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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Quran and its use in protecting from distorted events. They also mention the fitness and hesitation of the time of the "hor hell" period. The segment discusses the confusion surrounding the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of "whipping up to the other side of the alwork line." The segment also discusses accusations of the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam against the new president, Omar, and the pressure on the Northland and the Ultra.
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So no one no 100 level but I mean was it was salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi as Ryan was able to see when Catherine cathedral my boss Subhanak Ramona Ilana I love today in the control room Hakeem, rubbish Sorry, sorry, we're silly Emery. Well, hello Melissa, Annie of Gallipoli and my bad. So we continue with the story in the life of ortholite. Even though I found on the Yolo that I'm and I begin by quickly recapping the story of orthophoto Viola de Lyon, and his contribution to the Quran. As we all know that it was after the Battle of Yamama a battle that took place during the time of old bucket or Viola that iron there are many people lost their lives, many

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footfalls, people who had memorized the Quran lost their lives, hence the Amara, the alotta and came up with the concern that if everyone loses their life who knows the Quran, eventually we will lose the Quran. So I suggest that we should document the Quran and put it into a book form. Initially it will bakudo the alotta on thinking that this may fall into the category of a Buddha starting something new in our deen that the Prophet some did not do. He was first hesitant, but after contest after continuous push, but once my Alma Rhodiola Denine and some of the other Sahaba they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they suggested the same to a worker. They suggested the

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same thing obika The Allah Tada and he formed a small committee which was led by Zeto the Allah Tala and to compile the Quran, Han Zaid or the Allah Tala and after that went to the Sahaba of the Allah Tala and home and he collected all the Quran that was in doc that was documented by all the Sahaba of the Allah Tala at home.

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The Quran was put in a book form and it was handed from obika The Allah to the iron to Armada the Allah Tada and as you recall amaro the Allah the lion came into the position of Okinawa, in the light in the very last moments of the life of obika. Viola the lion. However, if you remember when we talked about the Khilafah aasmaaN rhodiola, the iron and when he was selected as the Khalifa that took place around two or three days after the death of Abu Dhabi, Allah that I'm therefore before Amana Rhodiola to unpassed away the only copy of the Quran that he did have in his possession he handed that copy over to his daughter have sat or the Allah Tala OnHub now during the time of are

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smart even I found with Yolanda

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I said that in as Islam was spreading So Islam has spread into Iraq into the Iraq area, Syria area and so forth. It said it said that for the for the Ultron he came across some Muslims who began to quarrel and bicker amongst themselves. And the the, the reason why they were bickering amongst themselves is because they were saying that whatever Quran that they were reading was different from the Quran that the other camp or the other people were reading, so the Quran has spread, the Quran was spreading, but then people began to read different Quran. Now it was the same book of Allah subhanho wa Taala there was some slight variations. So then they began to pick amongst themselves

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that my Quran is better than your Quran. And the other group will say that no, my Quran is more authenticated than your Quran. However, however, the data on he dropped off that he came to arthritis, I found out the Allah to Allah and he said, that I suggest that you drop everything what you're doing right now, and you resolve this problem, otherwise, we will have a serious crisis on our hands down the road in our history, hence, arthritis and I found all the data and what he did was he went to Hafsa, Ravi Allah and I took that copy of the Quran. And he ordered all the governors he had appointed in all these sir and all the areas to send any copies of the Quran that did exist

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in their land two or three, but I found on the allotted line, or throughout, if not, I found or the other and he he disposed those neurons. And he came and the copy that was saved by have sort of the allotted Unha, he made multiple copies of that same Quran. And then he sent that to different different areas where all the governors were residing. And then those governors they spread those neurons within the people living in their city, hence, was one of your law that was played, he played a very key role in protecting the Quran. Now, as I said, I said this probably last week, too, that if Earth man did not take this initiative to protect the Quran, we would have found ourselves

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in a similar situation, as many other religions do today, as we find in the Christian faith, that there are so many different Bibles, you go from one country to the next country, there's a Bible you go from one city to the next city, one church to the other church, and there's a different Bible, and it doesn't matter. And I understand that today. There are so many different sects in Islam. But a humbler The beauty is that it does not matter where you go in the world. It doesn't matter what sector what ideology, or of a masjid that you walk into. The Quran is the same exact Quran. If a person has memorized the Quran in the United States of America, he can correct anyone on the other

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side of the world, they can lead that always they can lease a lot in any part of the world because the Quran is the same. So it was one of the author and he took this upon himself. And that's why many of the old ama they say that the remarkable or the most the biggest achievement, in fact, of last man's time was not the places that he conquered. But it was his ability to protect the Quran from being continuously distorted. And he brought everyone and unified everyone upon one Quran. So this is something that every single time when we read the Quran, we should always think Allah subhanaw taala number one, and then at the same time, we should ask Allah Subhan to continuously

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bless a person like us man all the time for him protecting the Quran and taking this initiative upon himself. Now the next thing that we're going to start getting into and starting today, and the next few weeks is the fitness that began to occur during the time of ortho Viola line. And when you hear the fitness and the accusations that are made against Earth man on your lot, and I'm just hearing these accusations, the first thing that you will come to, or the first conclusion you will you will draw is that these are bizarre, absolutely bizarre accusations that are made against arthralgia, even outside of the allotted time. So we as if you remember, the first orthogonal Radiata on he

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served for 12 years, the first six years there were no issues. The last six years is when the issues began to occur. And in these six years, it began the accusation that began to come in the direction of Orlando, the Alta iron, first of all, there was such as that orthogonal Yola to the iron is choosing favoritism, and he's doing favoritism by selecting people of his own family members to serve as governors in certain areas. Now, let's pause here for a second understand this or final your Walter iron will never Yes. Did he assign people from his own family to serve as governors in certain areas? Yes, indeed he did. But he did he do it because there was family ties? Absolutely

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not. He realized that

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They have the ability to serve in that position. And hence and therefore he puts them in that position. He never gave a certain position to someone just because he had family ties and this is something that we see in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Albuquerque Allah Tala on and Amara, the Allah Tala on and something that we see consistent amongst these, the Sahaba and unqualified Russian, if the position could be given to someone else they would give it but if they knew that this sort of person is fit for this position, they wouldn't they would give it to him only. And so we see that with mono Viola on he did give some of his own phone numbers a position,

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but it was not because of family ties, he realized that there were there were the best fit. There were people who made accusations against us man that he's playing favoritism, indeed, he was not playing favoritism. The next thing which is the biggest thing today we'll be discussing is the relationship that took place between North America and I found on the hola to nine and a Buddha referred or the yellow line. Now a Buddha refer the Allah to the iron was a Sahabi of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He came from the gopher they refer tribe or clan. And unlike many other tribes, or clans that did exist in the Arabian Peninsula, many of them they, they they would, they

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would earn their living through business, trade and commerce. However, if you say the history of the referring tribe, they earn their living, not through business and trade, but by looting and by robbing all the caravans that would pass by their land, okay, this is how they made a living, they will just take every caravan that would that would pass by their land, they will take something from them, they will take something from them, and this is how they made a living.

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It said that

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whatever the final the allotted time.

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Initially, he like, unlike his other people, he never felt he never worshipped an idol. His brother one time came to Makkah. And when he returned, he informed his brother that I've come across a man who is inviting people to another God. He's inviting people to one God, which is Allah subhanahu wa taala avoidably. Finally Allah Tala and he is curious. He's like, I want to know what this man is calling people towards his brother warned him that if you go make sure you do not ask directly about Mohamed, because his own people are against him. So if you ask about him, they will come after you. And they will be suspicious. So when you go there, you have to be very subtle in your approach. He

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understood. He went to Makkah. And he said that for three days, he stayed over there. And he just began to observe, he just observed from beginning to night, he was just observing. He was in the sanctuary in the sanctuary of the Kaaba or the Haram and he will just, you know, watching people how they were conducting themselves, and no one he knew no one no one knew him. And they said that night would fall. And some books books of history mentioned that it was a worker of the Allah Tala and some books of history mentioned that it was illegal, the Allah Tala and that will come to him and say they will just come and take him home. And they will provide him hospitality. So it said whether

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it was overcast or or olive or the alotta and it does not matter here in this situation. They provide him hospitality for three days. And after three days, they asked him that what brings you here to our city? Clearly, you're not here from this town, and you're looking for someone you're looking for something. So what are you looking for? He says that I am looking for a man by the name of Muhammad, I heard about him, I'm just looking for him. So eventually, the next morning, the sahabi, whether a worker or God, Allah and they took him to the sorcerer Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And what there's one book of history that mentions that when the Prophet saw some came across the

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Buddha and finally allowed to dine, and when he inquired which clan Do you belong to? And he responded by saying that I belong to the funny tribe, even the province or someone was amazed that I did not expect someone from that tribe to come and accept Islam at this point in life. Because the Buddha refer to the Allah Tala iron was probably the fifth person who accepted Islam in the time of Allah Allahu Allah, he was sent them, but he was a very first person to accept Islam outside of Makkah. So he was the first non monkey person to accept Islam. And he was a very first non monkey person or non mucky Muslim, who began to give Dawa to his own people. Eventually, his entire tribe

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they accepted Islam, and I'm going to start going through quickly here. His entire people accepted Islam. And during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he never participate in the Battle of Buddha. He wasn't there for a HUD he wasn't there for a HAZOP in many people, they asked that why wasn't a person like a Buddha refer to the ultra on the first person, the fifth person in the history

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of Islam to convert to Islam not there for the first three key battles with Roswaal Salam, where was he? And the answer is that he was with his tribe giving them Dawa. That is why he was not there with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So no one should have any kind of ill feelings or ill thoughts or ideas regarding Buddha he was giving Dawa to his people. Hence, he came with his entire tribe tourists Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam the year, the year when the book took place. When the year the book, the book took place, he he participated with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was one of the closest companions to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now,

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here's where the issue begins.

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There is an ayah of the Quran that is found certain, so the Toba or some may know it as sort of Baraka is item 34 and 35. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you have that ina Amano in a cathedral middle bar we're rabanne like yeah, cool Luna Um, well, a nurse will battle wear suit don't answer the the law. Well, Lavina yakhni Zuniga will feel better well are you in people that have instability Allah forbid shared home be either, Elaine, Oh, you who believe most surely many of the doctors of law and the monks eat away the property of the men falsely and turn them from Allah from Allah's way. And as for those who hoard of gold and silver, they collect silver and gold more and

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more, and do not spend in Allah's way, announced to them a painful punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala this is the idea of this, the IRA is found tobacco sorbara. Now,

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a Buddha refer the alotta line had an opinion about this idea that differed from the opinion of all the Sahaba of the Ultron home and not only that, but it differs from the opinion of all the Allamah and the scholars, a Buddha, the Federal Yoda and he believed and the way he interpreted the idea was such that if a person goes to sleep, and he has more, he has more than what is necessary for him for a day. Then he is going to go into the fire Jahannam he is living a life of haram. Just to give you an idea, according to Abu Dhabi, finally, Allah Tehran, every single one of us here, we're probably living in huddle. That was his opinion, that you cannot go to sleep at night, having more than what

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is what is necessary. If you have more than four days of necessity that you are going to be going into fire to Hunnam every one of the Sahaba Toyota and they disagreed with him and they said, The Sahaba and none of that, but they all they all agree on the fact that with this ayah does actually mean is that for people who hoard and they don't spend, they don't give zakat. They don't give zakat. For them there is a there is a painful punishment. It's not for people who just hoard, okay, it's all for people who just hoard now, all the Sahaba they came to, they came to identify with the Ultron. And they said that this is what the idea is, and this is not what the as you this is not

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what you believe is what you believe in. And so what happened was that now he's living in Medina. And as he is watching, that Islam is spreading, the more that Islam is spreading, the more the gold in the silver and the treasure of all these lands are coming into Majan number we he cannot bear to see this. He said that this is extravagance, this is not necessary. And if you say the level of Wizardry finally Ultron he had pretty much nothing in his life. Like if you want to see someone who is super duper Zion or someone who is completely absent from the world, there is no one who is more than I would have if I have no water and he had literally nothing in his possession. Now, wouldn't

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it be funny when he saw all this he said that I cannot live like this when I saw what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through and how he lived his life and how he taught us how we should live our life. I cannot bear this. So what did he do? He transferred from Medina to Damascus. Now who was the leader who was the governor in Damascus at that time? It was my idea for the Allah Tala I'm not Khalifa muawiya Governor muawiya Okay, so at that time while we are is he's the one who's in control of Damascus he's taking care of all the affairs in Damascus and now what happens is that as the sun was spreading remember that you know these people they're getting there's there's a

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battle man there is a certain type of fun that does exist in all the cities, they have money they have a lot of wealth. At the same time granted that why are we here is not like oh my god Allah Tada and he is not like obika The Allah Tala and he may not be exactly like this Lhasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He

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because he is someone who accepted Islam in the very latter life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was someone who had love for wealth and there's nothing wrong with that. He was a person who would hoard and not give zakat or sadaqa. He was a person who gave us a garden who gave sadaqa. But what happened was that everyone was benefiting from that in the city. So as a Buddha referring seeing everyone that there is more love of wealth and man and just materialism coming to the hearts of the Muslims, this began to bother him. So whenever he would go to any gathering, he will begin to tell them that what you're doing is haram, what you're doing is haram, what you're

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doing is haram. And everyone in the city of Damascus, they began to become upset with Abu Dhabi finally Allah to the line and they start to get fed up with a with a referee with the Ultron. They came to my IWEA with Yoda on and they complain, they said that this man, he is making our life difficult for us, you have to do something about it. Somalia, whenever he wouldn't have the chance he was set up with a refinery on an expedition, and he will not worry about it. But whenever that expedition would have come to an end, and Abu Dhabi, in fact, he was back in town, again, he will make his rounds and again, he would visit the people and again, he will just tell him to tell people

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that the way you're living is the life of an extravagant. And so

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what happened was that again, they came from our idea and while we came to a point that he says I can no longer deal with this. So he sent a letter to him and I finally got it he says that, oh Khalifa Muslimeen Oh, I don't mean I can no longer deal with this. Can you please ask him to come back to Medina. So it's one or the other and he sent a letter. He says the Buddha I want you to come back to Medina. I want you to come back to Medina. Now. At that time, there were some people in Damascus who did appreciate or

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rota and his his concern, his they understood his point very well. And they did not want him to leave. However, when they did ask him not to leave. He said that listen, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that whenever the qualified they asked you to do something, you do it you don't ask questions, or smile often has asked me to come back to Medina, I'm going back to Medina, there is no questions. There's no ifs and buts now, and now he goes back to Medina, when he goes back to Medina, he sees that Medina is even more than what it was before. I mean, it's more they have more wealth than they had before. And now again, he is he is concerned. Again, he's in the

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state of distress. And North Monroe later on, he first suggested to Earth Mother, why don't you just come and stay with me. And what Northland probably had in mind is that you come and stay with me and I will try to you know, I'll try to handle him in the best way possible. But when he saw everything that was all the circumstances and when he saw that the circumstances but the weld the amount of water that was coming to Medina, or its man or your water and this is where the issue comes up. There were a lot of people who accused or with mine or the aloft and iron for exiling a Sahabi of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whereas that is completely false. It is completely false. A

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Buddha referred he was not exiled from Medina, in fact, or Ceman of Yola, that and he suggested to him in the most respectful way you can possibly imagine that a Buddha, if you wish, this is totally your choice, if you want, you can live somewhere else where you are more comfortable, you can choose wherever place you want to go, wherever you are comfortable, and it is upon me that I will I will assign a stipend for you, I would assign a stipend for you. Now, you remember, in the time of obika, viola, the ion the stipend for everyone was the same it was everyone got the equal amount on one or the other and he had he had disagreed with alberca, viola and on this matter, and as soon as Omar

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Khan became the Khalifa, he changed that rule. He said that there is going to be a hierarchy and everyone will get based on their on that hierarchy. So the people who get the most are the wives that are so so Allahu alayhi wa sallam after that the ones who get the most amount of stipend are the ones who first accepted Islam. Then came the buddy Yun and then came so for them so there was a hierarchy that was established by Almighty Allah that I'm that it was man has sort of adopted. So he said that you are one of the very first people to accept Islam. So you your position in the in the hierarchy is quite high. I will assign for you a good stipend, but if you want if you are very

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uncomfortable here, Medina go to a place where you are comfortable. Hence, he decided to leave Medina and go to a place called Ramadan. Okay, there's a place called Ramadan, which was like a, it was a place that existed between Medina and Damascus. And it was a place where many people will stop so it was just in the middle of nowhere. It was a place like where people were, you know, caravans would stop and they would they would hold during the night. Now, over there, a Buddha decided he was he lived over there, and the only ones who

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was living there was himself and his wife according to some books of history, it was himself and his wife. And some say that he had one daughter. Some say he had two daughters. Nonetheless, it said that people would cross by, and they will say that, Oh, this is a Buddhist, the funny one, the very first people to accept Islam. And there are so many reports, there are so many incidents that we find that people would come into the house of a Buddha refinery. And they will find that this man has absolutely zero nil, he has nothing. Like, the only thing that he has is the clothes on his body. And he will probably have a sack of stones. And that's and he will use that to either put his

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head on or to sit on. And that's all he had. So someone came in and asked him that. What about you know, what, don't you have anything here was your house and everything. And he will say that the only house I have is in Jana. That's the only house that I have. And he says what about something here, he says, I don't need anything here. He goes, we are not, we're not here in this dunya. So we live here forever. He says we've been made for the ACA, and that is where we need to go. So he was someone who lived that type of life. Now, at the end of the life without refiled, you're allowed to run.

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It said that

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he of course, he lived his entire life just worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. It said that right before he passed away, his his wife, he's called a Buddha. So his wife is called

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omega. So omega, she is sitting over there, and she has her husband's head on her lap. And she begins to cry, she begins to cry. So although they finally get on, he's saying that, why are you crying? And so she replied, I don't know what to do. I'm all you all, I'm all alone here in this area. Not many people pass by here, who is going to arrange for your Wilson, who is going to arrange for your burial? Who is going to bury you, I physically am not able to I cannot do that. So I would have been finally a lot on shared with her something that was pretty amazing. And he says,

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a Buddha said Do not cry. And he says Listen, once I was sitting with a group of people, and I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that one of you will die. Now remember, gua Sahaba sitting, and the post someone just saying one of you. He is one of you will die in an isolated area. And near his death, a group of believers will pass by and they will bury him and officiate his funeral prayer. Oh my god, none of those who are sitting there in that gathering is alive, except for me today.

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Every one of those people have passed away. And none of them have died in an isolated area. I'm the only one who is dying in the isolated area. So now I know that the Prophet SAW Allah while he was saying he was talking to who he was talking to me. And then he said, that do not worry about it. You it's your responsibility to to bathe me to enshroud me. And don't worry about my burial, just keeping on the side. And the very first group of people the free first caravan that you see coming by, just tell them ask them for assistance and tell them that you need help to bury me. Now Subhan Allah, the very first caravan that passed by

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Do you know who was in that caravan?

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It when was odo the Allah anon.

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It was most of the time was in that caravan. And as soon as everything was thoroughly he came across this news, it was very distressing upon him. It was very heavy upon him, because I'm not even Masuda Yolanda was was was also one of the most closest companions to the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wasallam. And he understands who a Buddha the father, the Ultron is, and he took it upon himself and he buried under the firing of your waterline, until today, that is his place of rest. That is where he's buried till today. Now, there is a there's something more amazing about this. The, in one time in the book, it said that when is it a while the Sahaba one time is sitting in the book there were

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sitting around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they began to see in a distance a man is coming towards us was ALLAH, ALLAH Salam, and the the, the group of the Muslims, the GEMA. And all of them are looking and they're all wondering like, Who exactly can this man be? Who is this man? Who is who has luggage loaded on his back? And he's coming all alone. There's no one with him. He's coming all alone. And so they began to speculate. It could be this person, it could be that person. And you're, you're one thing even though the these the Mahajan and the unsolved they were they were they were Hydra unsolved. They loved one another very much, but they always had that, you know that.

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That tribal loyalty inside them. So each of those people they began to say that I wish is someone from our tribe, because the problems don't we're not only

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Praise Him but they will praise the tribe too. So everyone started began to say that I wish he's from our tribe and she's from our tribe. When they when he came close, lo and behold, it was a Buddha referring to the ultra lion. And the problem saw was some says something amazing. He said, That Rahim Allah Who Otherland may Allah have mercy upon a Buddha, you're allowed to run, yum Xu Yong chi where he then he walks alone all alone, and we are moved to widen and he will die all alone while you were Hayden and he'll be resurrected all alone And subhanAllah he lived on alone. He died all alone as a Prophet salallahu audio some had predicted and so this is how a Buddha refer to time

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passed away now here's the issue. Many people now accused overthrown with the Allah Tala iron and not only that, but there were many people who existed now this is where it does not make any sense. There were people during the time of Eliade Allah Tala and who were coming after who were saying things about what's going on. Of course during the during the kidnapper Of course man is no longer there. But there were people who were against with man at this time who were the troublemakers during the time of the allotted ion. And they would they would say disrespectful things about what's manner the allotted time. And at that time, there was no such thing called the alotta on versus

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orthogonal the Allah Tala and they were at this time when they were against what was manual Yatta and they will not even familiar with the issue between Ali and why we are between the eyes of Allah to Allah and Allah Ya Allah Tala and there was nothing that existed. So they had absolutely no grounds to stand on when they came to accusing us man of the Allah Tala and I've there are some books that say that he whipped, he whipped up to the other side of the alotta line, which is such a bizarre accusation that one can make against Earth man or the other and because how can a man like Earth man or your time do something of this type, do something of this type to a companion of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is unheard of. Some people say that he exiled Buddha refer to the alotta as if he forced them out of Medina and that's not what happened. He gave the choice to a Buddha refer to when you're done that if you want you are you are welcome to stay in Medina. But if you want if you are not satisfied with what you are saying over here and you are uncomfortable, then by all means you are you are most welcome to relocate anywhere as you wish and had Earthman had a grudge against him, he will not even have a sign a stipend for without a fight of your law tonight. So at this time, there are so many people now in addition to what they said earlier that they did

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favoritism then not only that, but they said that he was someone who had disrespected this habit of your loved one. And there's one more thing I want to share with you, which is something that even was I mean, when I came to know about this, it was the very first and first time that I came across as myself. You know, there is a group amongst Sheila's who believe in the 12 Imams the it's not actually yeah, okay. And we and as you know, we say that there's only five people who are the most dear to the to these kinds of people. So it was far too one of the a lot that I'm

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able to do a lot that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hassling for sin. Okay, so these are the people. But I've also come to I've come to know from other reliable scholars and orlimar that they have talked about this before, that they were forced Sahaba Rhodiola to run home, that they call them the four the four pillars, the four pillars, and these and these are for Sahaba that these people had a great deal of respect for too. One of them was a Buddha referred to or the Allah the non believer or not. One of them was a Buddha, the father of Yolanda on the second one was on my vinyasa. The third one was Salman al Farsi rhodiola, Tehran. And the last one is Mikkel that

00:34:02 --> 00:34:42

economical the Allah Tala and and these were for people that who actually that even though she was still today, they have not I'm not talking about all of them because even within the Shia sector, there's so many different groups, but it's not actually the ones the ones who believe in the 12 Imams they believe that one of the one of the people and this is why they always stand up even though the time a little the Allah Quran they will say that we are we went against Earth man because he did something he did something very disrespectful against one of the people that we have respect for. I will refer to the Allah tonight so they believe they actually believe in these for the these

00:34:42 --> 00:35:00

for the Sahaba without the fatty I'm having the acid summit and Farsi and MacDaddy phenomena Viola, they believe in them to so even at that time, they came after us man or the Allah Tala on and they made many accusations against us man or the Allah Quran. And not only that, but these accusations grew when a Buddha before he lost his job.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Life, whatever if I roll your tongue he passed away, the news came to Medina, two orthogonal Yatta and that he has passed away and that is when all these people, first of all, they felt like that he was exiled, but they were not really upset about it. But when they heard that a Buddha Rifai has passed away, he was all alone in that land, he passed away. And he was and they they assumed that he was exiled. That is when they began to put a lot more pressure on Northland or the Ultra and this was just the beginning of the fitness and the accusations that were that were that began against horsemen of the Ultron. As we all know, and I shared this hadith with you before, too, that the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:21

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to orthogonal your time that you will be given a commis a shirt and metaphorically the Muslim saying that you'll be given the Khilafah and there will be people who will put pressure on you to take off that shirt. And you are in no circumstances in any condition to take off that shirt. Because when it came to obika alberca was only earlier the honor was there as a cleaver for what two two and a half years Omar no one no one no one's gonna remove Omar we all know that almost demeanor is attitude don't wasn't a step in no one's gonna dare to step in front of amado Viola Don 10 years, but it was mine had that soft spot in his heart. And that's

00:36:21 --> 00:36:58

why he was awesome. He felt that if I don't inform with mine from now, it is very possible that because of all these pressures, the Sahaba were not people who would just who say that I want I want it and I want it I want more and more power. If that's how I wanted they would have just given away these are not people who wanted that power who wanted that authority. However, when the power some told it was not only later on about this, he said that you are this is how you are to conduct yourself now I just want to share with you just one more Hadith and inshallah I'll let you go but this is something that's extremely important, because there are many people who use this to say that

00:36:58 --> 00:37:34

there were many things many, there are many things that were unfair with or without the fact of the Allah Quran and hence there is one Hadith of the sorcerer Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, the full two years so Allah I said to you, I said, Yeah rasool Allah, Allah to start a Milani, like will you not appoint me a position and governor of the position of authority? Fun, he said for Baba ba ba de Allah monkey Bay. The Prophet SAW Selim, he stuck his hand on my shoulders. So McCall, yeah, about the Buddha in occur very often.

00:37:36 --> 00:38:18

You are weak. Now what is that weak mean? Does it mean that you are physically weak? No. Does it mean that you are mentally weak? No. It just means that when it comes to power when it comes to authority, look a Buddha if I was on, was he a good person or not? Yes or no, he was a good person. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understands too, that you cannot just give authority to a person who's good. See in our society today, we see all mad this brother mashallah he's such a great brother give him the position of authority. That's not how it works. positions of authority have to be given to those people who know how to handle the position of authority. Those who know

00:38:18 --> 00:38:57

how to conduct matters according to the Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we have this big problem in our society, that we say that this person does not pray a lot, but he's actually in a good Britain. He's a great brother. He's a great brother. Everyone has weaknesses just because a person is good, he may be good. But it doesn't mean that that person is fit for every for every other position. So here, the province has some said in Ecuador, I found that you are weak in the sense that if you ever came into the position of authority, you will not be able to execute in the proper way does not against your iman, and this is not a knock against against the Imana. But

00:38:57 --> 00:39:35

whether you're allowed that aren't because the province someone's making it very clear that every Sahabi has pros, they have cons they have no pros and cons. They have strengths and weaknesses, their strengths and their weaknesses. Not every hobby could do every single thing. The browser understands that. So the person was telling the line in the cover iPhone. We're in the heart of Manhattan. We're in the high yarmulke Yama we're in the high Yamaki Amity, his urine. When Adama Illa man akkada Behati ha. Well done lady on a fee her that the Prophet saw some saying that oh Buddha, you are weak and it is a trust and on the Day of Judgment, it will be a source of

00:39:35 --> 00:40:00

humiliation and regret, except for the ones who take responsibility upon themselves or take authority and they fulfill all obligations and they fulfill all their responsibilities and their duties. So when the postgame said this against whatever final your time, it was not a knock against a Buddhist Iman or his personality. It was just the post I'm saying that you are probably not

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

fit for this position, you are good in other areas, but you're probably not fit for this position. That is what that is. You know, there are a lot of people who say that you know that you know that there are people that are smarter than they were inspired by these kinds of ahaadeeth. And this is why they will exile of whatever you find in your time. And first of all, we're smiling all the time. We all know he never exiled him. He never uses Hadith. And never did this hadith come up to us. So it can be used against the Buddha or the ultra orthodox or the situation. And he took action. He was very respectful about it. But this is where the accusations began to come against us, man have you

00:40:37 --> 00:41:12

allowed to run? As we all know this, the volume I've written that there was these accusations are false. All these statements that are made are bizarre, but this is where the fitna begins. This is the just the inception of the fitna that begins, so inshallah in the next few weeks we'll be talking about all the other fitness that occurred during the time of ortho Viola that I'm afraid to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to learn from our past he gives the ability to learn our history, and he gives the ability to take the right steps for our own future inshallah. Allah Subhan Allah we humbly so hi Nicola and I'm Nick. Actually the Allah Allah Allah internal stuff. What

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exactly when somebody's going to label a cartoon

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