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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala MB mursaleen segi Dina want to begin our murshida matana one molana Muhammad

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Ali he was happy he the Jemaine I'm about to follow the will he ministry Tarnovo jeem Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, one leadin mano a shot hogben lilla sakalava love him.

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Honorable anama respected brothers, brothers and sisters,

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every relationship that we enjoy on earth is not purely based on love. It always has some ulterior motive, some self interest that is attached.

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In other words, there is no one on planet earth who loves you, purely out of love, they may love you. But there is definitely an element of self interest. There is definitely some motive behind why they love you. Let's take the examples of some of the primary relationships that we have in our lives. The parent child relationship, many would refer to that relationship as the epitome of love, the love that a parent has for the child. In many ways it is unparalleled. But it's not 100% sincere. It's not without motive, it's not without self interest. Why does the parent want a child, you want the child because you want your name to continue? You want your legacy to continue. You

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want a child because you want somebody to inherit from you. Otherwise, my brothers and sisters will inherit. So I might as well have a child, you want a child, because in your old age, you want somebody to be there for you, you want somebody to support you. So these motives are permissible motives, but they are motives nonetheless, they are motives nonetheless. So that relationship is not one which is 100% pure out of love. It has motives it has self interests, the parent has interest in wanting a child. If you look at another relationship, the most intimate relationship the husband and wife relationship. It's also based on motives and interest. You may love your wife, you may say

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happy birthday, she may say Habibi, you send icons with smiley faces and blowing hearts and everything else. But why did you get married, because you want physical intimacy, you want emotional companionship. So they are interests. They are motives in that marriage, when your interests are not being served, all of a sudden that marriage hits a rocky patch.

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Look at another relationship which is primary in our existence, the student teacher relationship. Even if it's a student of Dean and a teacher of Dean, they are motives, the teacher wants somebody to whom he can pass on his knowledge. So the knowledge does not stop with him. The student wants somebody from whom he can seek knowledge. Many times in a student teacher relationship, this payment that takes place, the teacher may want some arbitrary perpetual reward. And then only that can only happen if you pass on what you know, to somebody else, and they will pass it on to somebody else. So there's a motive in friendship.

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In friendship, also, there's a motive. Why do you have friends? Because we cannot live isolated lives. We want companionship, why do you have friends, because you want somebody to be there for you in your time of need. Somebody you can rely on someone that is a rock of support. So every relationship that you have is one that is based on some degree of motive and subtype, some type of self interest or the other. It's not 100% relationship of love, except to relationships

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except to relationships, the first in the footsie Allah says and listen to these words. Yeah, buddy. Allah says, Oh, my servants could learn Yuri to Kelly Neff say everyone loves you because they want something from you.

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Your mother loves you because she wants a good child. Your teacher loves you because he wants a student who can take his name further. Everyone loves you because they want something from you. Anna Marie Duca luck, and I love you because it is to your benefits.

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My love for you Oh, my servant has no interest. no motive because I'm horrible. I mean, I don't need you.

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I don't need you and I don't need anything.

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Like we know that what am I have told us, if the entire creation were to reject a law it would not have a line the least bits. And if the entire creation were to accept the law, it will not increase in the grandia and the greatness of our line the least bit. So when Allah loves you it is purely out of love. There is no motive there is no self interest. Cool known you read through Kelly enough, say, Anna Marie dhoka luck. That's the first exception.

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The second exception

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is the love of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam for every Amati

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why is that an exception? Because when the nopee of Allah loves you, he gains nothing out of it. Love Affair Allah Allahu Mata Takata Mendham a woman. His position is already secured by Allah

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Azza Botha karabo Karma Karma mahamudra Allah has already elevated him to the highest of the high from the creation of Allah. And I say you do want the adamawa *load. And Allah had said, I am the leader of the entire progeny of administrar. I don't state it out of pride, I state it as a matter of fact. So the number of Allah does not need to love us he does not gain from loving us, but his love is purely motivated by sincerity. Like we discussed the other night when Allah said, Oh Mohammed I will give you so much that you will become happy is that I will law I will not be happy, I will not be happy until every Amati of mine says antigen.

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So there are two exceptions when it comes to relationships. There are only two that love you for your sake, not for their sake. And there is a law and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So allow me this morning to speak to you about becoming the Beloved of Allah and making Allah Your Beloved. I talk to you this morning, this day of the year after the great month of Ramadan about love. Because Islam is about love through and through.

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But you need to make Allah your beloved and you need to become the Beloved of Allah before you can radiate the love of Allah to the rest of humanity. You know, you can pay lip service and say oh, Islam is not a religion of violence. Islam is a religion of love, walk the talk, walk the talk, show them that Islam is a religion of love, but you can only show them if you have that fire of the love of Allah burning in your bosom. The flame is there definitely. Because we are all torch bearers of the kalama La ilaha illAllah but it needs to turn into a raging fire of love, which will touch and will burn everyone that we meet and everyone that we interact with. And you know what, it's not

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difficult to become the Beloved of Allah is not difficult Why? Allah says we're in attorney Yum, she it to her wallet and Allah says take one baby step towards becoming my beloved. I will run to you and embrace you and make you my beloved.

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Just take one baby step and the more you come closer to Allah, making Allah your beloved and becoming the Beloved of Allah, Allah says, come to some I will let the Esma obey. I become your ears with which you your webisode I will let em sohrabi your eyes with which you see what each level let em shamy and your legs with which you have meaning, every action, every word, every thought of yours is guided by the love of Allah.

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Every thought every action every word of us is then guided by the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is a big, big difference between the love that Allah has for you and the love that creation has for you. Let me explain some of the differences.

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No matter who loves you from the creation, it will come to an end one day because of death. It has to come to an end. You can have your Laila you can have your saliva, you can become much known for your Laila also. But it has to end either you die or she dies, one of the two and then she'll become somebody else's Laila.

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But your love, your relationship of love with Allah never ends. So that's the first difference. The second difference, when when someone from the creation loves you, there's always hassad in jealousy. If the parent shoes a little bit more love towards the one child, the other children siblings become jealous. But those who love a law and other beloved of a law they are never jealous of each other.

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The third difference is when you love someone from the creation or you want someone from the creation to love you. You

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To initiate, you ask you for how much you love me how much you love me.

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You speak first, but with a lie, it's different you have to be I said something amazing said one scholar said, I had four misconceptions until I read the Quran. I had four misconceptions, until I read the Quran. What was my first misconception? He says, I thought that I must love Allah first, then Allah will love me until I read the first real nurses, you hype boo, boo na, Allah loves them, then they love Allah. Allah talks about him loving the creation first. And then the creation loves Allah. He says I had a second misconception. I thought that I must first become happy with Allah that Allah will be happy with me until I read the verse and look at the sequence rhodiola one home

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world one, Allah is happy with them and they are happy with Allah. Salah is already happy. He said that my third misconception was I thought, I must remember Allah first and Allah will remember me until I read the verse Rila says wama Yes, Karuna Illa Allah, it is only because Allah remembered you that you were unable to remember.

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And then he said, my first misconception was that I thought, maybe I must first think of Allah intend to align repentance and Allah will think about me until I read the verse from metabo Allah him Leah to boo. It is only when Allah gazes at you with his special attention, that you are blessed with the ability to turn to Allah in repentance, Allah was thinking about you first.

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So there are many differences between the love that the creation will have for you and the love that Allah will have for you. Let me mention one more, which I alluded to during the month of Ramadan as well. That you know, when someone loves you, they don't they can't tolerate a partner. They don't want somebody else loving you ask your wife.

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So when somebody loves you, they can't tolerate anybody else loving you as well. But look at Allah when Allah loves you. Allah calls to breathe and says, I love him. Then gibreel announces to all the angels in the heavens, that Allah loves him so all the angels start to love him. Then jabril comes to earth and makes an announcement that Allah loves this person from you that hula, hula cabul Phil, everyone on Earth, he's not drawn to that person attracted to that person, and they start to like and love that person. sunlight is not selfish in his love. Allah is not selfish in his love. But then how do we go on this journey of becoming the beloved's of Allah in Olia Whoo hoo, lol macoun.

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Allah says those who are beloved to me are those who have Taqwa. Now you have just concluded you have just concluded this great month of Ramadan. The levels of taqwa high the levels of taqwa high. Now, what do you do? Take these levels of taqwa and nurture it. Take these levels of taqwa and look after it because this taqwa will make you the Beloved of Allah. Allah who your mercy Nene, who is the Beloved of Allah, those who do good, you've been doing good the entire month of Ramadan. Now continue with this good because it will take you towards your goal of becoming the Beloved of Allah. In the law, your hip gone. musawah Killeen. Allah loves those who rely on him and are in the moon

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Cassie, Ruthie, Hulu Kamala says those people who crush their desires and as a result they break their hearts. I come to those break broken hearts and I make those hearts My beloved.

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So you will you are resisting sin and temptation, the whole month of Ramadan, you were abstaining from that which is normally halal. Now continue to abstain from that which is always haram even if it breaks your heart because Allah says, I make broken hearts my beloved's break your heart for the pleasure of Allah and you become the Beloved of Allah. You know what's the benefit of becoming the Beloved of Allah? When you become the Beloved of Allah when Allah loves you?

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Then the benefit is not restricted to yourself in Allah tala yet further bizarrely Miss Allah Allah happy Walla Walla Walla de prata Hua shirato wa Allahu Allah Hema de Monterrey. When you become the Beloved of Allah, Allah will then cause the benefit to apply to you, to your progeny, to your family, to your community, and to your entire locality.

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An entire locality will benefit if one man has become the Beloved of Allah. Imagine if all of us, become the friends of Allah, if all of us make Allah our beloved and we become the Beloved of Allah, what will be the nature of this congregation what will be the nature of this oma? If you become the Beloved of Allah, you know how you will be received on the day of

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the scholars have given a beautiful example, they say

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You know when you go on for a long while and when you come back how your wife lays out the tablecloth, and how she prepares a wonderful meal, and how there is a great excitement in the house. That is how the angels will welcome you on the day of tiama if we have become the Beloved of Allah,

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all the time we hear about the horrors of the DFP ama, and how long Korea will be 500 years and each year is you know, according to the years of the of the after, not according to the years of this world, but I should have the alarm on her says that that person has become the Beloved of Allah chiama will be so quick for him like the two rockets sooner before you read further Salah.

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That's the benefit of becoming the Beloved of Allah and it doesn't stop there. When you attain Jenna

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one levena Amano what the bathroom Doria to whom be Imani?

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Rita home mama Allah Tina whom in homily him in shame. Because you are the Beloved of Allah you will be granted a very high ranking gender. When you look down you will see your family you see your progeny, Allah will say take all of them and let them join him in a higher rank because he was a true friend of Allah. Because he was a true friend of Allah. This day of aid after this great month of Ramadan is a moment of introspection, why is it that we have become this obedient servants of Allah? It is because we have allowed the love of everyone and everything else to saturate our hearts and we have no place for the love of Allah. The ultimate disgrace is to die without the love of

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align your heart.

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That's the ultimate disgrace. Look at the devil. He had three islands but not the fourth. He was an island. He was no greatest scholar than the devil. He was an Arabic. There was no greater worship within the devil. Even the angels used to be envious of him. He was our if he knew who allow us. But he was not an Earthship. He did not have the love of a lion, his art

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and all of his ibotta all of his knowledge all of his recognition came to note because the fire of the love of Allah was not burning in his bosom. Make Allah your beloved become the Beloved of Allah. That's my message to you this morning. Ramadan has given us the boost our levels of taqwa high, our levels of authority and obedience or Hi, make use of that now in your journey towards striving to become the Beloved of Allah menara for law.

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Once you know who your Allah is, you cannot love anyone but Allah, that's when a piece of

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land as well

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be led to abubaker in kalila Abubakar you my companion in the grave you my best friend, I knew you from childhood, but my heart belongs to Allah.

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My heart belongs to Allah, we have allowed the love of everything and everyone else to creep into our house what is unless I could see

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them a sheer luck. I have created this dunya and whatever it contains for you to come in actually, but I have created you for me. I have created you for me. So when are you going to start loving me? When are you going to start loving me? Allah wants us to love him. In another Hadith.

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Allah says yeah, buddy listen to the words. Yeah, buddy. In Nila como Hepburn. Oh my servant. I love you.

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Oh my servant. I love you for be happy Allah cocoon Lima Hubba. Now due to that right that I have over you as your Creator, when are you going to start showing through love to Allah, Allah saying, I already love you. But once you start showing through love to me, I will take you from beyond the normal love that I have for my servants, and make you the truly Beloved, make you my son, he'll make you my bosom friend. How do we know you know how do we gauge in terms of how we are faring when it comes to the love of Allah? One scholar Said Simple

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enough. If you want to test whether your love is genuine or not, then look at three things your love for Allah

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calama habibie Allah Kalam if you always give speech, you always give preference to the speech of the beloved over all other speech. The speech of Allah is the Quran. How much of preference are we giving to the Quran after Ramadan in our lives that will tell us about the state of our relationship with Allah. I read this last night, what scholars said, out of acknowledgment of gratitude to Allah. He says when I read the Koran, I actually feel like Allah is talking to me, let's say enjoyment again. And he says, you know, if he likes to bless me with Jenna

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The whole the stem cell agenda would you approach me?

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I would say to them first you know what before anything else can you please read the Quran for me?

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Can you please imagine that all in all of a beauty?

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What would you say? I'm ready

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this woman says I have such love for the Quran that even if the core of gentleness to commerce, okay hold on that will take place just now but first read the Quran to me. I have greater pleasure in listening to the Quran. I have greater pride so the test of our love for Allah would be in how we give preference to the Quran.

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Allah says elesa habibie Allah Masha Allah says

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the second test of love is to give preference to the company of the one that you claim to love over all other company. The company of Allah is in the house of Allah, you have frequented the house of Allah throughout the month of Ramadan do not deserve the house of Allah.

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Because if you deserve the house of Allah, you are deserving the company of Allah, it's falsifying your claim that you love Allah. What's the next test as a Habibi Allah?

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You give preference to the happiness of Your Beloved over the happiness of anyone else. The whole month of Ramadan you gave preference to the love of Allah. Allah said first you fasted. Allah said don't eat, don't drink, you didn't eat you didn't drink. Allah said perform tarawih give charity certified the coffee did all of that. Now continue with it after the month of Ramadan? Continue to give preference to what is making Allah happy, over what will make anyone else happy. And if we can do these three things, we will reach a stage they say what is happy kettle mahatva? What is the reality of loving someone of loving Allah and taheebo Kula kelemen Allah to becoming kashaya that

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you take yourself and you give yourself totally to the beloved and there is nothing that remains of you.

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That should be our goal, that Allah You created me, every fiber of my existence belongs to you. I am handing myself totally to you out of love Allah make me your beloved. Allah make me your beloved, that should be our law.

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You know?

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We need to ask ourselves pertinent questions. That how much of ourselves have we given to Allah?

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How much of ourselves if we truly given to Allah, if we claim to love Allah? But the answer to that question should not make us despondent, we are all falling short. It should motivate us that this time around after this Ramadan, see Ramadan has given you the boost. Ramadan has given you that injection, use it now. utilize it, to make a difference in your life, utilize it to propel you to a great distance in this quest to become the Beloved of Allah. In this journey to reaching a lotta Baraka with Allah. We need to ask ourselves in this morning of aid, is Allah number one priority in my life? is Allah number one priority in my life? What is the state of my relationship with Allah?

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Like I spoke on Friday? Am I a seasonal Muslim? Am I only going to worship Allah in Ramadan? Now that he these come in, almost gone? Then I go back to my old ways? Or do I realize that that Allah that was there in Ramadan is the similarities You know?

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And then I worship Allah, I don't worship Ramadan. I don't worship a particular season. Is it not time for us right now?

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In the spiritual house of Allah, in this very spiritual blessing our to say, Oh Allah, I know I am weak, but I also know that you are great. I am making my commitments. I am taking that baby step. Allah I make my commitment now that I'm taking my first step on the journey to making you My beloved and becoming your beloved Allah I anticipate you running towards me and embracing me Allah accept my humble broken effort. I start the journey right now today, with your grace and with your ability and blessings Allah

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let's make that commitment to Allah. You know, when you become the Beloved of a life and death can scare you Why? And Moto G Surah noosaville. Happy, happy, because death is a bridge which joins the one pillar to the other.

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You know, once Ibrahim Ali Salam and molekule mode came to him, so molekule mode came to him with a lot of respect. Right? And he said that it's time for me to take your soul. So he brought him and he was ready to meet the libreria ask the question, Hendra a to hollyland Yakubu Hakka Lee. He says, Ask a lot of Am I not his colleague? Am I not his bosom friend? And if I am that, how can I ask for my soul to be taken?

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So the Angel of Death

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asked the question and he came back with an answer. But Allah answer in the form of another question. How to hollyland miyakawa Holika Sally, Reba him How is it that one friend is reluctant to meet the other

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I'm not taking your soul because I want to put you through difficulty and taking your soul because I want to hastin for you to meet me.

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So when you become the Beloved of Allah and the love of Allah is raging as a fire in your bosom, you will want to live your long life because we have more time to make a bother unrewarding invest in the after. But when the time comes, you'll say i j like Jill come this time for me to meet a law. It's time for me to enter the court of my beloved.

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That's why Allah says that Allah,

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Allah Allah,

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the pious have a desire to meet me, want

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to show can but I have a greater desire to meet them.

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If you become the Beloved of Allah, you will desire to meet the love of Allah will have a greater desire to meet you. Allah will have a greater desire to meet you.

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Let me just mention a point as I conclude brothers, Masha Allah Allah Julio Raja Lin miracle benei fie jiofi Masha Allah Allah Julio Raja Lin Min castleblayney, fie jiofi. Allah does not allow you to have two hearts in your bosom. You have only one heart and you have to dedicate it to Allah. How do you become the Beloved of Allah? Allah says first guru nee as guru come, remember me? They say when you love something, you will remember that thing excessively. Remember? Like excessively verbally, remember love by your actions? How do you become the Beloved of Allah flutterby Rooney follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, how do you become the Beloved of Allah? Allah you have deep

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in our field.

00:26:42--> 00:26:48

The more you indulge in nothing The more you become the Beloved of Allah nephele was not only for the month of Ramadan,

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the top for home reading and engineering endeavoring to understand the Quran, it makes you the believer of Allah.

00:26:58--> 00:27:37

To remember the features of Allah makes you the Beloved of Allah locanto EMA for Allah, Allah He, when Allah tests you do not become impatient. Allah says if you truly love me, you won't run away. Every time I test you. You won't become intolerant every time I test you. And then obviously to make dua to become the beloved Allahumma inni. Luka, hug Barack Obama, you will hug by Molyneux. careone illa hoppecke our llama make me from amongst those who are beloved to you, and grant me every action you see when making toys not only the thing, grant me the actions that will make you beloved to you. And join me with those people who are beloved to you.

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I have been assured Elena, Allah make your love the most beloved of all things to us, the most beloved of all things to us, the greatest spiritual station that you can reach is to become the Beloved of Allah. And when you become the Beloved of Allah, you will radiate that love to all of humanity, and you will show them that Islam is a religion of love. And Islam is not a religion of hate. Islam can Kindle it can kindle the flames of love for all of humanity. But for that to happen, we need to first nurture the fire of Allah's love in our own bosoms, so that we can torch every other flame and that we can spread the love that sound a piece of aluminium won over the Sahaba Why

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were they so loyal to him? Even though they suffered because of his love? How did the Islam spread not because of the sword, because of love, because of love. My message this morning to you is become the Beloved of Allah make Allah Your Beloved, fill your bosom with the love of Allah, then take that love to the mother and take that love to humanity and they will be a transformation they will be a revolution in this world. I leave you I leave you with this incident. One day, the angels asked Allah they said Allah, you have given Ibrahim Ali Salaam this title of

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this a very high title. We have some reservations as to whether you is worthy of the title or not. Helene means a very close Bosom friend. So Allah said, Okay, if you have reservations tested, so the angels came to have them in the form of humans, and they stood at a distance now what is Trump doing at the time? He was looking after a sheep every night he was a shepherd. And what did they do? They started they started reciting the praises of Allah, which praises of Allah, the very praises that were recited every night. Yeah. So Hannah bill Mulkey well mallacoota Subhana Allah is that he will ask the material Hey, but he will put or he will Kibriya he will Jabba route. So behenyl Medical

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hygiene lady Ludhiana mala emotes, so boo, boo son rabona, horrible Mana eqr row, Ebrahimi Salam had the fire of love of Allah burning his bosom. When he heard these phrases of a loving son. He ran to the angels who in human form, he said please repeat it. Please repeat it

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said no, nothing is for Mahalla, you must pay. He said, Okay, yes, my entire flock of sheep take off. So the angels took half and they ready the second time. But every time he heard the praises of Allah, his love for Allah increased. So he said one more time, they said pay again. So he gave the second half of his flock, you know, had nothing. And they recited these praises of Allah and now his love for Allah raised to an even higher level. He said one more time, they say you have nothing to give us. He said, Look, I've given you all of my sheep. Take me Make me your slave. Let me look after the sheep. Let me live the rest of my life as your servant and slave, but do not deprive me of

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listening to these praises of my allow for one more time. And when he said that they said Ibrahim you are truly the leader of Allah we have been sent to test you. May Allah make us all from amongst those who are His Beloved, and who carry the raging fire of His love in our hearts and who will take that love of Allah.