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Muslim one fucile Hey Abby, Hola. Hola. The Allahu Anhu called Daddy tonight is a collection of Muslim Canadians Bible Herrera, this will be probably the final Hadith at all.

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Maybe there's another one, but we're gonna start by a number a sequence of a hadith that we'll talk about and we're gonna shut up probably tomorrow the day after I can't remember anymore. But this is the theme of understanding Iman that I will come back to after Ramadan insha Allah because I think it's an important one and I think it's worthy of our time to reflect upon is a very nice Hadith which describes to us something that happened during the Battle of of Tobruk.

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So I've shared actually both narrations because we both know there are two narrations that exist in the collective of Muslims too. I'm going to kind of paraphrase from both your so that the it makes sense to you the story makes sense to you. But as you know, my Rasulullah sallallahu Salafi Elizabeth Abu Bakr, Anna to Amma magia, it can benefi that as well to home what we love with the valley assault center, the Battle of the book, and it was a it was a year of hunger and poverty, there was no food people were very hungry. As you know, the story is called the hospital Ursula because of how difficult was people to actually go as far as to come Neffe that meaning people had

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brought with them their food, the sustenance that was going to get them to a taboo and back and it was it was running out really rapidly. I mean, they were running out of food, what dumb about the home be in a hurry, they were be him and Joe and some of them were starting to think of slaughtering the camels that they were writing. Like you take a camel with you or a horse to write to make it to the fight on so some of them are thinking of maybe slaughtering it to feed themselves and people around them. But yeah, hello modificata yella surah Allah and another narration they asked the Prophet if it's okay to do that and the Prophet Allah has also said sure, I mean if you need to

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slaughter a few that that's what we do. Well I'm gonna call al Rasulullah Hala doubt a nurse for Gemma was out Allah La whom I know Yeah. How about you tell them to bring all of their food all the sustenance wherever is left and then they put it all in one place and you make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to grant Baraka in it for them. Kala Nam that's a good idea for value called

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dual brewery brewery where the temporary be temporary he was on our table in our

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meeting meaning the person who had a little bit of wheat they brought the wheat the people had a little bit of dates they brought the days the one who only had the pit

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of the date brought the pit of the date forgot about mama else now when I didn't know what were the people bringing Why are building pits Bacala can oh yeah more sooner Yasha Rabona Alma they would they would just suck on the pitch and drink a little bit of water over it to keep themselves going. Here's how hungry they would get to understand the level this is the degree of hunger where they would they would just be happy with a little bit of whatever's maybe small amount of nutrients that are that are coming off the date the the pit of the of a date.

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So they brought it all to the Prophet it sounds to them FaceTime Allah nipa ha Anya, see if he had put on a solid send him a little bit of a fabric and I'll find it with a small amount. But if I don't I never use it Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah and the Prophet Isaiah made dua upon it for him to Allah subhanaw taala but if I made a home was wider home and people filled all of their bags of sustenance at mela and natural Jamia, and so everyone filled everything was so you want to see it a little bit was left for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to eat Bacala eyeshadow, Allah Allah illallah wa ne rasool Allah may be her abdomen or boo Leila, shakin Bihar in watercolored

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Jana, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that I am His Messenger, any servant that comes to Allah subhanaw taala with full certainty in this with no doubt in their heart except Allah subhanaw taala will have them enter Jannah if you come to Allah subhanaw taala was filled with full certainty you have no doubt you You kicked out those demons long time ago. You chase them away earlier in your life and you spent your life full totally focused on the fact that the only reason that you're around is to fulfill the meaning of la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah you come to Allah that way, and you will not know that another nation thought of a man

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who I've done RadioShack in Bihar WiFO jiba Aenean Jana, no seven will come with it will force will come saying that was full certainty and be deprived from Jana, they will never be deprived from gender. And I just find that hadith again. It takes you look at this hadith as talking about Iman, look at this hadith is talking about La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, where is it being practiced? Where is it being demonstrated, you see where he's being demonstrated is not being demonstrated in a lead backs setting where people are sitting around and they're enjoying themselves being demonstrated, as people were starving on the way to a battle that was so so fearful. It was

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called guns with an orchestra. The Battle of difficulty it was called just the Battle of difficulty was so hard. Every aspect of it was hard. They didn't have enough food, they were starving. They're going to slaughter the camels they need to fight on nights when they're a certainty became that's where you show it just that those days.

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dark moments that you need to bring out the best within you that those moments where you have every reason to be doubtful every reason to be weak every reason to turn your back and go the other direction, every reason to give up and walk away where you show that certainty in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah was when that's what's going to matter for you on the Day of Judgment and he and he brigade said this earlier you saw this I'm at that moment and that's why I find that something so meaningful, and I hope you find it beneficial you gotta remember Muslim and be so hey, I know the right on top of the Allahu Akbar corrigin Mr. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he

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was ready to book again at the AMA Yeah, I didn't buy Nephi that as well. We'll call me Bahama I'll go home be nahi Dawa him, but God Almighty Allah rasool Allah Now I will tell coma but Gemma was their home but they're out Allah Allah whom I know you have a call for value to me either nipa ha You only a seer are welcome another use of Allah Allah you send them further Allah who love him I know you might as well the home was the shape when you see I can I mean Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to find Alia Salatu Salam o Shodo Allah, Allah Allah Allah when Nia rasool Allah Mata, I'll be doing robber who can be in the halal Jana Soraka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam swagger become the

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channel Allah Allah in the interest of people to Galego Salah who are selling a mobile computer Muhammad Ali