Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 19

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AsSalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters and welcome to Torah with reminder day 19 Allah. Yesterday we're saying Ramadan is starting, we're starting the last thing night

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Good Time flies. And I have some good news for you today.

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It's narrated by the world your loved one collected by certain Muslim that Allah Subhana Allah, on the day of judgment

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will bring you and me and he would say you have an adult

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or child of Adam maletto Phelan told me I was sick and you never came to visit me?

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Who lapped the slave would say, Khalifa ko Antara una alameen Yamaha Kaka Did you get sick and I visit you? The last one that I would say muda Abdi for then? My slave so on So God sick? How am I limited? Don't you know? And NECA lower logit Ania. And that if you were to go and visit him, you will find me there.

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I just wanted to reflect on that. I can do it. And then we'll come back.

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Yep. Now Adam is the time to come along. tutor me. Oh, child of Adam. I've asked you for food. And you never give it to me.

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The slave would say,

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yeah, look, how could you ask for food, and you're the Master of the Universe. allowed to stop. I'm a caddy for my slave. So I asked you for food. And you never gave it to him.

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You happen to Adam? Is the state to give him just any old child of Adam. I asked you for water. And he never gave it to me.

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I can display would say You're a lucky Speaker I thought about I mean, how could I offer you water and you're the Master of the Universe?

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And then last, but I would say my slave swan. So I asked you for water and never gave it?

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What do we learn from this heavy?

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Alaska paradise talking about the world of things that we might do in this world.

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It's apparently law keeps giving us operating opportunities. But we don't take advantage of them.

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For example, visiting a sick person who was the last time we did this? Do you know how much reward you make? The process of them said if you go and visit someone

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in the evening, Allah Subhana Allah assigns 70,000 angels who will make the app for you until the morning? Yeah.

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Imagine you're walking and the interact around you 70,000 angels, can you can you close your eyes and just picture that in your mind?

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Ah, I'm nobody walking and 70,000 angels are surrounding me doing nothing except for me.

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What a huge reward for just visiting someone.

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And if you were to go and visit somebody in the morning, a lot of signs you 70,000 angels that will make up for you until the evening.

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I can get 140,000 angels on a daily basis by doing two visits to sick people.

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In over a bottle of yellow I'm in the process, finished a lot of federal he turned around he said Namaste polyoma saw a man who's fasting this morning. It was not Ramadan,

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but raised his hand.

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And then he said

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who gave Soraka today

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the person just very fragile.

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Who can do this before

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Obama raised his hand. They knew the real world. So they were so keen not to let a day go by without investing with a loss of honey

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in the pot Salaam asks, who attended the funeral today? I'm assuming he knows that he's gonna raise his hand again.

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And again, I'm like, What? When did you do that?

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And the purpose that I'm asking the fourth question, man had a real Memorial

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who visit a sick person today. And again, the best man in this room after all the profits.

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The man number one, he didn't get that status. Luckily, as we say lucky a robot No.

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These are the actions and IPS before federal

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workplaces and for the fourth time

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visiting a sick person giving sadaqa attending a funeral, trusting voluntarily for the sake of Allah for actions before he started

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the problem said Mr. Martin, if you have done it

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if you were to combine these four acts, last pattern, I will take you to dinner brothers and sisters. What's the ultimate goal of every Muslim was the ultimate goal of every Muslim in Ramadan as permanent not to be saved in welfare? And if you are, then you're going to turn it this way. The porcelain told us never ever today go by except to ask Allah every morning and every evening. I love Romania as a local Jana Aloma journeymen Amalia, Allah asked you to take me to Jenna. Yeah, Allah save me from hellfire.

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So we need to know

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these little actions. Look at the huge reward.

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So imagine, if Allah subhanaw taala brings you in today, gentlemen, he would say I got sick.

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And he never visited me. Look what Allah said in response to that when we say Yama, how could you get sick? And how can I come and visit you alone? Say, mmm, I didn't turn up different. Didn't you know that my slaves are on so we're sick? Oh, man.

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The difference between the two other actions? And this one, Allah says, if you were to go and visit him, you will find me there.

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Does it mean like physically Allah will be there as some people say no law saying you will find the reward for that. I will see you when you go there. I will reward you for that.

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And then how many people sometimes ask us for food and ask us for money or ask us for this. This will allow us to have some sort of Doha for Melia tmfs takahara. As for the orphan, don't overpower him. What does it mean? Sometimes we just like okay, this is the translation. No,

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they are team the orphan could be a millionaire, his parents would have left him billions. But the money is nothing to him when he's a child. He needs care.

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He needs somebody to take care of him. Imagine the person was approached by as a hobby as a prophet of Allah. I feel harsh at heart. I don't have those tears when I pray. I read the Quran. It doesn't affect me. Tell me something, something to soften my heart is to do two things.

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Would you like to know them? We still have time.

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I'm not going to keep hanging. It should go and find an orphan and just wipe over his hair.

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Can you imagine when I asked you to go and wipe over the hair of someone

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that means a lot to the orphan.

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Because the most difficult situation of a child when he doesn't have his parents around.

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He could have millions, but nobody took care of him.

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And then the person said, Go also and find a needy person and feed him that will suffer your

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brothers and sisters. If we know how to give well. Life's very rewarding.

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When you give someone and you remove their tears, one of the most beloved acts of worship in the sight of Allah.

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Allah called me Muslim is to bring happiness to the heart of a Muslim

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There are so many people around us in the world, orphans, needy.

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It's time in this month. The person who is the most generous amongst all human beings, specially in Ramadan.

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Imagine that you have a Masjid. It's opening your programs and taking care of your children teaching them the Quran.

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How could this measure survive without your help and support?

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And some people would say I don't have much I got laid off. But he gets some help. And Allah told us about

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what's taco taco is the fruit of Ramadan. Why are you fasting La La Jolla Taku. The quality in the first quality in number 134. And so number three, Allah says,

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Allah Dena you. En F is some rah rah they are those who spend in thick and thin meaning at times of ease.

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terms of difficult and in fact, when you give a time of difficulty, it shows a man. You know why the person said a sadaqat Oberon

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saga is Abraham Bernhardt is not your cousin, no berhad here means it's an evidence. It's a proof that you trust Allah even though you don't have that much but Allah will give you when you give, Allah will give you more May Allah subhana wa Taala make us amongst those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it. Before we go into Allah, I would like to remind you of something Charla this reminder is going to be shifted starting tomorrow till the end of Ramadan from 1045 to 11 inshallah, so tomorrow, tune in at 11 not at 1045 in sha Allah and I will see you tomorrow if you are still alive. Two charities, one for your mercy, one for me.