Shady Alsuleiman – The Quran is protected by Allah

Shady Alsuleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and characteristics of the title "by the Prophet Muhammad sallama", including its potential for reform and the need for Islam reform. They emphasize the importance of history and reform in achieving Islam's goal of complete reform. The speaker also highlights the need for people to convince others of their faith in Islam and preserving Islamic identity. The importance of reform in preserving Islam's message and being part of the Islam community is emphasized.
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My brothers in Islam,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala chosen the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be the greatest prophet and messenger of all prophets and messengers, to be the greatest human being, the loss of Hannah what Allah.

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Allah sent as 100,000 prophets and messengers, Allah chose them to be the greatest people out of all people. But then Allah subhanho wa Taala chosen the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to be the greatest prophet and messenger of all prophets and messengers.

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Some much

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the loss of

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the if Muhammad ever a merchant,

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emerges to enter the province of messengers.

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If the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam ever a piece, in any given time, during any time of any Prophet and Messenger,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala had taken from them, the undertaking from the prophets and messengers, that if Mohammed ever appears during your time, you will follow him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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if Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam at peace during any time,

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if Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam emerges during any time

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of any prophet of any messenger, then it's the responsibility of the messenger to follow Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that's how noble Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is.

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That's how honorable Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is, that's how great you are beloved, Prophet, messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says,

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If the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had to come out, or emerge or pay during any time of any Prophet, any messenger, then it's the responsibility of this prophet messenger to follow the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you either follow Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and the Prophet sallahu wa salam is the last prophet and messenger, Allah subhanaw taala had said, no prophet, now messenger will emerge after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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nakazato messenger will come after the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the part of our core Akita unbelief. Muhammad

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Muhammad is the seal of all prophets and messengers.

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For their

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chosen the sacred, Allah revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to be the greatest book given to the greatest prophet messenger.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala said prophets and messengers before the provider is salatu wa Salaam, they are the greatest people to imitate this earth. But the greatest one amongst the most is Mohammed salah

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala had revealed a number of sacred books,

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a number of holy books, a number of great books, Allah subhanaw taala had revealed the prophets and messengers, whether it is the so half the scrolls to Ibrahim alayhis salaam,

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to the seller, or the NGO.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah revealed the Quranic name to the provider is salatu wa salam o. Allah Karim II is the greatest book that last panel had revealed in a prophet messenger.

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And it is the last book

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala had revealed now most sacred books, after the normal prophets and messengers, after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is encompassing

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the prophecy, the prophets and messengers before the Prophet Muhammad Allah salatu wa salam o sent to specific nations, people, tribes, states, except the problem Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was sent to the entire mankind. Why mount Seneca Illa Rahmatullah mean, Mohammed who sent a message to the entire mankind and not only during his thought, but to the day of judgment

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that your beloved problem homosassa and the Khurana Karim is encompassing two very inclusive, what you find in

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an engine and the rest of the other sacred books, it's all in the Quranic caring for the Allah subhanho wa Taala had promised

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Allah subhanaw taala had promised preservation of the Quran Karim, which Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says in Nananana, Vikram was in

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his own way revealed a Vic a decrease the remembrance and that's another word that Allah subhanaw taala describes

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in the Quran. So another name for the Quranic Karim is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala Al Kitab, the book alpha calm the distinguisher between truth and falsehood. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the crowd, we're in law Who will pay attention to what you love the same. We are the ones Allah is the one

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Allah is the one

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that revealed the Quranic aim and

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that will protect the Quran Karim.

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Karim is protected. The Quranic Karim is preserved by Allah subhanaw taala before anyone knows

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the Quran Karim is protected the Quranic name is preserved by Allah subhana wa tada because Allah azza wa jal is the one that committed himself and made that promise that will protect the Quranic Karim.

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No changes will ever occur in a chronicle in the previous books before the Chronicle, no distortion will ever take place in the Chronicle in my previous books, like the Torah or the enchiladas aboard

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Allah had revealed 104 sacred books, rather. And if you do find any of them, are the accurate ones. No, absolutely no. Whether it's the Torah, the Old Testament, whether it's the Bible, the engine,

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the been distorted and Allah subhanaw taala even makes mention of the Napoleonic era from the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the Quranic name is preserved. From the time it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, to this day, till the Day of Judgment, the Quranic name is preserved laity hillburn mania he was healthy than xlm. And as his attacking, net distortion will ever occur in the chronic kidney, no changes will ever occur in nicotine, no alteration will ever occur in the chronically Why is it because of it? No, no, no, no, no, not because of you. Not because of me, not because of anyone else because of Allah subhana wa,

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Tada. Allah is the one that had promised they'll preserve the chronically. So no matter what people try and do, plan, conspire in changing the Parana Kareem and altering the chronically in the story, the Parana Kareem, this will never, ever happen.

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Even if the 1.7 billion Muslims who are standing on the face of this Earth right now cooperate

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in disowning the chronically, that will never happened. The chronic edema never change.

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The chronic it will never be distorted. The chronic it will never ever have any distortion or change in it layer in bottlemen betania.

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Allah made that very clear.

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Not if not Muslims, even of the Muslims themselves, if all the Muslims standing on the face of this earth, agree to make a change. It's not going to happen. You're defying the laws of Hannah. Tada. You're trying to challenge allies, though agenda. And that's all my brothers in Islam. One of the things that we've been talking about in the last few Fridays, and last few weeks is this thing that people are talking about

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this push that's been pushed on us as Muslims, whether internally or externally, that Islam must be reformed.

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Islam must be reformed, which means Islam is not compatible with our day and age. Islam is not compatible with this sorry, and therefore Islam needs to change, change what?

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change what I just said. Let's say the entire Muslim world right now agreed to make some changes that will not even succeed level man for non Muslims or external parties, who will try and make some changes and

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reform what

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reform what, these are the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Mohammed doesn't even have a say, in the words of Allah azza wa jal, Muhammad, the host of already in Islam, Muhammad, the greatest prophet and messenger of Allah, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, the greatest human being to walk on the face of this earth. Muhammad, the first man to enter the gender Muhammad, the most righteous man to ever emerge sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he has no authority to make

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Make a change in the chronic kidney. And that's Muhammad Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala says about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in Hua Ilaha

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Muhammad Allah.

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Allah says in the Quran Allah Kareem Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't say anything from his own. It is only a revelation that Allah subhanaw taala reveals to him for him sallallahu wasallam to convey to his followers, Muhammad Allah.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah, the greatest and the highest authority of Islam, the greatest prophet and messenger Allah subhanho wa Taala made it very clear, he has no rights to say anything from his own.

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Muhammad doesn't make up anything from his own, to the extent my brothers in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned mentions verses in the Quran, Allah Kareem which are so harsh on the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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harsh on the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam and his Mohammed Salah Salah he's the one that's receiving the revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala then conveyed it to you say, messenger of Allah. message comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To him his responsibility is to pass on that message to you. What does Allah subhanaw taala say about the profile a Salatu was Salam and listen carefully. One of the Kava la de

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la have them in hillbilly amin tomalak upon him in hola tiene Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Holy Quran, Allah, Allah Allah in a bottle. If Mohammed Look what Allah is saying, and keep in mind, he's the one that's gonna mention this to you, who's the one that's passing these verses to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is revealing this verse to Mohammed in which Allah is talking about Muhammad, and Muhammad is responsible in conveying that message to you.

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That's harsh.

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It's harsh. Allah says if Mohammed makes up anything from his own.

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If Mohammed fabricates anything from his own, if Mohammed adds anything in the game from his own monopoly, a man will destroy him on the spot. Allahu Akbar, imagine, imagine or give you a little game pass on to this guy. And he got him and say, Well, you know what, the Sharpie gave me this letter and he throws me if I'm gonna make anything or make up anything on this anything, he's gonna kill me. That's very harsh.

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That's very harsh. Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. If Mohammed makes up anything from his own, if Mohammed adds anything, or removes anything from the Quranic area, or makes up anything,

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or fabricate anything in the Quran, we will destroy him on the spot. Allahu Akbar. Can you tell me Does it make sense that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Kareem and then he speaks about himself of the

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Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam doesn't have a say in the revelation of the Quran, Karim, Allah subhanaw taala made that very clear. So who am I who me who you are wait for us to make up anything that needs to be reformed,

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needs to be altered, or the Chronicle needs to be changed? Might even give that to His Beloved Prophet Muhammad? sallallahu wasallam?

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And who am I?

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to come and correct a lot now?

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Correct Allah. When you say Islam needs to be reformed. It means the Quran the Quran needs to be reformed. And what's the width of Allah?

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What's the Quran, Allah Kareem, the commands of Allah. So when you come up to me and tell me, you know what we need to reform Islam? You're saying to me,

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so we need to correct it.

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So let's get it correct.

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So we get

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the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala we're gonna get it right. And Allah subhanaw taala got it wrong.

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You're not understanding what's happening right now. And unless you have that understanding, what

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what are you talking about?

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When he told me that he needs to be reformed. You're told me one way or another? To correct himself if

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you're trying to tell me the lies.

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And we the bunch of

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us on

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the internet, we're gonna get it right. Can you please wake up to yourself?

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So the whole theory of the reformation of Islam is rejected.

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It's not acceptable doesn't fit in.

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You're saying to me half a day without a son.

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It just doesn't make sense.

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Turn on the light but make sure it's dark. It does not make sense.

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Islam doesn't need to be reformed.

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Islam doesn't need to be reformed Islam is a perfect religion that Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran Karim le [email protected] Dena come to la cama de la camisa Medina.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed one of the final verses upon the problem

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before the death of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam in which Allah says to Mohammed

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Today's the day I complete my religion upon you.

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So Islam is complete, and it's completed by Mohammed.

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It has been completed by Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So there's no room for you to come and add or making amendments.

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Islam is a complete religion can play religion during the term of the profile as a local salon can play religion after the tone of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam can play religion for you and I in this time in these areas can play religion in the 21st century, compare religion to the 13th century, religion after 1000 is complete.

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Islam is a complete and not only complete, perfect religion, for every time

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For every event, at any place, in the east, in the West, Western countries, Eastern countries, Islam is a perfect religion

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that's compatible with every time, every place, every every event, every nation, every single thing, it's the deen of Allah.

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In the DNA in the law in Islam, the led into laws of Islam,

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Islam, Medina and Kabbalah men and whoever wants to take any religion beside Islam as a religion, Allah will not accept from them.

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Allah will not accept from him. Just because you might change a little bit on mine so much change, our environment might change. It doesn't mean that we are and it doesn't mean that Islam is not compatible with it

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doesn't mean that it's wrong.

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It doesn't mean it's wrong. You're not wrong, not Islam. It doesn't mean that you're wrong. It's either you got it wrong, or your interpretation of the Quran, Kareem you got it wrong. The interpretation of the Quran the Quran, what are some of the verses that Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran, the Quran, in the past three 400 days, maybe 1000 knees off the tongue of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah.

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Some of the scholars interpret some things in the game. It's the interpretation of the scholars that was wrong. But then later on, especially with the development and advancement of society and the advancement of technology, people had realized none another interpretation of the scholars in the past was such such and that's wrong bharatnet because of the advancement of societies and the advancement of technology, the interpretation of is 1234 Yeah, no problems. Your interpretation to interpret interpretation of the scholars of the past was wrong. Now maybe your interpretation is correct, but the Quranic idiom is never wrong.

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your understanding of the Quranic Kareem can be right or wrong, but the game is never wrong.

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Your perception of the game can be wrong, but the game is never wrong. Some of those extremists that we pay the price of we are the ones who pay the price. So Muslims who want to interpret the Quran, according to the monster

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sacks who came up with a chronic aim, they want to retell

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the entire world responsible for their past. So let's tie it up into chronic illness. That's their interpretation. That's all the chronic Kareem

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that's their interpretation. You can interpret whatever you want.

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You could say it's a good day or bad day, but the end of the day, the Khurana Karim is correct and accurate. laity colombina day one,

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no distortion. Now alteration, not changes, not amendments, not corruption will have any way in the name or penetrate the canonical name because it's a book of Allah, protected by Allah revealed to the Messenger of Allah Muhammad Sallallahu aleyhi was a llama brothers in Islam.

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The reason that I'm talking about this hotbar The reason I'm talking about this topic, and I'll be revealing this topic

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in different venues and different places,

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Because I could see the danger

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that our community is coming to. I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about your children. I'm not worried about this generation, but I'm worried about the next generation and generation after that. Because these are the corrupt thoughts. That's penetrating our community. The Islam needs to be reformed.

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Islam needs to be reformed. What does that mean? We need to be reformed.

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You could look at it from a positive way. Yes. Allah could say yes, Muslims need to reform themselves, Muslims, not Islam, and we need to reform ourselves in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah. We need to reform ourselves, and that's why we're paying a hefty price because we are away from the Quran and Sunnah. So we need to reform ourselves.

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We need reformation in accordance to the word of Allah and His Messenger in accordance to the Quranic meaning, but they cannot say that the Quran Karim, the Sharia, the Sunnah, the teachings of Islam, that needs to be reformed. That's a very dangerous analogy. That's a very dangerous ideology to say that Islam needs to be reformed, reformed,

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And we're not talking out of

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emergency, I'm telling you exactly what's happening.

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Islam needs to reform which means what? This prayer

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It's Friday during work hours, what are you doing, he

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needs to understand that you've got work for you to fulfill. We need to reform that. To the extent you have the Friday prayers on Saturday. Have on the weekends.

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Don't love about non Muslims, Muslims in Muslim countries

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a calling for these

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Muslims in Muslim countries are saying you know what? shift the product prior to subtly shift the product right to sell it because that's when people are off.

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Okay, so what are we gonna call so tomorrow? We're gonna call a suit except

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the Friday chapter we're gonna call it the seventh chapter.

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The other thing? Is this five daily prayers. Isn't that a bit too much? People are busy these days. Just make a once a day.

00:22:19 --> 00:22:21

What's this page?

00:22:22 --> 00:22:30

We live in the 21st century, like, you know what this is talking about? You have to cover people. What's this thing about covering people? You know?

00:22:31 --> 00:22:33

He's gonna take it out of your mind.

00:22:34 --> 00:22:42

And then it comes to other core issues in this area. What is it? How about if you love someone? If you love someone,

00:22:43 --> 00:22:52

man, men, women, same gender, opposite gender? Whatever it is, why should you deprive someone from getting married to someone that you love?

00:22:55 --> 00:23:06

You know, we live in a 21st century here. Why is them so harsh? In depriving people from sharing their love with other people that they love? Islam needs to be reformed.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:12

Islam needs to be reformed in many different ways in many different things. Amanda does

00:23:13 --> 00:23:19

a lot of things. And that's why I'm saying Subhana Allah, I'm saying this era of experience.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:33

20 years ago, when we dealt with some brothers, or even sometimes some sisters, we used to try and convince them to pray. They were really convinced they have to pray. But now it's about what you need to pray.

00:23:34 --> 00:23:39

Wanting. Without any exaggeration. Now you need to convince people that prayer is part of your deen

00:23:42 --> 00:23:42


00:23:44 --> 00:24:01

but I'm lazy. So you have to convince him in our gearup pride and be lazy, blah, blah, blah. Now after giving someone you get your Muslims 18 month and 20s Oh, that's all you know what convinced me that the pay isn't enough to have a lawyer Maha Shula with becoming like the other religions he's a Maha.

00:24:03 --> 00:24:13

As long as you have a lot in your heart, keep him in your heart but don't let him outside. That's the push keep align your heart. Keep that keep the love of Mohammed from loss in him in your heart. You don't have to showcase

00:24:14 --> 00:24:17

that love shouldn't come out just live inside inside. Look at him.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:37

He doesn't have to look like Muhammad. Oh, these actions bead I'm not saying the beads is the most important thing in the deen It is part of the deen but there's a lot more important things in the deen but you know all these things his heartbeat is that Salah That's too much. Just keep a light in your heart isn't enough just to say I love Allah. Yeah, but Allah has obligations upon me too.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:46

In the past, in the past, we still encourage people yeah, he fornication is haram. Homosexuality is haram.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:57

having any form or any sexual engagement with someone else is haram unless in accordance to the Islamic marriage.

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

So in the past

00:25:00 --> 00:25:18

People believed it was haram but it's a via Rafi Allah zone keeper from now. One literally now convinced me Why is it haram? If I love him, he loves me? Whether he or she, why Islam is the problem from fulfilling my emotions with someone that I love. I'm not harming you, no,

00:25:19 --> 00:25:24

no, convince people that convince them to stop the heroin. You have to convince them that it's heroin.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:47

And then these are the thoughts. These are sort of things that's coming into the minds of some people. And that's part of the core reform Islam. Islam must be reformed. Islam must change. Well, I'll tell you something from now. But a lot, even if we decide to change, it's not gonna change. Don't waste your time. It's unbreakable.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:51

unchangeable. It's the book of

00:25:53 --> 00:26:05

promise they'll preserve, let the entire world get together to try and make some changes and it will never ever, ever happen. And you know, and we will never change. Because that's my Dean.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:08

That's my religion.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:12

That's my, that's my religion. That's where I take more pride in.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:21

In following the true teachings of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's a choice between me listening to live storage and listening to some black of the straight.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:26

It's a choice between me following Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, or following some political later.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:28

This might

00:26:30 --> 00:26:35

be very stupid by me for me to pull integration of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:42

That's why my brothers in Islam, the key encountering This is seeking knowledge.

00:26:43 --> 00:26:47

The first revelation of Allah subhanaw taala upon Mohammed, the one that doesn't read a lot of them read.

00:26:48 --> 00:26:49

Have you ever thought over

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the first revelation of

00:26:54 --> 00:26:55

the first word

00:26:58 --> 00:27:07

was read, recite to someone that doesn't read or recite Why? Because that's the key in preserving Islamic identity.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:17

That's the key in protecting yourself. Knowledge, sake, knowledge, be part of knowledge and one

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versus test and me

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