Sujood, a humbling experience

Abu Bakr Zoud


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And one law he my brothers and sisters in Islam, nothing, nothing teaches you humility more than a sister, the one that doesn't make search that is arrogant, the one that makes a search and lives the meaning of a search that would always be humble in his life towards Allah and towards the creation of a Mars solution. When you make a search to your your forehead and your news is coming in contact with the earth, and it was narrated that also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he made searched on many things. And one of the things he made searched on was mud mud. He made the search the odd mud. So you can imagine when he rose from his search that there was mud, soil and water, dirt that

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was stuck to his forehead and his nose. And this if anything, it reminds you of your origin and your beginning. Every single day we're falling into search, then every rocker has to suit in it, so that we remember our origin. What we were made of what we will go back to what our brothers and sisters around us are made of the most humbling worship you will ever ever learn in your life and experience in your life is essential. And you will learn so much of it. If you're always conscious of this meaning whenever you fall into suit Spamalot,