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After praising Allah subhanaw taala sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Earley was seldom that you come to the end of the Jews, but not to the end of the theme. The theme of Yama, Yama, spills over into just ama as well. If not, we can safely conclude the whole of this ama speaks about Earth era, just like just to Burdock. And even before that you find it the Quran is replete with a year if not most of the Quran, the main theme of the Quran is your will earth here is the last day that's where earlier mentioned even ascending of a Russell will Ambia the sending of the message and the prophets amongst their main goals is to remind

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them about what the kingdom be a year Mila is reminding us about the days of Allah Subhana Allah and a reminder about returning back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So inside today Surah Surah two more salah the 77 chapter the Quran is 50 or higher that we find wherever Allah is pandemics is declared again, Leone will fossil when Morocco Yom will fossil will explain to you what this day of separation is this day of distinction and evens I just saw that last prompt I mentioned it three times. Conserve your money first and had your own will firstly Gemma now come when a welline Twice Allah mentions it together and towards the end of the surah This is a day of separation. And as a

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side point, we find that Allah is planted as mentioned your McPherson fill Quran inside the Quran six times. And Allah maybe some of us don't seem to ponder over this but alumna who studied the science of ticker, whereby repetitious wordings are mentioned inside the Quran, because in the English language a world that we live in, you find may be some form of boredom begins exists when something is repeated again and again. But inside the Quran Kela but it's repeated time and time again, for muscle inside so to Rockman some 36 occasions in 77 adversity so that we find to be a Allah, you're a big comer to Kedzie burn, that every single macpaw every single section is as if

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it's a word of its own, that Allah is prompt is posing this question. So which of the Blessings of your Lord will you reject that every theme is unique? And that's what it really my head mentioned that every time Allah mentioned, while we yo mighty little McKenzie been mentioned 10 times inside the Surah 50 verses to every five verses, it's mentioned that every single section is a section or paragraph on its own. So which of the Who you going to reject? Well, to those individuals on that day, who were the rejected the deniers that every section speaks about a specific topic, whether it be their resurrection, whether it be the creation, the human being, would it be the bounties of

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Paradise would it be the Punisher in southern Africa? Allah subhana stops while Yo Ma Ed Lil mukade. VBIED mentions it again and again for a purpose for us to ponder and to reflect upon. Another great example is the karate crowd filled Quran that we find is also to cover what occurred Yes, suddenly Quran and is dhikr FOR HELP ME Medaka add made the Quran something simple and easy. Why don't we ponder and reflect upon the Quran is simple and easy. When you take it in forms of Torah reading the Quran because many of us have this vision the Quran is buried and the Quran is far away from us. Most of the Quran is speaking about us is narrating about us in the hands of Quran yakusoku Allah

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Bani Israel, apparently the Ophelia telephone Moses karate speaking about Bani Israel, about Al Kitab. About a yahood about another Surah about Quraysh about an Arab is speaking about things that we we live on a daily basis with Quran doesn't speak buried. When Allah said a fella young Verona el ebene que for Julio Lima, the Allah subhanaw taala you have people or you share in an evil Why is Allah can speak into the camel Why does Allah speak about other thing is created regarding the elephant or other animals Allah has created because he Bob, Lily, Awami, nurse, Mother, your shufoo and William rune could not be what people visualize on a daily basis what they see what the Arabs

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would see on a daily basis. When Allah speaks about the mountains, the sky, the moon, the sun, the rain, the thunder, the lightning, these are malarkey. ADARA in a nurse to speak to people give down to be don't speak about tertiary existing issue that existed centuries ago to people who should be huddled but especially inside this country, we speak about relics and Aquila exists existed centuries ago. That's not been Barbie Dawa. What I mean alcohol hikma is not wisdom, it's not intellect that people think it is that we're addressing people topics that concern them. These are not topics that concern them. Because more of them are nurse Phil Phil, what have you learned out of

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manliness alone? People whether it be in a western world, or even inside the Arab world don't pray. Man you have funerals celebrate don't preserve and God they praise that we begin to speak about abstract issues about belief to the

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People just look at the Quran that's the Quran and the Sunnah ever speak about with a killer Mercola your Tarun what he said to the bow down prostrate, they don't prostrate look rock till listening to the language, the Quran, how he speaks, how he addresses the concept that belief and a Salah because it is Amande it's action. That is the daily ritual daily practice you need to develop inside your life then unlock concluded through a metaphor be a hadith in your minute, which speech are you going to believe in after this?

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If the meaning that if the Quran doesn't have an impact upon you inside your daily life, you don't read the Quran, you Don't ponder over the Quran. You don't even listen to the Quran. You don't reflect over the Quran. So what is going to change you

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and as she sing songs, musical instruments, poetry, good words, YouTubers, I don't think it's going to really have an impact upon you inside your life that you think those things are going to change me inside my life. They may be just a small percentage of change someone may may read something and may change them. They read some a probably a people of the past Aristotle or somebody else they read in a positive and it moved them. We have the book of Allah panda in front of us some yummy and we don't we don't engage with it. We don't ponder reflect upon it. Reading other sciences, other things for people who specialized. It's not for an average Muslim to waste their time and look at these

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things around them and say, oh look, this person quoted the Quran big deal. They're called to the Quran. They reject most of the rest of the Quran throughout their life. Just because they quoted one verse of the Quran for the whole world goes ballistic. They show respect to the Quran person keeps the Quran next to their bed. What does that mean? All of us muslims keep Messiah inside our homes. We keep them inside the home. What does it really mean? Is that a tacit approval of a person's faith and they believe is beyond that. Because these tools are highlighting about if you really believe in an Acura then you need to as they say in simple terms fix up inside your life. Fix about what we're

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doing inside our lives into get towards algebra to get closer to the journey towards Allah subhanahu wata Allah so Allah Allah is repeating this again and again, about this belief towards Allah Subhana Allah and that's why this surah will move salah or al Musa some of the Sahaba cooler while mo Salah will have well the Allah makes these continuous oaths because Allah is trying to get taken off by whatever he has created. These five or six oaths that Allah makes to send a message here so finding such mutations were Shamcey what to have some 1112 Allah makes televisi Allah said kind of Flamen Zakka successful is the one who purifies it purifies his soul. Does if you study the science of olph

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inside the Quran, harmattan Allah taken off by certain things, they look at the Jawaban awesome. Look at that we look at the response of the answer the custom, why is Allah taking all this oath to highlight that this young is welcome is a reality this wrote this day concept of Day of Judgment is a reality it's going to come through but prior to that what mood salad that is Surah Al morcilla that we find the normal father that she heard even Abbas, her nephew reading the surah and she said to him that this surah reminds me about the last time I follow the prayer behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had eaten such a Buhari the last time he led us it's I heard him are following him and

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prayed selected Margaret, he had su to Musa let he read the Holy suit. So you find that look at the flick of Salah certain times the prophet is going to long Salah long story short sewers. Now just condensed his life on certain suitors why because the impact of the Quran

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because Al Quran to know what Quran it changes, it changes format it changes words to every single word of the Quran it changes that no matter how much you listen to the Quran, one one simple word can change a whole dimension of your perception of the Quran. That's what the book of Allah Subhanallah Is it a Quran?

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No one can conquer the Quran.

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No one could conquer the Quran no matter how much they've learned the Quran, memorize the Quran recite the Quran. No one can conquer the Quran. Quran conquers over people. LEAH No Karim Allah Subhana Allah is the speech of Allah Subhana Allah Allah in the heart of Quran Yafo work worm, this Quran it raises people, it raises people and it defames people, the more a person is so hebard Quran a person the Quran living by the Quran muda persons lifted and raised in this dunya by Allah subhanaw taala and a person who who deals with the Quran many studies their life to try to decipher the words of Allah subhanaw taala to get close to Allah Subhana Allah will move select the root of

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the aroma begin to discuss, while Musala who is speaking about whether it be the angels, whether it be a RIA or whether it be the messengers, whatever because each other who are Urrea that is

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kickabout the beginning few verses speaking about the wind, while mutuality of the wind as it comes again and again, philosophy as for the wind when it comes harsh weather looks kind of genuine speaks about ARIA, it comes with blessings but when Allah mentioned the singular or really just a when study the Quran speaks about destruction. It destroys people that you find in a Ria, lava,

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the rain the wind it brings it brings the rain it brings it to the cloud doesn't really matter it begins to discuss whether it be the angels or the wind both have a benefit. Both can be concluded entails inside there because this is enough to know what fill Quran this is different usage of words inside the Quran that carry many meanings. And if all is acceptable, you accept all of them. Because even we still wind it brings benefit your heel, but the motiva the wind or the way brings life brings to rain and brings life to the dead wondered manner to he Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, and the angels they give life to the soul. Because the angels come with Revelation, they come with a

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message to people, whether it be the wind or whether it be the rain, both are serving the same same purpose of benefiting mankind. And its benefits. We don't see them inside the lives. We don't acknowledge these benefits we have both for them. We have the blessings of rain around us. We have the blessings of revelation around us. We don't seem to proceed and go back to to obeying Allah Subhana Allah in what Allah is telling us to do. So we find that Allah subhanaw taala inside these ayat will move Salah to travel RC 30 Astra will nurse Shira Tina Shah folfiri Kati Farakka for multiparty the Quran Luthra in number two aduna nowhere here, then a second have begun to speak the

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LMS speaks about now to the role of the angels who begin to separate the people

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who are neutral. When a person gives excuse a decision to choose is sealed now that's a hey, there's no Bashara is no glad tidings. This is a patient of coming to the end of the time, the Day of Judgment. So it's not going to be glad tidings now, all during our mudra cut off finish.

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Don't try to delay or bring any excuses. Your time has come it's time to leave the angels will separate you from this dunya Del Sol Allah mentioned that this this separation

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was going on mudra in nama to aduna law well here that what you have been promised, is going to be established as if I invite I'll work. So to work or the 56 chapter Quran is is a reality. As we find that many times I look kind of speaks about as you said that many times the last day at a mandala that day of Allah has been established Coulier in Allah subhanaw taala has been established. Lama Hanafi dyadic there's no doubt in number two I do not work as if because he had mentioned lamb who had an airship Fidel ik that all these promises that Allah has mentioned about the last state coming to last and all this you see by the angels in the wind and the rain this is what the job the answer

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is that Allah take in all that this is a reality it's a fact that's going to take place you can't escape it in me to do not work there for either no do move to me set then come to off the phobia a phobia EOB

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which are the days of Name of Allah you're going to reject Are you going to delight belied the last day for the new moon to me set that meaning that the stars I've lost a light that the stars wants to get we take for for granted. That's why we're being nudged me whom Yeah, dude, why the stars you are guided. The stars are constellation. They pollute the summer. They are Xena free summer

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they are beautification will be nudging me who Miata dude. And by the stars you find your your guide does mean you find which way to go, where to travel. But on that day, what will change those things that we take for granted that we see on a daily basis that we don't reflect for either new Moto missa

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why the summer frigid? The heavens that we see the beginning so so to Tabata that we find that Allah speaks about there's no crevices inside the heavens for Jael. basura has TermInfo to go back and ponder and look can you see any weakness inside the heavens and the earth that Allah has created? While your eyes would come back blinded that's how Allah begins to do that. And that is by saying, but that's that's the dunya that you see now.

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That same beautification, Allah will crumble it.

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Why is that? G Balou? No Siefert these great big mountains that you see, they're just going to be wiped away. There's so many places that the Quran Allah speaks about the mountains.

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They ask you about the mountains that Allah will just wipe them away.

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The Indian man fools turn them into a

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To carded wool soft wool, what is holding a valuable human beings hand? Nothing. That's how Allah is going to pluck these great big mountains, wipe them away. Make your own a plane of a Masha, the hushan the gathering of people to bring people there. Alright and who fatten who?

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Allah bring people at their judgment in a state of undressed, nudity and circumcised barefooted standing there and Allah subhanaw taala live animal cool Yom dinner Hill we're headed for her. This kingdom ship that people are speaking about, on the tip of the tongue of every whether it be Muslim or non Muslim liminal. muncul Yom Why don't we focus about that inside their lives? What are we focused on? We begin our prayers Maliki Yomi Deen other rewild Cara many Kiyomi Deen whether it be the king or the master lemon is more Coolio To whom does a kingdom ship belong today? Linda Hill we're headed

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to none other than release the irresistible one Subhan Allah Allah. So Allah mentions Surah Ibrahim yolmer to Badulla Urdu Hiral Abdi was summer work, while Barafu Nila Hill we're heading to kahar on that day that you find that Allah will change the heavens and the earth destroyed them. Wipe them out, go to manual undo viral or do some on the earth and you don't see well Baron zoo delayed we're headed for her don't come out forth in front of Allah subhanaw taala that's the day that we should be worried about. That's the lesson that we should be taking inside that no matter who you are. What prestige we're on what rank what age what color what skin what country what nation what tribe what

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you possess what you own what slaves you have, could lumen Allah fan.

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Everything's going to destroyed. Everything. Could Luna since the Echo to note, every single soul would taste death to taboo Agila is appointed time no one dies too early. No one dies too late. It's all recorded in delay. Subhana Allah that lesson is what if you find somebody that you find, God forbid Moti any word even sufficient is deaf as a reminder and another word that you find in in non multi fuzzer on deaf as a snatching. As an awakening. It snatches the person it snatches the people around you that's what Jeff did. It reminds that sort of program continues to set us companions. Does the Quran Mote. Remember death

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is excessively inside your life. Why are we remembering guests now?

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When when certain disbelieving people that they die we we don't even remember deaf at the moment. We're not remembering deaf at the moment. But just looking at the grand jury and the grammar and everything. The remembrance for Muslims should be remembering this. This is our end. This we're going to return back to Allah subhanaw taala while he that devalued muesli, but why the Russolo heated? When the when the messages will come in that day. message will be created either Rusu will it be mana dreamy art, when messages will come read the No sootel Merida yo magma la husen the day when Allah will gather the messages.

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And you said to miss what do you answer to the call of Allah Subhana Allah? Imagine the sobu that messes us What do you answer?

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Is there any doubt about the messengers not conveying the message exerting the effort? Now imagine us being asked that same question. What did we do in this? Dunya? What were our efforts inside this? Dunya? What did we exert our lives in what did we want to do? What did we want to achieve inside this dunya

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with a message or go to us

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on that day of judgment by Allah subhanaw taala the yeomen Anjanette Leo mill fossil, this is a gathering of the day of Yeoman fossil when the other aka Yeoman fossil, while you Yo Ma Ed little Mackenzie bean, volta those individuals who reject this belie this the last date, that sort of world is full of rejection. That's when it comes to people who don't want to believe in God don't want to believe in South Africa. And same thing some of us Muslims, that we think there's no Alaska

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these are just ancient times, myths, whatever it may be, you know, that's why Muslim should be visited inside the law. You know, before we speak about the greater things you know, where we follow us in our daily lives. You know what we thought of many of us all of us no exception. Reba just backbiting people freelance

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but it's for the sake of Allah is for this is for that speak about this person speak about that person Elohim and middle Tibet,

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but but is amongst a major sins.

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That's why That's why when a person reads the Quran, read the Sunnah is not just text and read it we live in just to quote to people fanciful words, look down upon people quote this quote

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At this new source this text, how much do we leave it inside our life?

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How much do I leave it inside my life? That we just sit there listening to gossip of people and speak about people slandering about people? And may Allah forbid on the Day of Judgment, what will happen to the likes of us? People going to be mostly soon people can be bankrupt people. They tend to think we come into January with good deeds, mountains of good deeds, I did this or did that. Whatever we claim to do. But what do we do? What else do we do inside our lives? Well, I can shut up I heard Wakanda wah wah, he took the right of this person took the wealth this person lied against this person slander against this person spoke about this person.

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And what's the bar to exchange in the day?

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The bot exchanges good deeds and bad deeds. My good deeds are given to someone else. Their bad deeds are given to me I'm a Muslim, I'm a bankrupt individual, bankrupt.

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Habit, a man fura actions have been wasted away. That's what we should be worried about inside inside our lives, that our actions are not wasted away.

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That they're not wasted everything that we do, we we should have that conviction exert effort,

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that a first person first person the first personality, first responsibility is myself.

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Is that my first response when inside my law should be my so that what am I going to do in that day? When Allah will ask me on that day that what did I do? What do you respond to the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala in Telugu LMR can to be to cut the bow down to that which is to rely and and reject

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go towards the fire.

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Go to the Hellfire you placed inside there with with three columns that don't to be there.

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And then on that day that we find that people going to try to give excuses

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by excuses are not going to be accepted in our day.

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Because we have enough excuses inside this dunya and Putin inside this dunya to do those things that Allah's Panther wanted us to do.

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And Allah warns us time and time again, for what benefit of you began for our own benefit. That somewhere along the line that continues reminder awakens the individual reminds him about Africa reminds about returning back to those countries, the person won't be able to speak

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won't be able to utter anything.

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What are you looking for? Yeah, Teddy rude. They won't be given no permission. They tried to ask permission to speak to do something read the ayat inside the Quran. Where the angels say, Sophia, one or two Kalamoon angels say that remain there. Remain where? remain inside Jahannam What are two kanamori Don't speak today.

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No right to speak. In you have imagined read the Quran of depicting Janam the disgrace of these people calling in a fear of other residing for eternity in the hellfire and someone's trying to make excuses.

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Excuses for certain people. Excuses of a Muslims

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hide Mark who doesn't make sense. We don't know where we're going inside our lives. And people have the audacity to say that somebody will come from via the conference open is apparent and people want to make justification. Well, maybe God is going to be merciful. Les sunnah Filardi with his Santa Fe, Allah is as soon as every time he speaks about Allah to sunnah in this world and Sunnah inside an Astra. You can't go against the Sunnah you don't twist the Sunnah according to your own desires. You don't make that will you Quran according to yourself, and there's one person allowed to make that will look Quran was whom is a Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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When Abu Talib passed away,

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Abu Talib read the Sierra was a man who defended the Prophet and it's not just with empty words. Nobody's a Token Service. Nobody traveling from certain countries to certain locations and writing a letter to people. He physically helped the Prophet alayhi salatu salam spend his time, his wealth, his money, his property.

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Do you think that the professor was upset about that? He didn't care about that. When I need me I'll be trying to be the son of Abu Talib came. And he said to the Prophet as a matter of milk.

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Your father Your uncle has died.

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So he said to Bhutan, it was Sunday Ali.

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He said to Abu Todd go and pray upon him.

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Think about this. A man who defended the Prophet and so on day in and day out. The Prophet of Islam didn't pray upon him

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to read the funeral pray upon him if he was allowed to Who do you think it would have done it to? It not Allah demon Abdullah King Allah de Manisha you can't guide the ones that you love. Allah Subhan Allah is one that guides

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his own mother. He asked Allah Allah permission Can I can I go to a grave Allah Allah

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Allah Now the problem is he wanted to go to the grave his mother. Then he asked Allah cannot seek forgiveness for her. And it was refused. That's his own mother.

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That's the mother of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So if any individual had the right to intercede and to proceed and to ask and is given to Abu Talib, that he's going to have the least punishment in the hellfire. He's going to wit to shoes to sandals of fire. They're going to make his brain boil. That's the least punishment inside Jahannam and this is surefire to Rasul This is specifically intercession of the Prophet is granted to him Salah to him, for him to intercede upon for no other individual has any right. We don't know where we're going. We don't know where our parents are going or where they're gone.

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And we can have the audacity to speak about other people. Man Mata Allah Cofer for careful.

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Whoever dies upon disbelief is a disbelieving individual woman shocked coffee co frame for her character. Whoever the doubt about a person's disbelief or an above Deckard has said that person can become a disbeliever themselves. That's creative Alison Nikki will Gemma basics

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that anybody's disbelief is clear, apparent, clear the sun their words, their testimony, testimony, their life, their actions are clear.

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Then you judge them on a voyeur. You judge a person upon their apparent beliefs and likewise a Muslim any Muslim you judge them by their parent display of a Muslim that's where you make an excuse that's when you make an excuse for Muslim that not possibly not illogical for rape will pardon will overlook them maybe it had good deeds maybe that had made that car maybe that Sinatra made good ties with their with their parents with a family members. Maybe they helped someone maybe done this. That's where maybe comes that's where we use maybe many times for Muslim and my dad had a normal first Niger marinelle Common overlain. This is a Day of Gathering. We're going to gather you and the

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first of the creation all in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala thank Canada Kincaid and Fatih Dune, if you have the ability to plot or to plan to counteract against Allah and do so. And this is Kitab of xojo of warning of worried shadiness because he'd mentioned that this isn't a club that you're allowed to do what you want to do. It's a warning that you can't plot and plan against Allah to Allah. You can't go against the judgment or the day of judgment of Allah subhanahu wata either way Luoma Edelen McKenzie been Welteroth individuals who reject the last day or reject the meeting with Allah subhanaw taala and then immediately mentioned then Allah Allah gives us these glad tidings

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that a booster has given given to whom in their Mottaki in Uffizi learning what are you on the ground Todd is giving to the believer the Moutoku when they're going to be in shades and and in rivers they're going to be does he find that even the surah in itself, in relationship to previous was sorted in sand that we find that Allah speaks about the different rivers or the different types of drinks? Then dibela cafetera Sal sebelah and he Allah means that is Surah MA and Ferrata. A sweet water drink will be given to the believing individuals, as you mentioned, it is not all doom and gloom for believers, that for them, there's going to be what we want people rejoice at the moment

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and blockades and gold and silver and silver, and ornaments, and wealth and property. It's all there inside of Akira. In our Motoki in Uffizi learning what are your own, what are working I mean, man, yester Hoon, and whatever fruits that they desire,

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and other places or the Quran or whatever it is solely designed to be given to them, whatever the soul thinks about,

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it will be granted to the believers. That's why inside this dunya, the knifes it needs to be controlled. That's what this world is. It's a mad world, whatever people lust and they desire, they need to fulfill it. They need to carry out inside this world they need to have the enjoyment inside this world. But that lust and that desire doesn't finish it doesn't diminish because that's how Allah has made the soul inside this dunya that the greed of the soul it continues

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the after one lust another lust to another lust. It never finishes but the lust if you can use such words inside an AKA desire inside the Accra it stops meaning the soul becomes content.

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That's what the whole the whole human being inside an Astra with different human being will be given inside an Astra fee genetic maroon, they find inside God is a river with regard to these individuals who believe in Allah subhanaw taala Kulu was shabu honey and Bhima. Kuntum. Tara Malone, eat and drink, honey and comfortably. No rush.

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Nothing to disturb you, honey. I'm Bhima quantum Cameroon. reward for what purpose? Be my quantum

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Sam Malone because of what you used to do inside this dunya that's an athlete and the Sunnah is is an email will hammer this concept people that Allah knows what's inside my heart. How many times people come and pose this question. Allah knows what's inside my heart. If I even pick up the dust if you say Eva, don't pray Allah knows what's inside my heart. Allah knows I'm a good person. I don't harm anybody. I don't do this. Maybe you pray you do this, you do that.

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That doesn't mean you give up prayer inside your life. It doesn't mean you give up the fluoride doesn't mean you give up the obligation just because I'm a bad Muslim does not excuse for you to give up what Allah tells you to do. tells me to do tells us to do there's no excuse. That's just a western concept that we're surrounded by that if I do this, what's the point in me doing it? No, that's not that's not Islam, believing individuals Muslim wherever whatever type of muslim you are left Hakuna to me Rahmatullah that you find the most more powerful verse of forgiveness inside the Quran.

00:30:56--> 00:31:04

Are you believe don't despair from the forgiveness of Allah. In Allah yoke through the Luba Jamia, Allah forgives all sins

00:31:06--> 00:31:42

person shouldn't despair shouldn't lose hope whatever type of Muslim that we are that Allah Allah Allah boom have to her the doors of Allah's pad are open for every single individual Kulu shabu honey and be welcome to Cameroon. These are reward users individual in NACADA Anika Nigerian was seen in alike was going to give reward to the doers of God. That's why study almost anyone inside the Quran. The pious indeed we look at all the traits the characteristic how far away we are from the traits or the characteristics of the of these individuals. Then another ones where you do your might you didn't didn't even bow to those who reject the last day or reject this concept. And those

00:31:42--> 00:31:44

individuals who enjoyed this world

00:31:45--> 00:31:50

Allah system Kulu water material or lean and eat and drink for short while

00:31:52--> 00:31:56

eat and drink enjoy this world for short while hadn't bourbon is the Drudge.

00:31:57--> 00:32:17

Go go do whatever you want to do, as Allah says, instead it was just about and John rook in Naka Anton azizul Kareem act as a logger to Quran Allah says look, go and taste you for your high and mighty noble precious special now taste what tastes good things taste the punishment Jahannam

00:32:18--> 00:32:56

does you find that those individual coolant water material Kalyan is only a short span in this world in Nakum, in nickel material moon, you're criminals you're only here on this world for a short while, then when you finish this world thinking you enjoyed yourself then you're going to come to Accra, that a punishment is that the Accra is going to be even more assured. Matera dunya Colleen life his world is clean assured enjoyment word or short enjoyment inside his world for short span that they are waiting to Yoma either little mocha Debian voters individual deny then Allah mentioned why the killer Mercado la your cartoon

00:32:57--> 00:33:06

Imam Sadiq See he mentioned that is even applying to today's time when he said to people bow down they don't bow down. As you mentioned life is imminent and action

00:33:07--> 00:33:14

when they're told to bow down the greatest symbol we began with of a Muslim the greatest symbol of a Muslim is a seller

00:33:15--> 00:33:36

that's the greatest symbol let's not get bogged down into Salah should be like this and performed like this and like this and like that and either leave that for now. Leave it for now. Let's just get people praying. Firstly, let's get them to focus on what a Salah is. What is Rufus Salah was the spirit was the soul of the prayer

00:33:37--> 00:33:45

was the spirit of this the prayer right and studying in Salah people nudging one other dragging one other touching one another fixing one another does not the spirit of Salah

00:33:47--> 00:34:27

that's not who Sufi Salah does not focus in such as salah. The view Salah is that is Silla, basic obeying Allah is the relationship between you and Allah subhanaw taala called the flan movement known as Latina on fee Salah team costs your own successful unbelievers who are devoted to their prayers devoted to their prayers, worried about their prayers, you have a goon preserve their prayers worried about it. That's what real seller is. And likewise seller leads what to the individual what does it make Salah really do to us? The answer is dividends are the Quran in the salata. tinha and in Fashi well monka Allah the Quran Allah Akbar Allah Allah momenta snare on in

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

the Sonata tena and in fact che will Moncure Salah takes you away from immorality, lewdness, promiscuity, sexual misconduct, wickedness, bad behavior, for where he says what Salah does. That's why this takes the person away, drifts them away, is purifies them It cleanses your soul, your mind your body. That's why you come to Salah you don't come to Sarah to twitch to bother about other people to check your phone to check your messages to see what people are saying. Look up from the dunya come, Doc like how many minutes to set

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Take five minutes, five minutes to praise God properly to stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala we spent this people document we spent hours scrolling in a day hours we spend and we have a problem with five minutes we're either feeling will lay your karoun When I said to them bow down the cop bow down, whether it be in this dunya whether it be to the Manasa code in southern Africa when they tried to bow down they won't be able to bow down. And then Allah concludes by mentioning for me, Well, why do you need it anymore because the bead for the 10th time for ba Hadith embarked on a after all of this, the surah after all these paragraphs after all of this,

00:35:39--> 00:35:57

if they don't believe inside this hadith, meaning the speech of Allah is probably the Quran of Allah. We don't know what they're going to believe in. That's also another piece of the Quran, the Hadith in bad Allah you t you may know so which of the verses and the size of Allah are they going to believe in after this?

00:35:58--> 00:36:32

Test we said that we say more more focus on the Quran to awaken us awaken our lives, awaken our personalities, awaken our character, our behavior, our etiquettes that we should be focused on our lived our relationship with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. We claim to love Allah Subhanallah we came to follow the teachings of Allah Subhana Allah we are we from those teachings where we will teach Quran is crystal clear. And Eman will cover cos Shamcey will come or will lady will not pass us you don't need to be a scholar. You know the Quran only a certain ayat which are scholarly.

00:36:34--> 00:37:09

They certain ions Quran which are scholarly of me wrath of inheritance, Abdullah, a teacher IRA, a jihad. They set an iron inside the Quran from the 6600 Odd verses inside the Quran. There's a few iron inside the Quran, what the rest of the 6000 is more than one Quran. The rest of the Quran is worth it spirituality is awakening. So why are we alive while we wait from the Quran? Why can we study read the Quran a daily basis and see this is what the Quran says yeah, you live in Amman that the tuxedo or do we want to do a cup Alia

00:37:10--> 00:37:18

what are we what can you make of this? Quran is crystal clear Are you believe don't take my enemy and your enemy as your allies and your friends.

00:37:20--> 00:37:29

Allah says words that remain for time for eternity. They remain there until his Quran is lifted. You can't make that we'd have certain ayat of the Quran, they're crystal clear.

00:37:30--> 00:38:13

You find that a hatred disseminated from their mouths. One or two Fifi sudo room Akbar, what they consume inside their heart is far more worse. So as we squabble amongst ourselves, we argue amongst ourselves, we can't see what the message of Quran is. We can't see what's being taken place to us Muslims to our land, our property, our intellect. We don't know what history is. We don't know what the word is. We live in a cocoon world. That's what many of us Muslims living we can't see the audacity, the atrocities, the plunder, the killing, the looting, the wealth, what they've done to stomach Institute's, or the plunder of other loot to them, or the exile to place them inside jails

00:38:13--> 00:38:52

or prisons there, threw them out, to take out extinguished the light of Allah Subhana Allah, but Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who is saying that Allah Allah will raise people always that will come and ignite that faith in Allah Subhana Allah, and that's what we should be igniting the faith, reminding people at what is faith, what is belief in Allah subhana Tana Prestine but if orthodox believed in only only calling and imploring upon Allah subhanaw taala, calling upon Allah to give us Muslims, the victory and success and paradise in South Africa, the only struggle at the end of it, people who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala, they can somehow fast track all these millions,

00:38:52--> 00:39:10

billions of Muslims who died, they just fast track them because of your emotional feelings and found their way into paradise. That's what it seems to be like, and the rest of us average Muslims. Well, we well, you can just wait there somewhere along the line, and then God will decide for you or people will decide for you.

00:39:11--> 00:39:43

Allah Subhana Allah is merciful towards the servant towards the Muslims, and he loves them. And he gives them glad tidings about shooting me and give Greta to believers. Give them glad tidings. And we ask Allah is gonna give us that don't feed inability to die in a state of Eman that really shows us the Eman it can it can quiver I can waver from here today. We ask Allah to make a steadfast insider email, know where Lord Allah Subhana Allah is die upon servitude and obedience and no words of comfort or disbelief but words of belief and affirmation in and towards Allah subhanaw taala