Ali Albarghouthi – Help Those Around you & Allah will help you

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of finding connections with people who need help, finding connections with people with deeds, and learning from experiences to improve one's life. They also emphasize the benefits of helping others, including helping animals and individuals, and stress the importance of not giving too much, especially money, to people. The speakers stress the importance of being mindful of others' actions and not just giving money.
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He benefitting people around you,

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helping them with whatever you can. Because this is something that Allah azza wa jal loves and this is something that will increase righteousness in you.

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As Allah azza wa jal is merciful with you. You should also be merciful with people.

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As he said, Allah His Salatu was Salam, your hammelmann Fill out the or homcom Manaphy Sama, be merciful with those on earth and Allah who is in the heavens above his throne, he will be merciful with you. So if you want to receive Allah's mercy, what do you do? You start practicing mercy with people around you. And Allah says, well as sin come at us and Allahu ALA, and practice SN, as Allah who was good with you, meaning be good with people, as Allah was good with you. No one is how many NIMAS Allah had given you. Allah, Allah feeds you, clothes you, Allah protects you, and gives you peace and security, and answers your DUA and relieves your pain and distress. So Allah azza wa jal

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says, what sin is this? Do you remember all of that sound from Allah, all of these favor favours from him subhanho wa taala. And think about now what spreading these favors to human beings around you.

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This is in fact how a believer should be. And this is what our iman calls us to do. And this is how the prophets of Allah Allah hemos Salatu was Salam we're, and that is the thing that distinguishes them. Because when people look at you, they don't only look at what you preach, and the message that you carry, but also they're looking at how you practice what you preach, and the kind of life that you live in what is your concern? Before they even were prophets of Allah, you will find that the prophets

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were concerned with helping others. So we have the example of Musa Allah, He will be in Africa. Salatu was Salam when Allah talks about him,

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coming unto the city of meridian.

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And he said, he found Allah subhanaw taala tells us that he found people who were wildering or fetching water for their animals. And there were two women who were holding their flocks back.

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And he asked them, Why are you holding your flocks back your animals back? They said, We cannot fetch water, because we are only two week woman and our father is weak and elderly.

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Then what did he do and he was not a prophet den. And you have to imagine that Musa alayhis salam, he had fled Egypt and flood the danger of Egypt and he was alone.

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Without any connections, without food, without money without anything, he ran away, and he found those who are in need of help. Allah says Fisichella who Mirtha matawa Illa will be in Nilima and Zalta la em in Hiram fatty. He says he brought water for them to water their animals. And then when he did this, he withdrew to the shade, sat down and he said, Dear Allah, I'm in dire need in desperate need for whatever good you can send to me.

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And here you see how he Alayhis Salam did not ask for anything in return from them. Nor was he thinking that way. What did he do? He helped because he saw that they needed help. Nobody asked him. He saw that they needed help. So he stopped despite his need and fatigue. He helped. And then when he wanted to ask, he didn't ask them he asked Allah azza wa jal, and that should be the attitude. Neff Oh nurse when you're helping people who shouldn't help, because you want something back from them. I'm gonna give them because I want them to give me I'm gonna ask about them inquire about how they're doing because I'm expecting that from them. No, you should be desperate of people's

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assistance. Letter. Do don't wish. Don't hope that people will come to your aid that people will come and assist you that they will do good to you as you could do do good to them. That's not your motivation. Your motivation is to please Allah subhanahu wa to Allah and find assistance with him. subhanho wa Taala because when you help,

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Allah helps you.

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Allah Hafiz opening up the Madame abdulfatah onea he says Allah will continue to assist you. As long as you keep assisting your brothers.

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There's if you want help from Allah azza wa jal.

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What do you do? You could go and ask

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And that is permissible, but better than this and what should precede all of that is fine people who are in need as an ecosystem, help them

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and Allah Azza did himself will assist you. You want Allah azza wa jal to accept your DUA.

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You have a need with Allah subhanho wa taala, whatever that need may be, and you can pray directly to him, Subhana Allah to Allah and that is recommended.

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But something else that you could do, make dua for your brothers and sisters, find someone who's indeed who is sick, who is in debt, and then make dua for them. Because of the sudo Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that an angel will make similar dua for your sake.

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So Allah azza wa jal treats us like that. And to continue that hadith that we started with, he said Alayhi Salatu was Salam wa Hubbell family Illa Allah He soloed on to Thiele, who will be Muslim, I will talk the Allahu Hajah out to Federica and who could have totally done who

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it says and the best deeds most beloved, both beloved deeds to Allah azza wa jal

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is a happiness that you bring to a Muslim. And he says, Oh tech, Shiva and who Cordoba meaning or you relieve a distress of his, or you pay a debt of his or you feed him when he is hungry.

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He said that a salatu salam that is the best of deeds, happiness, you make your brother or your sister happy.

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And there are many ways that you could do this, you see them and you see a Salam or Aleikum was such concern with a smile on your face. And that makes them happy. Um, Allah loves that from you.

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You give them a gift and that makes them happy. And Allah loves that from you.

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You ask about how they're doing, you visit them, when they're sick when they're in need. And they love that from you. And Allah loves that from you. So wrote, you make them happy. And that is a concern that you have. Because when you do this,

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when you make someone happy, guess what? Allah makes you happy.

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Right? So if you find that there is this tightness,

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unhappiness in your heart in your life, and you want that to be chased away, find someone around you and make them happy.

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make them happy by giving them advice. Give a make them happy by guiding them to do what they're supposed to do.

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And he said also pay their debt if you can. If you can't pay their debt, if you don't have money, then make dua for them.

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May Allah give you this May Allah give you that and that itself is a great favor and a great net Amma, pay their debt, feed them if they are hungry, if they have anything any type of distress in their life, if you can assist with IT Assist. If not, then at least you make do and you see who else can assist them. And he said Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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What an unbeliever if he had a

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boiler Yemen and attack if if he hadn't missed God Shahara he says that I would assist a brother of mine

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in a need of his is more beloved to me than making Attica in this mess did and he was referring to the mystery of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Medina.

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Now want you to imagine how many of us would wish that we could spend a month of Attica death in the house of Allah azza wa jal in Medina. Mr Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what an opportunity that would be. What a great blessing that would be yet Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I would love more than them that is that I would assist my brother and walk with him until his need is fulfilled that is better than Attica in the masjid. And this is not to put down the aitikaf decaf is needed. But when your brother needs you, that takes precedence. And then you can come back go back to your RT calf leader, but that takes precedence. And he said also Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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O Allah, masha Ma, if you had your tin hat, do you have a third but Allahu koderma Who yo Mata Zulu, lock them and he says if you walk with your brother in need of his until that need is fulfilled, Allah who will make your feet firm on the day when feet will slip and the Day of Judgment when people will be walking on the Ciroc and many will be slipping and falling into jahannam. He says what is the thing or among the things that will be

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Make your gait, your step firm on that day he says you're walking with your brothers and your sister, whatever they need you to assist them until you fulfill and satisfy their need. He says for that Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment will make your feet firm.

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So why is it that a person a Muslim, a believer should have this as a concern, meaning helping others,

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as we said, is one of the most rewarding things that Allah azza wa jal loves.

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And the greatest help that you could offer is religious help.

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And worldly help follows. But religious help. And the greatest people that you should benefit are the people who are close around you, your family and your neighbors, and then the closest and the closest. So when he said alayhi, Salatu was Salam. Either matter, no, Adam, when the child of Adam dies, he leaves three things behind a pneumonia into OB he,

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all of your deeds stop, except for three things that you leave behind, a knowledge that you leave behind that is beneficial, and a sadaqa, that is continuous, and a righteous child who makes your heart for you. These are benefits.

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These are the benefits

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that are helping people even after your death.

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And the best of them is a module that will be

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that is teaching your spouse.

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You know, you attend Joomla you attend study circles, and you listen to something special, beneficial. You don't live it, leave it be it to be a prisoner with you. You spread it, you go back home and you say you know what I've learned today, A, B and C, you bring your kids to drama, if they are of age so that they can listen and benefit or you share that message with them. This is what I've learned. If you receive authentic beneficial knowledge, you spread that as much as you can. And if you could sit and you could learn so that you could help yourself and those who are around you, you do this because Allah azza wa jal when it comes to your family is not only going to ask you

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about did you feed them and clothe them and give them shelter? This is just material upbringing, material care, but the religious care

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the religious benefit? How about their sada? How about their Taqwa? How are they you with the haram? You are entrusted with your family.

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And the greatest sniffer is that Neff, the greatest benefit is that benefit, because you may not have a lot of money. And Allah may have destined that you may not be able to get a lot of money, but knowledge is within reach.

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If you ask Allah for it, of knowledge is within reach, and you can teach and you can learn and you can grow together. So if a nurse with knowledge, and that stays behind, especially if you leave behind a righteous boy or a righteous girl, and they make dua for you, but also they are beneficial. They're good to their neighbors, they're good with their spouses, they're good with their children and you are reaping the benefit in your grave. Because you were wise and you did not only think about yourself or about money, but you thought about him and her and how they will live and you thought about yourself in the grave. And not everybody will be able to have children. Not everybody

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will be blessed with marriage and that is fine because Allah azza wa jal had given you options. You can give sadaqa

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you can give sadaqa and that sadaqa if it stays behind, or that sadaqa if it really satisfies a need

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that sadaqa when you arrive on the Day of Judgment, you will be under its shade.

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Yes, on that day you help someone yes on that day they were able to sleep because they are not in debt because they are not hungry. They are not worried about money, you help them you will make dua for them.

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He said Allah He is Salatu was Salam Sana Alma roofie taki Masada masari As Sue he says if you do good to people, it will protect you from destructiveness destructive times and places as you're going in life. You could take a right turn you can take a left turn today could be good tomorrow is an unknown Masaya so are these moments and places where a person could be and it could destroy him a sickness and accident Subhanallah in the dunya, but also in the euro. So he said earlier you Salatu was Salam he said

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so now

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that you would do good Sania you will do something good to people, whether that person is Muslim or not righteous or not, even if that's animals

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If you're doing something good around you, and that is your intention, Allah azza wa jal because of that you could help an animal we know very well that a person or a woman entered the Hellfire because of an cat.

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And another entered heaven because of a dog. So Allah azza wa jal, you could help animals around you and Allah azza wa jal blesses you because of it in the dunya and the era. So what do you think could happen if you're helping orphans, if you're helping children, if you're helping the elderly, if you're helping those who are weak and there is no one to assist them and you intervene?

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And you intervene. So one of the motivations of why this should be a concern is that it doesn't only help them but it helps us as well. As have some, some have said, he says, when people come to you with their needs, consider that to be a gift from Allah azza wa jal, don't complain about it, because Allah is opening for you and me, gates of His mercy. Now you could be rewarded because somebody is in need, and Allah could descend this person to somebody else, but he brought him to you, and why did he bring him to you? Why did he bring that need to you? Because Allah wants to give you a chance to enter Jannah so take an opportunity of every moment where you could see somebody who

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is in need of help, because Allah azza wa jal is calling on to you to enter Jannah May Allah azza wa jal give us the best of this dunya and in the earth era, holy holy her there was the fear Allah you will confess the hero.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra until even Mubarak and fie who also live also Lima, Allah Rasool Raheem Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam,

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also a great motivation for us, to benefit people, with buy as much as we can, with all the gifts that Allah Azza did had given to us is to realize, as he said, Allah His Salatu was Salam in a hadith that these gifts are given to you, because you are supposed to do something with them. He said in a hadith that is Hassan. And the meaning of that hadith is that there are people on this earth whom Allah azza wa jal grants them favors. And he grants them these favors so that they could share these favors with people around them. And he, they continue to enjoy these favors as long as they're doing these things. But if they stop, Allah stops these favors.

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So you understand what he's saying here at a his Salatu was Salam, that Allah could give you money. And he's giving you money, not only because he wants to give you money for your own self, but because you are also supporting your parents, and supporting orphans, and helping build messages and an answer Allah is giving you this money so that you also could distribute, and Allah has given you also health because you do what? Because you assist people with your body. And he is giving you sight and eyes and of wisdom in your mind because people ask you, and you assist him with advice, meaning you're using your mind using your experience to assist them with your advice and counsel. So

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he said, I think he is salatu salam, they'll continue to enjoy these gifts as long as what they continue to help people. But if they stop and keep these abortions that are not theirs, they keep it to themselves. Allah takes these numbers away from them. So if you want the numbers of Allah Zoda, to increase and to stay, if you want yourself to be blessed, help everybody who's around you. We said that this is how Musa was. And this is how Muhammad Ali his salatu salam was even before he was a prophet and a messenger of Allah azza wa jal, and you remember very well the statement of Hadith of the Allahu anha, a very wise and pious woman, who when Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam came back

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and he was shaking, because of the gravity what he saw Gibreel Ali Salam all of a sudden appears and he's talking to him and he just gave him the Quran. And he was worried about himself, what did I see? What is all this? And she said, What are the Allahu anha Allah will never abandon you, Allah will never disgrace you because of how good you are to people. You support the orphan and the widow and the week, what are you know, either Nobody will have any there's any distress, people are facing Rasulullah sallallahu Allah He was hitting them will assist in removing it. That is before Allah spoke to him and made him a prophet. This is how he was, and he is Salatu was Salam. And this is one

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of the thing that qualified him and he is Salatu was Salam to carry that message. So when you're if you're carrying the message of Muhammad Ali has Salatu was Salam. Shouldn't you also be like Muhammad Ali? He is solid

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We'll sit down and try to assess people as much as you can do that, do that and see how that will change your life. But it's fundamental when you do all of this is that don't expect rewards from people, because you will be severely disappointed. Expect it from Allah as Odin and an all of the Hadith that we've mentioned. Allah did not say help people so that they could help you.

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He said, help people so I could help you.

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So attach your heart, to whom, to people, attach it to Allah azza wa jal, the Most High. Do it while you're looking at Allah as though did not on this person, whether he thanks me or not appreciate it or not, or if later I call on him to help me and he does not respond. Irrelevant. You do it and you keep it with Allah azza wa jal keep it to a day when you will need it when you will be with Allah, and you are facing the bad things that you've done. And you want that good thing to erase all the bad, you want it to defend you to want it to protect you do it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. And always, always remember that most of Allah that he had given to you, and share these numbers

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with other people, and as long as Allah keeps giving to you keep giving to other people. And finally, we'll say that there are people here, brothers and sisters of ours who had come to ask us for our assistance in supporting their masjid, and in light of everything that we have done and we have said today, I want you to assist with other whatever you can, it does not matter if you don't have a lot of money, even little bit of money, Allah could bless it for you. And for them. The important thing is that intention, do you want to assist? Do you want to participate? Do you want Allah to bless you on a particular day like this, when an opportunity gives itself to you don't

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reject it. Don't say I'm not going to participate in building a masjid of the house of Allah zodion Say, Allah had called on me today because I could hear this, I could see this on present here. You could have been anywhere else. But you're here. And why are you here? One of the reasons is because there's a call for you to pay and to donate. And Allah who wants to see what are you going to do with all of this, if the only thing that you can give is $1 Give it but think about I'm giving this Rila as a hotel, and then all the blessings that Allah will give you in the air here are primarily and then also in the dunya so we ask him verbal alanine to make those who are concerned with

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benefiting people Yeah, Allah we ask you to make us of those who are most beneficial to those who are around them, make us arable. Alameen beneficial with knowledge beneficial with sadaqa beneficial with counsel and advice beneficial with our bodies beneficial with our minds beneficial with our assistance era BL al Amin was the herbal Alameen to forgive us all of our sins, the minor ones and the major ones, those are hidden and those who are that are public was curable Allah mean to save us from our addictions to sin for Ziva soluble Allah mean from our addiction to the dunya ya Allah make us of those who are reliant upon you, seeking the hereafter more than the dunya seeking your

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forgiveness your hamara hai mean and your mercy make us arable al Amin of those who are elected on the face of this earth to make to be of those who call for your sake upon your book and the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, cleanse our heart from hypocrisy from shake and Buddha and Kufa era Bill alanine and fill our hearts with iman and Taqwa on your love and love of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the love of the righteous Allah Medina for dunya Hassan overfill authority Hassan a Latina either not Allahumma yarmulke liberal colo with a bit Cubana de Ineke Lahoma Yama serif and Paulo be serif Kaluga Anna Allah, Allah Houma in Isla Vickery, Kela

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Shoukry co host nearby hola hola in Atlanta la kaha Jetty hon Allah MENA Allah Maha Luca faculty Helen honorable al Amin, Allah in La Isla in a * T in fact de la hija de nada BL al Amin, Allah McAleenan AHA jet inaudible el Amin, Allahu McAleenan Maha jet inaudible al Amin Allahumma Thora Jana Cordoba dunya will ask era Aloha Mutharika, Anna Kuru Bharati dunya will akhira Allah machina fitna dunya will earthhero Terrible al Amin Yahaya we have a yomo pura Matic in history. Oslo Helena and an Akula Willa Tokina, Ilan fusina. Tata for time well

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