Feiz Mohammad – Death Series 08 7 Under The Shade Of Allah Swt

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, including the need for individuals to be drivers of their own actions and not allowing hatred or unsure behavior. The holy eye and holy spirit are also important drivers of behavior. The importance of protecting young Muslims from evil behavior and pursuing a passionate stance for peace and happiness is emphasized. The importance of providing provision for men and women when traveling to the United States is also discussed, along with advice on hiding one's identity to avoid becoming a monoshoke.
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In the hamdulillah mother who wanna cesternino who wanna stop hero

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when I will be laying him in Cerulean fusina was a Melina

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Maria de la. mo de la la. One minute a little further. de la.

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Wash had one ILA in long law who the hola sharika. Wash hadwen Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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Yeah. Yo holla Deena Amano taco la Hakata Kati Morton in one two Muslim moon. Yeah, Johan NASA Taco Bell como la de la la kakum. Enough su

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wahala kamin has Olga Oberst Amina humare Shannon Kathy euro one Isa, what taco la la de Luna v one or hand in en la haka, and Alico maraca. Yeah, yo, holla Deena otaku? La La Koo colada Did you sleep hola como la jolla, la sera la condo no back home. One at El Hawa sola who hufa de aza falls on Adina

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in the higher Alcala, McCallum, oh la hatzolah gel. Walker, Alhaji Mohammed in Salalah who are the who was was shuttered memorial to her Baku l'amour desert in Baku, la be the acting dolla, dolla dolla latifi. Now,

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on a day of resurrection

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when the affliction increases,

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and the distress of the situation becomes unbearable.

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The sun will come down close to the people's heads.

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They will begin to feel the heat and first perspire

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This is now rated

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in a now ration collected by Alma data

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compiled by Muslim the judge that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said

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the sun will come down

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so close that there'll be nothing left but the distance of one mile.

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People will be submerged in perspiration according to the deeds. Some are to the ankles, others up to the knee, others to their waist. Others will have the bride who have perspiration. And as our beloved prophets on the law where they he was Aloma saying this. He had his hand on his mouth and said

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there will be no shade on the day you took the shade of almighty Lord.

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And this is most eloquently mentioned in a narration collected by Muslim judge on the authority of Abu hora and Abu Zubaydah,

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rhodiola, Allah and Houma

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that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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there will be seven people who will be shaded by unlocker Anna, on the day that there will be no shade, except he shade a just ruler, a youth

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who has been brought up in the worship of Allah Tana,

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a man whose heart is attached to the message

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to men or to people who love each other. Only for the sake of Allah Allah, they met in departed on that calls.

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A man who refuses the call of a charming a woman of noble birth, saying I am afraid of Allah Allah.

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A man

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who rooms are locked out in seclusion, and first his eyes become flooded with tears.

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And the last a man who gives charity so secretly, that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given.

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As you can see, these seven types of people

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are islamically considered to be unique

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to be special.

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They will have better treatment or special treatment on the Day of Resurrection.

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When people will be standing underneath that unbearable heat.

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They will be honored disband, to stand under the shade of the Almighty Lord. What a blessing what a blessing.

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May the almighty Lord make us all amongst those who will stand below he shade on the day whether we no shade exactly shade along with me.

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As for the first one,

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the just roll up. The concept of justice in Islam

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is extremely imperative

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not only for the ruler but for every single Muslim.

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It must be applied without exception.

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Allah Allah says in

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verse number eight brother ought to be learning in any shape or regime. Yeah, yo holla Deena nano

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kuno ko Mina de la Shahada bill kissed one. Amana come Shanna comin Allah Allah do it Dino kuwahara taco, taco la in en la hubby Ruby Matt dama Loon. Oh you believe, stand out firmly for Allah to Allah and be just witnesses and let not hatred or enmity of others cause you own Muslim to avoid justice. Be just

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indeed that is nearer to taqwa to piety, and feed the almighty Lord, for Allah he he is well acquainted of all that you do.

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In a narration collected by Muslim judge on the authority of Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah as per the law, and

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then another prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam said,

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The Justice will be seated

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upon lights of pulpit, those who have failed in judgment with their family and those who are underneath them.

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It was mentioned that Mr. m Nakata or the Allahu taala on who,

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when he traveled to Jerusalem,

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he only had one servant and one camel. Both he and the servant rode the camel boy turn.

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It happened to be the servants turn

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when they were to enter Jerusalem.

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So the surgeon said to her mother, Tom,

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yeah, I mean, what meaning our Commander of the Faithful

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I give up my turn for you.

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For it would look awkward in people's eyes to see me right in the camera while the leader of the faithful I'm on top leading it into Jerusalem. What was replying?

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By Allah never.

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Never, I will not be unjust it is your turn you write. The honor of Islam, he said is sufficient for me.

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The honor of Islam is sufficient for me.

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As it is sufficient for every single Muslim.

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Well, I will not be unjustice it. It is your turn, you write, and I will lead into Jerusalem. The honor

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of Islam is sufficient for me a lot more

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often you hear

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amongst us

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when someone's friend is mentioned,

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or someone that he likes is mentioned.

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He speaks highly of this person. He praises this person.

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And if this person has a mistake, he overlooks his mistake, even though it may be murder.

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This is unjust,

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because he is showing him appreciation that he does not deserve. He does not deserve his tribute. On the other hand, the same person if he's enemies mentioned

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or someone he is not like he's mentioned,

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he sharply censors him,

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criticizes him speech, evil of him, slanders him, curses him.

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And if he does something minor of mistakes, he proclaims that out to the people he is evil. Why? Because he does not like this person, whether he actually manakamana animal caminada aleteia ditto, ditto, guacamole taqwa. Let not the hatred and enmity of others cause you are Muslim to avoid justice. Be

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Just and that is nearer to taqwa.

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And in sort of myself 135 Yeah, you hola Dina Manu Kanako wamena, Bill kissed Shahada, la la, Walla Walla, unfussy calm, I will wear a new one after Robin, oh you believe, stand out as just witnesses to allow, even if it be against yourselves, your parents or those who are close to you

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or those who are close to you. Justice in Islam, the brothers and sisters is extremely important.

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Lead not hatred or enmity caused you to play someone in the abyss of evil when he does not deserve this evil, which does not deserve a subscription.

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For Indeed, Allah to Allah is well acquainted of all what you do.

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And he, as we see in the first type, the concept of justice is most important for the ruler, because he's in charge of his flock. And this is why he has a special mentioning that he will be honored to be in the shade of the Almighty law on the day when there is no shade except his shade. We asked the almighty Lord that we all before him as just rulers and tests we enter that beautiful shade on the Day of Resurrection.

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The light is on in the car IC h 850. It's a meaningful drive.

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Also Can someone please come and fix the lady's TV? Toilet, please.

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So number two,

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the youth

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that has been brought up in the worship of Allah to Allah.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praise the person who spent his young days worshiping the almighty Lord.

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And we know that our youth, the brothers and sisters, is one of the greatest treasures, the most precious jewelry that Allah Allah has given humanity. You can say it is something like the blood that flows through the body that gives a life that a communal life in our selves.

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our generation, the youth of today, it is sad to say that we are in a bad situation.

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Now you are surrounded by temptations, by crisis, by problems by evil, wickedness, destruction and corruption.

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It is as though

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I am young man or young lady today is living in a city v stone,

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with a dark, dark, heavy cloud above this person, this young person pouring down with rain

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while he's swimming and drowning in the seas, drowning What? In the abyss of drugs of theft, of innocent *,

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of corruption,

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of breakups

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of lies and slander of all evils. If you were to place his hand outside the water, he will not be able to see it due to this corruption he is surrounded by. And if someone tries to stretch out their arm in order to save this young lad, or young woman from this corruption, this hand is considered in his plan the hand of salvation, the hand of Islam, Allah wicked hands will grab this Islam, the salvation, wicked evil hands and pull this hand back. Why? Because out there there are many evil people that do not want you all Muslim youth to be brought up on the belief of La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, they do not want you to be a Muslim,

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and they are fighting and fighting you in order to corrupt and destroy you, inducing in you and inducing you Western mentalities, Western cops concepts with the infidelity, in order that you believe that their ways is the only way.

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Now you

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facing a barbaric onslaught. The enemies of Islam have sought to corrupt their beliefs, their values will lie they seek a generation of young

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Muslims, by twisting you in a manner suited and only suited to their harmful schemes.

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They seek a generation of young Muslims who will not confront or pose those people of infidelity in any way. They seek a generation who will not raise the flag of La ilaha illAllah against them.

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They seek to remove the book of the Almighty Lord, and so not available upon them as being a source of guideline

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and guidance and legislation

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in the Muslim man's in the Muslim houses, under the Muslim umbrella.

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And as I said, this is done by then attempting

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to come to the mind of this young man to conquer the mind of this young lady twisting and twisting and twisting,

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by giving you the shackles that they want, the shadows of destruction.

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the person becomes lost.

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Every single one of us who admit that this is extremely dangerous, especially us living in this country, or those living in the West, where they are surrounded by non Islamic influences. This is why it is extremely imperative, our Muslim parent,

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to play an active role

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as to see how your child has been brought up, what he eats, what he drinks, what he wears, what he watches, whatever on the internet, where he goes, what time he comes back home, who he'd be friends, what they are learning outside, in school, in university.

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Know the parent,

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that if you were to give

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your child and all its riches, but you did not give him or give her

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the Dean of Islam, you have failed your obligation towards your child. And thus, you will be accountable for your shortcoming on the Day of Resurrection, for not safeguarding for not protecting your child from the whole fire. And this is extremely dangerous. And let not the parent fool themselves by believing that they can produce good Muslim children. Well, they themselves remain less than good Muslim parents. Many of them want their children to be good Muslims, but they are bad examples for them. The might the mother, for example, says to the daughter whether he or she walks outside of Asia. The father is saying to the sun you got to pray for him. Pray, how can you fool

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yourself? What are you trying to prove here?

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Does he slam flow from your mouth? Or should Islam flow from our limbs?

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May Almighty Lord make our children amongst those who are righteous and thus be shaded? Be unearned. Under the shade of the Almighty Lord on the day there is no shade to shade alarming.

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Number three, the man who has a heart is attached to the message.

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This is other words, a man who strongly loves the mosques as he pursues these in praying the congregational prayers in them. If you like a particular person,

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you would constantly want to be with this person. We Muslims love a lot to Hannah, do we not love a lot? Anna? Absolutely. We love a laterna ultimate love of no deficiency.

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We love him more than ourselves, our mothers, our fathers, our brothers or sisters. We love him more than anything and everything on the face of this.

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But if we say we love Allah to Hana, we should be in the places that Allah Allah loves and they indeed are what the mosques, the most purest lands location on the face of this earth, and they must be loved to the almighty Lord, as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the most like lands are the most beloved land to Allah to Allah is the mosque and the most disliked land to Allah to Allah is the marketplaces and go see the marketplaces, the complexes the shopping centers, that's where men and women spend the majority of times the most disliked glands to Allah Allah, yet the mosques are empty.

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The mosques are empty. So if we know that Allah loves

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The mosque Why do we not be in the places that Allah loves If you really love Allah

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and the reward associated is tremendous with the mosques. Not only are you honored to be under the shade of the Almighty Lord eligible for this position, but likewise for every step that you take to the mosque, the latest thing and adds a virtual to your account. And in the mosque, you meet your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

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And in there, there is no difference between a friend or stranger

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or relative or unrelated.

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A weak person was one person or poor person on the rich all of us are one we are equal.

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We all come as a billion slaves in worship to Allah to Allah one. One body, one person all of us

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not because you got $1,000 and I've got no money you're better than me now.

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No, absolutely not. You are Muslim. I am Muslim Alhamdulillah. We are equal. And the better one of us is he was more God fearing

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people you vote in Edina Allahu toto for our youth qaddafi is smooth. Well, you said the hula hoops he had to do we will assault in houses in mosques by which Allah Allah has commanded to be raised in them. His name is glorified in the morning and in the evening. erecting raising us at the mosque is one of the most numerous actions that one can get close to Allah to Allah with

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the question he is asked, How can someone really raise the mosque?

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How can someone really erect the statue of a mosque? Is the boy putting golden chandeliers

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or placing marble on the floor?

00:21:56 --> 00:22:04

And thus ex minister either it carpet or by painting of gloss, shiny gloss?

00:22:06 --> 00:22:13

Spending 1000s and 10s and hundreds of 1000s of dollars in a hostage to renovate? Is this the way you raise a mosque? No.

00:22:15 --> 00:22:15

It isn't

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the most is raised by you, oh Muslim.

00:22:21 --> 00:22:44

You are the mosque. You are the wall, the carpet, the roof. You have a mosque. You can raise it with your presence there in your prayers, with your select with your cat given in the mosque with your Quranic recitation, if you're coming to attend the election,

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with your Islamic work in it. This is the way of raising a mosque How was Mohammed Saunders mosque. It was built out of adverbs. The roof was made out of no other than palm tree leaves, basic brick, nothing else, no pain, no luxury, the Earth The ground was earth does something to prevent the wind and the rain not hundreds of 1000s of dollars, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. And there's people that are dying out there. Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters were printed on brick and marble piles, each one with 1000 bucks almost.

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This is not the way we raised the mosques. And yet these people who donate this or spend this

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raising the mosque is with you or Muslims of your presence during this is the way you raised the mosque.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:50

And as we just heard, how Muslims mosque was built out of nothing but basic material, natural material.

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That that was the external structure. What was the internal structure while law he was beautiful still

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was still but still What? Still men have solid faith.

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It was built to still men have solid faith by men that do not get diverted by traffic by trade, by merchandise by dunya. By worldly possessions, regional Natalie Hindi Jonathan, whatever you want

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men to leave a trade traffic or merchandise divert them from the remembrance of Allah.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:42

That's what the term was partial loss. It was companions who had faith like still are the

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companions that when they missed one congregational prayer, they felt sad. They felt the pain of losing it, just as they had lost a close one, a relative one prayer

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Where's the spirit?

00:25:02 --> 00:25:19

Where's this dedication, this motivation, this devotion? Where is this? A lie it has disappeared. Many men today come once a week to the mosque, or one month a year to the mosque, or many Don't ever come at all to the mosque unless they are taken to the mosque, to pray for and not to pray in.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:24

This is the reality of the Muslims today.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:32

Well, our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his beloved companions radi Allahu Allah on whom

00:25:33 --> 00:25:41

they preserved the prey in the most so perfectly as though it was part of the prayer to be accepted itself.

00:25:43 --> 00:26:13

They took highly the statements of every letter of the law and he was alarmed that told them not only to be in the mosque for prayer, but to go early to the mosque. As he says a little holiday. We're selling them No, yeah. lemonis. Murphy neither was suffering. Oh, well, Tim, Yes, you do. And you're stuck anymore LA, that's the hammer LA, if the people but knew the reward of answering the van

00:26:14 --> 00:26:21

and then attendance in the front line. And if they had to draw lots in order to be in that line, that would do so.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:24

That would do so.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:28


00:26:29 --> 00:26:30

are the people

00:26:31 --> 00:26:33

who can competed for the

00:26:35 --> 00:26:38

for invade the congregational prayer in the Moscow law, he

00:26:39 --> 00:26:43

is a worthy prize that every single match can pay for,

00:26:45 --> 00:27:02

instead of competing for worldly possessions as the majority of worldwide Muslims currently do not have better use or sought after this worldly possession is one lie is more worthless than the winner of a miskito in the sight of the Almighty Lord.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:17

More worthless than the winner of a mosquito in the sight of the Almighty Lord, if you get on the whole world, oh, it's witches. And miss one prayer, that prayer is worth more than all that which you have gained.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:20

of witches.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:27

That pray

00:27:28 --> 00:27:39

is all that you have gained is worth much, much more of all that you have gained of riches. Just one single prayer, in contrast to the Euro,

00:27:40 --> 00:28:35

which is extremely heavy and almost scale, heavy, weighs a lot. And this sub panel law should be what we should all be vigorously trying to earn for Indeed, it is a beautiful worthy price, one prayer. Imagine five prayers. Wake up all Muslims. Leave the delight of sleep. Leave the softness of your beds, wake up to the other end of pleasure, hire Allah, Allah hi Alan Fila, come for prayer, come to good work, listen to the other end. Come to pray, come to good work. How can someone sleep knowing that an event is being addressed being announced being proclaimed? And yet they are snoring? When Allah Allah is saying to them come to good prayer, come to good work. And they say Yeah.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:43

How can that be? Where is the faith in this person? Wake up Muslim.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:46

And repeat after them what I've been

00:28:47 --> 00:28:49

preparing yourself for the prayer of

00:28:50 --> 00:28:58

war cry Dr. comedy in the coldness total darkness of the night, while people are snoring, sleeping, dreaming.

00:29:00 --> 00:29:01

You wake up

00:29:02 --> 00:29:11

and drive and ride and walk to salvation and walk to successfulness and walk to a paradise as wide as the heavens in the earth.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:27

prepared for now other than the persons of prayer that people will be slam Niva let's say Tom the occurs the rejected the unwanted one. Let you either come sleep or let

00:29:28 --> 00:29:32

yourself be hesitant to wake up.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

Wake up almost come to a paradise and rush to paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth in it is that which the eye has never seen that he has never heard and the heart can never ever imagine of delights by the almighty lord. Make it our destination and make it are fine with the world in place. Some etiquettes of the mosque is there.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:09

When you enter the mosque, you're going to have the right foot and you say Bismillah AR Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Aloha, not least Obi Wan

00:30:10 --> 00:30:11


00:30:12 --> 00:30:25

na of Allah, ma the peace and blessings be upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah forgive me my sins and open for me your doors of mercy. When you enter the mosque

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did not sit down at you pray to the God known as Tahitian Masjid. When you enter the mosque, do not walk in front of anyone praying. When you enter the mosque saved the front row, the first row to the man, for indeed there is more blessing in the front row, and just a second, and so forth.

00:30:47 --> 00:30:52

When you enter the mosque, do not disturb anyone and be in constant worship.

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You do not utilize a mosque for personal personal pursuits, worldly pleasure or worldly pursuits. If you hear a man calling out, I have lost my animal or I've lost something say my Allah not return it to you. For indeed the mosque is not built for that, as mentioned in a narration collected on Muslim, the judge,

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also known as your your saw, said, there was a man selling in the mosque, selling in the mosque. So you can help him and said, Yeah, Rachel, oh man, if you desire this desire, this life thing go to the marketplace of this life.

00:31:36 --> 00:31:41

This is the marketplace of the hereafter. So leave any was checked out of the mosque.

00:31:43 --> 00:31:49

If you desire the life of this won't, it's outside. If you desire the marketplace of the Hereafter, it's in here.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:04

My the almighty Lord makers amongst those whose hearts is attached to the mosques, and thus shade us underneath the shade. On a day there will be no shade except us along with me alone aiming

00:32:06 --> 00:32:51

to men, or two people will love each other for the sake of Allah to Allah. They met in the past for that reason. These two people the creatures did not meet for any personal benefit or interest. They did not meet for any social status or money, no for any humor or fame. No because the skin color is the same as they each other or they speak the same language or any other worldly, trivial futile issue. They meet for one reason because they both love Allah. They both feel love to Allah and they don't know that love and hatred is only for a lot ad and that is the reason why they met and no other

00:32:53 --> 00:32:55

For indeed any Muslim

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who has not got such feelings for another Muslim. He is not a true believer. As mentioned before the Muslim lair you know I had to come up but

00:33:07 --> 00:33:14

none of you truly believe can ever believe in other words truly, until your love for your brother, what you love for yourself.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:19

And there are many, many a hadith relating to the fact

00:33:21 --> 00:33:45

that we Muslims are one single body, each part responsible for the other. Accordingly, if one gets injured, or harmed immediately the whole of the Muslim on that which is embodied in a name is glam gets hurt harmed as well. And this remains as such until it is rectified.

00:33:46 --> 00:33:55

out the the creatures we are slandered. We are abused. We are accused. We are laughed that muck that Swan at

00:33:57 --> 00:34:09

our brothers have been thrown in the cages. They build it for us super maximum security to get us like sitting ducks one by one they pick us and froze in there.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:22

Now sisters to walk in the streets, our brothers growing their beards our youth are compromising their Deen by changing the images in order to add depth to the way of the kuffaar.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:26

The worst atrocities in history

00:34:27 --> 00:34:30

have been perpetrated against us Muslims today.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:44

Why? In order to be tested, to be examined, to see which is the righteous from the wickedness the pure from the impure, the good from the bad.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

But this is happening and the majority of us of us are living as there is nothing going on. nothing going on. They are careless they don't worry about their brothers about their systems.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

Those who have been slammed who have been raped, who are being slaughtered, massacred with the most barbaric acts, and yet they are eating, drinking sleeping and they are talking to the kuffaar befriending the gofar geographica. Far as if they are the kuffar

00:35:19 --> 00:35:20

the trial of a bun you can work on

00:35:23 --> 00:35:24

a Jewish tribe.

00:35:26 --> 00:35:28

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:35:30 --> 00:35:41

left Medina marched out of Medina with his companions companions elite companions, who are cause while la Haider mountains crumble due to the unshakable faith.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:12

They laid siege on this tribe of Banu Kanaka Jewish tribe for 15 days, casting in their heart extreme or extreme fi, leaving them with no choice but to defer to Mohammed Muslims judgment regarding their lives, their wives, their children, their assets and everything. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam banished exalt them, all of them from Arabia and placed them in Syria, and thus they stayed there until they were perished.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:14


00:36:15 --> 00:36:16

Because of one reason,

00:36:18 --> 00:36:52

one reason when one Muslim lady, one Muslim flower, entered the shop of a goldsmith. Thus, this evil infidel tied a Jewish Goldsmith, a Jewish Goldsmith, he tied the edge of her garment to her back and unveiled her. There happened what led him to be a Muslim in that area, seeing exactly what took place. He just entered the shop and slayed him. fair question.

00:36:59 --> 00:37:09

He saw one of his sisters in Islam, being provoked been harassed by Satan by a swine that is laned him now no questions asked for a

00:37:10 --> 00:37:11


00:37:12 --> 00:37:13

That's how they worded

00:37:16 --> 00:37:42

and thus, the Jews heard of this. They reached out to Talia ated by slain in this Muslim Jew, Muslim person and the like button show Shahada loving showerhead, the most honorable death for him. And plus, Mohammed masala has unheard of this. And then he and his companions marched out and defeated the whole tribe over one Muslim lady.

00:37:44 --> 00:37:46

How can you enjoy your food good

00:37:47 --> 00:37:51

after this, when our sisters are being raped,

00:37:52 --> 00:37:53


00:37:54 --> 00:37:59

schemed, slaughtered. worldwide.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:25

The Almighty Lord instructed us to be overly air, to protect, to love, to care to aid to assist to help one another, our habits our traditions, our key their methods, our aims, our thoughts, our feelings, our principles, our one, one single body. We are one solid structure, nothing can defeat us.

00:38:26 --> 00:38:48

In the memory yo como la hora, Sulu, Latina, Latina yoky, Masato Tanaka, whom rocky own indeed your worry your protector, your hope is Allah, His Prophet, and those who have believed, not only believe but those who establish pray, pay the cat and bow down and pray with absolute humility.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:08

This loyalty will give us the brothers and sisters, the greatest strength will give us all the support, protection and aid and most importantly, it will give us or been about solidarity. We are in need of this today. We are in need of this bondage today. My the almighty Lord make it make us

00:39:10 --> 00:39:24

our meeting and our departure only for the sake for his love and no other and pass on the Russell fish shade. On the day, there'll be no shade except the shade of the Almighty Lord. A lot of may mean a lot may mean a man

00:39:26 --> 00:39:34

who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth, saying I am afraid of Allah Allah.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

As you can see, the narration explicitly mentions that the lady mentioned he's not any lady, but a lady of status of high status and rank of high beauty. Why? Because she was more desirable and much, much more harder to get. And he we learn that the lady was the one who called upon the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

Man and not vice versa, to engage in a non Islamic relation,

00:40:05 --> 00:40:10

which makes the situation even much more difficult for the man to

00:40:12 --> 00:40:13

let go to resist.

00:40:14 --> 00:40:34

And you can see the non Muslim man in this situation, he'll be valid this lady here would think of this approach a non Muslim man, this approach as being a privilege, or something to be proud of, but for Muslim man, for a true believing man.

00:40:36 --> 00:41:01

He will think of this approach as evil, as filthy, as disgusting, as extremely gross. And then he will think of a Bane Allah, fearing Allah, abstaining from a loss prohibition as being an honor, dignity, a privilege, and that to be proud of

00:41:02 --> 00:41:23

how many men have led themselves to destruction due to the lower of women, and Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us of this generation collected by Muslim on authority of Abdullah Abu Seidel. hodari. Then Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam said, the world is sweet and green.

00:41:25 --> 00:41:46

And Allah Allah will store you all Muslims as successes on it to see how you act. Avoid the alumina of women. For indeed diverse trial to the people of Israel was caused by a woman. Another narration mentioned that I have left nothing behind me harder on men than that of woman.

00:41:48 --> 00:42:25

And we've seen this beautiful narration that the reason why this man sustained and held back from this evil, filthy act is not because you'll be scared to get caught out now, or for any other worthy reason. But because he feeds a lot. And one of the greatest examples of this is no other than prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, as mentioned most eloquently in sort of QC, verse 23, when the lady of the wife of his master, she tried to seduce him, she closed the doors, locked the windows and said, Come on.

00:42:26 --> 00:42:32

Come on, for what? For a desert * as mentioned the Quran should come on, for illicit *.

00:42:35 --> 00:42:35


00:42:37 --> 00:42:48

the verses Express and the verses alone, we haven't got time for it. They express that used if Allah is lamb, he his first reaction straight away, when it's occurred to remember Allah to

00:42:50 --> 00:42:55

defeat Allah to Allah, and to remember his obligation to obey him under no matter what.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:26

And this one line brothers and sisters we need. We need this example to put up before our eyes. As we live throughout our lives, every second of our life. We need this provision, for we are all travelers, all of us, every single creature we are traveling to Allah to Anna and every journey needs provision. But the provision to Allah to Allah does not need food and water or clothes and needs duck were for in the higher Azadi

00:43:28 --> 00:43:36

and needs God consciousness God fearing beats fee. For indeed the best provision is taqwa.

00:43:38 --> 00:43:42

May the almighty Lord Mika summons those who feed him

00:43:43 --> 00:43:45

in issues where it is hidden,

00:43:46 --> 00:43:58

or and hidden, and places among those who are shaded on a day with no shade of the shade along with me, along with me allomi number six.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:05

A man who remembers Allah to Allah in seclusion and tears his eyes become flooded with tears

00:44:07 --> 00:44:11

of utter misery collected the narration of Abdullah Abdullah or the Lord Allah and

00:44:12 --> 00:44:33

then Mohammed Salalah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are two eyes that will never be touched by the fire. Two eyes that will never be touched by the fire, the eye that will whipped out of fee for Allah to Allah and the eye that remained vigil alert, vigilant throughout the night, standing God for all of

00:44:35 --> 00:44:59

our enemies he likewise composed in a region of a woman or the man who the Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam said, There is nothing more beloved to Allah to Allah than two drops, and two marks, drop number one, the T drop out of fear of Allah to Hana. And number two, that Europe our beloved spelt in the way of the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

Almighty Lord which is on the battlefield.

00:45:04 --> 00:45:13

The drama landed spilt on the battlefield fighting for La ilaha illAllah that is one of the most beloved drops to Allah to Allah.

00:45:14 --> 00:45:17

Allah make us drop and drop and drop.

00:45:18 --> 00:45:20

On that way in Charlottetown

00:45:21 --> 00:45:24

Hamad Abu Ismail Buhari and Muslim the hush hush

00:45:25 --> 00:45:51

collected the narration of Abdullah Massoud. Then Mohammed Saleh Ali was limited to him. The Abdullah we saw it to me the Quran, Abdullah said we thought to you our Prophet of Allah and the Quran was revealed to you he said Yes, I'd love to hear from someone else. So Abdullah began reciting a portion with some sort of Musa until he got to the state were mentioned for K for either in

00:45:52 --> 00:45:57

English or he was a big aha shahida

00:45:58 --> 00:46:15

How would be then when we've been a witness from every nation and then we bring you all Muhammad as a witness against all these people. And then Mohammed masala are they most of them said to Abdullah has spoke and

00:46:16 --> 00:46:17

and Abdullah said

00:46:18 --> 00:46:30

when I looked into his eyes, his eyes were shedding tears were flooded with tears, for indeed Mohammed Salallahu alaihe salam when he restarted the Quran, his song decried he went

00:46:31 --> 00:47:00

in a narration collected by Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of anisette nomadic, but he said, Mohammed Salam addressed a super speech, a sermon, but I have never heard before, in the course of his hudbay said, If you knew what I know, you will laugh a little and cry a lot. And there upon the companions that were present, attending this hotbed, they put their hands on their faces and started crying,

00:47:01 --> 00:47:11

and started crying. If you knew what I know, you would laugh a little and cry a lot. This is the reason why he only laughed and it was a little hard he was not allowed to die.

00:47:13 --> 00:47:14

every second of your day.

00:47:16 --> 00:47:18

He stopped laughing. He said, Oh,

00:47:20 --> 00:47:24

where's the fee was the emotion was the passion of the Hereafter,

00:47:25 --> 00:47:28

with a sobbing for the hereafter for the sake of the Almighty Lord.

00:47:31 --> 00:47:49

One of the companions as mentioned by Apple they would attend as he went to my mom's house, and you saw him performing prayers. He could not even understand what he was saying God is crying in prayer. He said he's just his internal chest. I know his came out of it. I sound like the bowling of a kettle due to the fee he had in spray.

00:47:51 --> 00:48:09

alcohol. He mentioned the narration on authority of ebrahimian. Mouth, who said food was brought to mouth as he was observing fast. He said Masato Mayer was martyred and he is better than me, his other hand speaking.

00:48:10 --> 00:48:39

He was only one gamma he said to shroud him with, it was so late to this garment, that if they covered his head, his legs remain uncovered. And if they put on his legs, his head will remain uncovered. And he said the bounties of Allah to Allah had been bestowed upon us in this earth most generously. I am afraid, he said that the reward and our good deeds have been awarded to us to the life of this world. And then he started crying

00:48:41 --> 00:48:43

and pushed away the food and not him break his fast

00:48:45 --> 00:48:48

did not even break his fast why at a fever

00:48:49 --> 00:49:05

and the demand is one of the thing companions is being given what the glad tidings of Paradise yet is to believe in acknowledged that Muslim was superior to him, on the consideration that he was martyred and due to his poverty

00:49:07 --> 00:49:12

my the almighty Lord, make us cry, weep, son for his sake.

00:49:13 --> 00:49:38

And many of us say or many men say your girl is a girl we shall wimpish to cry and he shouldn't cry as a girl thin. If you're quiet for a while the issue yet is gelish wimpish but know the Muslim, that the most strongest, most courageous, most bravest warrior of all, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Salalah alayhi wa sallam cried for the sake of the Almighty Lord.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:52

Allah to Allah make us amongst those who cry for Allah sake. in seclusion and honor Russell fishy and the weather we no shade except issued along with me, Aloma me and the last one.

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

A man who gives charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given the right

00:50:00 --> 00:50:24

Behind the left hand not knowing what the right hand is given, is to point out the importance of secrecy in giving and indeed as Muslims give only for the sake of the Almighty Lord, and not for the sake of people, and then erasing collected by the middle by Hakuna tabari on the authority of Muhammad obeyed. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

00:50:30 --> 00:50:33

the phenol femurs for you is a loss of hormones.

00:50:34 --> 00:51:16

The thing I see most for you is monoshock. They asked Oh prophet of a lion, what is monoshock? He said our rear boastfulness showing off. And in de la de with erection, he said, When Allah to Allah is given the rewards to the people. When people are receiving their rewards, He will say to those that showed off, they were both were in their acts of worship, go to those people you showed off to and receive from them the reward, not for me. You showed up to this person and go Tim received the word for me. He prayed for me. You get the reward of me, Allah to Allah, you pray for this person, then go and save the reward from this person. It's as easy as that.

00:51:17 --> 00:51:18

The evil of

00:51:20 --> 00:52:13

the evil tribulation is that it in a neon lights, it destroys it obliterates eradicates all the good deeds that reward in an action in an aeration collected by a tabari. Then Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to us that we're showing off monoshock is so in conspicuous that is more hidden than the Caribbean of ability and on a black rock on a black night. So the companions asked yet also law if it is so hidden out, we've got to prevent us or from it. He said to them, say a llama in now to become a new Sheikha bokashi analemma who wanna still firaga Lima then Alamo, our la we secretly knew from knowingly committing shirk. And we seek to give this form that which we did not know

00:52:13 --> 00:52:41

about. So praying, fasting, giving charity in every other act of worship, the creatures should be solely for the almighty Lord, not the ease in the eyes of man. Try to conceal to hide your identity when doing optional juries in Islam, try to save the person who you get you are giving charity to from embarrassment and humiliation. There's a righteous successor that said,

00:52:42 --> 00:53:13

I used to give constant charity to the students of knowledge who were known to be poor. But in order to save embarrassment and humiliation, I would wait until they enter the mosque. And when they entered the mosque, and now one is broken out place the money in their slippers. And he did this until he died and the only time they knew that it was this person is when he died and the charity was sold stopped.

00:53:15 --> 00:53:43

This is the way we should deal with all our dates development systems. We asked Almighty Lord to make us a monster seven, all of the sudden to shade us on the Day of Resurrection with his shade the day that we no shade except his shade along with me alone. I mean, I love him I mean, where else can I come to 100 euro mean? You are allowed to ask any questions that feel free to ask

00:53:44 --> 00:53:48

regarding the topic or anything else in Islam for the for the law.

00:53:52 --> 00:54:04

Without any shadow of a doubt, secrecy is extremely important and much much much much better. For your action to be accepted by the almighty Lord or for it to the

00:54:05 --> 00:54:52

you can say fully rewarded ultimate reward because the more you share with the people the more you experience or proclaim it you can see the more you are going to fish monoshock because how many times have people given charity and thus this person has allowed this person's charity to be announced and his name, whether it is on the radio station, whether it needs to be seen by other people, on on message people ought to be heard before and almost the people and thus the intention of his has been played with and diverted to something else. When people started calling him to medical law. You are a charitable person, no brothers and sisters on a day of resurrection. The

00:54:52 --> 00:54:59

first people that will be dragged on their faces into whole fire is a person one

00:55:00 --> 00:55:19

Who was a charitable person who gave charity and life this world? He'll be confronted before a lot to add and asked, Why did you give charity he will say for you our law, say you have light. You have to set it to be cold. You are a generous person. You are a charitable person and thus you will call that thus he dragged into

00:55:20 --> 00:55:32

another man who was a Mujahid he will be confronted by the almighty Lord after he died on the battlefield. He'll be asked why our servant

00:55:33 --> 00:56:17

Did you fight on the battlefield he will say your love for your sake, he will say you have lied. You have died. You have fought to be called a Mujahid warrior and he will called and he'll be dragged on his face and into hellfire. freuen a person who recited the Quran, Allah Allah will confront this person and say why did you recite the Quran? For what reason? For your letter Allah say you have lied. Yeah, beside it to be called to Batticaloa. Your citation is beautiful. And thus it was called and you were called, and you'll be dragged on his face into hellfire. Likewise, the learned man, why did you learn Islam for what reason for you you're not gonna propagate Islam, you have lied, He will

00:56:17 --> 00:56:46

say to him, you learn to stand for one reason to be called a learned man, a knowledgeable man and then have faith and modesty In other words, and trust you will call that and you will be dragged on your face and thrown into * fire. This is why it's important to conceal your identity to protect to save your act of worship, the more it is consumed, the more reward and charlotta Hanna you will have

00:56:48 --> 00:56:53

however, yes there is and how much we can say that if a person

00:56:55 --> 00:57:24

if a person gives charity in order to encourage other people encourage the other people and he is sure of himself. His heart is pure. It's clean ah with no adulterating any evil with it this intention then inshallah Diana for the betterment of Islam. He is allowed to do it under this circumstance me.

00:57:28 --> 00:57:28


00:57:47 --> 00:58:09

Well, the reason you get married is for that reason anyway. Mainly the reason or the primarily you get married for what so you want to go out there and be seduced into any illicit *. So that could be an extra bonus you get rewarded for that action. But is it considered as being two people who met for the sake of Allah to Allah and departed no because you don't have the partyer

00:58:10 --> 00:58:11

unless you divorce or

00:58:15 --> 00:58:22

Charlotte Allah or that thing they enter but a lot further east is humid

00:58:30 --> 00:58:30


00:58:35 --> 00:58:42

the masala isn't considered a mosque if it's prayed the five prayers in it and the fatherhood Yes, absolutely.

00:58:43 --> 00:58:48

And Nicola Hubba Yak which Allah Jenna matwork for Delia Hamza,

00:58:49 --> 00:58:51

the answer being a Christian Asad

00:58:52 --> 00:58:53


00:58:54 --> 00:58:55

Salaam Salaam Alaikum.

00:59:00 --> 00:59:02

Absolutely not Brahmi

00:59:08 --> 00:59:10

you did get some silly questions anyway.

00:59:14 --> 00:59:23

If you cannot fulfill on oath, you got to fast free days or dress the poll or fade the poll?

00:59:27 --> 00:59:37

is a how long to wear pink skin on your clothes. If so please give me a diff to back it up. Zack Hello Hayden what year controllato key.

00:59:40 --> 00:59:45

The correct and stronger opinion on level alum is that you are allowed to wear the pigskin

00:59:47 --> 01:00:00

if it is 10 and if it is 10 because the 10 have any skin, purifies it. This pigskin is not just on to attend, you are not allowed to talk about

01:00:00 --> 01:00:13

To begin with directly, it's going to stink. But you are allowed to attend it, purify it and password it just like any other skin of any other animal. Now

01:00:31 --> 01:00:33

to this sister You are allowed in Sharla after listen

01:00:36 --> 01:00:37

for both of you

01:00:44 --> 01:01:06

are you allowed to touch the Quran, when you are in a state of having no Budo a minor or major you are absolutely allowed it is not advised. But it's not heroin you are allowed it is highly recommended that you do before you touch it, but it is not prohibited to touch. While we're in a state of not having a door no in a state of

01:01:08 --> 01:01:18

fear in a state of sexual defilement. Or if a lady is in her menses there is no proof whatsoever to disallow this. If you disallow this. It is your

01:01:20 --> 01:02:00

opinion, but do not obligate upon others until you have proof for what you claim. Compared to what Hannah comb and Quinton saw the pain and don't waste your time you will find nothing. Absolutely like I said every place that is prayed the five prayers and the hookah is considered like a mustard. And the masala is what I must use a masala masala is a place of prayer and must use a place of praise way as well. Mustard is derived from the verb sajida meaning to prostrate so the mush is a place of prostration masala is derived from the word Salah. In other words to pray that masala is a place of prayer is a woman allowed to visit the grave he or she is as long as she doesn't go crazy

01:02:00 --> 01:02:12

there is not why alter her clothes or rip her hair out or scratch her chest or face and start wailing she is allowed if she does not do any of that. Likewise the man is allowed if he does not do that as well.

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