Sherman Jackson – Democratic National Convention

Sherman Jackson
AI: Summary © A representative from the Democratic National Convention is urging the Republican party to confront the "stedness" of the Democratic National Convention and restore human connection and empathy. They demand that the Republican party not be placed on nations that do not value human connection and encourage leaders to strive for a human connection. The representative also urges the Republican party to use their political leaders' experiences to guide them towards a better future.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim,

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the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

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We ask you, oh God, to look upon this Democratic National Convention, through the eye of your infinite mercy.

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As events of the day challenge us, and our ability to heal each other, trust each other, and want for each other, what we want for ourselves, we ask You, oh God, to restore our hearts, to that God given capacity for human connection, empathy, and love.

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Our times call for the very best from our political leaders, guide them, oh God, to their very highest selves, teach them they have all the things that nations produce, known as more build up to you. The Justice turned over compassion.

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As a Muslim sage once put it, God will aid a just nation, even if it is unbelieving, and God will not aid an unjust nation, even if it is believing

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many nations due to arrogance, heedlessness, or just bad leadership have been blinded to this truth. Please, God, do not place us among such nations.

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We are not a perfect country. But we asked you Oh God, to inspire us always, to strive to be a better country.

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Grant us the courage to acknowledge and make amends for our errors, including the ways we have devalued, compromised and stigmatized all too many American lives, especially black lives. Yet.

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no matter how legitimate desensitizes us to the absolute sanctity of all innocent human life, including the lives of law enforcement, who bravely served in a dangerous that all too often thankless job.

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Today, the scourge of terrorism trends, our people and the entire world. Protect us, oh God, from this evil menace, and guide us to the appropriate and most effective response, but with us as well have that hurtful habit of stereotyping entire peoples, whether it is anti semitism, or Islamophobia. Let there be no place for such bigotry in our country.

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Oh God,

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you are the light of the heavens and the earth. Neither Eastern nor Western. Shine your guiding light upon this Democratic National Convention. Shine your guiding light into the hearts of our political leaders and shine your guiding light of God upon the people of the United States of America and

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