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AI: Summary © The importance of understanding and fulfilling orders of Islam in order to achieve success in life is emphasized, along with the misconceptions of knowledge and the importance of seeking it in life. Personal growth and success are crucial for personal success, and investing in education and prioritization over worldly knowledge is crucial for personal growth. The segment also touches on the challenges of achieving success in life and the need for education to address these challenges.
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Respected brothers,

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we are all aware that the greatest power

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won us the greatest favor, the greatest blessing, which Allah has conferred upon us. Is the blessing, the favor the pool of money.

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What are

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the selector? What do you do? What do you want to accomplish in this world?

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A central bank is of no real consequence. Because you don't have the tickets that makes it eligible for success and

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has the greatest weight

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reservation of demand. The question is, what is the second way to count?

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Without the greatest bounty of a law, the second grade is not a law upon a human is the bounty of knowledge. Why?

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Because this

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answers the question, every human, at some point to the other This question was more cross your mind? That why am I even created? What's the purpose of migration? What am I supposed to do with my life? And

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I have created?

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for it?

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We don't understand what we

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In English translated as worship, which is only one aspect, one dimension, one facet of it. Because if I was only limited to worship,

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intuition, and you're not supposed to be spending the entire day and the duration of

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our life, or to be reporting on

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those acts, which are by

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no means that at any given time.

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That's the meaning of any context, in any moment in your life because no one wants to do it.

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once you do,

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committed business and pray, investors means do your business as per the instructions of Allah in accordance with a certain number.

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So when you enter into the business arena, you need to know what is permissible and what is not in order to do what is pleasing to Allah and abstain from what is displeasing to Allah. In other words, to fulfill the mandate of I bother you need knowledge.

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Knowledge is not something which is exclusive for the scholars. It's a higher level of knowledge. Every Muslim has to know what about once at any given moment in their lives. So if you're married, it becomes mandatory upon you to know the rules of marriage. If you become a parents, it's important to know the

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parents even if you're not a businessman, per se, definitely human transacts you go down to the shop and you purchase the bread, you buy those transactions, there are rules that

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that it is mandatory, obligatory compulsory for every Muslim male and female to seek knowledge in these different aspects. that in order for you to fulfill the order

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Technically, your life is that any moment I must be me, I must be coming back for law in order to fulfill that

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necessary knowledge, the economic part of your life, the social part of your life, the intimate part of your life, even the time of his adult education is an argument they are known exploiting all of us. And that is not exclusive to humans, those directions are gentle to you. So every Muslim is expected to know those things. And there

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is bound to follow after demand is about knowledge, knowledge, you don't know what the law was from you, you don't know how to conduct yourself in the different dimensions of your existence in the different stages of your life, in the different areas of how you conduct yourself. And if you don't know

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you didn't put this in your your

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you see fit.

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But you're not doing it in a way that nobody wants you to do it an extra security to the one that goes with it. Having said that, so what do we miss, is that knowledge is the second greatest.

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Firstly, we must get this misnomer this misconception out of our minds, that knowledge is only for the scholars. It's only for those who are academically inclined at different levels of knowledge.

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For scholars for those who want to be experts in political science, but the basic levels it's mandatory upon.

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And the second misconception

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is that knowledge and the seeking of knowledge is not limited to adolescence, to your teenage years, to those years, when you formally enrolled in this institute, is an ongoing process that

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is upon us to refresh that on a very regular basis that we don't know it remains obligatory upon us to constantly seek the answers to those questions, because

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I would want it to be our knowledge of what Allah wants from us, our knowledge of what Allah expects from us, other types of knowledge, what is knowledge pertaining to your religious, that the other is, will be fine. in a broad sense, everything falls within the definition of knowledge. Because geography, talks about geography, even science, science, even medicine expects us to live a happy life, to look after our physical well being, but they are always levels and everything is levels. Now, the analogy to people sometimes, some people don't like to go

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into semantics, let's leave the terminologies out of

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understanding the principles. In life, everything is always levels. And the higher the level, the greater the degree of priority. So for the purposes of this course, this afternoon, we will refer to

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the knowledge

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that knowledge which relates to our existence in this world, not only is it important, not only is it permissible, it's emphasizing it because it's

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on mass. And

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right now, we

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need to survive.

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And we need to live in this world. So we need to have the expertise of the relevant sciences of this world in order to request the existence of even prosper. And the oma was

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tight when it was dealing

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with a mathematical field in the technological field, in the philosophical field, when Muslims were experts.

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Why because you're not dependent on anybody else or anything else.

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So when we sciences and the pursuit of the knowledge is not only permitted,

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but it never comes to the level of religious knowledge, of the knowledge Why? Because the knowledge is what you do with the salvation in

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your existence in this world can be compromised,

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but it can be compromised, and you will only have to bear the consequence for the duration of

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compromise the consequences,

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the consequences and everlasting so the first reason why worldly knowledge cannot be equated with the knowledge is because the knowledge

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it's got to do with the salvation of your yard. Secondly,

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you need your Ed knowledge to guide the sciences. So you go in it

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If you study Business Economics, you go into an accountant, but how do you conduct yourself within the parameters of the in that particular field

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in order to implement the world is finances in a way that is compliant with a B, you need the basic knowledge of some working knowledge is hinged, is dependent on the knowledge if you want to live the life of people, if you want to live the life of an alligator.

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So, therefore, we need to understand that there are two types of knowledge, the knowledge and the knowledge, the wisdom knowledge has its benefits, and it has its place is the moment of my trivializing

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or diminish in any way has its place. But remember, like Islam, it's not there to be kind of your sister.

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Your Mother, did you ever equate time your sister with your mother

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and your brother in between times coupon because it is understood that the mother has a degree in the system, the father has

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a brother

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it's emphasized,

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but never tend to equate it to kindness to the mother. Similarly, worldly knowledge

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has its place in the but never can be equated to the knowledge not in theory, and definitely not in practice, if you want to.

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easy to be in never be equal to geography and science and medicine and everything else. But in practice, we rely on our own theory and

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today, we need to understand something that we have to give priority. When it comes to our own education. When it comes to the education of our children. We are giving priority to the sciences over divine revelation over the knowledge, what is supposed to be the other way around. And the consequences is there for us to see.

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It's always and it's a cancer which is eating away.

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This victimology is something

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that is compulsory for every individual, no exceptions, like

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you can see, for people

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that is exempt, and Firstly,

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it's compulsory upon the collective but there's always a few individuals required except the rest absorb. So to perform Java is perfectly fine. If nobody does it, everybody says a few people do it when I say those are adequate for the various

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worldly sciences and the pursuit of worldly sciences falls in the category of first second. It is mandatory for us as a number

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of doctors, adequate number of accountants an adequate number of engineers to see when people go by the community, it was up to 80

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bucks to learn the basics of the

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it's compulsory upon every made every female a young, old black white, which

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that should help us understand how to prioritize brings me to the to the point that I wanted to really drive home this afternoon and that is the aspect of mobilization.

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The market system

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used to be at the point of the South Africans to come in.

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I can tell you from my experience, that when we go into the South African markets

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comparatively speaking, you have majority Muslim countries like Indonesia, South Africa,

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South Africa, Caribbean and this is your access system for various

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points of them for the memory one

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is this. The wife is a good cook everybody else in terms of food but you don't. You buy Coronavirus

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that's the strategy we devised. We developed something that is the envy of the world. You get people who come from countries and say we would like to adopt your your

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your syllabus and take you to our countries even though we live in the developed world like the UK or the US

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the numbers are dwindling now

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that we are exporting to the rest of the world. We

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When a child is going through the adolescence, once I said that the seeking of knowledge is not limited to the spirit of life, it's an ongoing thing. But it's the only time in life or opportunity.

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Later on in life, you have to make time because you've got a job and commitments and responsibilities. This is the only time in your life where you have time. And when you can make a formal commitment. Yes, yet we see on an annual basis.

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We see on an annual basis, people sending their children to very much academic schools, which takes two hours to go in two hours.

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This is the only time in life, the child has an opportunity to formally live.

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And this is the most impressionable.

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It's not only about learning,

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it's about learning.

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It's about developing an identity is

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it is about a deeply rooted consciousness, which has developed a model so that for the rest of the life of the world, they can distinguish between right and wrong, they can disregard what is

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To the extent we cannot wait for me to know

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then you want to know why your marriage is failing. And later on in life when you age, and your child isn't enough for you. That is to say, don't

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say that don't even say this to your parents. Never take your time to reach the point

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that talks about the status of parents.

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When Islam says that it's compulsory and magnificently upon everything.

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To learn the basics of tea, the definition of basics is much broader than what you and I understand much more what we need to understand what we fail to understand.

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When you look at the list of things to insure against value, you assess the greatest value, your wife, maybe you divorce, your wife, maybe you're in love.

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But you never fall out of love with your children.

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You will make sacrifices on your personal front, in order for your child to prosper, then how is it that you're investing in Your time's worth your academic education so that we can live in this world but you're not investing adequately in the education so that they can live the good life in the

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Where's the citizen is a licensed clinician with a couple who enforce the

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law, save yourself and your family.

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By giving your children the necessary amount of the

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so that they know what is pleasing to Allah and what is pleasing to Allah.

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The pursuit of monetary worth is not only permissible,

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but not at the expense of living on it. Not and never at the expense of inequalities.

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Free you want to go go and be the best secretary. But it's a certainly the person is an expert in this field. Everyone takes advice from him. When it comes to the mistake. He's not it'll be So, so efficient.

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He says excellent.

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Minister, when it comes to performing a fundamental of the floor, it's more go to see how many

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how many

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people's understanding of Islamic economics

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How much do we know about the concept of marriage? The values that go with it the rules and regulations with all

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of us. And it's a cycle that perpetuates because you don't necessarily need a division

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when the child and the mother has first maxo

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did you leave your partner? If you go over your ID, what message message that you said and then one child does exactly the same.

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They do exactly the same.

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So what am I doing?

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reinvested into work,

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and severely under invested.

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And this is creating people who are experts in worldly sciences, but efficient in the understanding of the patient to be at the basis of he goes way beyond just the performance. Sine Wave is the benefits of be more so than ever before we need today. In the

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in the midst of all the negativity against Islam, we need to boost Islamic identity.

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We just want to say that

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it was a totally No, there was no way

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there was no

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there was no need to cover the face if we if we did why, what are the values

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can't achieve that in one hour a day two hours a week of medicine, you can achieve that by saving a ton

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of money.

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You know, you know what's really amazing is no greater determination by himself. So how much is necessary when it comes to schooling, you have to follow the experts, the experts

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12 years before they graduate.

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If your child wants to become a teacher, you need three years of holistic University

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experts how much time I tell you this, no matter what however we propose.

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When it comes to world, the sciences, we hand it over to the experts to determine how much time we require for the world education of our children.

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Tell us how much time is enough and what what service is used and which

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one is limited.

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Now we are going to make the wall of

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the house of our Lord

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Jesus Christ.

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You taking a young impressionable

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who knows nothing you put in environments when you expect them to do.

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Even if they do, it's going to be compromised, at best.

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identities compromised at worst.

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I don't say don't say good schools have a sense of not that. We're talking about school. There's so much of extracurricular activity there's so much of every time I

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come to my house.

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That's what we use if you

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are suffering from intellectual apostasy physically,

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but mentally doubting the fundamentals of B because

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we talk all the time about the physical warfare against Islam in this

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region. The negativity about Islamic concepts of Islamic principles. We haven't given them enough

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foundation of understanding when it comes to be so how can you expect them to prosper is good. However we expected

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we expected it to be our greatest our greatest power.

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And the second greatest demand is knowledge. Because knowledge was able to determine whether you are at home whether you are in the bedroom, whether you are at work, whether you are socializing with

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and knowledge.

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without knowledge, you can lose your way and ultimately lose your human. So when we look at education of our children, our own education by all means give them the best world in the world.

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He is not only permitted but it is a

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very, but the education will always have a higher degree because the education regulates the way to conduct yourself in your profession

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that will

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be successful or not.

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If we don't give our children the necessary education, something for which you wouldn't.

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And if that cycle perpetuates for generations to come

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Movies even though I suppose