Sulaiman Moola – Echoes From The Cave – Part 2

Sulaiman Moola
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A particular battle that they were caught and they were detained. And in that there was a woman

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in English. And finally, after running and bass in she caught sight of a child, and she embraced the child. She was a captive, she was a detainee. But as soon as she held a child, it was such a bonding. It was so warm, it was so affectionate. It was so emotional, there wasn't a dry eye there, everybody was moved to tears. And the Prophet of Allah observe this. And I often mentioned this when I address teachers, or parents or guardians or workshops, that when we molding and guiding our children, we might have a curriculum before us. But often the moment presents with an opportunity, and momentarily we have to put the curriculum on a hole and seize the moment and exploit the moment

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and communicate the message of the time.

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When the Prophet of Allah seen everybody was moved to tears, there wasn't a dry eye. He infiltrated he seen a niche. He said Adorama had the hilmar thought he had done and whether the half an hour to you folks think do you people think that this woman will abandon and forsake this child and perhaps drop this child in a file? No profitable and never ever? What love amazing, unbelievable, inconceivable. Love beyond description, love. A birdie even heard the Hebrew well at the heart. I swear by Allah, Allah is more kind to his bondsman, and this woman is to this child.

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Now we don't do things. Look at the love the mother had for the child. And look at the opportunity. The hearts was soft. The hearts was soft. It was the ideal time to make a profound impact and grave a deep message and it makes it a good barrier and it makes a brilliant teacher that he finds the right time and he strikes Sahaba sitting outside it's a bright moonlit night they admiring the atmosphere. It's cool, it's relaxed. Look at the moon It's so beautiful. In Santa Ana de

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la to the moon ferrovia tea and joy the moon and joy the moonlit night and joy this m Beyonds trust me as you enjoy viewing the moon from your respective location, you will be blessed with the countenance of Allah from your respective abode in Jana.

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For only the actor in our

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room zero, what will be to the so called intelligent individual who forsakes his mother chasing temptations will be to that person who is physically sighted but has spiritual blindness of the heart. And really today if we lack anything, it is spiritual brightness. We might have vision in our eyes and wood contact lenses and colorful and cosmetic we can we can even camouflage and play with everything and change the appearance etc. But when it comes to the vision of the heart for in a holiday episode when I can determine

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if there is blindness here then I'm afraid the external vision cannot empower you

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and his vision year then the physical blindness will not be a setback. Remember Abdullah

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who was visually impaired, the shortest independent revelation that came in the Quran was to answer and respond to his query

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is the will carry do not mean Elmo meaning those who sit and those that strive in the path of Allah, they cannot be equal. Abdullah now Mattoon comes What about those that are visually impaired? What about those that are physically challenged? And gibril descends

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with the exception of those that have some difficulty or disability? Well, Amanda, yes.

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Allah. Oh Mohamed Salah, it was lm do not ignore the one who comes to you. Allah didn't just say he comes to you comes running, passionate seeking, he wants to acquire from you to live no member of the ummah.

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So it is, it is the blindness of the heart that paralyzes an individual, and not the blindness of the eye and the physical sight for doing a follow up via Me Me too. I have an telematic Elisa to prepare yourself and seek all her comprehensive supplications For indeed you are desperately in need of her to ask. I often make a point to people and I'm going to remind myself and you we all search for doors and prayers, but we need to make a distinction and hear me clearly my good brother and sister

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We need to make a distinction between the requested application versus the earn this application.

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So I forsake my mom, I abandoned my mom, I neglect my parents and every day as a mom make a draw for me make a draw for me.

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Every parent makes a draw for the children, but some only to us. There's a world of difference between the two.

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whoever you want in life,

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have such an effect in his life when his confidence that you don't have to request him, but makes such an impression on him that he cannot possibly forget you in his to us. That is it. One person came to hockeyville Omar, who was this great giant who authored no less than 1000 books, and he said please make dua for me. He says I make this law for everyone. Allahumma Kula Haleakala Muslim in wakulla muslimah Allah give goodness to every male Muslim and every female Muslim. He says no, I want this special to our he said well, then you need to have a special relationship.

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You need to have a special relationship to earn that special. You have a casual relation and you want a special Diwan know, when the Prophet of Allah was buying one of his spouses and a billionaire, a balance the young boy at that time, he said, How am I going to serve the Prophet of Allah? So he got up by night, and he prepared the water for ablution when the messenger was to offer the nocturnal prayer and the prayer and implant advance himself worked himself prepared in advance, prepare the water when the Prophet of Allah got up and he looked at the water and he says, oh, wow, this is so amazing what he did not both. He said yes, I love my limo, Nikita. But when we then Allah

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the sciences of Koran. And it was that prayer that elevated him to the lofty rank of the father of the field. He didn't go to sleep and say when you get up praying for me, he was up there preparing the water. I'm saying to you, my brother, you didn't want your mom's to how you want it. When always Ernie, and the joy he earned what was it was because of his diligence to his mom, and beyond, if you look in the heart is when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told Satan, Ilana that when you meet him, our remar request him to make Doha because he is accepted. Now look at the two fold benefit when you serve in your mom, you earn her two hours. In addition to that, the perk of that discipline of that

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the benefit of that is your daughter's become exempted.

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Every child should reflect over the nine months of which his mom had to get him sometimes she was afflicted with pain in her back abdomen and feed. Whilst on other occasions she lost her appetite or suffered insomnia. Just imagine the difficulty she went through a person once came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam jar rajaraja in NW sallallahu wasallam for polio rasulillah in the Hamiltonian ironically, from suffering, fear on barsha de la la

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la, la la verdad fel de tu chakra sakalava una de Palpatine wahida are profitable, I carried my mom for six miles on my back not a ride in a car, not a plane ticket not I bought a business class ticket, I physically carried my mom on my back for six miles while on my back in such intense heat, that if I was to drop a piece of flesh on the ground, it would instantly rose have I offset her favors upon me by doing so I'm going to get the richness of the question. But get the dialogue. Look at the appreciate, look, look, look at how they engaged you know that this is the thing that that really just just captures my curiosity ability. Now America has this great conqueror of Egypt is on

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his deathbed whether you're alive or annual, and his son Abdullah is next to him. And he says dad, my sympathy is over your agony. And may Allah is in the pangs of death. But if you don't mind, and I'm not being insensitive, why don't you pass in a way? Can you relate to me? What is it like to pass away? Because once you gone, it's over. When you alive? And you hate unhealthy? I would never know. But why are you going through that pain? Oh, what is it? So what I'm trying to say look at look at what's there? What was the nature of the conversations? I mean, what's the nature of our kids and our number one to sit them down is a challenge. And number two, if they dog you know, it's

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things that are irrelevant. What I'm saying is not relevant to you, my son would you say is not relevant to me. And bear in mind, I say that with the cap of being the father of three adolescent kids. So I'm hands on with what's happening. You know, it's not easy. It's challenging. The other day I was taking a little swim with my kids in the in the pool. And I said this is so nice with family diamond. He says no, but oh, you must get the latest phone. You know what? You can take images under the water? I'm like, No man, can we have a techno free zone? Can we be free of technology water? Can we just enjoy water in its purest form and just just have time together and

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just bond. And again, it's all revolving around technology, gadgets and devices.

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And Abdullah the Alon who said

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Abdullah Muhammad has said to his son COVID-19, burden dunya focus on three of my son. It is like the mountains of the entire world I exclusively resting on the chest of your father.

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And then he slips into a coma. And then he gets up. And then the sun was again dead may love you, and what are we talking about? We're talking of armor. In

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fact, the whole mess of the man who conquered Egypt.

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And I feel like I'm breathing from the eye of a needle, I'm gasping for breath. And then he said those amazing to us a lot of monogamy and fantasy, whatever you in fact, that is

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allowed me in America, Natasha, into hyena, whether you're someone that awful, oh my lord, oh, my Lord, the diamonds finally come to meet you. And you told me a lot of things. And tragically, I didn't comply. And you told me to abstain and I didn't abstain. And my hope is in your mercy. I'm not strong that I'm going to resist the angel of death. And I'm not innocent that I'm going to speak about my innocence. I admit, I concede, I confess I just apologize.

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And then he took his last breath.

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What did the Prophet of Allah say to this young man to be upset? Perhaps it would only equate to a fraction of the labor pain of my words, perhaps it would only equate to and you know, what's the best part of it when your mom is going through this pain you're unaware?

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You know, this is the challenge of life is that when you by the time you realize and you you understand what she went through, either when you become a parent and your wife had to experience the pain or some way by that time either you have your parent or she's she's moved on, by the time Leah realization dawns upon us and we mature these, these these challenges and it dawns upon us sometimes it's too late. In the couplets above the word words such as a beard, which literally translates as discomfort, panic and the feelings of helplessness, one experience when an object gets stuck in one's throat. Allah Almighty describes the food of the occupants of * in the Quran using

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the same phrase in Medina and Cologne, which AHIMA what are the

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Lima verily we have installed for them in Hellfire handcuffs, the blazing fire, food that gets stuck in the throat that cannot be solid because of its terrible taste and texture and a painful punishment. The usage of this word in the poem only provides a partial understanding of how our mothers placed their lives on the line during childbirth. Tragically, the average youngster today feels burdened to take his mother shopping and patiently wait for her to complete her chores. Yet how many times didn't our mothers patiently bear with our interruptions which would disrupt her routine? She was never embarrassed to change our diaper in public not ashamed to answer our naive

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and foolish questions. The boat also highlights the first bit of this infant it was soft, gentle and therapeutic. The most exciting feature of this bed was that it was mobile. It was nothing other than a welcoming arms in loving lab. during infancy if she discovered that we were experiencing any pain, she would give vigil by our side, the slightest cough or sniffle would agonize her leaving her more restless than us. It is therefore our duty to serve her with our health, wealth and resources. There is an amazing incident recorded in the books of Hadith regarding Osama bin Zayed Ravi Allahu anhu. And his diligent service to his mom, listen to this. And Mohammed Abdullah Syrian Taliban enough to

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feed the earth man alpha dyrham for Amita Osama tube Noseda v Allahu ala necesitan Farmar project Yamaha Adama who mo for Kadoma mukalla has

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been called in me and Anthony Tony Shea an update on La Ilaha Mohammed II

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was a great who he was a student of Sahaba Moodle allegedly said Mara a to a hidden

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fee what he What are all Rp 50 he may live in Israel, Mara a to a hidden fee whatever he he, I didn't see anybody who had a greater understanding of jurisprudence in his piety. Sometimes we act pious, but we don't know what is actually pious. Sometimes we do things which are not necessarily confirmed by the teachings we perceive it to be. So we lose the balance. So I did not see anyone who had a greater understanding in his Spidey. Well, oh rod Rafi 51, who feared a lot more in his verdict before pronounce

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Seeing a ruling. It wasn't just casual. He wasn't just, you know, easy in issuing a fatwa or passing a birdie, the balance the understanding of jurisprudence in his piety and the piety in his verdict then Mohammed didn't Syrian. So what does Muhammad a Syrian mentioned? Mohammed receiving reports that the prices of date bombs had sold during the reign of Earth monitor the alarm to the value of 1000 dirhams? Despite the revenue it could generate Osama bin Zayed cut the core of the date bomb and gladly presented it to his mom. People frown on his practice and inquired from him What makes you do this when you are well aware of the dividends? The date bomb can provide you with if you were

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to sell it later? He replied I did so simply because my mom requested me to provide her with it. And honestly speaking there is nothing that she requests me which I am able to which I am able to honor and execute but that I diligently comply you know what monkeys hang on I'm busy with an important phone call I'm doing an a shipment from China just bear with me. No, no, no, no, no, that shipment can happen and that container can come later and the documents can be you know what the delivered later? And we can answer that in my mum is calling me now my paradise my paradise. The burqa of my mum is more than the dean striking. Listen Sir, I'm in the meeting. That's afterwards I need my

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mom's prayer now I need my mom's Doha

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there is yet another beautiful incident mentioned in Macarena o'clock. Just look at our time is running out and we still busy with this chapter you

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have two minutes in a delegation from the tribe came to meet the messenger sallallahu Sallam

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Ameen Concannon, the messenger callosum in quiet was the Lady wafra from amongst young people. I don't know how they said yes, the messenger sallallahu Sallam then said let me inform you of an inspiring tale. For in the long

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run netta Bibi haleiwa De De De De De De De musharaka Allah entered this woman into paradise because she diligently served her mother. This was despite the fact that her mother was a disbeliever but her serve in this woman been a believer serving her mother and her paradise. I mean, we look at the phrase of the Quran that say either Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is engaging his father Ibrahim enjoys the title of Abu ambia his father was just not a worship of idols, but he was an idol merchant. From the dead side they sternness and hostility and adversity from the side of Abraham this gentleness, kindness and softness. So Ibrahim is like yeah, Betty lamotta abou mela yes matter whether you

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whether you neon cache,

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Khadija any minute

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take on my dad Oh, my loving dad, oh, my beloved dad, oh, my adorable dad. And these are all the translations of your apathy, apathy, that passion, that affection, or my Dad, why do you worship things that have no life in it that have no, no meaning to it? I'm afraid my dad, if you persist, and you're rigid, and you are stubborn on these habits of yours, it might cost you some divine torment. Yeah, but you have I'm afraid and you must suck. I mean, a rough man, that alone might inflict a torment upon

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gentle, loving, caring tone, and what's the response and how does the debt reciprocate? Karla Robin Lee had the Ibrahim Leyland if you don't stop blurting what you say I will stone you Oh, Abraham, I will kill you don't need to leave me and get out. Again. What does the sun respond? Salah Manali, may peace be on you, my dad made Peace be on you. Still through laka be I will continue invoking My Lord to guide you and thereby forgive you

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