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What is Taqwa (Goal of Ramadan)

Haifaa Younis


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What is the Quran?

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Allah conscious. That's probably the best translation. So let's say What is Allah conscious? When I am Allah conscious?

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I always and this is the difficult side, always not one I can not when I'm in Makkah not in Ramadan not when I'm in Masjid only. It's always 24/7 That's the goal. I am always conscious of Allah. He is seeing me. He's hearing me, he's gonna help me when I am in need. I know he is listening to me. I know he sees me sitting on the floor. I know he sees me speaking Allah conscious. And what this will lead, you're gonna do everything.

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And do is saying do is sitting, do is thinking do is planning everything. Second you do you say you don't say you don't do because only one reason that's what he wants me to do. Obedience of Allah. So number one, it's an action, internal or an external to is not how I wanted what I liked it, or my mom taught me with the country where I live in tells me

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what he told me whether clearly in the Quran whether through Roswaal, a salatu salam. So basically how and the most important one, why? You only do it, because you want Allah to reward you. That's why it's Allah conscious. I don't see you I'm doing a good deed for you. I'm not waiting for you to tell me exactly now. I don't care if you like it, or you don't like it. I don't see it. I see him.

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That's why you're always Allah conscious. And you always say this to yourself, I know he will reward me.

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People may may not may appreciate may not but I know he will be away from any disobedience there is no effect. But maybe with this one, you stay away from anything that Allah told you don't do.

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Based upon what he said, not what I was told. Or again culture or my mom. No, he said it. And for only one reason. I want him to be pleased with me.

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That's Taqwa.