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In the

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are moving data are usually

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hung by the army to who was Salalah who was Ella Baba cardi B while

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on the moon. Yeah, you're NASA taco lady holla Kaku

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rasheeda. ohana Jana Opus COVID Houma region

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in the la calidad de como para

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talkin la Baku.

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Baku Baku.

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de Kitab la ketola heavy Have you Mohammadi Salalah wyrley USA, Porsche

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have a lot. No Children of Adam. Allah subhanho Acharya was based on Mahabalipuram de la Salalah while he was in love, with countless blessings, countless blessings. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes this manifest. When he says what am I doing here, I went online he left

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that if you were to try and audit and take account of the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you all, you will never ever be able to do something you will never, ever be able to order the amount of blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed us with. From these blessings are servants of Allah. And oh Children of Adam, is the month of Ramadan. a month that Mohammed Abdullah

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said is the head of all the months of the year

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and from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us is the day of tomorrow and the witch Muhammad

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Salah love it he

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is reported to have said in a heavy hurry to buy

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a loved one. And finally it's such a must have

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your will tomorrow. The best day upon which the sun rises is the day off tomorrow. Three equally for either. On this day Allah subhanho wa Taala created as the seller wants you working

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around this day Allah subhanho wa Taala entered into paradise or fee.

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And on this day, Allah subhanho wa Jalla removed him from paradise on earth.

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He left tomorrow and he said that the coming off the hour will not happen will not take place. Except on this day, the day of tomorrow. We also had a voice from amongst those that are most paranoid entirely speakers from amongst those that are lots of terrible data has decreed entry to Japan with the coming of the hour arrives.

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or service of Allah, no children of Adam

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in either metamath looks on everything reaches a peak, and then it begins to decrease.

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And the aroma has reached its peak and has become decreasing in terms of rewards and bounties for in terms of the blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But in terms of the days that remain.

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We began the month and we had a lot to look forward to. And the days went by. And these days or two weeks, and the hours went by and the seconds went by and we saw the full moon denoting the middle of Ramadan. And now we see this moon beginning to become smaller and smaller with the passing of every night denoting this month coming to address this blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala servants of Allah and our children of Adam

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A great blessing, a man that is deemed a season of worship. It is not just any month, it is a season of worship, a month in which a believers acts and worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala is multiplied many times and many

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multiple multiplied to benefit who, as servants of Allah, this season of worship is reaching its end. And the question we have to ask ourselves before the passing of this month is what have we done to achieve that, which constitute being the wisdom of the prescription of this month.

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There are many wisdoms behind this prescription. And the greatest of all wisdoms as explained by Allah subhanho wa Taala, is the attainment of

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a Muslim is an entity of depth, an entity that contemplates an entity that deliveries, not just a person that goes about their daily life based on the norms of society, based on that which we used to do when we were young. We first the month of Ramadan, because it's a no, it's something that we used to do before. And thus we are doing it now that is not the reality of a legal service of law. I believe it is an entity that engages us having a dialogue not just with his or her body, but with his or her mind, his mind as well as well as his or her heart and spirituality, which is the essence behind the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. During this month, we have to ask ourselves, what is

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the quality of a temple, which has its place of abode being the heart has this quality with it? Do our hearts feel like it has developed?

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What is a tough one? a tougher observance of Allah as explained by the river is not something that can be defined using a synonym. It's not something that can be explained using one way. And even if the Arabic language a comprehensive language, we find that engaging this term with sentences they define and explain this term using sentences. So we find the statement of

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which way was explained or Sohail Buhari became a chef or a scholar, he defines a taco and says that it is an agent of a mecha. obeying the law he will fire it is the ability or it is the concept of placing between yourself and the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala in barrier placing between yourself and the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala a barrier. How do you erect this barrier? By always making sure that you are afforded the use of Allah subhana wa Medina, and that you are far away from the dose, you are always upon the commands of Allah.

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah de la la, la, la, la, la ilaha illa you're always upon the commands of the xop upon the teachings of His Messenger, Muhammad Abdullah.

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This is the reality of

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when we say

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we need a dynasty be worthy of worship.

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And when we say Lola, we infer that the only one worthy of worship is Allah.

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affirmation doesn't just mean that it is a lip service.

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concept. No, it is actually, this affirmation entails sufficient intense devotion, because this is the reality of Islam. Islam is there to submit to the will of Allah subhana wa tada in the moment that you are living in every moment that you live in, you submit to the will of Allah.

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You ask yourself at every moment, what am I doing? Is this correct? Is it beloved to Allah, if it is, I will say it, if it is I will do it. If it is I will participate in it. And if it is not, I will refrain from it. Because we were not created except to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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This is the reality of attacco servants of Allah. And to erect this court this time or this barrier, we have to stay away from the warnings from that which Allah subhanho wa Taala warned us against as well. So we need to take an audit of ourselves of servants of Allah during this month of Allah when Allah subhana wa adalja has made issues and aspects easy for us, allowing us to engage our spiritual self, allowing us to understand our purpose of creation. Allah subhanho wa Taala facing us in a manner that differs from the norms of the other one. We stay away from

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We stay away from holiday. We stay away from relations for a period of time and I was having

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widens and opens the doors of fine events and he shuts the door. And he changed the demo is placing us in an arena in a season that allows us to develop adequate support allows

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commanders to adapt why needed at that time, that is divine wisdom dictates that he provides us towards a tapa and he provides the avenue for us to attain it. He provides the ones that

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he makes composite five times daily Salama, all these aspects allow us to reconnect with our spiritual self engaging our engaging Allah subhana wa tada with both our bodies and our hearts.

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And when we have this spirituality, what begins to become manifested, we all want some kind of a dynamic from amongst,

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amongst those that develop a tempo with the passing of this man are servants of Allah or children of Adam, do not despair, do not despair for Allah azza wa jal is the most forgiving and merciful and then have to be learned this month has not yet come to an end. Barack Obama when he was talking,

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he said he picked up on a

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refer to a in the

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in the chapter 11.

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To see that

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or may you believe

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he was lucky

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enough to meet the

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label rehab that is

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bla, no children Nevada

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should not being in a state of despair. Yes, the month of Ramadan is coming to an end. But Allah subhana wa tada is how you learn the variables. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the ability be able to present knowing I understand that a believer doesn't only worship Allah subhanho wa Taala we don't only worship Allah Subhana Allah during the month of Ramadan, the worship of Allah subhana wa data takes place throughout the days of the year. And throughout the course of our lives, we should be careful that we do not become worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala during one month of the year,

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oh servants of Allah, and are children of Adam, that despite how you may have used the beginning weeks of this month, and despite the fact that this month is coming to an end, be upon glad tidings and be upon firm belief that there is still a chance to end this month in the winner's circle, there is still a chance to end this month, and be in the group of those who have been deemed as

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the or those that have, there is still a chance to be from amongst those that allows a pattern where the data is free from the fire again, because of Allah, Allah subhanho behati mina actions are judged by the ethics. So no one understand that if you had to be beginning or you might have had a weak middle, but you still have a chance, because Allah Subhana Allah is All Merciful, and He will judge us by our endings. And if our endings are strong, you will forgive our beginnings. Who is it to say some semblance of a law you have to add a little bit of a boo boo.

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Who is the one who says

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if you send and sin,

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so many citizens, when you assume the surfaces of the atmosphere, and then you turn back to Ghana, and you sought forgiveness for your sins.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says I will forgive your sins for you and

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who says this law in the law is

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Who is the one who says in the

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Who is the one who says you see throughout the day and throughout the night.

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When you are weak, you might have made mistakes. Don't be in a state of despondency. Don't be despondent and feel depressed and feel that you have lost the month. Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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last panel data, who forgives all sins,

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mistakes, all that which you may have lost and been complacent with.

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So text Allah subhana wa tada seek forgiveness of servants of Allah, Allah.

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Who is the one who

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stretches his hand out in the day to forgive the sins of the evening and reaches out in the evening to forgive the mistakes of the morning?

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is totally dependent, not in need of us. And he's giving us bounty after bounty mercy afterwards he who is law in the law, Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah, Who is the one who says, Let there be by the end ni Rahim, who is the one who commanded

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them to teach each and every one of us that allows Allah is the most forgiving, the most.

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So glad tidings to servants of Allah Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala instead, become energized. Instead, he can charge for the greatest of lights or the greatest of life awaits us. And there is time to redeem ourselves, there is time to get back that which we may have lost in the beginning of the process.

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During the last day of Ramadan, tighten his belt meaning he changed his timetable. He became even more devoted to

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know how he was devoted outside of his deadlines as well. He became even more devoted. And he taught us that during these nights increase the recitation of

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YAHWAH powerful indeed you are the one who forgives.

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You love to forgive us, forgive us. Don't lose hope, be energized, be upon glad tidings and make the resolve to make the necessary changes to allow yourself to redeem this month, there is still a chance

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to be happy have actions will be judged by the endings I pray that Allah Subhana

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Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala inspires us to take a hold of ourselves and make the necessary changes everything needed for us to bring it because if we bring it that

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indeed will deliberate if we bring what is needed amongst the Panama

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Panama Papers from the booth we almost have a database from those that have the key from the bio tender with the passing of this level. We almost had a thesis in the winner's circle with the passing of as much as you want for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah

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all the love in Russia did

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know it was

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What's your

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what's your

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medical car now?

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What does this

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What shall we

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he about?