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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the deed and its knowledge of Allah. They also mention a doctor's advice on driving slowly and carefully as accidents happen. The speaker emphasizes the need for precautions to prevent future accidents and the importance of not using words like "slower on it" when talking about the deed.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. One of the more delicate, intricate and sensitive articles of faith is that of that deed and destiny. In a nutshell, the scholars tell us that the deed is the knowledge of Allah. Allah knows it prior to its occurrence and he has recorded it in the lower my food, as Allah says in 2017 jos in Delhi gala La Jolla. See it is easy for Allah to pre recorded because Allah knows everything like a lotta so lm fit con una de fora hobbema calm so that you do not over lament your losses, nor do you become boastful on your accomplishments. The scholars tell us to prove that as humans we have choice is

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that when we abuse the choice, we are regretful, so you cannot argue that because it was pre recorded, you were denied the choice, a lot pre recorded what you were going to do, a doctor comes in, he assesses the patient, and he says this man has 30 minutes to live. And subsequently he dies in 30 minutes. Nobody says that he died because the doctor wrote it, then we would have told him that Why did you give him 30 minutes give him three days of grace, we can call the family. The doctor only advised us in advance of something that was going to happen. So Allah has pre recorded something we were going to do. A person asked earlier the Allahu simplified taqdeer he said 30

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Muslim on lattice loco, it's a dark road don't walk on it. He asked again. I said Baron amico natalija It's a deep ocean don't dive into it. He asked again said Nadira, Ilana said Cyril law he bought a coffee I think the secret of Allah don't probe the mysteries of Allah. Now the balance between the two is we've been tasked to adopt measures and means, however, we are not responsible to control the outcome of the means. So as believers we are told drive slowly Drive carefully as the Arabic poet said, the hub for the nfca Oh, my son, I'm afraid that harm must not fall on you. We're in the highlighter elemental motiva Angelou, but I also know that my precaution cannot ever destiny,

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it would be wrong to abandon the means. And it would be equally wrong to adopt the means and rely on the means. The balance between the two is the adoption of the means and the precaution but reliance on Allah because Allah is responsible for the outcome, all precautions can be taken, but the intended result is not guaranteed. And yeah, I leave you with a very profound Hadith whenever the Hadith of the prophets Allah Islam is profound. He said, either Rebecca you own when you overpowered you took the precaution. You got up early, you you know left for work early. You You know we're not negligent or reckless or careless and you wanted to arrive in time or you have a flight, but you got

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onto the motorway and lo and behold, there was an accident. So you did everything within your means. Now do not say that lo fi to Canada, if only I went on a different lane or I booked my flight on a different day or I would go with a lift club or I opted for something else, then I could have averted being on this road when this accident happened. But rather than say de la what Allah has decreed has occurred. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said no, after something unpleasant has occurred. Do not use the word if if I did this if I knew if only if someone advised me if someone alerted me I would have not married this person. I would have not taken up employment law

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taco low because once you use the word if for in a low armella shape and you open the doors for the devil to infiltrate and indoctrinate, in essence, take the precautions but rely on Allah I hope that gives you some perspective to the article of faith and type of deal. I mean your body

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