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Eid-ul-Fitr 1440 Lecture

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honorable scholars, respected brothers, mothers, sisters, listeners. If we look at the world today, pessimism, anxiety, apprehension, worrying, greed, fear, and negative thinking has overwhelmed many of us. on a global level, it is words like whoa, murder, terrorism, destruction, recession, and crime that dominate headlines. Individually, people are bogged down by negative thinking that results from challenges around their personal lives, their finances, their jobs, their family, their health, their profile. All these anxieties add up over time, and they kill our optimism they kill our positivity. It's easy to get stuck in the realities of the slide to become depressed and to lose

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sight of the bigger picture. There is so much going on around us positive and negative, good and bad, which can lead us onto an emotional rollercoaster. Therefore, now, more so than ever before. It is imperative that we do a negativity analysis, a pessimism test. It is important that we work on our thoughts and our mindset. My message to you this morning I have summarized it capsulated in two sentences, be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. That's my message, which I'm going to unpack in the next few minutes. inshallah. There are many reasons why we should be positive as Muslims I'm going to share with you seven of those reasons as we go along. The

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first is Allah in the Quran office as a futuristic vision. Throughout the Quran, Allah reminds us that this life is short. Regardless of how, how difficult any situation is today, it won't last long. The real life is the life of the art here. The real success is the success of ARCA. sola says, focus your goals and your thoughts on the eternal life of the aka. I'll give you the crux of one idea. Listen to this so inspirational. so full of positivity. It is mentioned that if the person will live the most difficult life, the most miserable life on Earth, if he's just dipped into Germany, dipped into German for one millisecond, and then take it out. And he's asked, Have you ever

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experienced any difficulty or hardship he will say what is difficulty or hardship or no worries. So whatever you go through in this world, it's a short period, even if it lasts your entire life and in most cases in

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real life is the life of the hacker so Allah Allah wants us to be positive, focus your goals and thoughts on

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the second reason why Islam says we should be positive is that Allah promises as a way out in the karate sutra which we read all the time in the last three years in the last three years

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in this world

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after difficulty they will be my tequila

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Maharajah Allah says if you focus on me, I will make a way out for you. If you focus on me, I will make a way out for you. So be a positive Muslim. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. The third reason why he wants us to be positive is because optimism is the attitude of a Muslim in light of the famous idea.

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I genuinely am

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Is the affair of a Muslim you in a win win situation in the umbra hula hula hoop is in every situation is goodness for a believer. If you're going through prosperity you thank Allah and He rewards you. If you're going through adversity and difficulty to pay patient care what you say Muslim is always in a win win situation people that are. The fourth reason why Muslims should be positive, is that I believe his reaction to every situation is gratitude. We learn from the CR. Whenever he said Allah, listen and receive good news. He said,

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whenever he received bad news, he said, Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah knows best. Allah knows best why I'm going through the situation why we put through this test. The first reason out of the seven. Why Islam wants us to be positive, is because our Navy was a positive person.

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We don't focus on this enough. Our inner being was an optimist. And none of us individually or collectively went through as much difficulty and turmoil as I went through. Yet in the midst of all that difficulty, there will be a fella was always looking for ways to bring relief. So had a love wanting a viola gun to this, he even had hoped that his worst enemies would beat him on that over

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that over who wanted to kill the enemy of Allah. It'll be a column a lot less as to the acceptance of Islam by

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their mother who lives in this thing next to the anatomy of Allah. It is because of the positivity of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that we today have the opportunity of taking pride in Allah.

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One of the greatest generals the world has ever seen Holly piccoli. He was the reason the Muslims suffered a huge setback in Ohio. He was the reason

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he was martyred. Yet the day he accepted Islam.

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I always had hope I was always positive that an intelligent man like you will see the lights or a day will come when you will accept Islam

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on the occasion of the heater, the reason and the alarm on in the cave. The machens have a bounty on the head of delivery of Allah. They pay for blood, they skim so close to the cave. Over calculon whispers into the ears of

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the pig just look at their feet, they will see us if they just look at their feet they will see us and who was positive. He was an optimist. He said la in La hamana even at that moment, don't worry Allah is with us. That same Allah was it the game of hero is the anatomies with you and I be a positive Muslim. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively.

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was a positive person, our optimists after in november two Maria lavonne he was a blind Sahabi yet did not stop him from becoming involved in in those days it was very difficult to be involved in you had to climb on high structures to somehow it did not stop him from performing Salah was congregation in the masjid. It was stopped him from deputizing as the leader of Medina went out of expeditions. So Sahaba were positive. So how about optimists? The seven of the seven reasons that Islam wants us to be positive is that when you are positive you will achieve an optimist is an achiever. I came across a quote which is so app says pessimists see difficulty in every opportunity.

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pessimists see difficulty in every opportunity. And an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

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If the thoughts in your head are mostly negative, your outlook on life will be pessimistic. You will magnify the negative aspects of the situation and you will filter out the positives. You will continuously blame yourself and become more depressed, you will automatically expect the worst all the time, you will see things as either good or bad, not somewhere in between. That's what happens when your thoughts become overly negative. an optimist is an achiever because of positive thinking. Positive Thinking doesn't mean you can't be a realist.

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Positive Thinking doesn't mean that you have an ostrich mentality that you keep your head in the sand and you ignore the challenges of life or you ignore the unpleasantness of certain situations. No pauses

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Thinking means you approach a challenge or you approach unpleasantness in a positive way. How? I'll give you a few examples. You see, there's a lot of negative self talk that takes place within us. So when the mind is telling you that I have never done this before, the mind is telling you I've never done this before, programming your mind to be more positive by saying, Yes, I haven't done it before. But it's an opportunity to learn something new.

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When the mind tells you that this is too complicated, they train your mind to be positive by saying, okay, it's complicated, but I'll tackle it from a different angle. So you don't deny the challenge. You don't deny the negativity, you approach it in a more constructive way. If the mind is indulging in negative talk and telling you, I don't have the resources to do this, and tell yourself, Necessity is the mother of invention. These are just a few examples of how we need to progress our minds to be more positive. How we need to fulfill this sooner Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam of positive thinking, I came across an interesting step brothers, they say, scientists say, Listen to

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this. In one day, your brain can process 60,000 thoughts, both positive and negative.

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In one day, your brain can process 60,000 thoughts, both positive and negative. So somebody so beautifully said, change your thoughts, and you can change the world.

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That's what I'm driving home today. Change your thoughts, and you can change not only your life, or your circumstance or your level of happiness, you can change the world be a positive Muslim, we are positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. Now, how do we go about being positive in life and make the point about the importance of people's lives being an optimist, I've highlighted to you that is further The sooner Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to be positive no matter what's happening in the lab in your life, or what's happening in the world. Now, what are some of the practical steps that we can take to live a more positive life?

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number of points time doesn't allow to elaborate, but I just want to share the points with you that you can think about it and explore it further. The first is focus on solutions, not problems. Focus on solutions, not problems. We spend too much time focusing on problems too little time on solutions.

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Keep your eye on the bigger picture. That's the second tip. Don't get too engrossed in a small issue, look at the bigger picture. The third, be creative in your thinking and be innovative in the way you approach things. Number four,

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this source of power and positivity for a Muslim is to know that we have Allah

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Allah He fought to a high school high speed a law High School alone one ml will give you denied a loan a loan will always come to your rescue. A loan will be there for you.

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The next step, be good to people irrespective how they treat you. This is an instruction of the Quran a different ability, he acts and respond in a positive way. Somebody so beautifully said if you want to be positive in life, if you want to be happy in life, listen to this brothers. If you want to be positive in life, if you want to be happy in life, whoever you meet, wherever you meet, say a good word. Say a good word. Whoever you meet, wherever you meet, say a good word will keep you positive and you will be a means of spreading positivity. The next step, don't dwell too much on the past, whatever has happened has happened, learn from it and move on.

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Further. No, don't say if this and if that learn from it. Move on. A Muslim is futuristic and Muslim looks forward. The Next Step. Maintain a balancing act between hope and fear on the one hand, and optimistic in reality on the other hand, start your day with empowering us with empowering supplications learn these words that motivate you learn the meaning of it, and start your day with those supplications keep the company of positive people don't start too much with those people who are whiners will

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only go on and on and on about what's wrong in life. Stay with positive people smile, smiling, keeps you positive and helps to spread the positivity to Allah when your wife puts down the delicious meals Al Hamdulillah have a meal. When you walk into

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a home when you sit in your chair. Oh

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God, give thanks to Allah look for positive

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In every situation, see, the glass is half full, be patient, never give up the time.

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It has to turn. That's the system of Allah. So these are some tips that I'm sharing with you on how to stay positive how to be a positive Muslim. But for me, the most important one that I came across when researching this law is avoid suspicion. The Quran says each attorney boo Kathy Romina. One, avoid excessive suspicion, not only will it lead you into stern in Nevada,

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but it will make you negative, you must constantly be worried what are they saying about me? What are they talking about me? What are they plotting against me? Live your life? What are your what are what you need to do? Don't constantly be worried about what others are saying about you, or thinking about you or planning against you. And an amazing quote some months back in English. Just listen to the CIO app, the person says what others think of you is none of your business.

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what others think of you is none of your business. Your business is to focus on your talents. Your business is to focus on your work. Your business is to focus on living the best life that you can live. The last tip that I will share with you brothers on how to remain positive is that ask yourself the question, really, I'd applied this in my own life. And I found it to be phenomenal. In whatever situation you find yourself in, ask yourself, will this matter in five days? Will it matter in five weeks? Will it matter in five months? Will it matter five years from now, sometimes we get so absorbed in a situation which point is ledger has no relevance five weeks later is of no

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importance. Five months later, no one remembers it. Five years later, you'll be embarrassed about how much time you spent fretting over that particular situation. So always ask yourself, would it really matter five days or five weeks or five months or five years from now you see if you live a life of a positive Muslim, then you will live longer according to research. You will live healthier, you will be more contented, happy you will become a people magnet, people will like to be around you because you exude positivity be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. That's my message to you this morning at the core. And this is the important part of the

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discussion but it is at the core of positive thinking. At the core of being a positive Muslim, is personal burn, we love to have positive expectations of Allah.

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We don't speak about this often, let alone Think about it. Whereas the reason I love it, he was telling me he said the nation of love without intervening on the authority of mine in the personal money will allow you

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to have positive expectations of Allah is from the best acts of worship. To have positive expectation of Allah is Iboga it's an iPod of the heart, Salah the reward stops when you make Salaam first thing the reward stops when you break your fast. But if you have good and positive expectations of Allah, you are in a perpetual state of a bother you getting continuous reward.

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Not only will you have all the other benefits, but you don't even secure you the reward. The famous Heidi if they put see Allah says and are in the world we have DB as my my slave expects me to be I treat you as per your expectations of me. So how should we have good expectations of Allah on the following occasions number one, have good expectations of Allah at the time of difficulty and hardship. On walking away what a phenomenal story. He leaves on a journey. His son gets ill and trampled by horses and dies. He loses his most handsome son, then carrying says into his foot and his leg needs to be amputated. When he comes home. People come to console him they say Oh, you've

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left you've lost your most handsome son. You've lost your leg. He said Allah gave me four sons. He took one Allah gave before limbs one one. Allah has blessed me many more times that Allah has tested me having good expectations of Allah brothers have good expectations of Allah even when you fail, because failure is a stepping stone to success. It's a minor setback, allow us to strengthen your resolve allies depriving your success now because the law is deserving something greater for you something Allah wants you to create this so that you know who's in charge, so that you continue to struggle

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To earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala be a positive Muslim be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of Allah. The next occasion when we need to think positively about our love is at the time of

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the Buddha Busan law, how to move Java when you supplicate to Allah have conviction that Allah will answer your prayer. When Allah what I'm saying and how Allah will not save you leave that to the wisdom of Allah. Even if the time of death, we need to have good expectations of a law job to the law violates the pursuit of loss of the law, he was selling them to them, the days before he passed away.

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Three days before he passed away,

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in law, who are you single?

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Let none of you die unless he has good expectations of Allah.

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After this month of Ramadan

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after seeing the mercy in the blessings of Allah, we should be determined to be positive Muslim, someone so money being dinar in a dream after he passed away, if not internalize this. And they asked him how did you fail? How did you fail? He said, I came with many sins,

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sins, but Allah forgave me because of my good expectations of Allah. Be a positive Muslim, a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of Allah, Allah brothers, what I'm going to tell you now speaks volumes about who Allah is. have positive expectations of Allah even when you sin.

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Don't give up on yourself. Even if you are a constant sinner. shaitaan wants you to focus on how bad you are. He wants you to believe that you don't deserve any good from Allah. He wants you to display of the mercy of Allah. When we do any wrong, we should feel guilty, we should regret but that guilt and regret should spur us to run back to Allah. Even if you served with precision repeatedly. We back to a long run back to Allah Schaefer wants us to go to jungle, not Allah.

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Allah does not have a grudge against us. Allah is not waiting for us to step up. Allah sees one love who you are a year to buy a gun. Allah is waiting to forgive you. Allah is waiting to forgive you. Allah wants the best for us. It's the devil who doesn't want to only see us go to hell, but he wants us to live a life of hell in this world,

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by mental anguish, by thinking that we don't deserve the mercy of Allah. But I think we don't deserve any goodness, our

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love our positive expectation of Allah should not allow the devil to do this. Because even if you sin constantly, every time you turn to Allah, you are recognizing an attribute of Allah Allah is the one who not only loves to forgive, but who loves to forgive.

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To forgive repeatedly. There is no room for respondents in the life of a Muslim. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of a lot even when you do good. We have done much good in the month of Ramadan, but we know it's full of shortness shortcomings full of weakness, even when you've completed a good good expectations of a law, even though we cannot worship Allah as he deserves. Even though our efforts are feeble, and we produce Let me tell you, if you make an effort, even a human being would appreciate if you try even an ungrateful human would appreciate if the human can appreciate the effort even though it's full of

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deficiencies. And Allah says in the law, law you DO NOT SIN him, Allah will never let your reward go to waste. When

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you follow whoever does good, I will never let it go and appreciate it in.

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In learn, German accent Allah, Allah says all Muslims if you do good, your good deeds will never be lost. Allah always appreciates Allah always appreciates. Be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of Allah brothers you know, in an eco setting people come in at different intervals. So as we move towards a conclusion before I conclude, let me summarize for the benefit of those who have come late and for those who are from the onset as a reminder, what we have discussed, we mentioned that we live in a climate of grief, a climate of fear, worry, anxiety and stress. People have many posts.

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At collective challenges that have overwhelmed them, and as a result, we are on an emotional roller coaster. We are an emotional roller coaster that makes us very negative in our thinking. It makes us very pessimistic in our approach to life. More so now than ever before. We need to be positive Muslims, we need to realize that he still wants us to think positively. I gave you a number of reasons as to why Muslims should be positive. Firstly, Allah gives us a futuristic vision. Allah tells us this life is short. Whatever difficulty you're having to pay, it won't last for long focus on the eternal life of the second Allah promises as a way out when

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Allah says if you focus on me, I'll make the way out for you. Thirdly, Allah reminds us why a Muslim is always in a win win situation. Good heavens think a lot better happens paid with patience a lower reward you either way, positive thinking is the way you have no

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idea what he went through, he never became pessimistic. He was never negative he made to our for the guidance of his sworn enemies. Sahaba optimist, I gave you the example of

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a loved one. I also explained that positive thinkers are achievers, I share with you that quote, if you can change your thoughts, you can change the world. If you can change your thoughts you can change the world. And then we went through a list of a number of things that we can do to become more positive. When I highlighted that the core thing of positive Muslim, at the core of positive thinking is personal love having positive expectations of Allah at the time of difficulty at the time of failure at the point of supplication at the time of death. When you sin when you sit again when you do good deeds in every situation. have positive expectations of Allah be a positive Muslim

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Islam wants you to think positively have positive expectations of Allah. In conclusion, brothers, I want to share with you a famous story. What is the lesson that I want to highlight behind this, I beg you for your undivided attention. The story of Yakuza is strong. After many years of grief over the separation of uses, he reluctantly allows his sons to take Binyamin to secure the additional food. And then his worst fears are realized when the sons come back and say that Binyamin has been detained because of the accusation of

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his difficulty was terrible. He was waiting for the return of one son for so many years. And now he's told the other son has been separated from him. Then he stood even more bad news that your eldest son yahuda stayed back to remain with Binyamin. Now his difficulty to not only double triple calamity upon calamity upon calamity, today, you lose one son and you lose your balance. Yeah, he's still your second son is gone, your third son is gone. In the midst of that challenge, when any other human would be negative, but

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I still love who I am.

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I have hope that Allah will bring all of them to meet together.

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That's what it means to be a positive Muslim. Then he said these terms and he said

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to me use

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all my sons be positive, go out and look for your brothers. What are they assuming rohilla never, never become despondent of the mercy of Allah in the

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field. It is only a non Muslim who can become despondent at the mercy of Allah. This is my message to you today that be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants you to think to think positively and have positive expectations of Allah. Let me leave you with these words, brothers, we are in constant dialogue with ourselves. The mind is always talking to the brain and the heart, how and what we think are the most powerful elements that impact our lives. We need to improve our mindsets. We need to improve our way of thinking we need to have positive thinking in three regards. One is you need to be positive of Allah. Allah wants the best for us, allow us to achieve both in

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this world as well as in the second you need to have a positive view of yourself. We are valuable. We are Muslims. We are Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we have great potential, our mistakes and shortcomings to not disqualify us from the mercy of Allah. So have a positive view of Allah have a positive view of yourself. And thirdly, have a positive view of others see the good in the words and the actions of others. Even in today's time, there is still a lot of good intentions.

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It is this negative mindset that is holding us hostage. It is this negative mindset that is holding us hostage. And that's why today I wanted to speak about this and I repeated these phrases and I will conclude with this phrase because this is my takeaway point for you. This is the core of my message, be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. Islam wants us to have positive expectations of Allah. May Allah grant me in all of us the trophy was from Allah who was

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