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Hear? Why are you here on the earth?

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nowhere else to go? No.

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Why are you here on earth? How did you get here?

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Better asked my mom and dad about

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what we're trying to find out.

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What is your purpose for being here? Oh, yeah, well, another five years, I'll get my Social Security.

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Not that.

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How did you get here?

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What is your purpose of life?

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You'd be surprised how many people never really thought about it. Or if they did, they just kind of shrugged it off and leave it because they didn't know.

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Then some of the wise guys like I was playing games, just now they'll do something like that. The purpose is to get drunk,

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or to get high,

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or to chase after the gurus

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or things that we don't even want to talk about. But they think that's their purpose.

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Then there are those who don't know.

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There are some that don't believe in God at all. Not even a little bit.

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They don't want to believe

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you and sad about that.

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In the exact same countries and places on this earth

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where atheism is prevalent, where you find people who don't believe in God, are the exact same places Exactly. Where they have the highest suicide rate.

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How many of you that

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anybody ever been to Sweden?

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When I went to Sweden, the first thing they told me when I got there, this is on a tour, right? And they're very proud of their country. They said, you know, our country is made up of small islands connected by bridges.

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And another thing about our country that's really neat is that we have this social system that if you don't have a job, you still make the same kind of money. And they said, We were the last ones to accept Christianity, and the first ones to leave it.

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That's what they said.

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And I was thinking, you know what, I don't promote Christianity anymore. I don't want a Muslim. But at the same time, I didn't want to hear that. I really didn't.

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Because if somebody is not going to be a Muslim, at least be a Christian. That's the closest address. So the last thing, the closest to us that you will find are those who stand and cry cola in the night. And they say they are what?

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Well, we were there in Sweden.

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We were standing on a bridge. I was taking some pictures for our television show.

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And the brother was with me. He said, by the way, Chad, do you know what this bridge is famous for? I said, I have no idea. He said people jumping off and killing themselves.

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I said what?

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Let me see. If I look over the edge and look down.

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I said there's a road down there. It's not a water. There's

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a bridge over a highway. He said you have to, you know falling if that doesn't kill you. A truck will.

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I'm not joking. That's what he said. We were in Stockholm. I get no, Malmo that was in Malmo, it's not a it's not really funny. I'm trying to make something easy to talk about.

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Death is not something pleasant for a lot of folks, you know,

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especially when somebody takes their own life.

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So I want to know why. Why would somebody do that? I mean, maybe I can understand if somebody is in a tremendous amount of pain, they just got run over by a truck, their legs are all crumbled up and they're feeling a lot of pain. They want to end it maybe even then.

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But how about a young man or a young woman?

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Maybe 1821 24, five, something like this. Their whole life in front of them. They've got eyes that they can see their blind people would love to be able to see and they can see. They got ears to hear their deaf people would love to be able to hear.

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They can walk they've got legs. They've got a good mind. Why would a person like that kill themselves

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and it came to me

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They're in the places where they have the least faith

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in the wall, they have the most suicides.

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So I began to talk to the people there and Sweden in the economist said, You know what, you got a lot of good things in your country, no doubt about it. But one thing you guys need, you need to believe in something

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and stop giving yourself.

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You know, I don't want to stay in that too long, because that's not really our job. But I'm talking about a purpose of life. But you see, it looks like that those people who did that

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is because they gave up

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the things that they wanted most in life.

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Like, maybe they're in love with somebody, maybe they have a job that they like, maybe they have some education they're working on. I recall, in one university, they had a big clock tower. They shut it down. Because I want to go out there and look around, they said, it's not permitted anymore. I said, Why? They said, because after the report cards come out, many of the students would crawl up to the clock tower and jump out and kill themselves.

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Because they had failed and they didn't want to go back and show their parents their parents wasted the money.

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That's too much.

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In other words, when you don't see what you want in this life, you just ended your friendship.

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For a Muslim, or Christian for that matter, or June.

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We would never really imagine how somebody would want to kill themselves.

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Because those are the people that are never wouldn't get out of Hellfire

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ever killing yourself.

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What is our purpose to be here?

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From the Muslim perspective, we find the answer in the Koran. A lot tells us in the Quran, Walmart Calico Jin Hwan. Illa

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Allah said, I only created you guys,

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for one purpose, a bada bada law to worship Allah alone without any partners. That's your purpose. If you achieve that you're successful. If you blow it doesn't matter what else you do in your life you have failed

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to understand the first commandment that comes to Moses, in Exodus and in Deuteronomy

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is to understand this man.

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The quote from what exists in English Bible today says something like this on the Lord your God that brought you out of the land of Egypt, and the house the bondage

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and you know, no God beside me,

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Thou shalt not have any other gods beside me.

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Notice that it's in the negative first, Thou shall not have any other gods beside me. The next commandment is also in the negative Thou shalt not make onto a law, any graven image of anything, the creatures on the earth, swims in the sea beneath their flies in the sky above.

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In other words, don't worship anything but law. Thou shalt not take the Lord that God's name in vain. So you got three negatives before you get to a positive thou shalt

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Remember the Sabbath Saturday

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and keep it holy.

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Wow. What's the number one commandment in Islam?

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starts negative, does it start negative?

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Let's make it even

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worse. Let me tell you how to find out if you're not Arab. All you got to do is go to the house

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of Arabic family. And you're going to find out this word real fast. Yeah, this is the children are playing around breaking stuff and the mother is chasing right.

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Now you know.

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Hey, Aloha, there is no guide. Remember, ILA means God, La Ilaha. Illa. Except law, there is no God. There is no deity worthy to be worshipped. Illa Allah except for Allah makes sense.

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The purpose of life for the Muslim. Not only is it spelled out real clear in this statement,

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it's also spelled out how to do it.

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It's not just the law said, Go try to figure it out. No, it's all right. Everything is there for you.

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Islam also teaches us the purpose of life and how to get married. One of the things that prophets has taught us as soon as your children grow up, but now they're old enough to get married and get married.

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Oh, there's one we forgot about.

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Well, they need to get their ba. Okay. And then there's the master's degree in the Ph. D. They need their degrees. You know, how many of you in here have fallen for that one? Now, be honest. Come on, man.

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Yeah, I thought so.

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I'll put it this way. How many of you have been influenced one way or the other by that from somewhere in your family? Now? Raise your hand. Yeah, there we go.

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stuff you want to get married parents should know to get another degree.

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How many of you would like to know the secret on how to get real degrees? The easy way? Real degrees? Easy. We'd like to know how I'm going to reveal it to you now. Ready? Go to the local pharmacy and buy a thermometer. It's loaded with degrees.

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Prophet sallallaahu. Selim, our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He wanted us to get the kiddos married right away. You looked at does that helps a lot. It helps a lot. You don't have that problem anymore. Of these guys standing on the street corner, you know, 20 years old, still not married still got all these years ago. He's standing there and he's gone.

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Now you're probably ready a lot one who told us about not making a mistake? I believe that he told us that Muslims are allowed one look, you can get one look, because you need to know you can just walk in and bump into people. So you can look up. Okay, that's a woman over there. Because a lot told us in Quran kill the bleeding men lower their gaze and guard their private parts. So one day we're standing there, right? The symbol of wisdom. And all of a sudden one of the brothers he's gone.

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What are you doing? He said, Don't bother me. I didn't blink here.

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One look.

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There, you can get married.

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Come on. That's what Islam is about. It's not just saying wow, that's a song. No, that's what it means that what you're supposed to do that your purpose.

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say, Well, my kids will never get rich and be able to give me that big house that I need. Oh,

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that the one that you're buying on credit with a Riba attached to it that you got affected before. Okay. Whoops.

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Works. Yeah, right.

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The more you break the commandments of a law, the more you're not really serving your purpose anymore. I'm gonna ask you a question. You know what that is?

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The ballpoint pen.

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Somebody comes up to you, you got a pen. He says gambar your pen happens all the time. Right? So I'm gonna borrow your pen. Yeah. Okay.

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And you stand there and you wait, why do you wait, I want my pin back.

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Why does my pen I need this nice pen writes real nice. Got a good grip on it. Good pen.

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But what happens the minute that you try to write with that pen, and no ink is coming out anymore.

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And of story, you're done. Right? Because it no longer serves its purpose, right?

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Now remember, Allah doesn't even need you as much as you need that pin. How about if you don't perform your duty? What if you don't serve your purpose? Allah have no problem dealing with you.

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So it's very imperative. I'm talking to the Muslims. It's imperative that once a law is guided you to Islam and you understand what it means. Don't turn your back on it and don't play the yes but game

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I'm going to wrap it up by this segment that we're doing right now to talk to you about the purpose of life from a different aspect. Probably you never heard any other shift of Islam or anybody mom or Mufti or whatever you have. You probably never heard him say something like this. But keep in mind, I'm just from Texas.

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So somebody's brand new to Islam, and I've been there. Some of you have been there, too. You know, I'm talking about somebody brand new to Islam. You're all excited. You're reading the books about Islam, we do this, we do that five pillars of actions and six beliefs that we do. And oh my god, I'm so excited. And we have this on and it's wow, you know, you're really into it. Then you meet a Muslim and you go, you're Muslim.

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Or even somebody will come up to you and go, are you a Muslim? You go Yes. Salaam Alaikum.

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And you go, Oh, you mean you're a Muslim? You've been working here in our company with us. Right along with me. We never knew you were a Muslim. No clue. Wow. Well, I'm brand new. So you know, where do you pray Juma? I can go to the Juma thing with you.

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Oh, well, I'm a Muslim. But I don't pray Juma.

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Oh, well, you've been working here quite a long time. I never saw you pray anything. Yeah, well, I'm a Muslim, but I don't

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get calm and is yet to make we're doing everything and you get wet and you get stuck all over and sometimes you can't find any water. You got to use sand. I don't want sand all over my clothes. So I don't know.

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But what about Ramadan?

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Ramadan right about now?

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Yeah. So

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why are you drinking that Pepsi?

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Oh, Allah Muslim bird. I don't know.

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Yeah, maybe I'll get sick. You know, it's hot. This is

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this is no hard time.

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What about this card? How do we calculate the cigar? I don't really know where they're I never didn't pay it.

00:17:25--> 00:17:27

am a Muslim? But you know,

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what about how much did you make your hajat?

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No, brother, you know, it costs a lot of money to go for Hajj. And a lot of them want to make anything hard for me, you know? So on, you know, well, last year, you took off a whole month and flew to the United States. took your kids and your family to Disney World in Florida.

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What are you doing, make them tell walk around Epcot Center.

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You know,

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you know, might not get a visa or something like that, you know? Well, let me ask you another question. But in Islam, that you're supposed to let your beard grow in that way. There's a high need somebody told me. You have to let your beard grow. You're not supposed to cut it off in what it says.

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Brother, you know how it is. They might fire me or something. You know, I'm Muslim, but he can't expect me to, you know?

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And what about

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me Your wife is Muslim? Yeah. She don't wear hijab. Yeah, well, you know, that's back then. And today, you know, it's,

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you know, we're Muslim, but

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I got it. You're a Muslim. But

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let's just start.

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just needs some legs, a body, some arms ahead. And you can be a whole Muslim

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instead of just the Muslim boy.

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And basically, that's where a lot of us today are treating rd

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I hope

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and I'm praying

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that the words that were said here tonight will have a real impact on us so that we can have a more positive tomorrow.

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Because that's the reason I came all the way here to New Zealand.

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Because that purpose of life is something that came to me very late in my life, but humbled Allah gave it to me.

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I'm real thankful to Allah for the Muslim who took the time for three months to help me too.

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better understand this complete way

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of fulfilling my purpose and duty.

00:20:07--> 00:20:15

Very thankful to Allah. And I'm very thankful to that person for being patient with me. I'm hoping that some here

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all of you here

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will pick up this same concept and go out and share this message with these people here because I didn't find anybody on this planet that are any more deserving to know the truth about real Islam than these wonderful people right here. Am I right?

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But whose job is it to teach him?

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You're right here with me.

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Share that purpose.