Mohamad Baajour – The Best Days of 1442

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the upcoming days of the title title of Islam Tala. The first 10 days of the title are the most important, and the title is designed to encourage people to practice and not feel satisfied with the title. The title is designed to encourage people to not feel satisfied with the title and to practice instead.
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Law he saw the how

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many Mina most Nene

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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we all know that he

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says he says few words that are extremely deep and concise but they have a lot of meaning.

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In sha Allah Tala tomorrow by

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one two o'clock, we will find out exactly when the first 10 days of the ledger will start.

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It's going to be either Saturday or Sunday

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the most superior of

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the sons of Adam

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alayhis salatu salam, he said, after about a year me dunya he said the most superior days of the whole year are the first 10 days of the hedger

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today in sha Allah Tala I'm going to take the most popular Hadith divided explain it because I want myself in you to feel how big are these days? And if not best for the Allah Allah and the Hadith ism Buhari call call Rasul Allah.

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Tala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mam in a yam Alam Al Asad, a hub in Allah.

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Min Alana Villa Yemen Asha Cardo rasool Allah Wa Al Jihad visability Allah called welily Jihad fie surbey Illa Illa Rajan Hello Raja be merrily here when FC he when Amuro Jae min Delica be che

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Allah he listen carefully please listen carefully.

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Ma'am in a young bus was Hassan said no days Yanni put the calendar in front of you 365 days. Yeah rasool Allah, what are the best days of these 365? He said he is Salatu was Salam, the first 10 days of the Hijjah Yasue Allah What about the days of Ramadan? The first 10 days of the hijab? Yeah, Rasul Allah, what about the last 10 days of Ramadan? The first 10 days of the hijab?

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Ma'am, in a yam no days, like I said the other day, did not say between brackets except Ramadan. No days. Man in a yam alarm bell is Saudi righteous deeds, that includes salah, fasting, charity, reading Quran, any kind of righteous deed better than well he then good to the parents being good and nice and respectful to the parents. Any good deed. Alarmingly solid.

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In Allah, more beloved to Allah. Man in a year, no days righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah. Then the deeds done in these 10 days

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Sahaba their mind immediately went to jihad.

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The topic that we are forbidden to discuss

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don't say jihad.

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Yeah when jihad is in the Quran.

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Ma'am in am they immediately the Sahaba when they are soon Allah What about the jihad visa vie Allah? Because this is their mind immediately goes to the best. The best play by our deen is jihad. What about jihad? Rasool Allah

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what Al Jihad visa Bill Allah

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not even Jihad V. Sabine. Allah is better than the Annelle done in these days. Allah

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rasool Allah Azza wa sallam made one exception, just one.

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Only one, what is that exception? A person, a man who doesn't listen carefully. He sells his house. He sends his car. He sells his business. He liquidate all his assets. He spent them all for the cause of jihad for the cause of Allah. And he goes to jihad and he does not come back.

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How Raja Denali he he left with all his wealth. When I've seen he

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And himself when AMEA bizarrely come in shape, and he does not come back of any of that of any of his money or himself. What does that mean? That means, if this man sold everything, liquidated everything, went to jihad. And he came back with one arm, no leg, one i paralyzed.

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Your reading of the Quran in the 10 days is better than his job.

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If he comes back because he said, only one exception, he cannot come back. He died he Sabine Allah, that guy is better than your dollar, in the 10 days of the hedger that is better than your, your, your your Subhanallah is better than his jihad, your reading of the Quran, your Toorak of Salah in these days are more beloved to Allah than the guy coming back from jihad.

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Are you feeling the weight of these days? So

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if Allah subhanaw taala kept me and you alive to witness these days, Allah He that is an amazing, amazing blessing from Allah subhanaw taala What should we do in these 10 days? Come to tomorrow's hope inshallah. Zach Allah here

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