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Part 14 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman

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Is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah.

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Well brothers and sisters in Islam once again we are with the 40 Hadith that's being collected by Imam in Norway and later on was named the 14 hour we the 14 hour we referring to amendment now we are the one that collected that number of Hadith

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and Hadith number 14

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in which been arrested Baba loving the majority says Allah Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Leia hello there mama m Muslim and ye shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa and the Rasulullah

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ala the Salah has

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a stable journey zanni

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woolnough sobin knifes What are equally Dini?

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mufaddal lil Gemma, raha Buhari Muslim?

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this hadith been narrated by beloved domiciled in which he says the blood

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and it has been narrated by the prophet Muhammad wa salam, he says, the message of Allah said, the blood of a Muslim may not be legally spelt other than in one of three instances.

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The first instance the married person who commits adultery.

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The second one I live for a life

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and the third one and one who forsakes his religion and abundance the community narrated by a moment Bukhari and Muslim, Abdullah Mossad, the narrator of the Hadith, one of the great companions, and the first companion in Islam, to recite the Quran out loud in front of the faces of the people of Makkah. I've done live and I'm Assad was one of those great companions, who stood firmly by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at the beginning of the Tao of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam in Mecca, wrote the alarm Allahu taala no

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved him so much, and distinguished his love to Abdullah more so than any than every other companion. And Abdullah Massoud was a short, skinny companion, and he had very thin legs. Once the companions were mocking the thinness of his legs of his shins. So sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the companions, What are you laughing at? So they said, we're laughing at the thinness of the thought of the thought and the shin of Abdullah Massoud. So the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, By Allah, by Allah, those two shins of Abdullah have no Massoud are more heavier in the sight of Allah than the mountain of a HUD. And what made them heavy is a

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man. What made them heavy. It is love to loss origin. Abdullah of nomads wrote one of the great companions no writes, I had it.

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Where la Salatu was Salam he says lay Hello, remember a Muslim in the shadow Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, the Salah, the blood of a Muslim will not be legal, spelt after other than one of the three instances when someone pronounces the Shahada. It says eyeshadow Allah, Allah the law, well, eyeshadow, Anna Mohammed Rasulullah, he is automatically Muslim. To us, we must accept his Islam. Why he conceals Washington seals, what they have from behind becoming Muslims, that's between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala. You cannot make a judgment over someone who made Islam or accepted Islam that he became a Muslim. Because of that we reject the Islam. No matter who

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the person is, no matter what they conceal, no matter what they show, as long as they pronounce the word of Shahada, you as a Muslim must accept him or must accept her or must accept them as Muslims and you must treat them as Muslims.

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You must treat them as Muslims, you can analyze and calculate and come up with some sense that he became a Muslim because he wants to marry off his Islam is not accepted. Even though whatever intention he has to walk in this world. He or she or them they are Muslims. We treat them as Muslims, between them and our job. It's a different case between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala something else what they can

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seal with the heart the lies xojo will judge him in the hereafter and allies it's our job to make him accountable Edward Allah subhana wa tada will make him accountable for what they concealed and Allah subhanaw taala will judge them for the intention they became Muslims but what's in this world? The Muslims are one of the rights. One of the rights. Or one of the rights of someone who pronounces the Shahada of us is we treat him as a Muslim, and his blood is haram.

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No one could touch him or harm him his blood is haram, except what the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had mentioned except in three instances or in three occasions, with a block of Muslim, the block of that Muslim who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah even he might pray and even reads the Quran and so on. The only time with a block of a Muslim it is Hello. The only time with a blood of a Muslim is halaal is the time when he commits three things. Okay, what's the number one thing

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number one thing is a stable zanni a stable, a Zani. Which is the married person who commits adultery. The married person who commits adultery. Okay, we all know adultery or fornication, which are referred as to be evil or illegal sex or illegal sexual intercourse. This is something Haram, the only the only way that allows the sexual intercourse halaal is through a marriage contract. Beside that it is haram. And now that it is haram. Okay. In Islam, there is a punishment for someone who commits adultery or fornication, or illegal sex. But the punishment various are the punishment differs from the state of the person that had committed the actual illegal sex. It's different from

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the state of the person, whether he's been married before or not married.

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He's been married before not married. So for example, if a man commits an illegal sex, a man sleeps with a woman who is not his wife, okay? This man, there is a punishment over them. Okay, that punishment differs from being that this man has he ever been married before or not. If he's been married before, then his punishment is stoning to death. And that's where the Prophet Muhammad SAW some says in this Hadith, that his blood is halal, or that he is a Muslim. His blood is halal, although he is a Muslim one of the instance or one of the occasions where the blood of a Muslim becomes halaal. Although he says Laila Mohammed Rasul Allah is when he commits an illegal sex, and

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he's married have been previously married. And that's what they call him.

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A theological Mohsen means that he's married, have previously been married. And it could be he's married at the time we committed that illegal sex, or he was before or before the time he was married and divorced, if a person that's been married, or married and commits an illegal sex, and that's what they call an English adultery, and they differentiate between that and the other one by saying fornication, okay, if this meme married men, or this married woman, or previously married man or woman commit an illegal sex or adultery, and then they are found guilty, then their punishment is their punishment is stoning to death. If

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this man, a woman who's never been married before, this man commits an illegal sex, or this woman commits an illegal sex and these people have been bachelors over the life. They've never been married before, and they're not married at the moment or the time of committing that illegal sex, then their punishment is 100 lashes. Their punishment is 100 lashes. So the difference between the first punishment standing to death, and the second punishment, which is 100 lashes is depends on the state of the person that committed the illegal sex. If they've been married before married when they committed the illegal sex, then they are considered to be theia masan, which means they can't commit

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adultery and their punishment is stoning to death. If they've never been married before when they committed the illegal sex which is folly keishon they call it English. Okay, then the punishment is 100 lectures, then the punishment is 100 lessons.

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Okay, the punishment that we set for someone who had committed adultery and that's a man or a woman that be that's been married or previously been married, or automaton been married and committed that illegal sex which is adultery, okay, their punishment is stoning to death and their punishment starving to death. The judge, he is the one that applies the punishment, which orders are hauled to be ducked in the ground, this woman or men that had committed the event.

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Will action they'll be in the house and then the people will gather around them and stone them until they die, stoning and stand them until the boy with a prophet and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam applied the time when a woman came, and she said the Prophet of Allah, I had committed adultery. I had committed adultery, which means been married before I've committed adultery, and asked me to apply the penalty of a lot on me. So some Allahu alayhi wa sallam asked and she said she's pregnant. So Lawson said that to God, and when she gives birth, and the kid relies on himself another after she breastfeeds him and he wins. Then to bring to come with her

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guardian says she came and the kid had a piece of bread in his hand, which indicates that he doesn't need the breast of his mother anymore. And then the problem homosassa lamb ordered her guardian to tartan her clothes on her body and Salaam Salaam laka. How? And he put on the hall and the companion stand until death, and then solo then. Then the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam attempted or the prophet SAW someone to pray on his harmonica. Tom said are you going to pray on her? You're going to pray on her. Wish you had committed adultery, and other marriage says a blood came on. I'm on Omar Kosta. So Salam said Don't say that. But Allah Chad performed a repentance that if you wanted to devote that

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repentance would have been enough to fit 70 people of the people of Medina and shed repentance Allah is sincere repentance, and a lot of xojo accepted that repentance for me. So this is in regards of someone committing adultery and that someone married or previously married, someone who's a bachelor or single committed adultery, or fornication or committed illegal sex, then their judgment is 100 lashes 100 lashes were the judge once again, he is the one that applies the hokum, and penalty will order they call him the shall lead back then the Gillette is the one that lashes the one that weeps, he'll get a whip and lashes him 100 lashes, that lash should be a quick one. And there's certain

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conditions of the scholar say it shouldn't his hand shouldn't get too high, because it becomes too painful. To get too low. What else becomes too soft, it's got to be average, it's got to do with very quick, and they shouldn't give gaps it doesn't get filled the pain and so on under certain conditions that the scholars have put on the judge must apply the same 100 lashes 100 lashes, the judge could even get over that. And when he says about 100 lashes he could he could or that person that had committed fornication to leave the city that he was in forever, as long as you could kick him out of the 10 for one for you. He probably repent outside or probably repent in another town. So

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this is one of the things that the judge can do. Now, like who How does, how does the case take place? Someone committed fornication adultery? How does that case take place in Islam? It's either two things, one of two, either one of two, either the criminal or the person that had committed adultery or fornication. confessors comes before the judge and says, I had committed adultery, and I'm a married man, or I have committed fornication I will never been married before. And then then the penalty applies because he had confessed in front of the judge exactly what happened with a woman who she came to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and confessed to the profiler is

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Salatu was Salam. The other thing is when witnesses testify against him or her, when witnesses testify against him and her, okay, and what the criteria of witnesses and the number of witnesses in Islam, Islam had put the number of full witnesses for male just Muslim witnesses. When we say for males, that means females can witness against a person that has committed fornication, adultery.

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Allah Muslims can witness against someone who had committed fornication or adultery. And Allah just Muslims who are trustworthy man or someone or some donkey or some person who drinks wine comes and testifies, this person needs to open source. And he kind of the judge doesn't accept the justifications of someone who is unjust and unjust in Islam means he's not trustworthy. And just in Islam means he is not is not trustworthy. So there must be four male witnesses, for male witnesses, not three, not two, not one must. If If the court if the case of someone committing adultery or fornication, if the case to be taken forward, then there must be full male witnesses who will come

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forward and say that we saw the whole scene and the must see the whole scene in Islam. This not we saw him and her getting to the same room. That's not enough. Him and her going in the same room. It's not enough

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him and her walking together. It's not enough, him and her we're talking about it's not enough. In Islam, they must see with the eyes, the whole action, the whole scene must take place in the eyes, four of them witness though, if less than four, three come forward, three men come forward or to come forward, the one person comes forward, then the judge will apply the penalty on them for testifying, justification, which is called I will cover color, which is an accusation of adultery or fornication. And Islam, it must be for male Muslim witnesses who saw the whole thing, and they must for them come and testify in front of the judge. If less than four, then the judge would not accept

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that justification, even if it's three of them. And the other best of people, the judge will not only accept

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or reject the justification who even apply a penalty over them. And that penalty called I'll cover which is 80 lashes each who ate alleges age for not coming forward to four witnesses, because that's called the front cover is another penalty which someone accuses another person of an illegal sexual evil sex, accusing a Muslim or a Muslim or who are respected or neutral people of committing such an evil, ugly act like fornication, adultery, if someone calls someone or says something about someone that have committed that, and that did not come forward with formal witnesses, then the Muslim judge will apply the penalty on them. And that penalty, which is the penalty of other accusation, and that

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penalty is a delicious eat. If for come for my witnesses under say, we saw the whole same, then the Muslim judge will accept that justification. And he'll apply the penalty on that person, whether it's 100 letters for fornication, or standing to death for adultery, or stoning to death for adultery. Now, which in other words, it's it's very, very hard to happen, where you're going to get four male Muslims seeing the whole action in the history of Islam, they say it's never happened in the history of Islam. It's never ever happened. And this, some people come to me and say, you know, Islam says if you accuse someone of committed fornication, this is a penalty and so on, but let it

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happen. It's never happened in history. It's one of the most impossible things to happen to get for Muslim, my witness has seen the whole thing. Okay. That's why Islam gave the option to that Muslim to come and confess, or either repent between you and Allah. And that's the other issue. If someone does commit fornication or adultery in other sin, does he have to come forward to the judge? Okay, keep that between him and allies are done. And Allah subhanaw taala forgive, he could do either. He could come from the judge, and, and who asked the judge to apply the penalty of Islam on him. And once that penalty is applied, that means that's forgiveness for him over the senior criminal. Or he

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could keep that between him and Allah azza wa jal, and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Most Merciful analyzer just the most forgiving. So Allah subhanaw taala, Allah azza wa jal forgive, so it doesn't in Islam, he doesn't have to come forward to the judge and confess to him, they had committed adultery or fornication, you could keep that between you and Allah azza wa jal and Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal will forgive me if I'm also pan autonomous. So this is the first instance which allows the Muslim judge to spill the blood of a Muslim if he commits adultery if he commits or if she commits adultery. Now, the second instance, which the Prophet Muhammad SAW salami

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says, well enough soon enough, see one laughs have enough see a life for a life a life for a life and that means someone killing another person, someone killing another person. Okay, in Islam, murder is one of the worse and one of the major sins in Islam to kill someone instantly. This is one of the major sins in Islam now if someone kills someone there's three different types of killing a guy one the color of cathlamet Atlanta is deliberate death deliberate murder, which means I grabbed the gun off I'm I came with the intention of kill this person I killed him. They called a deliberate death. Why because I intended to kill him and also took the means and the message to kill him. They

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call that butland

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the other one is cattle sheep will haha. Okay, a murderer. That's like a similar mistake. For example, I'm going out hunting, so I've got a weapon that kills on a character shoot that me and Subhanallah shot the farmer and he died.

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So here I had a weapon that kills. But with that weapon that kills I made the mistake by killing another person. I can make the mistake while killing

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Oh, maybe I need this guy's sometimes under the Hata. Okay, the one shipping Ahmed, or the similar to deliberate is for example, I had a fight with someone, and I didn't have the intention of killing him, but I punched him and my punch was too strong, hit him and he fell and he collapsed. And he thought, Okay, this is Annie, one of the incidents that happens. So I had the intention to hit him I had the intention to harm him, but I don't have the intention to kill him. But more harm when I've exaggerated and killed him. They call that ship llama, which is a murder that's like deliberate murder. And the other one is mistake, which is the one I mentioned to you. I swapped them over. The

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one mistake is I came to shoot an emu or camera shot a farmer. I didn't have the intention to get near him but Subhana Allah he popped out of nowhere and shot him and killed him. Okay, now, if the only one that Islam gives the rights for someone to for the penalty to be taken as death is the one that someone has had the intention of killing. Someone had the intention of killing and he used the method to kill, they call the cattle a llama deliberate murder, deliberate murder, the penalty of deliberate murder is death. Okay. The penalty of deliberate murder is death. But he and Islam Allah Zaza had given the Guardian, or had given the family of the murdered the person that's been murdered

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or being killed, that had given them the option whether they asked for the blood of the murderer. Okay, the why he killed our son, we wanted to be killed, and the judge can kill him the way he killed him. So if he killed them through a gun who kill him, if he killed them through them, a knife will kill him. If he killed them by smashing a rock over his head, he will kill him that way. Unless it's something that Islam forbids, like if he killed him by burning him, then he gets killed, by shooting and so on.

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So, in Islam, if someone kills or commits a deliberate murder, then Allah azza wa jal had given the family an option of one option of either that his blood the way the family member was killed, that killer or that murderer gets killed. The other option is ransom money, which is 100, evaluated 200 camels value added 200 camels and 100 camels these days, at least two camels 1700 camels about 100,000 700,000 and every camel, and it is a description. 30 of them must be to use the other 30 must be ever three years, the other 30 must be pregnant. And with camels not like cows, the older they get, the more expensive they become. The cows they older against the cheaper they become. And

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that's how it is with camels. I never saw Salam valuated the kemah the ransom money with camels.

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Now this is if it's a deliberate death if it's a deliberate murder, okay, if it's a ship a llama, if it's a murder, that's like deliberate murder, where you have the intention to harm but he didn't have the intention to kill, but that harm ended up killing, then there is no blood, in return this alley, ransom money here, the killer, or the person that had committed the

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murderer, or the one that had the intention of killing, or they had the intention of harming but end up in killing. All he's got to do is pay ransom and it goes back to the family of the dead or the person that's been murdered. And the one that have that same thing. If someone kills someone by mistake, then he's gonna pay a ransom money, which is 100 camels, and as I said, is divided. So in Islam as the problem homosassa Lemma says, Hello Domine re Muslim Anisha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, that the blood of a Muslim he says that Allah Mohammed Rasul Allah is not halal, and in three instances, and one of those instances are when someone kills or commits a

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deliberate murder commits a deliberate murder now, and the last one will technically Danielle mufaddal, Gemma and the one who forsakes his religion and abundance the community and that's what they refer us to Alma. Alma Todd is upstairs upstairs is someone that was a Muslim and left Islam, whether it was originally non Muslim, then it became a Muslim and then left Islam or is born a Muslim. Then he left Islam. They call the person that was ever once a Muslim and then left Islam they call them a malted, and I'm someone that he had left an abundant the JAMA which is here referring as the JAMA the community as Islam. The mortared his punishment in Islamic law is to be

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killed is to be killed. Why? Because of the fitna that the mortared and the red the will do to the Muslim community. A lot of people will start leaving Islam just to go and commit corruption, especially back then the Muslim community wasn't mixing with a non Muslim community and the non Muslim community had a lot of permissible things due to their faith for drinking one and so on.

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Muslim humidity wasn't allowed. So some Muslims start leaving the Muslim community and become non Muslims just for the sake of committing Haram. And that's what the red the leads to corruption and leads to others leaving Islam for that Islam stops and does not allow that to take place because of the corruption that spreads among the Muslim community. And for that Islam. Islam has allowed someone who says, let alone believes that Islam gives the right to the Muslim judge to commit it to perform and to apply the penalty have had which the penalty of the penalty or the head means that to apply the penalty of

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the penalty of hanging or killing or whatever. The judge sees all these penalties in Islam these two things there's something called penalty, which is had an tazzy which is punishment penalty had is a set punishment coming from Allah azza wa jal is Prophet, like what Aleksandra mentioned about someone committing adultery or fornication, it's a set punishment from Allah azza wa jal, and like someone can be committing theft is I set permission from Allah azza wa jal to chop their hands. And then they lay the foot, the feet, and so on and so on. Okay. But there's some, there's a lot of other corruption. There's a lot of other evil acts, which are very evil and very, and very wrong.

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And the Eliza just gave authority for a penalty. But this is not set penalty. This is not set penalty. There is no set penalty, but there is a punishment. Okay, who's going to set the punishment there? Okay, it's the judge, the judge has the right to apply a set punishment for someone that commits an evil action. And that's what they call

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all the penalties from killing, chopping the hands and so on. That all goes back to the Muslim judge who's assigned by the Muslim leader, in which he is the leader of a Muslim state. So not in an individual on the street gangs and applies that while tomorrow one of our friends committed adultery, adultery, he's gonna chop his head off, okay, or stone him, take him to national park and put a while and stoned to death. No one gives the rights to the only one that's got the rights is the tardy the Muslim judge and the Muslim judge who is assigned by the Muslim government. So there must be a Muslim government and there must be a Muslim, there must be an Islamic court. And there

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must be a Muslim judge applies the penalty. Beside that no one has the right to apply the penalties except those who are mentioned. And that's the Muslim judge alley, and extremely early the Muslim judge beside him, no one has the rights even if the whole Muslim community agrees. They can't unless they have a Muslim judge who is assigned by the Muslim leader in a Muslim state. If he's got the authority, he's got the authority upon the penalty, not individuals, not Association, a group of Muslims not group of teenagers can do that. If they do such then they had committed the sin themselves, then they have committed the sin. So for example, if one person commits adultery, then a

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group of teenagers are religious grabbing and standing to death. The Muslim judge has the rights to lock him up. He has the right to lock him up. For this is something only in the hands of a Muslim judge in a Muslim country in a Muslim state and ask Allah azzawajal to revive the Islamic State and to bring the honor and respect back to Islam and the Muslims. allama Jana mela venustiano call Fatima Sasha loving the brother has any questions. Please make it sensible and ask.

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Okay, someone asked me if someone came to his house and saw his wife with another man or some woman came into her house and saw her husband was another woman. And in this country can't do much in a Muslim country. There's something called Leon and Leon is something that was spoken about last week with Sydney Aussie Leon, one of the competitors came to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sam said the Prophet of Allah, what would you say when someone sees his wife with another man? So some law Selim said either give me this four witnesses or your back. And in other words all outperform the penalty of other for me, which is which is 80 lectures for you accusing your wife. So that companion said

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the problem Hello when someone accuses wife, and it's the biggest, badly, biggest embarrassment, someone just come out of that and this is under present. So the professor some call them either you give me this full male witnesses or your back. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW salam, something called the net, the scholars call it as a Leon. And Leon

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is a man accused in his wife of adultery, a woman accusing her husband of adultery. What happens is the Muslim judge will get up to the community, and then the husband who's accusing his wife of committing adultery, who stand up in front of the Muslim community and who make false promises saying but a lot of what I'm saying is the truth that she said blah, blah, blah, okay, he'll make four promises that what he's saying is the truth

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Then the third one is, well Allah to law and the curse of Allah. And the curse of Allah is only if I'm saying any lies. Now, Colossus in the in the eyes of the judge, she's 100% guilty, but she can take that away from her, where she stands where husband stood, and she says, For promises that by a law that he is a lawyer four times by law that he is a liar. And the fourth fifth one, she says, and the anger of a lot on me if he if he says the truth, if she does that, then one of them is a lawyer, and both of us, none of them, they split forever, they can't get married to each other forever, and everyone goes their way. But if the husband stands up, who's accusing his wife, and he makes those

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promises and then the judge will totally Listen, it's either you get stoned or you make those promises and

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these were called Allah to

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Allah. Okay, this is Islam but back then the environment is different to these days but still applies. It's not like and it's a change to applies, but it's something that very rarely happens now.

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In this video cameras, not a witness video camera to a lot of the scholars these days No, no, no. Another

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okay. First of all, why is it so hard for witnesses? Okay, because this is an issue. This is an area where people like to speak a lot. Okay, everyone, Nina, like, for example, someone smarter woman, huh? Look, see?

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Look, it's right away. People like to speak you know, someone for example, like in a shopkeeper minding his own business, a woman walked in, I like to see what happens, especially our blog to speak of nothing else. Let's start speaking about others. There's no politics to speak about others. That's how it is. Now,

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because it's, it's an area where a lot of people speak about secondly, it's just a lot of xojo has given the opportunity for this person to repent before he gets the most giving him the opportunity to keep in between so far up until now, you know, the Christian?

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My Account, no.

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Even Islam, because I was given the I was given the authority to the judge, not you. Okay. I was given love because if you do that, then we can see, okay, someone killed one of my family members. Again, kill is a family member, what's gonna happen, they're gonna come kill another family member, and then it's gonna happen and then a war breaks up between the family. But when the Muslim judges in between policy stops, are they equal? That's everyone goes home. And no one does anything anymore. Because it's the Muslim judge that took action. But again, he killed from me again killed from him, then it becomes a big war. And then it becomes a big war that never ending war. But when

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the Muslim does take steps when the Muslim judge applies that penalty, okay, he he killed him he gets killed. How does the other family would never do anything? Because what they're gonna put it on authority. Now.

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There's no Muslim judge for those things. There's no Muslim doesn't know what for those things. No.

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Yeah, what's a cold?

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Yeah, of course.

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You tell him?

00:33:37--> 00:33:49

No, no, you tell them. You tell them your reason and tell them this is my reason. But it doesn't mean I'm putting it forward in the judgment. You don't have to do it. This has been done a lot. That's my reason not to keep it to myself.

00:33:50--> 00:33:58

Yeah, you tell the judge that you no problems. The only time that the judge will apply is when you put it forward as a case.

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alaikum Salaam brother.

00:34:05--> 00:34:06

Yeah, I've got one two

00:34:08--> 00:34:09


00:34:15--> 00:34:17

Wow, that's so that's one of the

00:34:18--> 00:34:31

No, no, no, that's in this law. We can't we can't deny deny that. It's a major, major, major thing could even lead to confirm. You can't deny it something. Something. It's one of the things in Islam. You can't deny it. Now

00:34:33--> 00:34:34

come on. You've Got a Friend at work.

00:34:45--> 00:34:46


00:34:48--> 00:34:51

Yes, forgive him. Hello. Salah is forgiven for the action.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

Number seven is forgiven. Hello, man. But he could be done.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Don't a lot of other things besides that. Now.

00:35:11--> 00:35:25

Tim Alwyn says for killing it, female witnesses to male witnesses who witness their Muslim say we saw this man killing. Now, a lot of people ask me that have read the Quran, but they're not Muslims, they say they

00:35:26--> 00:35:29

kill the non believers. So how do I answer that?

00:35:38--> 00:35:39


00:35:44--> 00:36:09

Hello Allah, Allah and these verses in the Quran, the Quran is no one verse, there's not even one verse says, kill the non believers like you know, wherever you seem killam it is not everyone, first of all, relating to incidents and events that take place at that time. All things that happen if the non believers attack you do this, because there's not one. There's not everyone. First of all, I want to know Khurana says, wherever he said I'm willing to kill him. That's it.

00:36:10--> 00:36:12

None of them No, ma'am.

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00:36:23--> 00:36:30

No, no, no, if someone kills what will happen to the guy that killed 100 loves and into the bird loss. Now, another question

00:36:38--> 00:36:38

for what

00:36:41--> 00:36:50

you shouldn't do that. You could do for sooner, but not for the playing field you should read for me. Okay, pray sooner, praying sooner. You can read them.

00:36:52--> 00:37:25

Okay, what do you mean by judge who is the judge or judges I assigned judge in a Muslim court by the Muslim government? So there's got to be a Muslim state. It's called an Islamic State, blah, blah. And then there's a Muslim leader of that state and that Muslim leader assigns a judge to deal with criminal matters in the court. So that's a Muslim judge. Okay, can I parent this allow, I got to get married to the daughter due to the job culture or background, even though he is strong in his religion?

00:37:28--> 00:38:11

If the Father has authority over his daughter, if the daughter sees someone who is suitable for her marriage, and her father refuses, then she could she should bring that to the chef and the chef will look into that matter. If the chef finds a good reason for her to get married to him, and now good reason for a father. This Alona then the chef will will marry her even without the approval father, this goes to the matter the guest to the Muslim, Muslim judge, Family Court, and they are in a slum. You've got the you know, criminal court. You've got the family code. You've got the inheritance codes, and all them. What are the punishments of backbone? It's haraam? There's no set punishment

00:38:11--> 00:38:28

for backbiting. It's hot um, and there's a punishment in the Hellfire where Allah will punish someone who backbiting the hell fire by on it this is from an from our Co Op. The term will be pulled in Delphi and so on. But then there's there is a punishment for olana mother punishment is

00:38:29--> 00:38:41

what can you do if you like someone and they like you? Mm hmm. And his mom doesn't except I'll answer that. Right now the question

00:38:42--> 00:38:53

alone just answered anyway. We said if she likes someone and the father doesn't want or the mother doesn't want he mainly the father she brings it to the chef and the chef will discuss it now.

00:39:03--> 00:39:06

Almost said the wall fish a little boy. No

00:39:11--> 00:39:23

no, no, no, he can't stop us sooner father mother, her brother sister. By and he could he could limit and instead of going every day once a month for example.

00:39:24--> 00:39:35

And they once a month we're gonna affect the children. And then you can Zakouma her mother which is Oh, so Hanukkah lahoma will be home Dec. Shadow Allah, Allah Allah.