Common Errors in Salaah – Do Not Look Around

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In terms of the, the the common errors in Salah, which we have been discussing yesterday we discussed that you should not proceed the Imam into any posture. Don't go into any posture before the Imam. Even if the Imam is taking a little bit longer than normal so be it but in the majority Mr. Mallya maybe many times we don't do it intentionally we do it out of negligence, which is so hasty in going down that we don't realize we're actually proceeding the Imam or we're coming up before the Imam, we need to be careful in that regard. The common error that I want to discuss for today is that we should not look around in Salah inserra your gaze should be fixed at that spot more

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or less where your forehead is going to rest when you're going to make such them. So you can gauge more or less the spot where your forehead is going to hit. When you make sense to them. That is where you look. It's a good sign of devotion. It's a good sign of concentration, you should not be looking around and you should not also be looking up in a hit. Many times if you in the front of the mustard, you complete you as soon as you're walking out. It's like the case he's leading his turn at every staring straight at you is looking straight at you. While that will not invalidate the Salah, but it's contrary to the etiquette of the salon you should not look at people whilst to insula and

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you should not look around the case should be fixed at that spot where the head is going to meet the ground at the time of such them. We laughed about it God Allah grant us the understanding inshallah, after that obviously tonight we'll have a short Vicar program not longer than 15 minutes with the inshallah brothers are encouraged to participate. It is Saturday night, it is early nights. So let's take as much benefit as we can from the environment of the masjid and from the gatherings of the remembrance of Allah Baraka wattana