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Echoes from the cave by Shaykh Sulaiman Moola – London Muslim Centre Bayan
A series of bayans by well known scholar Shaykh Sulaiman Moola on his tour of England in 2015.


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The Prophet's title is a reference to a woman who was a spouse to a partner and a father to children. The importance of parenting and strong family relationships is emphasized. The need for strong parenting and servitude is emphasized, particularly during pregnancy. The history of Islam is discussed, including the Prophet's announcement of the "has been overseen by his law" and the use of the "has been overseen by his law."

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mean the beginner Muhammad Ali he was happy he Amanita Viva de Vaca de una de la Yomi. de.

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So inshallah, in this short and brief session we are going to endeavor to unpack some of the chapters of the book. And as we do know that the seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is relevant and is contemporary to every time and error. It is comprehensive, it is all embracing he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a son to parents, he was a spouse to a partner. He was a father to children. He was the son in law to in laws, he was a leader to the oma. He was a Navy to mankind. So there's every dimension, there's every dimension that a person would live through or experience in his social life, in which he will find direction, guidance and navigation in the life of the Prophet

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sallahu wa sallam. It's quite daunting to select a particular chapter. But chef Najib suggested to me and perhaps that was something that he enjoyed more particular, to speak on a mother's love. So I think we're gonna try time is very short and brief. But I'm going to touch on this chapter and then move on to some aspects of parenting as well. And likewise, husband and wife relation and I think these are the key issues and these are the social challenges, by and large we are experiencing and we need guidance in. So Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, those of us that have the book and that are following along with me, we are looking at a mother's love it is on page 130. In the book, we've

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endeavored it's obviously a series of some of my lectures that we have adapted to book format. But we've tried to make it interesting for both the learner you know, presenting with relevant references as well as the academic minded with some quotations, some relevant extracts as well. So it's for easy reading, but hopefully inshallah it would give some adequate stimulation into the life of the seer of the prophets, Allah will send them and encourage the reader to go deeper into the life of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So a mother's love every morning before leaving his house, the giant in Hades, Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, would say to his mother, now we need to know the accolades

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of Abu huraira villano, a man who narrates 5374, a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, whom the scholars of Hadith refer to his theory in a Hadith, those who enjoy the privilege of narrating the most amount of Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so you are speaking of a person with great knowledge, great, you know, connection and proximity to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. However, every morning routinely, he would say to his mom Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu yamatai jazak Allahu hieron, Kamara Beatty, news of the era. May Allah have mercy and peace be upon you. Oh my dear mother, may Allah reward you with goodness just like you raised me

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with kindness as a child. If you look at the phrase in the Quran, Allah says that the pious are those who pray for their parents and what do they say up there? Hama, Hama Kamara?

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This is very amazing. What do they say, Oh, my Lord, have mercy on my parents, as they nurtured me as they molded me as they groomed me when I was a little kid. And Allah uses the word rub. Rub in its true sense is used for the Almighty, metaphorically It is used for our parents. In that there are two dimensions the scholars tell us a we understand how much our parents have done for us. That alone has used the word rub in the Quran for parents be it makes parents understand the colossal and mammoth responsibility on their shoulders, that it's just not being the father of a child or just not being the mother of a child. And I don't say that in a trivializing context, because obviously a

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mama bears a child and she goes through enormous pain and agony, but there's much beyond it, in nurturing in caring in feeding in providing and so on. Board, a lot of Yolanda would commence his day acknowledging his mother for her hard work and care in having reared him. Then only when he engaged in his other chores. So can you imagine the goodness the blessedness of the day as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, when a person starts his day would further then us by hand Nashi upon neffs. He stands up bright, he stands up focused, he stands a vigilant, he stands up active, and if he does not offer his future, then he would be sluggish and lethargic, lame and inactive for

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the whole day. Now, can you imagine with further prayer, and then

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earning the blessings of your parents how sacred how blessing this would be. And I stress upon the fact that he was the giant in Hadith, he wasn't lacking anything. He had all the blessings of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam with him, he was the closest In fact, often when he would narrate Hadith, people would say to him, How strange we seen the messenger sallallahu sallam, we don't have a recollection of this Howdy, how is it that you have it, and you would say, my good friend, you would know better, that after the morning discourse, you would return to your business and return to your field. But I would take what the prophet sallallahu wasallam and it was in those hours where

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you were absent, I remained present when I acquired this knowledge. So notwithstanding the fact that he had so much knowledge, yet he felt the need and it was his duty to earn the blessings of his mom. Today, we spend much of our time and efforts expressing our feelings of appreciation to our friends or partners, which person is good acknowledgement, appreciation this is, this is a golden principle, to secure and procure the good of someone and increase it. If you learn to mutually acknowledge. If you look at the books of Hadith, you will be astounded to discover there are dedicated chapters where the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam, only confers or speaks in in those books or in the

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chapters of Hadith about the lavish praises and acknowledgement that he made of his spouses. So he said my eyes like this, my Khadija is like this, my Sophia is like this, my Julia, and it's so rich, that it actually formed a compilation of Helene bubbleman after the Ico bubble monotony, meaning just just lavish praises. So it's vital, it's integral, it's pivotal, it's of paramount importance, that we mutually acknowledge and compliment one another. However, we should not be falling short of expressing gratitude to the being who was the apparent source of our arrival in this world.

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And I say this in gratitude to Allah, she always said this to be repeatedly impressed upon me the following Oh, my son, there are many people in this world who do not have children, either because they are unmarried, or perhaps the union does not enjoy any offspring. However, every human has parents, either alive or late. Hence, the topic of servitude to one's parents is applicable to all whoever is on this earth, his parents, and his belief is the duty to parents does not see his post, the demise late continues beyond the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he said, one act of kindness to your late father, and I want to make a two hour for my good friend, brother Rios, who's originally

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from South Africa and easier from Bolton to participate in our program and today his dad had passed away. So I asked you also to pray for him. May Allah give him a lofty abode in paradise in sha Allah, the prophet of Allah said one of the greatest act of kindness to your dad, his post his demise, to befriend those with whom your dad was close, Abdullah Omar, the olana was riding on his conveyance, and he met an associate of his father. So he called him and he said, Are you so and so? He said, Yes. He then dismounted from his convenience, gave him what he was wearing in additional clothing. And then he offered him that convenience as a gift. And he said, This camel is a gift to

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you. So someone said to him, he said, You know, this is a villager. He's a bad one. You know, something small would appease him and wood supplies. Why did you go the extra mile and give him your convenience. He said in about a week and a wooden Dr. Maria Lohan who his late father was very close to my father, and my duty to my late father is to be friend and and maintain and sustain the relationships that he had with Subhana Allah, would we take that time and pride intelligence, to to connect, to be in touch to visit to share a gift with those people? When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam lost his wife or the Dalai Lama and then whenever he would receive a gift, he would become

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emotional. And then he would say, I'm thinking of my wife, or the alarm on her, and then he would take that gift and pass it on often. To the Friends of hers or the loved one I would pass it on to the relatives. The associates are Khadija Leah LaWanda. And one day our mother our Sharia law, Mohammed, Allah be pleased with them both. She said, Oh prophet of Allah, you keep on reminiscing, and you keep on cherishing and you keep on reflecting over these memories. Is it not time to move on? And he said, I cannot possibly forget the good memories of Khadija the loved one has to be if kefalonia nurse was cottony if the bunny and nurse was certainly be mad at her in harmony and nurse,

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she believed in me when the world doubted me. She supported me when others were reluctant to support me, and she trusted me when others had doubt in me for that I am obligated to her forever. So Pamela, these are the rich teachings of the prophets, Allah

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however, every human either alive or late

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hence the topic of Soviet servitude to one's parents is applicable to all. Furthermore, our duties towards parents do not see that the demise but rather continue beyond reverting to the dialogue of the alarm on who and his mom. She would reciprocate these sentiments by saying what Jessica Lange romney hire an attorney Kabira And may Allah be pleased with you, oh, my son, Abu hurayrah. Can you imagine the honor of being the mother of a

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gay you know, you just become green with envy to imagine your son features in media. He takes an award he has some accolades. He has

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some you know what event and you feel honored and elated and ecstatic. And the mother Imagine you are the mother of Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, that when I age you also diligently served me, Amanda hubiera toolani beautifully summarizes the gratitude that mothers deserve in the following couplets in his Kitab al Kabir. So he says the Omega hakuin Loma Linda Kathy row, Kathy Roca de se row, you owe your mother in abundance, If only you knew. However, your abundance of serving is not all that difficult. It's just what I want to do is just what I want to do. We take our time, we discipline ourselves, we bring in our life, so many other things despite our commitment, we want to follow

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sports, we're passionate about it. We want to know the latest bulletin, we create we slot we engage, and we do what we want to do. It's a matter of disciplining our life. It's a matter of creating a timetable in our life, and we need to strike the fine balance. Having said that we owe this to our mom, I am not for a moment suggesting that we do not appreciate the rights and the kindness we owe to our spouses and our children. But Islam is all about striking the fine balance Islam is all about striking the fine balance for come late in birth visit Lika Tasha k la min Java and Neptune was the Pharaoh. How many nights did she not spend carrying your weight in her womb? She suffered pain,

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difficulty and discomfort. The Quran says is very amazing. harmala 201 and

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his mum carried him pain upon pain, weakness upon weakness, difficulty upon difficulty. Every pregnancy sets a woman five years back if not more medically, as they would say what will work very low.

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Cotton farming was awesome mean helpful to you? If only you knew of the difficulty that was upon her while delivering you, you would have seen her heart pulsating with agony. And with all that she went through with all that she went through. The Quran speaks about the birth of Mary. She was a mother from amongst mothers and she was given birth to Maria to say it and it certainly is Salatu was Salam.

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ala Mahal, and every woman can identify that labor pain broth beneath the trunk of a date bomb for mahato Isla de la Cala de la Tony MiG tau Kabbalah. Kabbalah has awoken to nesea men sia and she had this fear of the accusation of people regarding this child that was born for neither the HA Allah de Zani. But the general or boo kita, the Caesarea Yup. And then a caller called out to her and it was told to her Do not panic. Your birth is being overseen by your law. Your birth has been overseen by Allah. And there is a spring of water that is gushing drink from it was the la cabeza inocula and shake the date bomb that is above you to serve the party girotto ben geneia and fresh dates will

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fall from there. I'm just reminded of something that I read in the Tafseer while discussing this, that while Allah provided for her dates, and from this, we learned that that's the most wholesome provision. That's the most wholesome provision for a woman in childbirth and by and large. We know the hadith of amber in Muslim Sharif. We have our VEDA in the Java hora de alano was the leader of this campaign. And he said when we went out in this campaign, we were 300 odd in number and what was the provisions we took the word nutjob aminta Marine we took a bag of dates. And that was it. For Ghana, Abu Zubaydah, your Athena Tamara and tomorrow he would give us one date a day. Now moussaka,

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Maja Mousavi, we would suck on this date like a child would suck on a date. So while Allah provided the dates, which is the most wholesome provision for Maria in her birth, a lot dole has shaped the branch the scholars say that this is the system of Allah that although he provides for you in this world, but the system of Allah is that you got to flex your hand. In English they say the almighty provides you with the nuts but it doesn't crack it for you.

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The Almighty gives you the nut but it doesn't crack it for you. So that is the system that Allah has adopted for us in this world and Allah

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Welcome to Uncle meanie Hama hydro Illallah de casa de oro. She continuously washed away impurities from you with her Bay right hand and left was always a bit for you. She was never uncomfortable she was never uneasy. She was easy she embraced you. With the D come in matters techie hippie naziha woman de hacer una de Caen Emiru she sacrificed herself for your pain, your nourishing drink Gosforth from her chest. Now again we learn and these are the details of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that a mother must take pride and passion in nursing and Sakhalin her child when Allah speaks of the Yama not appreciate this, and Allah speaks of the civility and the supreme ahora and

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Allah says how each person will flee in his own direction y'all may have thoroughly man woman as the man will flee from his brother won't mean he will be from his parents and his siblings. At that time when describing Fiamma. Allah says, yo mactan the hydrocal no more BRT nama back when a nursing mother will abandon her nursing child.

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And the reason for this, the scholars say that that's the strongest bond between two humans that exists on this earth is between a mother and her nursing child, but the intensity and the gravity and the severity and the supreme hora would be such that it would consume everyone in its embrace, it would not even spay a nursing mother and her nursing child. But suffice to say from this profound description of the parent about this bond, this mother with this relationship, and really today, we need to cherish this motherhood, we need to cherish it, you can express the milk and transmitted to the child, but the bonding that is happening with that child that is only in that period, and we

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need to take pride in this year. Welcome Martin, Jr. We're at Kakuta Hannon, and we're on the road. How many times did she remain hungry given you her own food with love and gentleness while you were an infant? You know, there is a narration where a woman came back in with her two daughters to her a Chateau de la Mancha. And Alanna gave her three pieces three days, the mom gave one to one child she gave one to the other child. And she was about to eat the third day, when the children looked at the mom with the eye of envy. Like I need the second one. I need that second one. And I mean, I say this as a father and whoever the father is like, go bother your mom move from me. I'm done. You know

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what, oh, if I'm a bit of a grandfather, I'll take 10 pound or five pound whatever and say go buy something. But this is mine, some eating, but a motherly sentiment was activated. And mothers. It's amazing. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let me complete this hadith and help us move on to the next one. So I shall the Atlanta says I observed and I was so moved to tears. The mother resisted her own desire. She split the date in half she gave half to this child half to that child. She did it and she moved on. When the Prophet of Allah return is or the Elena said Oprah facilities and we had a strange practice today. A woman came with her two kids. I gave her three dates. She

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gave it to each one respectively. She was about to eat the third one. The kids looked with envy, the mother was moved with kindness and affection. And she's split that data in half and she gave half to this child and half to that child.

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With alekan Jana, Allah has confirmed her entry into gender because of this act of kindness.

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And really my mothers and sisters If only you appreciate what Allah has given you, what a great opportunity