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The transcript describes a group of people discussing various topics, including a story about a tree that died, a drink called watermelon, struggles with eating, and a successful job. They also discuss personal experiences and the importance of staying in a certain situation to avoid unnecessary pain and frustration. The segment emphasizes the need to remember who God is and the meaning of God in one's life, as well as the importance of staying true to Islam and not forgetting family and money. The transcript also touches on the difficulties of life after death and the importance of staying alive and not letting money or power or family influence into one's life.

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On a low tyla what they bloom method, Raj julaine. Allah says tell the people that example of the two men two men, what's their story? Not to say to him. JOHN, hiding EMA Allah said and I want you to pay attention to seven Part Seven. Allah says one of the two men I gave him the following what did you give me a lump? genitalium in our NAB, we gave one of these two men go to gardens, massive farms. Huge and unless it's not grapes are in them and that was a very highly perishable item. So they have grapes and they have apples and they have that which is lower grapes is a very luxurious things I like puts that as an example. genetti Neiman Ana, but what else? What half now who may be

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nothing. Allah said I made the fence, not wooden lavish membership. What if now who might be nothing we made the surrounding of it. Palm trees, Allahu Akbar. That's the that's the fence right palm trees tomorrow. Alright, that's number two. What's been the houmas opera between the garden and the palm tree? There are more plants more crops. Allahu Akbar. Number four, kill telogen detainee at kukula ha Allah says every single tree, every single one gave out fruits. Every single tree. Every branch that has fruit gave up fruits. Allahu Akbar, you know in my house. I have a tree that died. May Allah protect us and I have another tree that's not dead. This does not happen with this man.

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The tree continuously gives Fruits Fruits, beautiful. Okay, brother. That's the quantity

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and the quantity has been added for careful joda. How is the quality? I'm with you? Number five. While I'm totally mean Masha. Allah says not a single fruit that comes from the trees is bad. Are you with me?

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A tree full of apples. Not a single one is bad. No one is like oh this apple is soft that no no. Every Apple is perfection in it while I'm in the minutiae brothers and sisters. Until this day with the technology that you and I have. When we buy a watermelon study about this. You buy the watermelon? You like this Mila How is the watermelon? And Charlemagne and filter? How do we hope that we're not embarrassed in front of the guests? Y'all love the smell that you cut the watermelon? The whole 100 lead sweet, right? Allah says this man, any fruit you cut, it is amazing. It's sweet. You will never it will never let you down. When I'm totally minutiae, brother. quality and quantity.

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Massive, huge gardens. This requires a lot of water right that dejima how many sprinkler heads does he have? How many zones how much water? What's the water bill? Like? What's uh, Joe? naskila Allahumma hora Allah says and I created the rivers river that goes through the two gardens a lot. Yeah, and it getting water has never been easier and readily available natural water from a lot Creek, that river. So just dig a little bit of trenches here and there and the water goes through no need for a water bill. So kind of law that that six, what's the seventh? What can Allah who Tamar and Allah says and he had other blessings, gold, silk, silver, you name it. But this man when he got

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all of these blessings, he worked very hard to maintain it. Now the question here is, how will this brother Okay, who was very rich? Some of you are many of you if not all of you are perhaps tested more through blessings, yes or no? you agree with me? Do you agree brother sister who's watching Do you think a lot of tests you more through blessings or hardships? What do you think? Miss Miller? Honestly, I think let me let me let's put this to the test. Let me ask you a question.

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Count the number of days. You were in so much pain. For how hungry you were. You're so hungry. You're in so much pain. Ah Bucky. JOHN, come your mother and he had an lm how many days you had that pain? How many days out of the whole year? Come on. Okay. Yeah, Scenario number two, count the number of days. You were in so much pain for how much you ate. Huh? Come on at a length min. Throttle akkad Ah, I ate so much. I wish I never ate this much. How many days do we are saddened by how much food we consumed. You're struggling

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My struggle is to go for seconds or not so panela to finish the cheesecake or not that's your struggle. You're up beside neither cheesecake is zero Allah give me self control. How the other fitness tech sir How about your fitness up to finish the cake or not so sale hamdulillah this man was super rich. How did he pass the test? Did he think Allah subhana wa Taala did he use that near met that blessing in a way that makes a lot happy? Let's see.

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For all that he saw he beat me well Who are you? How are we Robo Accel roaming, man what is zona fara? Anna? So this rich man had a companion he told his friend You know what? I?

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What? What's up? What about you? And it's my like, what's wrong with you? I What? Anna acromion command and as you know, for I have far more power and money than you. They had a discussion. And this guy wants to make it clear. I understand more than you. I know about money more than you I have more money than you I got more power. So he's flexing. He's showing off throughout the whole ayat with Allah say, Allah says we created the water. A lot of we made the palm trees a lot says we did this we did that. Then the guy says, says Anna. I know how I Who are you? Let's continue. So this man continued bragging or flexing if you wish to say May Allah protect us. While the hollow janitor

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who avani Mana emmalin FC, he entered into the Jenna while he's wronging himself Brother What do you mean he is wronging him so usually a violent enough say when you have a thinking process that the blessings you have the the TV you're watching the mouse I have the health setec when you think had them enjoyed aqueles I mean a lot when you think you are the source. Then you are wronging yourself. When you forget it is a law Who gave it to you then you have wrong yourself. Let me share with you something of the show to share the last show with inshallah we went to a store maybe my perhaps my daughter is watching Allah bless our families about a Columbia our income. I mean, I went and my

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daughter she wanted scallops. Okay, some seafood stuff from May Allah protect us expensive stuff lovers. When she said I want scallops. So I said okay, how they will get scallops. So then we went to a store and we went to buy the scallops. It's a bag this big. But $26 so then I told my daughter Listen,

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Baba did half the work. I got you that I went to the store. I paid for the scallops. I got the bag, Mama and shot a lot. We'll do the other half which is what you know, what's the other half the cooking?

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So my daughter she says may Allah put butter can all of them. You said Baba No, you did not do the work. It's from a loss of Hannah with Allah. La. She's like no, that half is from a wasp palo tan. Like well, la You're right. That have is from Allah subhanaw taala we are nothing negotiate. We just take the S bap we take the means when a Hello Ella. quwata illa Allah Allah is the most powerful, right? She's smart. Maybe she can ask for more scallops later and other stuff, right? But the point being I did that I'm not saying I was showing up LA. But it did slipped my mind for a second it was a great reminder. No, that first half is by the power of Allah. And the other half is also by the

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power of Allah. And me and my wife are just means as bad. We're not the source. Allah is the source. So well who will definitely find him the Nazis oppressing himself. He's thinking he is the source. I worked way too hard to maintain these gardens. What the Hello janitor who won the Moline FC on Emma oven and Debbie the happiny other the he says, Look at these gardens. I don't ever think I will lose money in this. There's no way I will ever be broke. Mister. Hey, fellas. No way I have all this money. Do some of you say that? Do we sometimes say that? If the economy crashes no problem I go sell my house get 100 k 200 it's no problem. Yeah, don't be like this man. Don't feel guaranteed by

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man I got money on and the savings no even the savings can go away. Is my other no Entebbe the had he ever my gardens will forever last. He says it never crosses my mind that I will ever lose all of that.

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Brothers and sisters. we seen in the financial crises how billion dollar companies they crash within a matter of days.

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or months May Allah protect us. So this man's head became so big. He failed the test of wealth. To the extent that he said ready is my mother fine. Is that the company increased in arrogance, he says one over No, sir at all, Emma, and you know what he's telling his friend. His friend is a Mormon is a believer. He's telling his companion You know what, this whole yom Okayama Day of Judgment. Hey, sab, accountability, kind of fathering nonsense. People just use it to scare others. Oh, Yama, Yama. There's jahannam. So just to scare them. You know, to some moral perspective. I'm an alumna, Santa Padma to Mr. Hazzard, then he became sarcastic. sarcastic, whether it ruins it to lrB. If If Yeah,

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and if Low, low low, there is the day of judgment, then God will take care of me God will hook me up even more energy then higher on minimum caliber with me the button if it dunya has a particular effort. zyada step is the result mockery. disrespecting Allah subhana wa Tada. No. Now, you might be asking this believer, the brother who is hearing this, what is he doing? Is he quiet? accent? Good question. When you see someone making fun of the dean right in front of you, you have a couple of options. Either you advise that person you stop that evil from happening within your capacity capability within the legal means that you have. Or at minimum you got to walk away. You're you're

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sitting there in the midst of people in your gathering, making fun of the Dean of the angels of the Hellfire of Jenna de Filatov Urdu mount had to hold off he had eaten it they do not sit with these people until they change the topic or give them advice or educate them. So this believer says, Call Allah husana Hey boo, who are you? How are we ro aka felt? So the believer says, Have you then end with this attitude? This believing in Allah? I can fault Are you being ungrateful to Allah? I can further be levy holla Kaka mentor up. Are you disbelieving in the one No, the believer is saying that to the arrogant person. Are you disbelieving in a lot who created you mean to rob? You says

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Anna Anna into me. Who are you? I know. And this and I did that you are Torah. You are made out of dust. Us and Adam alayhis salam your parents Adam is made out of dust. So many not for and then you came from mom and dad from that mixed fluid. So who do you think you are? No one can talk to you now colosse you're a big shot. Some so why calendula then you became the man who you are today. What's the matter with you? Don't forget where you came from. The believers reminding him that believer in the cliche lemmya can show you and mathcad as a human being and now you're flexing you're strong You think I did all of that that Allah protect us? Don't ever forget where he came from that lays yet

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you're battling the ln answer min min etana Don't forget now you're 15 years old. No one can talk to you. Come on, dad. Let's go pray. No, don't talk to me. You know how old I am Anna and Timmy. Do you remember who you are? Remember that biology textbook keytab biology textbook. Remember that chapter? That said how the baby is formed. You remember and you were embarrassed and you had like red cheeks and you were cringing? That's where we came from a fluid from mum and dad. So don't but I don't know flex so much on your parents and on Allah subhanho wa Taala first and foremost comfortable Have you gotten into rock tsunami not far from Misawa Corolla we spoke about the teenager Let's speak about

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the adult who's 50 years old or 60 we tell them I mean it doesn't change your way of life suddenly it's like your love for Haman old man was standard lots of shaver stay in stay I say you better a comfortability Halak? Is this how you are grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala aina shoukry NEMA anguish acronym. Then the man says, As for me, the believers has lacking any lacking enter that kin who will love or have been as for me, a lot is my Lord and Mina to the law. All thanks is due to Allah subhanaw taala what I have, I admit it's from Allah I am nothing lacking who Allah be what

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There should be a header and it's a line you meet analecta hate. May Allah make you an idi upon La ilaha illAllah he says As for me, I will never do * with the ship. He says I will never say that my efforts are the source No, I will always say the source is Allah and my efforts are the means. I will never put myself next to Allah and commit ship then that brother advises him on how to deal with the blessing honey, as I kept it to Amman, man NEMA. He says well no let is the Hunter genetec next time when you enter the Jenna your gardens the beautiful gorgeous high end multi million billion dollar lots that you have in farms. When that is the health agenda. Coulter Masha Allahu La

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quwata illa Allah say Masha Allah can say this is from Allah decree. And power is from Allah. So next time you go there don't see these gardens and all these things and say Noah had come in out of giovine this is from my own effort, not when you're impressed. I please I beg you brothers and sisters, please take this nasiha take this advice. May Allah grant you agenda. You have a nice car you bought you bought a nice car, a lot put but I can see I mean allama baddeck for everyone who got a new car, but when you drive that nice car, you get a carwash right? And you see it beautiful, and you're like man, I got my first car in my 20s or teens or 30s or whatever. Yeah, say Masha Allah wa

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la quwata this is from Allah. Have a cadet Allah Allah decreed this from me. Allah is the source of all of this. That's how we should be. You had a nice haircut Mashallah nice hair cutter, some highlights look at the mirror look Mashallah, that was a nice haircut. Yeah hamdulillah May Allah bless you. Make sure it doesn't go to the heart. You say Masha Allah with 11 law. You think Allah subhanho wa Taala he is not the source of how we look like of the money that we have when you get that nice paycheck Masha Allah La quwata illa Billah you got new furniture, you have new furniture and you see this beautiful place furniture Mashallah the colors everything you say my shot a lot of

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what 11 lakh and we say that insha Allah, Masha Allah Allah quwata illa Billah the believers that you see me as someone who has less money than you and a smaller family and little power than you in tyranny and upper lemon common law, so the believer tells them that yes into you see me that you are richer. Okay, you see me that I am here, and you are here. But you never know. That's what the believer is saying. You never know. So I saw a b i saw fast out of B and new t any higher and in genetic. You never know maybe a law will give me more than what he gave you. You just never know. Just like how he gave it to you. He can give it to me and much more. Not just that a loss of habitat

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can give me more than you while your seal alley has spanned in Minnesota. And a lot can even take everything away from you. A lot can send a punishment from the summer rain Thunder that can destroy everything for those that have signed then zelicah Allah can destroy everything that you have. Or Or there's another way Oh, you'll be Hi Matt Oh hello aura felon to stop the Allahu pada or the punishment will not come from the sky will come from the earth how swallow the river remember the river that gave all that water, our luck and take it all the way down? Phelan Stata Allahu Panetta. And no matter how deep you dig, you will never get the water as a result. Everything in the garden

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will die. So the man is showing that will he take the lesson? holiday applied? Is he gonna take the advice that arrogant show off? Is he let's see, the man who is arrogant insistent and no, I bet that this is forever. He didn't repent didn't make Toba none of that stuff he didn't buy it whatever my other than the sad karma no Day of Judgment. What do you mean sky? Earth swallowing the water? What are you talking about? brothers and sisters. And it was just a matter of time until a lot so pan what's happening Allah sent his punishment either Billa atta on to everything this rich man had what or he Bobby samedi that's it what what what do you mean that's it? What are he thought be fair marry

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two words. Allah says I we destroyed everything got destroyed. Everything got destroyed. The palm trees done. The Gen attain done.

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The fruits done the gold silk silver gone well hey Toby family a lot spent show many ayat will have now who may have been nothing we did the palm trees then we did the plants then we did the rivers then we did this we did that what kind along with some of all of that but then you will not be grateful what wait a minute God delete Ctrl A backspace control a delete it's done

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for us you kalibo Cafe here Allah and for coffee ha so this man came he looked at the garden destroyed well your hallway to Russia he said needed this

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Allah and photography I put so much time so much effort shadow money I put my life into these gentlemen attain these gardens it's gone. All of it is gone just like that. Just like that. We have Kuya Lee tenny I wish now you wish it's too late lunch is not too late. Well your food oh yeah late Tony lamb Oh Shrek beer up be hada then he says I wish I wish I saw the neon from Allah and not from me. I wish that when I saw the blessings I realized and I reminded myself Allah is the source not me. I wish I realized that I wish I said Masha Allah Allah or what a little bit Lana reminded myself. I wish I always knew all power is from Allah. And I am power in this. I wish I knew I am the

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poor Allah is the rich I am weak. Allah is the strong I wish I knew Allah is the all capable and I am incapable I wish I always remember that. Were who de la Tony mushnik there are the highest hada brothers and sisters a loss as well I'm tech lo fi at we young sorona woman doula this man he kept saying as una for all right, a chromatic was enough for the man said I got my network my connection. Allah says Where's your connection? And I lost it when the Lawson cut I have seen a Watson. What connections you have, I can call one number. I will call one guy will end you who's that one guy you will call that will end this Who? Allah says no one can stop me. Allah says if I want something to

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happen, none in the world can stop it from happening. One Academy passera no one helped him and he cannot even help himself who namikawa to the level Huck Li Allah and Allah. Allah saying that the true protection, true coverage, true guarantee is from a law alone who will hire and sell lava. Allah says I reward Indonesia. Yes, I reward Indonesia will hire on October and I will reward in Accra. So please remember alphabetically craniotomy. Allah bless you all. When you do, I'm on site. I have good deed. Don't say inshallah. We'll see it in Yama. Yama. Yes, of course. Of course. But also in dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught us when the

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believer does a good deed, Allah gives it to him in dunya. In addition, after a dunia will after all banner ad in a fit dunya continue only benefit for dunya has enter well Phil herati has entered what Canada but not so Allah says I give the best indian and the dunya and I give the best in the Oscar. So anytime brothers and sisters please remember this. Anytime you put the dunya over the dean remember what we're here for the family. If you are being told, come let's go pray as an example. Let's go pray. And you say I have a project mom I got a project to finish first. I will pray all of us Allah at the end of the day. Yeah, well you probably don't forget this. alumnae ruin that project

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Yes. Remember you know what brother I have work so inshallah I'll pray after another it but I'm gonna go back home. What are the summary? A lot destroys everything from that rich man. Don't forget. Someone may say Jazakallah

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ally bekijk that was a good talk. But you know what? I know someone who never prays. Never respects Allah. Matthew water heater be February. This man is still having his money. still having his influence still having his power. Where is the punishment of Allah? First of all, do not rush you never know what happens tomorrow. That's number one. The other thing lalla headmaster man humann Hello whittle. Amen. Ha the hater because I felt the modules were lacking Matthew Halawa demon. Perhaps the fact that this man is not enjoying the worst

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Allah does not have that peace of mind and tranquility is the punishment a lot caused that person, even though he might have the dunya but there's a lot of emptiness in the heart. May Allah protect us. I mean there have been alanine, Allah says to make it very clear, Allah says waldrip Lao methanol higher to dunya we're continuing with the caf. Allah says give them the example of the life in this dunya ready yo love us mill up. What is it your Allah Kamat in Enza now luminous cement that dunya it's like rain coming from the sky

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being you know about to sow the seeds and the plants mixed with the water so it became sustained. Okay, nice. There was nothing the rain came, the plant grew Mashallah Shukla. jameelah. beautiful plant, right for us behind Shimon rue huria then it died the way and the wind blew it off. or Bluetooth LE This is the dunya it's a matter of time you were a baby, huh? You want a baby? Then you became a man? A nice strong man or woman. Then you became an old man, Ana outcasts right on the stick that you're very thin, we go get buried. You see that? That's how dunya is weak point. Become a little bit strong for a short period of time. Then you're down. It's dead. You were just a baby.

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Remember when you were a baby? You saw the baby pictures of yours. willimantic sort of winter baby, huh? Remember, you were just a baby. And now you're about to go to college. You just got your first job and what happened? And now you are retiring. You are a child. Remember you're a child and now you are expecting a child. You were just alive. And you are about to die. All of us. Well can Allahu Allah Cooley Shay in Makkah, Tatiana. Allah says and I can do everything and anything. So are you who is worried and struggling in your day and having difficulty and you think nothing will be fixed? This is so difficult to call a lot because Allah says what kind of law could you say in that era?

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Then Allah makes it clear, ready for this beautiful I am ready. Bismillah Allah says next and mad will be known as Xena to hayati. Dunya. Allah says the money and the children are the adornment, the beautification of this worldly life. It's the zenith had to dunya right? Some people like yeah, bro, they're evil not be not what's that the dunya La La says Xena to hayati dunya no money look Yeah, but brother cannot also la sala low and even send them the Prophet of Allah so Allah I said him said yes barrel may yet selasa when the person dies, three things follow five out of zero if none well yep Kawa hit so two of the three you have three things that follow you when you die when you go to

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your grave. Three things follow to go back one stays with you in the grave. Yet bow who Lou Lou

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Why am I know the three things are your actions? Your family your money, you memorize that issue masasa your actions, your money and your sense. Excellent your family? Fajardo Jiro Allah who a helluva mallow your family and your money they go back What do you mean when the family they there you know one is going to spend the night I can guarantee that a low Allah no one will spend a night no much no matter how much they love you. They'll go back home your family will go back home May Allah bless those and have rockmount on those with us Allah hi Montana I mean Robin alamy so then the money goes back What do you mean the money goes back the car that brought you is perhaps the

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money you paid for maybe the genetics from your own money and the only thing that remains were car and I look your actions is what remains that's true that is authentic sigh and then you have to remember something you see will say soft shift is held when man like McCune fighter I owe the bill I don't ever say that. In this Hadeeth Rasul Allah saw Salah is specially warning the ones who don't pay attention to the dean. They're the ones who are busy with family and money at the expense of the dean. Yeah, no man machine fill man when I when I said the Dean of the hopper, right? There's a limit. Allah says what's the limit but no one had and had Allah says in the Quran I will be lanisha

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, you have Latina m n O you who believe led to leikam amwa lucam. Well, Allah ducommun Vickery LA, that's the limit. Allah says, Don't let your money your business, your job and your children push you away from the remembrance of Allah. Don't make them very get you away from the deen. If you do that, that's when it gets wrong. But do you

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No. So the money goes back. The family goes back. But do you know that the money and the family is what can get us? insha Allah genetic dose? I was not the province of the lung. I didn't even send them. What did you say, in NEMA? dunya? They are bad enough. There are four groups of people in this world, the best of the four of Berlin us Who are they? A person who ally gave Malin were ilma. Someone who Allah gave money and knowledge, shifting money to cash. So can I say it's dirty? Was the money and then what a man look what that person does pay attention to make use of that group? I mean, Robert Allen, for whom I thought he wrote that man fears a lot with the money not me have a

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lot. Well, you also know Feeny. Oh, hey, man, this man gets that money. He spends it on his children. He spends on his mom and dad and family. Well, yeah, I love the life he pays as a car and all that stuff for her that the other than mannerism, this is the greatest human being walking on Earth. You see that? So it's all about how we deal with money. We don't share the story. I was saying this story about the arrogant man flexing and so on. It's not that money is bad. Is that how the man used the money? How the man used his power? What about children? also lay some Allahu Allah some see some law and he was saying to me, Allah bless you. And you know, but I mean, he says in

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Norwegian law to refer to who feels genuine and then we'll have an upgrade in gender for your portal and Nevada. So the man asks, How did I get the upgrade to gender? How did I make it up to the next level? I never made it. I'm dead. I have no actions. How did I get an upgrade for you on this still fatty when idk like because your son your daughter after you died? They need to out for you. So I make job brothers and sisters now. I'm gonna come out of banister lira and I pray to Allah to have Rachmat and forgiveness to all of our moms and to all of our dads meaner black women. I mean, I mean Europe. So you see, the man will ban on yes there fitna. Either the I do want to come if you don't

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do it very well, or harder a lot of the actually do become harmful, or we use them properly. But latter half. Some people they say well, let's take a look here brother. Imagine this. You know what, well, I'm broke. I have a handyman. And I'm not married to have children. And you know what, actually, I know someone who's married who doesn't have children. So all these things the uninstaller so sad that I'm delighted Hamdi Lana, I'm content around the

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They are Zenit we had to dunya but you know what Allah says? Well back yet asylee hat how you run into Rebecca zawada. Ohio, Amanda. No, lovers, money is great. Children can be great. If they are you know, visibility, land, everything like that. But Allah says, the vicar of Allah, and he had a slightly had a vehicle a lot of sila, karate, and I might assign her, the righteous deeds, the remembering sing, say louder with it nevertheless Say, say Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah let ilaha illallah wa Bismillah no is in a shy Okay, don't be shy, la, la, la La, La La Boquete the Allahu Akbar. Allah says Heather, hire an Angular because awada well hang on a

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minute, this is a lot better. This is the best. Well How you doing? MLR p ml

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in MLB and econ rock, right collecting physical law there Mm hmm. Then yet you can with the kids. I paid tuition will take care of them. We raised them. They may not do very well. They may not make doll for us. We may work very hard to get money. We don't get money. It's okay. But Allah says when you make Vicar, the hope is 100% the return is guaranteed Allah then Allah subhanaw taala ends the is ready for the ending a lot right after this. He says well, yo man, you say you're eligible. Now we're going to almost tiama Yes. Dunya Bismillah we're traveling to Yama, Yama, while your man was saying your old g bell. When we the day we blow we blow the mountains away. What are all the

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batteries and the earth a lot takes everything off? Nothing no tree no rocks, no houses, no buildings. They're in a high shadow now whom Phelim know what do you mean whom I had, and we will gather all the human beings leaving nothing behind. While only law I love because of and the people stand right in front of Allah, especially the arrogant ones.

00:35:00--> 00:35:51

The people who show off and are not grateful to the near I'm in the blessings of Allah. Allah will tell them love God to omona look at you Look who is here hmm he says Matthew almost Kevin. I know sir I know their judgment. Look at you. Look who's here. Look legit to a mourner Come on hung up canal come out wanna mama? Here you are. Just like how I created you the first time. Byzantium en la Naja La La como esta you claimed Matthew almost piano it's taking too long, no one day of judgment. This is just some spiritual talk for the intellect for the youth to be scared for the elders to have hope. Byzantium and the net Allah como Ada will the alkie tab. Then Allah brings the book what's the

00:35:51--> 00:36:35

book? The book The and Amal? Everything that you did everything that you did? Well will the allocator first almajiri mean? I wish you clean me Murphy, the criminals. They look at the book. They get so scared Oh, it's here. Oh my god, what's written there? May Allah make your book beautiful. Say I mean, as La Jolla can tell Nikita can be a miracle pulu me say I mean he Allah make you grab your book with your right hand victorious I mean, but the criminals and Mooji linnaean Why are colonna yo away? Latina whoa to me? Well to me, Maddie hodel kita Bella You are the Russa? libratone Wanaka being an author and in

00:36:37--> 00:37:32

this book Everything is there even though look i did i forgot it's there the click of the mouse to something wrong is there the way I spoke to my parents in the roadway? Is there the penny the penny I took and did not return is there everything is there? Well what do I do man I'm you know how there are a lot in one understanding a lot will make what you did live. You see it surveillance showing you showing you how you stood up how you look there, how you touch this, how you click that how you took it, how you gave it live, not 4k definition in a way that is non negotiable, clear. When the Buddha had an Allah ends by saying, I will never run you, I will never oppress you. I will judge you

00:37:32--> 00:38:18

in sha Allah basically and not just equal if you're a believer as an adult, that belshina which is above added, Allah will forgive that believers inshallah enter them into agenda but the criminals a lot prepared a very severe punishment. May Allah protect us amenable alanine you might say Brother, you kind of went hard on that and this session lower like I said what I said because I love you and because I'm talking to myself, because this session is incredibly important because we You and I are tested a lot with money with health with children with the dunya around us. And the key thing Masha Allah La quwata illa de la you see the NEMA remember it's from a lot show was it for you I thought I

00:38:18--> 00:38:52

will act Allah is interested in trusting you with this level of power is from Allah subhanho wa Taala so you who studied and became a doctor Masha Allah who was the 11th law or you who became a big businessman, businesswoman, Masha Allah La quwata illa Billah you have beautiful children, Masha Allah what level not because how you look like is because how Allah decreed things to be Masha Allah La quwata illa Allah May Allah bless you all, may Allah protect you May Allah grant you the highest level of Jenna mineral Ballymena.