EPIC Umrah Mount Ghar Thowr November 28, 2019

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The interim, they had made a very clear and secret and private plan, the promise

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and everybody had migrated to Medina, except for the processes.

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And Allah azza wa jal was going to reveal to the promises of one.

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So the promises it was waiting when the revelation would come home Gibreel then came to him and said, that migration is gonna come on such and such a date. And so the prophets have visited Abu Bakar. And as I said, in our bus, that that house of a worker is essentially the entrance of our hotel, not the hotel hotel, the lobby, or the sort of the hotel that the big boys that we are, when you enter all the shopping centers there, that's where the house of a worker was in that area. So the provinces and went over there, and he told them about cut that Allah has allowed him to migrate with the Prophet. So I said, our worker began crying out of joy. And they purchased two candles, and

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they hatched this plan. And this shows us that our Shediac requires us to make plans, we don't just sit back and say Allah will take care of it, they had a very, very ingenious plan. And that was that instead of going north to Medina, they would go down south east, because we are now southeastern bunker, they would go down away from Medina, because the currents would then be thrown off the sense. And they would come and they would hide in a cave that was known to Abu Bakr, this is how they thought, and they would wait for two, three days. And the assumption was, and it was a correct assumption, the Quraysh would try try try it, and then give up and expect the process of what have

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left. And he was literally under their noses as the same goes right. He was right here.

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Who would take care of the food and drink who would cover their tracks when they had walked here. And that was when a bucket brought in his own family. A smart move. JB Baca was the one who was assigned at the age of 1415. To be the young girl who would bring the food and the milk every day they needed some food, how would they survive, they're not going to have backpacks when they're running away? How would they bring that a smartbid Debbie bucket, she was the one who volunteered here to then bring the food to them, and bring them their dates and their water and their milk, so that they could be indicated. And

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he volunteer to bring the sheep and the sheep and the goats and take them so that the footsteps of a walker in the process would be covered up. And he also would listen to the formation hear their plans which way they're going, so that he could tell them okay, they've given up and now is your time to vote. And so the prophecies are working, as you know, at night, when the police came and they surrounded his house, and our

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reviews, which I've never been at him said that woman hug him said that feverishly now for him now you will sit on it. So the prophecies have walked out while all of them were outside and they were blinded, they did not see him, and you walked out and he went to the house. And in the middle of the night, they came here to hot food. And I didn't know you cannot see it. When I was younger, there would be some white lines, I asked our guy, they're no longer there, there will be some white markers, but not a toad is on the top half of that mountain behind us. And you cannot really see it the cave of thought. It's a small little Cleveland, which just maybe three people can fit at max.

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And it's just a small, you know, behind the scenes. And as we know the famous story when Abu Bakr civilian and the prophecies have entered, there are no races and there's no problem in affirming them of the pigeon, you know, building its nest over there. There's even an evolution of the spider web. And even though they don't really meet the rigorous standards,

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but they're mentioned and the books are full of such you know, stories that there's no problem in affirming them. So the police are searching and one search. One search party comes to light a photo, and they're looking around the mountains. And this is what

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becomes panic,

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says Madison Allah, if only they look underneath because the entrance to the cave is actually at the foot level. So you have to bend down and go inside. And obaku knew of the existence of this cave. And of course it is known to some people all the people who scout around they know it. So Bukka was worried that if they simply look into the cave, there's no hiding there. And that's why we said to the prophets of Allah, that

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if they only looked down they'll see us

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and the promises and responded aboubaker What do you think of two people? The third of them is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Don't worry, Allah will protect us. And Allah revealed in the Quran in the occluded is our heavy hidden tax and in the Lucha Libre, when he said to his companion, don't worry, Allah is with us. This is a Surah tilbyr So Allah azza wa jal reveal Quran in Medina later on tracing the prophecy and calling Abu Bakr and his companion in the avoided Asahi. So what is a Sahabi? By the text of the Quran, anybody who denies this is denying the Quran

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We're gonna sit here is the one who was worried and the promises in calmed him says, Don't worry, Allah will take care of us. Then after two or three days, that smoke came and said the coast is clear. And so their guy came and then took them on the hidden path or the back road, all the way to Medina. So this cave here, it really is symbolic and it is an actual cave of two things. Number one, the wise Muslim uses the past methods to get to the goal, you don't just do nothing. Number two, even when you use the method, you still put your trust in Allah and not in the methods, right? So to look good, and Allah does not mean that we don't do anything, no our actions, do everything that we

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think will bring us to the results. And we put in a plan that will bring the results, but our heart is not attached to the plan. Our heart is attached to a lesson. And that's what the hedgehog symbolizes. By the way, you really cannot go climbing up there because it'll take care of rest