August 4, 2023

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of fear and grief as a way of feeling and how it can be voluntary. They explain that fear is caused by a desire to go for psychology, but not by a desire to avoid it. The speaker uses the analogy of " Gr bills on" to explain that fear is caused by a desire to feel productive and productive amidst it, rather than just a desire to avoid it.
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How do we reconcile the explicit prohibition of fear and grief to a mother who's putting her baby in the basket? Subhan Allah and when I read these will return allah how Allah inspired them with the understanding of the Quran and he writes, that whole fear and alarm grieve is rare if tre it is non voluntary, for Doosan by inception, but it is voluntary Bucha and by continuation process this, listen to this, understand this wala disease, you want to go for psychology. You want to go to a therapist, you want to go for a session. Well, I'm giving you a free session today. Yes, I know you have your grief and your anxiety and your pain and your anguish, etc. Listen to this year. This is

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an answer to it. There's something that's bothering you hounding you overwhelming you concerning new cloud in New Years the answer, fear and grief the mother of Maasai saint, don't fear don't grieve, fear and grieve is involuntary by inception. You don't choose it. But it is voluntary by continuation. So fear can grip you, but you can dispel that you can be on top of it, or you can allow that to be on top of you. Grief is the same thing. You can allow it to swallow you completely and you're drowning in your sorrow, or you can rise above and be functional. And you know what, be productive amidst that grief. And that is precisely the interpretation of the prohibition. So it

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doesn't mean the natural fear and grief. Rather it means that don't allow this fear and your grief to overwhelm you to consume you