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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. There is a verse in the fourth chapter of the Quran Surah Nisa the chapter pertaining to a woman, the fifth juice of the Quran, verse 135. In this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala outlines some very key and fundamental rules, principles pertaining to justice. Justice is a word that each person likes to discuss about, and each person wants to see it executed. But there are very few who would be keen to see justice executed against them. So it's great, it's awesome. He needs to be implicated, he needs to be penalized, he needs to be

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imprisoned. And then there has to be consequences on others. But what about when the light is focused on you for the wrong that you have done to others? So let's have a look at this ayah and see you know what Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys to us? Yeah, you have Latina amen Oh, you who believe Koo Kumba mean abilities become those who uphold justice test with the kasra means Justice kuno become a woman those who uphold it. Then we will add the Hon a belly Lena Filardo mobile Idina, Philately uphold justice at all costs. Then in the second portion of the same verse, Allah says, shuhada, Allah give witness and evidence and testimony for Allah. So don't shy away from giving

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evidence. If you're not going to give evidence, then the perpetrator will continue the victim, nobody will give evidence in his favor. So avail yourself to give evidence and to give testimony. And when you do it, be motivated to do it for the pleasure of the Almighty Shahada Allah. That's the second portion. The third aspect and this addresses a very, very key problem in our society. By and large, they are two things that would compromise and impede justice. Number one, intense love And number two, intense dislike hatred and resentment. So if I love someone, then I'm going to distort realities. I'm going to camouflage I'm going to avoid justice. I don't want to implicate my brother,

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I don't want to implicate my dad, etc. This is the common thing where unfortunately, Justice is not served. On the other hand, I resent someone I dislike someone. So then I exaggerate my testimony. I magnify it, I sensationalize it, and the Quran addresses both the aspects let's just have a look at it quickly. So Allah says, In the third portion of the ayah wello, Allah and forsaken, uphold justice and give testimony for the pleasure of Allah. Even if you have to confess that you are wrong. Let your voice not be faint when you have to confess you are wrong, you loud you vocal you articulate you transparent you you can do when you need to implicate others. But when it comes to

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yourself, then suddenly your voice is faint, it's weak. We can barely hear you. It's inaudible whenever Allah and forsaken or even if you have to confess and you have to admit I am wrong, be honest and be candid, just like when others are implicated whenever other and forsaken will Worley Dini when carabin this is addressing the first aspect that led not the love of someone impede your justice. Whether your dad is wrong, your parents or your relatives come out clean in the justice system. Now the scholars tell us two things amongst others young for a child to give evidence against his parents law, you some Morocco, this does not constitute disobedience. So Islam

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encourages us to be dutiful, loyal and faithful and to serve our barons. But when it comes to justice, Allah categorically says well over Allah and forsaken, I will validate me, well, a Caribbean, even if you have to give evidence against your parents. Islam recognizes the testimony of a child against his father, and the testimony of a father against his style. But Islam does not accept the evidence of a child in favor of his father, or the evidence of a father in favor of his style. Because this could be flavored with nepotism. This could be diluted within a love so there's this famous incident of Satan and you know the Allahu anhu way his armor was missing and it was

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found in the possession of a non Muslim and Satan are literally Alanna said this is my armor a bit when I'm hubzu I did not sell it nor did I gift it to anyone. While the disbeliever said it is theory it is my armor.

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To resolve the conflict and to resolve the dispute, the matter was presented to the judge of the time understand the high profile nature of this case, it's the ameerul momineen. himself. The judge was a, he was a Tabby and he was a great man.

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Cuz he showed us the disbeliever. What What do you have to say is that well, the armor is in my possession, and I claim it is mine. And the proof is it's with me so that that's my proof that I own it. I'll say the knowledge of the Alon who said Nadia vilano said it is mines and it belongs to me, he has stolen it and snatched it. So the judge then asked the Satan earlier the olana, albena, tunel. Medallia mean, Rahman and God, as a man who give a proof, is there any witness to the fact that this is your armor? So you said My son has a brother, your loved one who will testify? Can you imagine the justice system Have you got a loved one who, who we know is the halifa of Islam who we

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know is the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who we know how beloved he wants to align that hasn't really aligned with who we cannot doubt in any way we cannot flaw the integrity of blemish them in any way impeccable, flawless character. Say that I have said My son will testify that this is my armor. So the judge has said Shahada to live in LA Taco Bell, the testimony of a son in favor of his father cannot be accepted. So my judgment is that the army he belongs to the non Muslim and he's the rightful owner, La ilaha illAllah La la la la. Let's just understand that.

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Okay, let me complete the tale. When this judgment was passed, that the non Muslim is the owner, because Satan and he could not provide any evidence other than his son, and the testimony of a son in favor of his father is not accepted but against is accepted, as mentioned in this verse 135 of the fourth chapter of the Quran. So this non Muslim said, I want to come out clean and honest and candid, the armor belongs to a leader of the Allahu anhu And besides that, I accept Islam Chateau La ilaha illa Allah, I accept Islam, I believe in the oneness of Allah and in the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I had an argument and a dispute with the leader of the

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believers, but demony illa Covey, he then presented our dispute to his judge, and he's judged pronounced a verdict against him in my favor, simply because the testimony of a child is not accepted in favor of his father. For me, this is just too amazing and too compelling and I accept Islam. So here we have it. Allah says Allah Allah and forsaken, I will Valley they will have carabin econyl Ronnie and alpha Kieran fala who Allah be Hema, so yet the third portion of this verse, do not be intimidated by the wealth of a wealthy person, or do not let empathy grip you when it comes to the poverty of a poor person. No, you know what, this is a prominent man, this is a high profile

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person, if I give accurate evidence, he'll be implicated and you know what, probably so many of my books will be curtailed, or there's a poor man he doesn't have adequate and now he has committed a crime. If I give the true evidence, he loves the little that he has. The Quran said neither the wealth of the wealthy nor the poverty of the poor should distract you from pronouncing the correct

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the correct you know reality of the matter for level Allah be Hema, Allah is closer to them than you are and Allah has more mercy on them than you can possibly have. And Allah has told us speak the truth fanatec w el Hawa and da de leeuw a cara here to anti dilute Do not be driven by your worms and your offenses and you distort the reality to avoid justice. And then Allah concludes the verse by saying we're in whoo Oh, don't already do. If you meant your words distort the end to La la vida. Be and do La la la, la, when you give the evidence, but it's it's diluted, it's camouflage. It's distorted. It's inaccurate. It's not it's not open. You know what it's, it's it's, it's shady, it's

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dodgy. It's unclear

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what Intel will do or then you shy away from it totally. Meaning you make a man who Shahada you consume the truth and you do not reveal it for him Allah Hakuna Matata Luna hubby. remember Allah is aware and Allah will take you to task. Now I spoke about the other aspect and quickly just to conclude that sometimes what impedes justice is dislike hatred, malice, and yet there is a verse in the six Jews where Allah says Allah German comb Shanna ano comin Allah Allah da da Lu. Let not the enmity of any nation incite you to be to to exercise injustice you dislike

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Someone you might have differences. But let not that hostility, enmity animosity, incite you provoke you towards injustice in a day no be justice, who are a Aladdin Acropolis taqwa justice is the closest to piety and the greatest reward for those who exercise justice. In the law you have been maxing, Allah says, I love you, I love you. So the choice is yours My brother, either you become the beloved to your relative or your your near and dear one, or you go in the good books of the judge or whoever it is, and then you are disliked by the almighty or you exercise justice whether you are guilty or your relative or anyone else and you become the Beloved of Allah. May Allah make us his

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true beloved's.