Forgotten Etiquettes – 03 Put It Back In Its Place

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim the Quran governs every aspect of human existence. The knowledge is there. Well I can pass on that annual of homeowners, human intellect is evolving gradually to tap into the beauty of the Quran. So addressing the aspect of etiquettes morals and values, I share with you a profound reflection from Jews that de chapter 88 Allah Shia, the overwhelming event, verse 14, but before we look at verse 14, let's just look at two verses prior to that. So Allah is describing Jana, Allah says V ha rain on Jharia in Jana, there is this flow in spring, verse 13. Allah subhanho wa Taala says free has sorrow from Marfa and they are these elevated couches. Were Aqua boom mo Lu.

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And they are goblets and glasses well placed. So let's put this into context. Allah speaks about the fact that there is a spring and that is the beautiful spring of Janna Island to summer feed herself sebelah there is the spring of salsa B there is the spring of the Sneem etc, etc. But in that discussion Allah says a club a club is the plural of the word coop, which means glass utensil goblet Medora well placed under this is in Merrifield, Quran. Mufti Sofia Rahim Allah Allah says that this ayah opens up the discussion of the etiquettes of social conduct that if you're offering someone water, make sure there is a glass next to it. And he says we can broaden the implications. If

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somebody is using the bathroom make sure there is a doubt there. How often it is the absence of these etiquettes that you know what the key was not placed back in its place, or the remote was not put back in its place. And Salah was delayed a function was delayed we will already we hopped into the car and we couldn't find the key. So what does the Quran say? And how does it qualify? Aqua balm Medora glasses and goblets well placed? We live in a world of organized chaos. What's the message my brother and my sister put everything in its rightful place. And that's an etiquette we learn from chapter 88. The beauty of the Quran indeed