A Father’s Bonding

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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A father figure is important in the life of a child. And yes, my father's you need to man up, you need to change diapers, you need to also feed your to your children because this way I you know, I know we say it's the role of the mother and yes the mother it is her role, but it's also your role in some way. Why? So that you break any barrier between your child and you. You see children are more closer to the mother. Why? Because the father is is not there to do the intimate things. So whilst we're not saying do it every day, what we say is some days, break the barrier to the bridge one day, feed your child one day, change his nappy or her nappy and you'll see how much fun they

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will have. And tomorrow when they have an issue, and the mother is not around. They won't choose to remain isolated from you as a father, you get what I'm saying?