The Ummah’s Efforts Toward Conflict Resolution

Hatem al-Haj


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In terms of departments that are working on conflict resolution and ways to resolve conflict, whether these are domestic conflicts or international conflicts, and in many Muslim countries, I think a lot of Muslim countries that are such departments, and there is a lot of work and is being non conventional,

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in terms of, you know, studying conflicts and their root causes and persuades, you know, of course, ways to manage them. However, the question whether there is a political will, to resolve those conflicts, and certainly in the Muslim countries, post colonial era, we have had a lot of challenges to how gracious governments and Representative regimes,

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because obviously, throughout the Muslim countries, like we're having challenges and disregard for the government, so, of our countries is not the crisis, there is a lot of corruption and there is

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also a lack of representation of the

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general population, and NGOs, governments. So, this work requires it requires more effort to bring about this righteous governance and fighting of corruption, and all of that, intellectually, I think that that a lot of people are going along with a lot of people doing a lot of good work. But in order for this good work can materialize, you need to have a political win, to make his material and that, to some extent, is lacking. And hopefully, in the future, Muslims want to come to the realization that the status quo cannot carry on anymore, and that we will have to just snap out of it. Because it is it has become detrimental to the present and it is also detrimental to the future

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of our own.

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So before coming to the serialization status code in sha Allah will not continue. We hope for the best reach out to the people to also help out and do their best in this regard. And I pray that something comes out of it.