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Part 15 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman


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The Islam world is a culture where Muslims meet with Muslims and increase their numbers in large numbers. The culture is also discussed as a source of evil, with some countries experiencing negative behavior from Muslims. Consistent events and setting out to see Prophets are also important. Manners and morals are also discussed as a source of success, and guests are encouraged to be generous to their neighbors and guests. The importance of avoiding violence and being a good neighbor is emphasized, along with avoiding violence and being a good role model. The segment also highlights the importance of being generous to guests when they come to their houses, as it is a sign of weakness and weakness in the culture of Islam.

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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aloha Medina Hakuna Chiba. We're in a bottle about an hour Justin Alba, alumni and founder and founder

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of regional Missoula matter.

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One MLA nauseam. Rob Bishop Lisa Emery,

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Melissa Neff, co

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op Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And please feed upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are testify that there's no god except the law. And I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam,

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sha Allah, we are with you once again

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at Locanda mosque on Thursday night,

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and I come

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after a week, which Allah subhanaw taala made easy for me to go

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and meet my Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK in Britain.

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And I come back with a lot of salaams from a Muslim brothers and sisters the

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was a very good experience for myself.

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Okay, man I experienced for themselves.

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arriving to Britain.

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I went to a city

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by the name of Birmingham and Birmingham is about two hours away from London.

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London is the capital city and major city there. Then the second biggest city in England is called Birmingham.

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As much as I heard about the Muslims being there,

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and as much as I imagined, I couldn't believe my eyes when I arrived to Birmingham.

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I felt I was in 100% Muslim city,

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how the soul white men had the soul people, woman with a hijab, everyone was either yet or the Pakistani clothing. It's like 100% a Muslim state.

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Every corner there's a mosque.

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in Birmingham alone, there's about 400 mosques.

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Some of the mosques are twice as big as the Kimber mosque. They have about two or three mosques twice as big as the Kimball musk.

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You think you've got like him, but he will not give us know when he they

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win together martial law just full of Muslims. You got to lock Birmingham, you could say 50% of Birmingham Muslims. And that's the second biggest city in England. And we get to the main road, just full Muslims. When I say full Muslims, you exactly like I lived two years in Pakistan, I thought it was in Pakistan.

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And so panela the taxi drivers in the bus drivers and I bet

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if one and I went to the airport and the workers in

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LA, just the Muslims are dominating.

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And just Birmingham alone, this 400 months, they're serious surrounding Birmingham, this all the small cities. Now England is different. Australia, Australia, there's seven main cities in seven different states. And that's where all the people living down there is 60 million people in a state like England, which is half of the size of New South Wales. So wherever you go, there's Muslims. In every city, there's Muslims. When I say Muslims, I'm talking about the whole area Muslims, just full Muslims. I had a brother brother, who was in Panama, we did not feel that we were in a western country. That's how many Muslims there. And the generations, like there were considered to be the

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second generation and considered to be like our parents migrated 30 years ago and so on. Down there in England, the Muslims been there forever 100 years. So you find the great grandfather migrated to England, and they've been in England for about 100 years, or they've been in Britain for about 60 years or 70s.

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And so panela you see so many youth and you see so many Muslims.

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And so panela The problem with the Muslims over the upsetting thing, disseminate divisions, and within one group, there's about five groups. So there's the group and the subgroup and the sub sub group divided and that division is was

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Really weakening the Muslims, because the weakness of the Muslims when the Muslims are divided, that's weakness. And when the Muslims are weak, that strength for others

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I went

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was a five day journey

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and had six lectures in five days. And I tried to ask them to try and give me a very intense program. And I've done a lecture conference in Birmingham, and I hold like this and hamdulillah was a good turnout.

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And the LEC conference gaff along the eight hour conference from two to 10. And they get so many speakers about 10 different speakers. So it was very tiring. And then I had another conference in Coventry, which is another city just outside

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Birmingham and hamdulillah the head Laurel Muslims there. And the bit and the most amazing experience is I had a lecture in Wales went from England to Wales. And there's the second biggest city in Wales called Swansea.

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And so Pamela Wales Lucky's to the furthest West.

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I'm coming to show you the name of Islam. I went to Wales to Swansea there and the Muslims been there for about 40 years. In the middle of Swansea. There is the biggest church in Swansea in others big old church with massive minarets. So Pamela, you see it from anywhere in Swansea

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and hamdulillah This is the mosque. Allah made the biggest church and sensitively the mosque. In general people in the UK like them, the churches that did have never been through one church, which opened and here the Australians are very religious compared to the people that you'd never see a church ever and that's why the church is just dying out. And all the churches are turn turning into mosque. And to see the amazing scene in Swansea the biggest churches about 300 years old and massive church in the middle of Swansea where everyone can say Allahu Akbar, the word of Allah azza wa jal have a strength and became a mosque.

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This going from the furthest of self which is Australia, to the furthest of North which is England. It comes to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he says, say Aloha, I'm Rama Bella Bella Ilana this matter this religion will reach everywhere, the way they have not reached over.

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And Subhana Allah shows you that coming from the lowest of self to the host of North, it shows you that the word of Islam had intuitive ruin and the word

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and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the end of every way. They say exactly what to say here. But I could see that in England 20 years time

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30 his time alone alum the Muslims will be there at least 50% just the Muslims are increasing and increasing Gani. They are stuck there no matter what they want to do. They can't rid of them. They stuck

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Yeah, they let them try whatever they want to try. The Muslims are stuck there and they're just increasing dramatically increasing in big numbers. One law he there are some areas you don't even see one white man they call him white men. And they are English. He didn't even see one Englishman. The sermon areas there and they've got some areas where the other was called on the minute that sound it's full of slums, fully Muslims. And so Pamela just a word of Islam is just entering a room

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will not go there. Look, you know, you shift from Australia, people looking at it strange. And I'm looking at him strange. Allah Subhan Allah the Prophet Muhammad Allah La there was upset then started strange. Strange, though I first started there I was just looking at me. You have religion Islam in Australia? Well, we we have more than we expect. So Pamela amazing. That's very strange. Well, that's the whole idea of this Deen. Now it's to be strange. And the Muslims look at a strange habit the non Muslims for some hamama in some said slam had started strange. Restart strange the way for stolen paradise for the strangers and have the leather with

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the visa law salami said of hypertrophy of metal in a museum. The good isn't me and my nation to the day of judgment and the good of the nation on homosassa Lamas day and is spreading and it's expanding. And the word of Islam is just getting bigger and bigger and stronger. And the more

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The plotting of those evil plotters plot against Islam, the more they do a favor for Islam and the Muslims.

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And people there are turning into Islam in big numbers on seminary votes, the people just becoming Muslims constantly becoming Muslims, and people just turning to Islam and people want to know more about Islam. And Subhana Allah This is an A this is to show you what the prophet Muhammad SAW Salam spoke about 14 centuries ago, with 14 centuries, no one understood what the prophet SAW Selim was saying that this Dino rich everywhere the way, the way rich said, the way that I am not rich everywhere. And this Dean had started strange or strange. And so Pamela, this thing understood it just any made gave him a bigger and a greater vision and picture when I actually went down, so the

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Hampton law but there's one thing

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they miss

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is an A comparing us with a small number to the number hamdulillah there's a lot of especially at this place, that doesn't have as activities and programs as we have. And they tell them this, a youth a youth attending lessons 50 of them at a mosque is something big, it's a Lavenham delegate five 600 people a month Are you for real? Are you for this amazing for them, and it's something big and hamdulillah it's something garni and it doesn't have as activities as we have a programs as we have. And because maybe there is a lot of laziness coming also from the leaders of the community there. And a lot of them are stuck to the cultural, they're still stuck to the culture and mixing

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cultural with religion. hamdulillah now we should appreciate what we have hamdulillah have a very good and something should be thanked from Allah subhanaw taala of the activities that we have done doesn't have these activities. They really miss a lot of activities. They have a lot of programs during summer. Yeah, and in one in one week. They'll be having five six different conferences in different places, and they get big turnouts, but that's the main activities they have. They don't have that constant activities that we have here like Mondays Thursdays, in barbecues and programs and cams they don't have much of that. They have large conferences. In some especially they have

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large conferences, any one of the conferences, they sometimes they get up to 20,000 people attending the conference, but they don't have that continuous activity and what's important is consistency, being constant and always being continuous for this is something shuttler to share with your brothers and sisters about this trip and inshallah could be beneficial for you inshallah.

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Hadith number 15

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which the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had said, I've been arrested by Abra de la

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Mancha Mina Billahi min after follicle hieron only a smart woman can you know Bella he will Yamanaka fulcrum Jarrah.

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woman can a minnow Bella

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Aparna right.

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said them who believes in Allah. And the last day, either speak good was keep silent. And let him who believes in Allah on the Day of Judgment, be generous to his neighbors, and let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day, be generous to his guests, narrated by Al Bukhari Muslim. This Hadith is one of the great Hadith to teach the Muslims the importance of manners and morals, as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, boys to attend minimum Academy are sent by Allah subhanaw taala to perfect and complete the good hon manners. And these this, this hadith is one of the main and a major Hadith in that regard, that the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught the companions to be in the best state of manners, and to be in the best state of luck. And he says Allahu alayhi wa sallam. It is part of the quality of a woman that whoever believes in Atlanta Day of Judgment, to say, which is good, or to keep silent or quiet. So it's a call it's a man, my brothers sisters that lack the good manners and morals. It's a man it's a bad luck every other other how we pray to Allah how we foster Allah how remember Allah will read the Quran Karim. Also your luck is one of those a bed that they increase your Hassan as you get closer to Allah subhanaw taala with

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And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says it very clear here, that whoever believes in Allah on the Day of Judgment, says good, or keeps quiet. So it's part of the man and it's part of the faith. It's part of the faith of men of the believer. It's so which is good, and to keep away from witches evil in bed, this tongue, this tongue is created to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this time remembers Allah azzawajal said that makes it that makes the remembrance of Allah and the good on your tongue with evil and the words of the shade on

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that one of you might say a word that they won't even think about. One of us masa word, we think this word does not mean anything would not harm would not have a value would not have a way to it. Yeah, we'd be happy marriage and nama Sabina halifa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this word will take him in the Hellfire 70s this word will take him in the Hellfire over 70s so sometimes a word though we don't even think of that we don't even wait it wouldn't even think the value of it will take us in the Hellfire 70s for my brothers and sisters for your safety of your a man for your protection of your Eman say which is

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good and just keep away from which is better than evil.

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Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala who once he was pulling his tongue, so I told them all back What are you doing? He said armor. This is what destroyed me how the leather overdone in my word. This is what destroyed me and took me to destroying this what destroyed me and took me to what destroys for the time my brothers and sisters the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Whoever guarantees and what's between his bead which is the tunnel what's what train is the thought, which is the proper path from evil six, some alojado Some said I could guarantee for them to paradise, I could guarantee for them the paradise, the tongue, the tongue is something that we should always

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monitor. And something that was almost always something something that should always always debate something that we should always look and monitor and make sure and the good comes out of the tongue. Because it's sort of a man, it's sign of weakness of a man does you always say bad things and out of the 10 bad things. And remember my brothers and sisters this time is what leads you to good Oh, well, he Tibet, one of the wise men he said, I never regretted on a word that I didn't say well was regret on a word that I say. And it also said that I control the word before it comes out of my tongue, but once it comes out of my tongue, he controls me. So the tongue say which is good and

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prevent from which is bad. Do not Do not say Allah please Allah subhana wa Taala then nothing out of the tongue come out and do what you please Allah subhanaw taala Allah Almighty says male for the Mongolian Illa de la COVID-19 se for every word you pronounce a lot of zoa jam had assigned a lot give it a table of the angels who write your and record your records.

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Also in the recent alojado salaam told mouth that what takes people to the Hellfire is the tongue. What takes people to the Hellfire is the tongue. Some I've said a prophet of Allah Allah just ever. So some law some says the Calico mug my mother Lizzy that's in a way that the Arabs used to speak. My mother lives you wake up the surf wahala kupuna softener Illa Allah mana

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you know him winning the only thing that takes people to the alpha is elevate Tom. Tom is the number one thing that leads people to the hellfire. And the Tom is the number one thing that leads people to the paradise. And the other side of the Hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that one of you must say I would they don't even think how good it is, and how valuable it is. This will take it to the paradise. So one bad word could lead you to the hellfire. And then the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says

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woman can even Avila William polychrome Jarrah is also part of our luck, to be generous to the neighbor, to be generous to the one that lives next to you. And the scholars say up to seven neighbors that your neighbor up to seven neighbors, that's your neighbor and some say up to seven from one side and seven from another side on some size seven all up from both sides, your neighbor, your neighbor, it's part of your amen it's part of your faith to be generous to your neighbor in the beast on the line Salim said that jabril continually, continuously will keep remind me about the neighbor and the importance of the neighbor until I thought that the neighbor is gonna my neighbor

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is going to inherit me. That's how the Prophet Muhammad SAW Samson. ledger brick always constantly comes and always reminds me about the neighbor and the importance of the neighbor in importance of taking

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care of the neighbor I'm being generous to neighbor at the salon I'm saying also that after auto he'll take my wolf is part of my family. For Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that whoever believes in Allah day of government, whoever's got the Eman and taqwa to be generous to the neighbors, whenever la salatu salam used to always tell the companions, be generous to your neighbor, even if you give him something small, do not look down at something small that you'd be generous to your neighbor, do not look down on something small that you'll be generous to your neighbor, this simple thing could lead you to the paradise, also Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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Allah is not a believer, he is not a believer, he is not a believer. Those are He, who, who? Who harms his neighbor.

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And it's part of a man, absolutely a man to be generous to your neighbor. And it's like a man lack of faith for those who disturb the neighbors. I want to talk about neighbors in the neighbor. And he talking about not just a Muslim neighbor, salado sent him, he said, one neighbor has one rights over you. And that's the rights of neighborhood. And that's the non believing neighbor. And one neighbor has two rights over you. And the rights of a neighborhood and Islam. And that's a Muslim neighbor. He has a lot of neighborhood and lots of Islam, Avi, and one neighbor has three rights. And that's your Muslim cousin. That's a Muslim kinship. He has the rights of a neighbor on the right, and the

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rights of a neighborhood Ave has a right of Islam IV and he has a right of a kinship. So when we talk about a neighbor, he's talking about a Muslim and non Muslim, it doesn't mean he's a Muslim, we take care of him. He's a non Muslim, he be bad towards them. Blacks, this is absolutely against the teachings of Islam, he should be a good role model by preaching to neighbor that Islam, that your neighbor should look up to you and say I want to become Loki. And how many of you have heard of non Muslim neighbors become a Muslim just because of the good qualities and manners and the morals of the Muslim neighbor? and haven't ever heard that a lot of non Muslims who turned away from Islam and

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they were on the edge of becoming Muslim because of the manners of their Muslim neighbors. So we should lead by example of being a neighbor. And always keep away that any harm from a Muslim neighbor, will la la, la la la, la la la. I mean, some of our lives and confer the three times that Allah is not a believer. He is not a believer. He is not a believer. And then some laws have said is the one that does not keep his home away from his neighbors is the one that does not keep his home away from his neighbors. So my brothers and sisters, your neighbor, your neighbor, your neighbor, it's part of Islam and as part of Amen, allies and it says Robert de la de la chicopee share with

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Bill well Dana sign up and worship Allah azza wa jal

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Sasha no one else was in what will validate in Asana be generous to parents will be the Cobra and then Allah says also be generous to the kinship Walia Tama and to the orphans while Masaki and to the poor and needed while jar Ism corbon. Also your class neighbor Lazor just says and always also be generous to your class neighbor, well jar in Juniper also to me neighbor was sahibabad jamband also different. So Allah subhanaw taala recommended us and allows

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us to be generous to our neighbors and also just to be dutiful to our neighbors and be a support to them. Allah azza wa jal says, Allah subhanaw taala mentions those people in the Hellfire for wilderland Mussolini Lavina masala teamster hoon. I live in a home euro Oh, no, I am not on my own. He'll fight for those who do not devote and do not concentrate in their prayers and neglect their prayers, and those who have pride. And then a laser says why I'm not on my own. on my own. Here are the simple things that sometimes your neighbor might ask you to give to them. Like for example, a piece of bread or using a knife or using a pot or a timber fire or using a simple things that then

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have a value that you could support your neighbor with allies or just said Hellfire for those who do not support the neighbors and do not support others with that.

00:24:15--> 00:24:21

wannabe Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he said that if one of you are the female companions, if one of you

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if one of you cooks, let them increase the water, lift them increase the summon into the into the food and see their neighbors and give it to them. Also, Allah salatu wa sallam he said

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whoever sleeps with a full stomach, knowing that his neighbor is hungry, he did not believe in me. He did not believe in me. So be generous to the neighbors. And finally, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says also be generous to your guests. Whoever believes in the live zone do gentlemen, be generous to them?

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Guest and the guest key, anyone that you know that comes to your house, that's a guest. I know we have the meaning and understanding of a guest. Only if someone we know he is my guest, my father, now him is not my guest. That was back then they used to fly over who will come at their houses and give them hospitality some, something they used to be very proud of. And this is something that Islam came to emphasize on but with the right intention, with the right intention to be generous to your guests. And being generous to the guests is a sign of Amen. And the generosity and in the scholars say there is not enough. There is nothing called something that is ever, ever spent. When

00:25:42--> 00:26:24

it comes to the guest. You never ever spend when it comes to the guest. And whatever you spend for the guest you never ever spend it all for the sake of Allah Subhana Horta Ireland's all acceptable. So the guests something that Islam emphasizes on something that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to be the best of men who used to give a great hospitality to his guests. Salaam Salaam. He used to be described as a great man used to give a great hospitality to his guests. And this is the quality of the moments and the quality of the believers, they used to always give a good hospitality. They give a good hospitality to their guests. And it's a sign of a man,

00:26:24--> 00:27:04

when a guest comes over you accept him and give him a good hospitality. If you can't give him a good hospitality. That means you a man is weak. That means your Eman is weak. And unfortunately find some people. When the guest comes over. It's like a mountain came over and try and give them minimal. But try and give them minimal, you know, the you know, don't give them don't give, don't give him a cup of drink. Because of cost even more, give them a cup of tea. You know, that's a bit of water. And some people think that way. Some people want to try and minimize their hospitality to their guests. And this is weakness of email. This is a great sign of weakness of a man. So my brothers and sisters

00:27:04--> 00:27:07

be an example of the way the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:27:08--> 00:27:48

was an example and it was a great example with his guests, and being generous to the gifts and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to be described as being the greatest man who used to give hospitality his guests and the other had this quality in them. They'll give anything for the gifts. They give anything for the gifts and there was a man by the name, his hat on the potty, and how we thought it used to be now how to carry him the generous hartham is to be very well known to be very generous. As our Prophet Mohammed Hassan was described Canon bisazza lambda word. La salat wa salam is to be generous, and the most times used to be ever generous is in Ramadan. And heart Dimitar used

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to be one of those herbs used to be generous. And he had a host when his horse was a distinguished host from all the horses in the Arabian Peninsula. And once he had guests over, and had nothing else

00:28:02--> 00:28:45

to give him hospitality sighs he's loaded the most beloved those team so he could give it as I hospitalities guess. This is the quality of a moment when the beast Allah Allah Allah wa sallam once a man came to him, saying a prophet of Allah, I need someone to, you know, shelter me, and I need some Hassani the hospitality for the day. So now we saw some as the companions who will take this man who take this man, son of the companions, maybe they will go through a tough time and they were embarrassed. They take their guests. So one of the poor competitors got obviously they'll have a lot I'll take him. So he went. And he took this guest his house, and he told his wife because he only

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had a bit of food and had children. So he told his wife to put the kids asleep early, although they were dying from starvation. And when they come to eat, only had enough food for one person. So it's not enough for the guest and the owner of the house and his wife. So he told his wife 10 of the light, and we'll make a soft eat and while he will eat the food. So he did the next day is a loss and I've said is the man that took the guest yesterday. Segura and he told them Allah subhanaw taala laughed a lot. xojo love your action yesterday. Allah had promised you a great hospitality in the paradise allows those who promised you a great hospitality in the paradise. Yeah, look at the

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sacrifice. He made his children get asleep starving, and he did not have enough food he gave all his food, all the food they have for the guests. And they made themselves eat from the plates like hitting the plates like Lena made this a who will do that these days. Lower level of salt Iran for the sake of you know, La Mancha de la jolla molasses for life or whoever believes in Allah

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and that they have judgment. Let them be generous to the guests. Let them be generous to the guests and of course the guest is three days

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After three days, Elisa, I'm gonna guess is Elise, after three days he becomes to sneak. Okay, three days is the guest first day, second day third day is when I kick him out a lot

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of back then never used to ask a guest How long is tankful?

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back then? They never asked the guests why he's coming for and how and what's his reasons. The first three days in the guest they welcome him. The Tulum, hello Santa, give him the mic give him back then they used to have a special room for guests. And that's why also in

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a lot of the auto from the original author, especially in in the Arabian Peninsula To this day, they have guest houses, they have guest houses and a guest that comes there let him sleep there for two or three days. And then they have this custom that three days don't ask him anything after the third day that ask after the third day that ask for and also I guess this three days after that is not a guest is it becomes a sadhaka over him as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said allama john anila venustiano Cohn feta Manasa I'll just this is a quick one. Quick reminder. I'll announce this is one in front of me. Sydney cup 06

00:31:22--> 00:31:29

Okay, when is the his own one day event? First prize $4,000 cash

00:31:30--> 00:31:50

I should pass participate. And hello Mike my team $75 per player. And with the register register, he sent an email to Sydney cubs 06 at hotmail.com Okay, whoever wants more information I guess that someone else has any questions. Questions

00:31:51--> 00:31:55

any brother has a question? Christians

00:31:56--> 00:31:57


00:32:03--> 00:32:13

okay with repentance he could either repent from a specific sin Alo forgive that sin alarm or you could prevent a general repentance of all sins on a low forgive all sins

00:32:15--> 00:32:16

my German football

00:32:19--> 00:32:20


00:32:33--> 00:32:48

no doesn't doesn't apply doesn't apply. Okay, someone you went up to someone. He thought Oh, forgive me said I forgive you. And then one day they clicked it said I'm not gonna forgive you. After I forgive me the first time. Tell us once the forgive they forgive. That's it. Now, another question. For the

00:32:51--> 00:33:00

low contagion sama for the sake of Allah. wa salam was tortured, persecuted him and the companions were the people of Mecca and at the end that was awesome, said Phantom tilaka

00:33:01--> 00:33:05

and it shouldn't Muslim and Muslim should be laying easy.

00:33:07--> 00:33:17

Laws those who said we'll call them in the labor law financeable describe the believers as those who grab the anger and forgive people so it's part of a man to forgive. It's part of a man Nam

00:33:20--> 00:33:41

if I get up to someone and more cars wrecked and I tell them fix my car in return I'll give you that money. Okay, so I only give them money if they fix my car that didn't fix my car but I didn't give him the money. Of course it doesn't deserve the money if he didn't fix the car. He doesn't deserve the money and he deserves the money if he fixes the car but if they don't fix the car and deserve the money

00:33:45--> 00:33:47

if Lloyd is Lloyd

00:33:50--> 00:33:52

how much he bought a for is how much

00:33:54--> 00:34:03

if you can't learn it's not much you bought a farm you can learn okay you could add expenses Cousin Cousin Cousin of history at whatever street

00:34:07--> 00:34:09

Yeah, understand you got continue.

00:34:14--> 00:34:19

The prayer accept is well accepted by angels don't come in the house. That's got nothing to do with the

00:34:21--> 00:34:21


00:34:23--> 00:34:48

Alone think after discuss there are things in law you are allowed to practice and there are things in law you're not allowed to practice. So I can't just give you a general thing. Just love that all the areas Same thing with every drop down a cleaner this places I love the cleaner. This place is not allowed to clean. a security guard there's a places I love to work on this place. Now. Same thing with law, a lot of this areas is allowed to weaken and this area's not allowed to weaken. Now,

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

compulsory insurance is permissible. Any other option of insurance is not permissible. In other question,

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

What is all shallows once again we'll see you on Monday, subhanak Olam hammock, Masha Allah Allah