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what are people

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time in a

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way is simply agree or

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disagree? Yes, it was it was the

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official It was a temporary

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respected brothers

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the greatest effortless creation

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did not come to planet earth as a ruler or became as the leader

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the greatest of all of those men chosen by

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the galaxy of

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the Sahaba those who stood tall head and shoulders above the rest, throw out the address of not only Islamic history, but even human history in general, it was never

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it was always leaders

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and we need to understand the difference and it is my hope that in the next few minutes inshallah is optimal is this course, we will be able to unpack some of the issues that will enable us to distinguish between a ruler and a leader, what makes a person a ruler, what makes a person a leader and difference between ruling and lead we know what it is, it is.

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Lead by example, it will demand obedience is secure obedience by means of example, a ruler depends on authority, I believe it depends on these qualities. A ruler depends on the authority a leader depends on these qualities, a ruler demands respect, a leader enjoys expects a few words up front, let's look at some of these concepts in terms of the difference between a ruler and a leader. Let's go into some of the essential qualities of a leader because each one of us in some way or the other we it is at the back whenever we are.

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We are ruling over

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our children perhaps our business or in the place that we will but in some way or the other, some degree of leadership on the other hand we need to be talking not just the next microprocessor was LS Am I

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am I really

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the first point I want to make a deacon emerges upon

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People ruler campaigns,

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a leader emerges from within the ranks of the people that you will lead and a ruler will campaign and he would want to be asked to

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ask for a position of authority.

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after position, become obsessed with wanting position, position,

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existence in life, because if the purpose is to find a position to help allies

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and people

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to that position, then

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those are the words

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you should

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desire. You should not have the passion, yes, it comes upon you that you serve and you lead in a very humble way.

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So, that's the first point he emerges amongst people the ruler contains.

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The second he derives his appeal from humility, a ruler appeals for superiority. The question was what was

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I read this, I can do this, I will do this, I need to get knowledge for that I am better I am more capable, I was able to take that person as a superiority complex, and that that makes you

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focus on

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it doesn't mean that the leader doesn't understand the strikes and he doesn't understand his potential, but he never

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is just about it. He remains humble if the people come to him and they are willing for him to leave. But he leaves in a way that is

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Today, they leave such a way as if they are superior to the subjects they go and they conduct themselves in such a way that exudes superiority is a mindset in

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the highest level of knowledge, a higher level of expertise and experience and wisdom. They always remain humble, but the people that say

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they are

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a genius all mark is mercy, a ruthless authority.

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A ruler rules with authority

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the greatest support for leaders and

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what I say with regards to him.

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He said

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including the direction of his blessings existence, relating to his leadership was underpinned by this, he will see the congregation by he will

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not either party and lead as much as I want. I will read the

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question you know it was underpinned by Mercy, he will interact with

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you when I

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was this young boy

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he was

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give us a chances young boys to be presto

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and these are employees of the age of 10 and 11. So, this all work is missing a ruler gives more authority. The next step is a leader shows concern. He shows concern for the people and for the cause. That means serving a ruling is demanding obedience and compliance. a rule that is constantly happening must listen to what I say you must do it my way. This is what I said. What

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about the whole picture

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be looked at?

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In one person, like

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the leadership qualities

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that when you go through difficulty you're

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gonna say your problem might

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say your problem is my problem.

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your problem is my problem,

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whatever you go through in terms of difficulty and hardship, it causes difficulty and hardship.

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Because you're here. So he is always concerned about the people that he's leading.

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The cause that easy

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rules and regulations or

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rules and regulations is the boundaries we push the boundaries on people

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will move meaning

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it's always

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better to the people is tender this time is compassionate, when it comes to the belief is the case.

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And we see these examples

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in the suit also lots of other different take care for widows, how to take care of your parents, how if anybody would come to him at any time and say, what some of your time

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do you know,

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there was no keeper there was ever a secretary will never make a formal appointment. Because he was an eagle, he was a concern

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of humidity.

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So these are a few differences our way to another difference between a leader and a ruler, because we need to, we need to spike

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that emotional intelligence, a ruler lacks emotional intelligence. This

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taught us 1400 years ago, he said, see

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the good models of it.

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When you are angry, not that you're angry, you're

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justified, when you are happy. Don't let your happiness to cross the boundaries.

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emotional stability, emotional intelligence, when you want to keep yourself in check. And when you are happy, keep yourself in check as well. And when you are in power, don't take more than what it is. Don't go beyond what is within your minds as a leader within those parameters in three sentences.

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Describe, summarize and encapsulated what it means to be a leader. Today, the world talks about EQ being more important than IQ. If you don't apply for a job in the corporate space, they send you for two or three days of evaluation. They want to know about your IQ qualifications that you have no intelligence, they want to see what they want to see what is your ability in terms of controlling your emotions? When you deal with a navigate when you're dealing with someone who is someone who So

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to what extent can you keep control of your intelligence, emotional intelligence, and you would find

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today, we don't have this emotional intelligence when it comes to how we deal with our own kids in terms of how we deal with our own workers in terms of how we deal with those people.

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To be

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politically, emotion.

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So who's right who's wrong and what's right, what's wrong.

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And they need to respond with wisdom and

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that's usually

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the corporate space they would give preference to a person who has the ability to control to manage and to regulate emotions over a person with the highest academic qualification or greater experience

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or greater autonomy for that matter. motional intelligence is essential when it comes to leadership.

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In my in my opening production was the

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nova is the greatest position to be conferred upon me effortlessly is the greatest position of

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position. No, no, no.

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was the greatest position.

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And this

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is about the emotional intelligence

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and how to apply them.

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What's the first thing that

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we can grow from the drama

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expand my waist to me, that was the beauty of experiment. It means that we will fix it on purpose, Leslie not be the right temperament and the likability, but the very first

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highlight is that every leader remains humble, if

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you put your request before love, somebody will still be hungry.

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What else?

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leaders always showing humility, rudeness, always

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superiority. So he makes

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the top of the list of priorities constantly be made.

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There is a sufficiently suddenly wasted recovery. What that tells me

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was I had a speech impediment used to start to see,

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in order for me to be a leader, to effectively communicate, effectively communicate, so remove impediments. In other

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words, this one, one phrase was,

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he was able to determine his own limitations. He knew what his weaknesses, a great leader is that man who is more in tune with his weaknesses, in a sense, a ruler will be super obsessed with the strengths, all the time wanting to showcases, a leader will be focused on his weaknesses all the time, to really be able to mitigate them. So besides

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his limitations,

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when it comes to communication, communication and leadership,

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ability to speak, but it's how you speed

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if you

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if you have

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a silly shot, nobody would want it.

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Nobody don't even stop your course will never be successful. Sometimes.

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will stop people, when

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we speak with a finger in their face, we

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we excited them, because we feel we have a solid team. And we want to show

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and we believe that we are superior. So

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but that is a sign of a rule and not a leader.

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regulate, he's able to use these people to convince people

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he sells them for random people or delegated people or spoke in a condescending way.

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Even when the law was was severe misconduct and these emotions were regulated, constructed. And that's the difference between a leader and the approval. Now we go further.

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The fourth section of leadership,

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he says was he was he

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the greatest

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brother, my brother.

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He wasn't selfish, Allah. I don't have cell skills which my brother is not

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only for myself

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so that

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you don't want to sell

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yourself that I must do it.

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Let's merge some of the individuals in the course

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to this particular point, it takes a deep understanding of

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massage or some understanding what the difference is between a rule and an

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effect the difference

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is more than

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so massage.

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He understood the potential of

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space for different harmonics. And the first thing the first thing

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our law why is

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because it is shady my responsibilities. A rule

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always wants to do everything himself. And it is fine. I put in so much time and everything goes past me as a

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leader, because the leader delegates and even create other leaders, a leader with potential setups will put in place the relevant pieces so that the processes can continue.

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The work does not stop. That's the difference between.

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But the data rule that departs, everything depends on you. Because there was no succession plan, there was no sharing of responsibilities, there was no creating of an infrastructure where everyone can play a part.

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And then assess the goals. So protest outside in saco, some, we don't like these five sections of vision, the first is always tend to alarm. The second thing is, understand your own limitations. The third is communicate with people in the right way. The fourth thing is check potential others and reach for them. And the fourth is share the responsibilities so that the growth can be faster and more substantial. And that the day you pass on to somebody says so remarkably, when a bad pass is on.

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We shoes, that's not a comprehensive result.

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It means it did not create somebody in the time that we had an opportunity you can succeed and do the same, if not better. The greatest compliment to a teacher.

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If you can produce a leader that will do even better, because it's all about your profile, your track record, you know why we are

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developers, because

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our bodies are in Avalon. Nobody could do it either way.

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So what's the point, you get an acknowledgment for the course of

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the day, those

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who serve your profile, your legacy was more important than the course.

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Whereas elite understands it's not about the individuals it's not about the name isn't about who and what it's about whether the job gets done or not, whether the mission is accomplished or not. And if in the process of accomplishing the mission, I need to create many more details.

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me that that will be part of

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that will be part of my role as a teacher, a

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teacher will not be will not cease to come up in life, and he will start finding students, but it never was in abroad like the teacher will take the lights and see the students, the only matching

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came to this world is the leader.

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There's a big difference between a leader and each one of us. We are leaders in some way or the other as

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a leader emerges from the people they put him up a rule is always

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a leader derives from humility, the leader, the ruler

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of superiority, always Pompey's test, I did this and I tell you this, I will do that. A leader is busy dealing with people with compassion, kindness, tolerance, softness,

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authority, firmness, you know, Rudy was an added first add

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the legal condition is the service

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demanding compliance do it my only my way. What we need to understand last few years is that our master our

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he was a leader.

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So when we are within our own spaces, we need to become leaders. And when we are tasked with the appointing, and we will supply lines and say who's the leader.

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And that preference because we will be

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those who show leadership qualities, not those who show discipline.

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And all of us are so

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I think it's a historic moment in the history of Islam, that for the first time we'll be having an ATM and

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the nature of which is

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will be conducted, we know that there was a lot of effort put in by multiple players to come up with a new Constitution, which

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is approximately two months ago. And there's a great deal of electoral reform in the Constitution. For the first time, we're moving away from people just congregating and willy nilly appointing people and nominating people and has

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a very structured process 407 people have registered to be on the board. And those are the people the only people will vote.

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nominations will open for such a period of time, the process of explaining the electoral offices where to put

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your personal sacrifice,

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under the nomination slows, and now you all know who the nominees are in the process with regard

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to the registrations open.

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not, we will have a problem.

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And then you know what to do. At

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this point, we need to understand

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the preference

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and not exercising the Amana is also

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not coming when you have responsibility to come

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00:26:23--> 00:26:32

us, and then also, it's not only about appointing people who are capable people will know it's about applying your mind, that's why we went

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to Greece would see your mind and say I need to put together several people who can

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independently there

00:26:45--> 00:27:04

is only one individual who's the rest, he compromises the progress of the whole Institute, because the remainder of the unit was spent half the time dealing with the hostility of the hostile person. And rather than focusing on the interests of organizing, so this is an outcome and fulfill them on

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that I need to put together in terms of

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a group of people who

00:27:17--> 00:27:19

will disagree in a

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public way they will opinions but they will be you're likely to have you put together a group of people who work together

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we'll go into

00:27:32--> 00:27:39

the rest of the cycle. The purpose of this is to let us make a special day in this marketplace at this time.

00:27:41--> 00:27:52

On Saturday during the meeting, as I said very solid moment it is a very very profound like adjectives when it comes to describing the potential of the

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for many parts of the country in the world.

00:27:59--> 00:28:01

Potential very few organizations

00:28:02--> 00:28:13

worldwide has amazed me that this meeting will be will result in what's in the best interests of Islam and for once, I can move forward with the total break possible.