Musleh Khan – Friday Khutbah 10-09-21

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for the creator's strength, connection, and potential positive responses is discussed. Speakers emphasizing the need to be prepared for responses and offer advice on how to handle it, including praying for connections with the creator and bringing together people to address issues. The importance of knowing who Allah is and how to act with their body is also emphasized.
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in the handle Illa medal winner Sarah you know when to stop hero when our with a billahi min sruti fusina women say it Lena Mian de level philomel D letter Y mejor blame follow her dealer Why should one either hurt you Lola Why don't we love Sheree Keller Why should I know Mohammed Abdullah who was solo Salalah Wiley who either early he was having auman cell right energy was standard the soutenir t laomi dd a mother for tapachula yo holla Papa modernise kind of water Allah feet and ceiling. Yeah you have Latina mellow, a topo la haka to party he will attend mountain Illa one two Muslim on from Barrett, my brothers and sisters, let me begin by asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for his blessings

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for his mercy and for his protection on every one of us here today for all of our brothers and sisters across the globe, and all of our friends in humanity Allahumma I mean, it is an especially concerning time for all of us, especially those of us that have children and your kids are in school. You're concerned cases still continue to rise. We are all concerned. There's so much happening and continue

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to happen across our neighborhoods and communities and across the globe, we are all still concerned. And so I asked a lot so ajan at a time and in a manner that is pleasing to Him, for his relief and protection, allow him I mean, are you all bad there's a story of a young sister who accepted Islam in the United States. And when she was asked to share her story, she said that it was how Muslims and their relationship with Dwyer that's what attracted me to Islam the most was this concept of Guam. And later on, she told her story, she said, then something shocked me. When I became Muslim, and I started to stand shoulder to shoulder and pray with my fellow Muslims, I noticed how weak do i

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is amongst the Muslims in general.

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This is somebody who has been on both sides, somebody who was brought up that you say grace, or you pray before eating, dinner or lunch, and before going to sleep, and she noticed this almost immediately. And so what I want to share with you is not just the importance of Dwyer I think we all know the importance of doing it.

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But the thing that should be, and must be, and I'm sure it is on all of our minds. How does Allah answer our dwis? What is it that you and I could do? That could make us strong candidates, that when we pray, and we ask and we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala, he will respond to that, you know, a short and simple answer is that we don't know an exact formula, or something that you and I do or not do that as a result, Allah will answer my door. There's no explicit formula that we have. However, scholars do give us some pointers to follow some of the things that you and I we can do to advance our door and to strengthen that connection. So that when we do talk to Allah, not only does

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Allah listen to our doors, but Allah will respond in a manner pleasing to Him. I want to begin by sharing with you a very beautiful statement of Armando hapa. But of the last line, he said,

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in the middle humma Dora, what made him hum and each other, he says that I carry with me the thing that's most important to me, the priority for me, now remember, this is our own little deola home. And then who you and I would think every time he raises his hands to a low level respond to listen to what he says, isn't his attitude. He says, the thing that is priority to me, is the fact that I can make dua to Allah. And the thing that is secondary to me is whether or not Allah will respond to my Diwan. So what is he really saying what I'll do love wine. And here's your first pointer, that if you want to learn how to respond to your dilemma,

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that we maximize and take full advantage, that we actually have the opportunity and privilege to pray to Him suppiler hautala

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that we actually have the consciousness and the awareness that when we want to speak to Allah, guess what you could.

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And that's what our model the Allah one is teaching us and reminding us, that's the thing that I value the most. Whether Allah responds that how Allah responds, this leads us to a side point, you know, a lot of Muslims think that

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the answer should always be in my favor, then Allah has answered the door. But our scholars also teach us. Sometimes the answer is no.

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Because if the answer was always Yes, if human beings always got what they wanted from Allah, then Allah reminds us what the consequence or the result of that would be. What are we talking about?

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home life, so that is somehow wall to wall or the woman fee? And Allah tells us in suta, tell me no, and that if Allah gave us those favors, and did that for us, responded to every need and desire, then human beings would literally cause corruption and it would be a system, no human being could survive it. Nobody could survive and be seen in a situation like that. So it is by Allah's wisdom, that when he responds to our dwis, that sometimes that responses know, somebody may be asking for riches and wealth, and Allah doesn't give it to them. Why? Because you don't know what will happen in the foreseeable future, how you would use that wealth. You could say and I could say all

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Do you want? No, I'll be sincere, I'll be good with that. Well, I'll donate I'll give, I'll do good things with that wealth. But Allah knows us better than we know ourselves. May Allah so it'll give us strength alone. I mean, here's a another point that scholars teach us to help increase our dwis. from from from being answered.

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The scholars them tell us that

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try to attach righteousness with Dora, or do I with your acts of righteousness. So for example, if you are giving charity or sadaqa, it's a good time to make dawn, if you help a neighbor, so good time to make Dora every time you do something good. Try to link that with your dog. And it'll increase your chances Why? Some of our alumni tell us that? It's because of the mindset when you're doing an act of righteousness. What are you thinking about? Most of us, if not all of us, we should be thinking about what to gain the pleasure and reward from our Creator. So you're already in that mindset, you're thinking of a lot, you're connected with him. So you take full advantage that as I

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do this good deed, Allah. And I asked you, Oh Allah give me Oh Allah protect me your dua in sha Allah to Allah, the responses increased. You know, there's a famous hadith of our Prophet it is solid was sown. And it's narrated by the famous companion And besides, hopefully, it'll do loveline three things happen when you make dua to Allah. And our Prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam tells us number one, Allah will respond to whatever your need or desire is, whatever you ask for from Allah, Allah will give it to you. This is number one, number two, and number three is really interesting. The second is the Prophet Allah his thought was saddam says that Allah will delay the response of

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your Diwan, and instead respond to your Diwan on the Day of Judgment. And the response that he gives you on the day of judgment will help alleviate a struggle or pain that you and I could potentially go through and male law protects us from that. And this is why there are several narrations that our scholars tell us hint to the idea that there will be a group of people on the day of judgment that will actually say to Allah, Oh Allah, I wish none of my dogs were accepted on Earth. Because I see the fruits of what it's done for me in the alcohol and on the Day of Judgment. And number three,

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is that Allah will use your Diwan and protect you or heal you of a pain or struggle that you're experiencing or going through, or you could potentially go through. So you might ask Allah, Oh Allah give me wealth all like give me this job or Allah Allah. But as a result of you just simply talking to Allah, Allah responds by saying, well, maybe I'm not going to give you the money or the job that you want. But cancer was on its way to you on I'm going to block cancer. And I will, I will, I will heal you or protect you. The virus was going to come to your home, but I will protect you and your family, may Allah so to give us strength. There is another point that I will conclude within the

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second part of the day that I think is important, it's easy and all of us can relate to that will help our dwis be answered and responded to by alaris. So again, my brothers and sisters May Allah azza wa jal accept our dwis Mela so don't respond to our glass metal lies so it will continue to bless our hearts and our actions with sincerity and devotion. I love them. I mean, I'll call them after Sloane was suffered a lot of you welcome what he said. I'm assuming I'm equally them for stuff from India who will offer Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah were buried Finally, brothers and sisters.

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Our time that we spend making do our

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show should be the most pleasurable and enjoyable and important time of your day of your life.

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Because our Prophet Isaiah his Salatu was Salam told us that dewanna is the Salafi movement. It's the weapon of the believer, and it will pay him Rahim Allah describes what this heavy this talking about. Somebody has a weapon in their hand. They could be completely responsible with they use it in a responsible way. Or they could be irresponsible and cause harm to themselves and those around them. And if you're praying that says that's what God is, you could use it for your own benefit, but it depends on you. It depends on you the holder of the Diwan. How do you

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Want to use it? And with that, if no claim continues and our scholars teach us and this is what I conclude with, do I works when you know who Allah is?

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How do you know who Allah is? You know, Allah. That for example, Allah is a suborder, the source of patience, you know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the source of patients. So when your patients is being tested, you keep yourself together, you exercise patients to the best of your ability, and you're doing that with the heart and mindset that I want to let her reward me. I want to bless my patients, I want to increase my patients to strengthen when you do that, you know who Allah is. And this is why our companions, the great men and women of Islam, when they pray and we go to our show, can we say to them make dynamic draw for me, is because we understand they know Allah subhanho wa

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and so do you. So you use that knowledge that experience that discipline? Learn and continue to understand who Allah is, it will increase our chances of having our dwis accepted. I conclude my brothers and sisters, may Allah so until continue to increase us with Dora make us a people of Dora. And most of more importantly, may Allah azza wa jal accept and respond to our doors in a manner that is pleasing to Him Allah whom we send peace and blessings.

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In the love a woman ecotel who you saw lunarlon Medina Han Solo it was Sunday moutere Sima Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed kamasan. Lita, I label him awhina early Ibrahima in the middle Maggi along offerings so you know when you will see that meaning I will not mean it Allah here Amen. Well I'm what in the Caribbean semi or motivo terawatts Allahu Allah in the ninus local Jenna or Makarova? Isla him in Poland Amen. One our Oh, they'll be coming and now one more call Robert. You lay him in Poland. Oh, I'm an entrepreneur Tina dounia has Santa waffleh ferati has no joaquina either, but no sapan Otto because there is the DMARC foreigner was Salam when Allah mursaleen what

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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