Are Children Worth The Trouble?

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We scratching our heads today, Ella. Hi Lola why people want to get married and have children all this excitement about? You know, when you're not married, you can only think about getting married. When you get married. You only think about having children. The guys are not married. When you meet the Auntie's. What do they say? Hey, brother, when you're getting married? When you get married? What do you have the ante say when you meet them, brother is the children.

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And Auntie's need to relax, also

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need to relax also, but you get my point. And now we're scratching our head thinking Subhanallah This is tough.

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What's all this excitement about getting married and having kids? It's tough? Yes, it's tough. But that tough meets a lot of beautiful things.

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If you do it the right way. You do it the right way.

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Because for your information for your information, Allah tells us in the Quran, and the prophets of Allah, Allah wa sallam taught us to be righteous children. Earlier, we said that there's no way to build your agenda after you die except by leaving behind.

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One of the ways to build your agenda after you die is by leaving behind righteous children. This is one of the ways righteous children are you and I know brothers and sisters, that we have people that might have lived for 60 years, but they've been buried for 100 years. They've been buried for 200 years, they've been buried for 500 years, they live under the ground far longer than they lived on top of the ground. I'm sure we know of these people.

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The clever person is the person who can do Jenna, even after they've passed away, that they might live under the ground for longer than they lived on top of the ground. But when they get to gender they see agenda that represents many, many, many more years than the years that they lived on earth.

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How do we do so by leaving the righteous child so it is difficult, but it comes with mighty benefits, it's still worth it. You have to do it right? That's the package. In the ayah. In the Quran, Allah tells us that when the people of Jenna go to Jenna,

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and let's say a father

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is in the sixth heaven,

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and the child is in the third heaven. Gender is only a place of happiness. And complete happiness will not happen except when the families are together. Allah knows this. Allah's mercy dictates that Allah will raise the family members at the lower heaven to the higher heaven.

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See the team.

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So having children gives us the ability to have different chances of getting to a higher gender. So I don't want to the reason I'm highlighting this here, so nobody makes a decision to never call us. That's it about getting married. Somebody says call us that's it. No more children. No, don't don't take the wrong understanding from what I'm saying. It is it is a responsibility. But it's a responsibility that has on the other side great rewards, great rewards, and in taking care of the responsibility is the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala as well. Right.