Somalis Are the Best Muslim Community in the West

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especially and I'm not bragging but this is the truth.

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The best oma in the West that I've seen a Somalis and look, go to Dubai into nine Quran international competition Quran competition. You see me there or Somalia, South Sudan Masha Samadhi Bella city sitting there, and he has, you know, Sweden, you know, flag in front of him. You see another Somali you know, is sitting right and you can tell Samadhi Samadhi you can they will connect with each other. You can tell you the Samadhi and he has a flag of America. And that's why he maybe some of Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to see

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older generation disappointed me while the younger generation ate the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So when we have Shaban Nisha, I feel ba Tila Ophir Eva Tina, what does it mean? It means the OMA the future of the OMA ECq

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the future of this deen is safe.

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Because imagine all these young people imagine all these young people doing haram things,

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you know, doing evil things, then what what would be the future of the Ummah would we do?

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The earner mindset if you want to see a future of any nation what is the Chinese where the Indians whether whatever, just look at their youth,

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and look at their women, two things, women and youth because the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said first fitna of Bani Israel, he was in there women

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and US hamdulillah especially and I'm not bragging, but this is the truth.

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The best oma in the West that I've seen a Somalis, my father you but he's the best he was yesterday. It was just a yesterday and then somebody's brother, he said who came late 80s to continue to the west. He said when I came, he said there was no massage.

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There was no foul. There was no hijab, there was no jilbab he said I remember the hijab, the few hijab sisters, they will wear something over their head and they will go out with pants or a skirt just just to blend in.

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And I concur that because when I came to Canada I used to travel hours just to go to a masjid

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hours in my city where I lived there was no Masjid

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there will soon forget about mercy there was no masala

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no masala my house was the first masala I was in it was just you know Middle School. Just grab a copy of what we guys call in high school I don't know what level

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that's that's the masala of the city.

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We were only for four of us. Now we will five five of us

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And subhanAllah that brother said then the Somalis came

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see a lot of us on always say this. Allah said in the Quran as an Cara who she and while

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you may dislike something but it's good for you.

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We dislike what happened to us back home. We scattered all around the world. But look on flipping on the right on the on the positive side.

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Everywhere you go the best of fall of the Somalis Am I right.

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But then Michigan now

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and look go to Dubai International Quran international competition Quran competition. You see me there are Somalia South Sudan measure somebody's brother sitting there and he has you know Sweden, you know flag in front of him. You see another Somali you know, is sitting right and you can tell somebody somebody you can they will connect with each other. You can tell you the snowman and he has a flag of America. United States of America. You see another Somali Canadian flag. You see another Somali you know you know Norwegian flag. You see another Tabata Kola

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Middle East Africa, Nairobi you name

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everywhere I went to South Africa, every message that I go almost the Imam is Omar.

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I went to East Africa, Uganda I want to you know, in Tanzania I want to you know what, Nairobi? Evrim Rob every Mira Mira, Somalia situada

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it's a Samadhi no looking at the other side towards the tabla.

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and the brothers said it was only when the Somali sisters came with G BAP with a job. And then everybody's like, what about us? Why don't we do what this immigrants did? So the first nation, the first thing that are on mine you see the future of the OMA you look at their women. You look at their women. Unfortunately we are right now in a difficult situation.

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Where we have we have surplus of good sisters.

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And we have a shortage of good brothers. Am I right?

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In the muddy Masha Allah you don't

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have loco Tabata kala girls, they doing well. And the saddest part is when does the young ladies who want to get married? They don't have compatible young men on the other side.

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You have sisters 70% of them excellent. And only 30% of the brothers are doing good job.

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And that's a good sign don't say don't think is a bad sign. Having a more sisters on the truth on the hat is a good sign. That's when there is some longer it was seldom said first fitna of Bani Israel was in there when