I'm defenseless. I can't do anything and he just continues this cruelty to me. So I'll let Allah inspired the bird the Hadith comes in even as a kid has made mention of it. In Hua Zhu. If this man ever does this action again I will destroy him.

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Subsequently A few months later again, the bird lays an egg it hatches there to nestlings. This man got to know about it. He comes with a snake so lemon. What he comes with a stepladder. He knew the exact precise location of that nest for a mechanic perfil Perea when he was in that locality. Luckily, Hussein, he met one beggar and the beggar asked him for something so he opened up whatever he had for appa hora de familia de he took out a piece of bread and he threw it towards the beggar and he carried on. He came, they got on to the stepladder get him to the nest, and mercilessly in the presence of the parents. He took that bird. What about a young boy Ronnie lay, and the parents

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are looking at this man and say y'all know what is this year takes the nestlings and he goes away. So these birds complained to a lot. These are the words of minories Salatu was Salam yarrabah in Lackawanna, and toliko in odd waka

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toliko Allah you promised when this man repeats this action, you will destroy him. He is repeated but you haven't done anything other than address those two birds and said oh Willem de la la la liga de la casa de coffee Yeoman, the Sethupathi daddy can yo Don't you know, I will never have not destroy any man who has given charity on a day. It does not give us permission that now we are not advocating that you do wrong and at the same time give charity but more than often we perpetrate crimes we invite the Wrath of Allah tala upon us. Why not make charity a common practice? Whenever you have Allah said mommy nothin yet the South Dakota Santa Catarina Ilaha. Filomena, Yamato.

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omoton bhakta whenever I can give charity on that day, Allah will protect him from a sudden death. Allah will protect him from an accident and Allah will protect him from him but then we have been bitten by a snake in the same revite of cancer. Normally it comes there was a person in the time of sorry salat wa salam. He used to annoy the people so they can please sorry salami Tony. Sorry, salam, this man is an evil practice. He sallallahu Sallam cursed him and said today the man will die Yamaha sha Allah the day passed on people were happy the curse of a Navy is done to shelter this man. The next day comes this man is still working happily and he's you know, okay, these are all

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taken back to the Sally sambucus demand but I don't know what happened perhaps because we went somewhere else. This man is still living in San Francisco Romania. He was brought before he sat down he had a bundle of wood and it was wrapped up in a cloth is Elisa to centonian drop the sea on the floor. He drops it open it when he opens it up haha you get one soda. He's a venomous snake inside he said he said to Sam told him on my curse. The snake has been charged to poison you. But you did some action that is diverted mica speaker what is the good action you have performed? It is not I did absolutely nothing undermine the thing properly What have you done? So the only thing I can

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think I was watching a bigger game and I gave him a you know to him I gave it to him. He says be hard to fear anger. You have been saved from the curse of the Navy of Allah because of the charity. Let us not underestimate what is this great ammo that Allah has given us of charity. Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam said in the

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field in verily giving charity secretly and this is what Allah loves the most giving charity secretly, in one hurry around save salata to Allah wa Salatu to whom Allah there are three people whom Allah loves. And there are three people who will lead this life family living in a boom Allah those whom Allah nagaraja Luna taco man, a baker came to a group of people he came he says give me something that's shun him. They told him go from your everyone gave him you know, we're very hostile towards him. The beggar went out disappointed disheartened. One person from the good gathering excuse himself, quietly went to the men took out something and gave him

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a movie. la ville levy aka only Allah in the giver knows about this gift and of course the men receiving this man Allah loves him the most. In fact in one rewrite it comes Lamarck Allah tala will Allah when Allah created this earth, to me the earth started shaking, then Allah put mountains on the earth to give that stability. While

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you know we talk of scientific research. The Quran has much to do with science and astronomy. Allah has a you know explain this in great detail for the agenda till now.

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ketamine help in Japan. So the angels was punished. They were perplexed at the creation of the mountains and they said Yeah, what the hell?

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I said domina Jeevan Ola Have you created any of your creation stronger than this mountains? Also Allah? Allah said yes of course indeed I do have a deal I've created steel ones up here Duffy Batson shady so then the Monica said well we don't even know about this. Malika. She said to me in a heartbeat Have you created any creation stronger than steel? Also? Allah said yes, of course I'm not I have fire that can burn steel. European shaman I said to me not only do you have any creation stronger than fire Allah Yes, I have water that can extinguish fire over letter you have something stronger than water. Yes. I have wind that can blow water. European angels are enjoying this dead

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dialogue with Allah healthy,

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said to me that we are about something stronger than wind in your face. And Allah says yes, one action of men, even though it could be a meanie for your free home in Somalia. When man gives charity with his right hand and even his left hand doesn't know I swear by my grandma it is better than everything. It is MANOVA in everything that I have created. This is the tenant that Allah has given me to charity, but didn't. Didn't say

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in the saga kata Scylla two three.

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The charity discreetly it cools down the anger of a lot. We're in Santa Rosa at Masada so And verily the performance of good deeds the performance of good deeds will save a person from many killer calamities. It will save a person from many tragedies. Nivea creme sallallahu wasallam said, we're in toda la ilaha illa Allah the recitation of La Ilaha Illa. Allah in abundance will say it's recited from 99 treasuries, the least of which is depression, the least of which is depression. So the first person in the human loves is the one that gives charity the second one whom Allah loves is nebulae. Salaam say people are traveling they are tired and they exhausted everybody put their head

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down. One man stands up yet amen lacunae, what you have to do is start reading Quran in communicating with me, the third person who advances in the battlefield until he enjoys martyrdom, he is most beloved to me. What is going to be able to say with regards to charity Sahaba asked him to drop on Have you ever loved charity that Allah loves the most the Vla Salaam said and the sub data set a shavon duck shell zakharova

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pulchella funan in Canada and in Canada, when you are healthy, and you understand the benefits of that land dollar pound and euro and do not delay it Do not delay. Yo yo your soul reaches your throat and then you say so much to this organization and so much to this organization. And the vlsm says No no.

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Now sorry, it is decided how your estate will be distributed Don't delay then at the lightning Masuda said they will Ramon Yun

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hottie one day and $1 1.1 euro when you spend while you are healthy is better than 100 if not 1000 at the time of death is better than 100 if not 1000 at the time of death. I will leave summer candy Rahmatullah used to say that our income is sadaqa, one pious person by the name of Hassan, Hassan, Hassan it may be seen on one woman came to him begging and she was a very beautiful woman. She says give me something he looked at. He was impressed by her beauty he found that a light favorite this woman would love beauty. Allah forgive me if somebody beautiful has to come to my house begging. Each man knows how vulnerable we are. We will abuse the situation. Looking at the desperation of

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that woman. We've talked about the supply instead of the supply of money. Nevertheless, this woman came look at look at our pious predecessors. Look at their foresight, look at the law what whatever what what examples they have left past he seen this woman she was exceptionally beautiful. He told the slave army how Alabama you know what good take a 400 get home and give it to this woman. So the slave said yeah, Abdullah sir. Luca did Hama the woman is asking you for one day at home. You are giving a 400 denims. He said another to Elijah. Molly. ha I looked at the woman and I found that is exceptionally beautiful. I feared that in relation of her desperation, it must not happen. She goes

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and sells his. She's desperate. She's a Muslim sister. And because she has beauty she is prone to present herself people will respond positively because she has external features as well. Let me give her a 400 meter independent She is beautiful. Let her get married with dignity and live a life with dignity. This was my foresight behind giving a 400 theorems. I have no other intention. One beggar came in the presence of muslimah mozzafiato. Laurie, it took us 200 rounds and you get 200 rupees and he gave it to the person. As the man went out from there someone told him that we respect the contribution you have made. But this man it is routine in his life to do this. Why have you

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given him so much? It says I took out this money and I gave it making sugar to Allah that I'm not a beggar like this. What did

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you say and I'll leave you with this thought provoking advices he said

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certified common practice makes it about a common practice for in nucky sada Dr. sroka Salima muda there are 10 benefits in giving sadaqa hum certain fit dunya walk on set when Phil Accra five you will see instantly in this world yeah everybody needs to come

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from an alpha and you shake

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with a cultural morphological Oh my sermon I gave you surplus wealth and occasionally I asked you to spend on my name whoever will give me willingly from debt which I have given him you know you buy sweets for children. If you want it for yourself you could buy it yourself but you just want to see can they give you say okay who's giving me just one say no, no mines is nearly finished that one say okay, you're heavy. Okay, keep it my son. I don't want it next time I will buy you two. If I wanted I could What does allow you to do with my money? My brother What does Allah need on my allies giving you another opportunity when the beggar comes to your door?

00:25:56--> 00:26:06

What did he say? give charity make it a common practice why there are 10 benefits. The first is it will purify your wealth. Now Vla Salam said Allah in Albania Yoruba,

00:26:08--> 00:26:44

Bo, O businessmen are those engaged in trade lessons from their an e commerce business and trade is such an interaction where you are prone to lie, you're prone to it things that are useless in vain that do not conform with the dictates of Sharia. So make it a common practice daily to take or set apart to purify your wealth and to serve as an atonement for things at a during the course of the day, which were not in accordance to the dictates of Sharia. Therefore, I urge the brothers in this gathering for this. Make this a comment like his daily to take out some charity to purify your wealth and to save you from calamities. The second here will burn it will purify your health and

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your body. The Quran says good mean I'm worrying in sadaqa 2.0 matsuzaki in Bihar was suddenly calling him the take from them and purify them giving sadaqa purifies your well purifies your body. Certainly nabire salam said da Omar back on the sadaqa Oh my Sahaba however, you're in your seat through sadaqa Oh my Sahaba How about curing your sick to sadaqa give charity In the name of Allah will cure your sin. The fourth number Islam says is the heart of sorrow, meaning it brings joy to the believer and the noblest of actions is to bring joy to the believer. Today the beggar is obligated to that wealthy man. I swear by allowing the day of Tiamat Allah will turn it around now

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via a Salam said in a little Masaki in $1. He says the wealthy have Kingdom in this work on the day of the armadillo will give a kingdom to the poor people and I will tell all the people go around and walk around inside the door. Oh, man.

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Look man, go and see if you can find any men who fit your muscle or soccer conserva what are you gonna be able to say? I'm gonna set up and push back up then Jay on the noblest form of charity is to fill a hungry stomach to fill a hungry stomach to bring joy to the believer. So this beggar will move around that is why in my interview, he said Sir, Tamil walima that is the most evil food of worry Emma Yuta Elaine homi Bhabha, that you invite those who don't want to come and you leave those poor people who are desperate for that food that as we call those wealthy people to add a flavor to our gathering, but but man you can impress him whether you give him prawns on the table or you give

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him anything else. He has 10 other towers is trying to slot you in. He comes out moaning and groaning. My nephew said call the poor people, your son and your daughter in law needs the 12 the friends have a lot more than the presence of the wealthy. I do not say do not call the wealthy but do not bring them at the cost of nearly Salaam said what do you mean is such a sonnet but that's an evil thing. Give sadaqa and push via cubby then Jaya to feed a hungry stomach Sava said I feel behind me.

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If I feed an animal when I get sadaqa when I get the word aviary Salam says satisfy the hunger of any creature in general is yours satisfy the hunger of any creature internet is your so these are the benefits. Number five, Allah will give you a Bearcat in your Well, this is a deception that you know from one shop to another that is Bercy then all these chain stores they got the most of burqa, that is not my brother, I swear by Allah. Because you're more engaged. You have no time for the formula for nothing. From that one shop your content you're sitting at home, you don't need to multiply. But it is something that is inconceivable to a coffee from one shop to another two to

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three. That's what really makes even a child understands it. give charity and Allah will give you a burqa. As there's so much more to mention my time has left for people late summer candy says Lola Mia culpa de la ciudad de alpha para if there was no virtue in charity, other than the draw of the poor, it was enough to make sure that if there was nothing other than to I often tell the wife and I mentioned it that someone comes home to work. don't finish them and sweat out and give him less. Let the men leave with a happy heart spend extra 10 grand and take the draw the draw will prevail with your project. That bar will level with your project. Take the draw of the poor, give charity make

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people happy in life that will avert calamities and prejudice from your biology.

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Gotta give us the ability I can explore the topic much more My time is less. Let me make use of a wealth in sending me in avenues that earns the pleasure of Allah walk with

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