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How should I worship Allah? Q&A

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Nouman Ali Khan

Channel: Nouman Ali Khan

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Okay, this is an Arabic but how can you advise me to worship Allah the way that he should be worshipped? Very serious question. I'll repeat it How should I worship Allah the way he deserves to be worshipped? That is impossible.

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marcador Allah, Hakka Qadri he did not appreciate Allah the way that he deserved to be appreciated. Nobody can make Shaka of Allah the way he deserves. Nobody can make salam to Allah the way he deserves. So what did Allah do? Allah gave us, here's some minimum things you can do. Even if they're not perfect, and that's good enough for me. Allah is perfect. He does not expect perfection from you.

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That he is a man, which is why no matter what we do, at the end, we say Robina to Kabul, Mina, our Rob except from us. He didn't give us a list of 1000 Good deeds, it's a few good deeds. There's a few you know few things to stay away from and then your Rob is happy with you. Easy into your Allah Allah rasool Allah Who, nya let's come in Alikum che. Don't complicate your religion. If you obey Allah and His Messenger, no, none of your good deeds will be taken away. Simple. So the beauty of our deen is how simple