Said Rageah – How Do I Know If Allah Loves Me

Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of asking Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam's questions to determine which type of people he loves. He emphasizes the benefits of helping people in needy situations, including older people, people with special needs, and people with weak heart needs. The speaker also highlights the need for care and respect for human and animal rights, particularly for teenagers who may want to help others. It is important to help people in a positive way to benefit others.
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smilla rahmanir rahim Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim. So he didn't want to be, you know, Mohammed Ali, he was so happy. He mean, have you ever asked yourself, what type of people that Allah loves? You know, I'm sure that Allah does not, you know hate anyone, but it depends on our deeds. I'm also sure on certain there are certain people whom Allah loves. Now you don't have to wonder anymore because one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had exactly the same question that you may ask or you may have right now, this companion it came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, Oh prophet of Allah, tell me the type of people whom Allah

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would love them or Allah loves them. Now, again, if you reflect on our daily life, you know, you may consider that question not that relevant or that significant, but if you're righteous person, and you want to be close to God or close to Allah, you want to be near your Creator, you want him to love you. These are the types of question type of questions that you should be asking. So this man, this Companion of the Prophet comes to the Messenger of Allah, and he says to him, or prophet of Allah, tell me the type of people who Allah loves. Now keep in mind, when he said type of people, types of people, he did not mean you know, tall or short, you know, wide or narrow or fat or skinny,

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you know, black or white or brown, he means or he meant type of people spiritually who are closer to God and God loves them. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him,

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the people that Allah loves the most are those who are good to others.

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See, you never thought of that. You thought the public may say, Well, the people that got loans are those who are wealthy, or those who have degrees or PhDs on the wall, you know, doing certain things, those who are strong physically and mentally those you know, you can rent files or can read files, who can, you know, do certain things, but God has a different measurement in terms of measuring what he likes and what he loves, and what he dislikes. Now here, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in Arabic, I will say so you can understand. He said, I have onesie Illa Allah. And

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he said, the people whom Allah loves most are those who were benefit others most.

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Wow. Now, again, he did not say God loves Muslims, alone, or big believers, meaning alone, all those who would benefit the believers who will benefit the Muslims by he said, God loves those who will benefit others. Now, number one, we rule out one thing and that is, if you are out there to hurt others, to harm others, then God would not love you. Because he says the Prophet of Allah said, God love those who would benefit others. So what kind of benefit are we talking about?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he mentioned general benefits, it can be anything. It could be that you go out of your house, know your neighbor is an elderly person, he or she is struggling, you know, shoveling the snow and you go out of your house, get out of your comfort, and you say to this older lady person does you know your neighbors, you know what, relax, I'll remove the snow for you out of the driveway today. Or you will say it's summertime. Let me cut the grass for you. Let me do it for you see those acts and the acts of God will love you. Because you will want to benefit someone else. You when you're young, you feel you're strong, you're fast, you know, you can do a lot

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of things. You see this old lady pushing a shopping cart, and she's trying to unload things into her car. And you come around and you start to say, Good evening, ma'am or Good evening, sir, in a nice and beautiful manner. And you help that person out. And you take that card and you put where it belongs. And you say thank you very much for allowing me to serve you for allowing me to help you for allowing me to be your age and to be there for you. Now when you do this, God will love you. Allah would love you. When you go and you feed a needy person. God will love you. Allah will love you soprano with that. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, people whom Allah loves

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those who will benefit the people most. Now I want to ask you a question.

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When was the last time that you really helped someone?

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You know nowadays we live in a society. We live in a lifestyle that you only worry about yourself. If you generous enough, you may continue making you may include few. If you generous enough, you may include a few members into your little circle. You may include your parents, you may include your children, you may include some close friends, you may go out of your way for certain people, but not for the general mass.

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Now again, if you ask yourself

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How many people did you have today? How many times that you went out of your way to help us? You know, in this society,

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you know, it's difficult to find someone out of the kindness of their heart, we'll find this lady with her children with a flat tire, then stop the car, get out of the vehicle, God help her out, and then continue on your journey, you will not find those, you see some of the footage that you see on YouTube and Facebook and EMS, you know, a social media, that you may see someone struggling on the side of the road, and people will pass by that person as though he does not wish he does not exist. You watch only news, children who do not have what to eat. Children who do not have what to drink, children dying with them for the minimum medical medication, yet, we don't care. You will watch

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children suffering out of hunger, and you will sit in front of that, you know, for cheese or vegetarian pizza, and you will be taking bite while you're watching children almost dying out of starvation. See,

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God taught us in Islam, that if you want me to love you, you gotta love others. You know, a lot of people they think, if I'm good, you know, if I don't do bad things, you know, if I'm only you know, be a good citizen, and this is wonderful, and God will love me. Yes, yes, God will love you. But God will also love someone else more than you because that person is willing to go the extra mile and help us.

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And as Muslims. We were taught from the get go from the first day, Muslim care, Muslim share as children, our mothers, they sing the song as they you know, they keep repeating, you know, for us, we can learn this, they can be part of our existence, and they keep repeating to us Muslim care Muslim, she,

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you know, she will everything share resources available for you share the time that you have, that is extra than the time that you need for yourself.

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And that's what is so important. as Muslims, we need

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to do.

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And if any non Muslim is watching in you must understand that for us to help anyone, whether he's Muslim, non Muslim believer or non believer, it doesn't matter. As long we're helping human being us only helping in eliminating, we are in a good state. For example, just to illustrate that show, just to show you.

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The Prophet told us our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us, that was this lady. And this lady she used to be not so decent in her living, and the way she used to earn her own living. And the society will label that person as a decent person. And of course, God was not pleased her action and deeds. And then one day while she was walking by a well, she went down and she went to the well and she got she got some water for herself. And then when she climbed up, and she had enough for herself, but she drank when she came up, she realized this dog cannot do what she did, that dog cannot do it for itself. So I'm the dog was Thursday, so much saw, so much so that she felt sorry

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for the dog. And then she took the time that she went down to the Well, once again, as you fetch some water, ice David to the dog. And then the Prophet said, God was watching her doing that. And then God forgave all her sins, and meet him from the people of paradise. Now, in Islam, when we help people, we are rewarded. When we help animals, we are rewarded. And that's why in Islam, there's nothing called hunting for sports. You can't just go out and hunt or fish for sports, you cannot do that. Because those living beings, they have living beings, they have rights over us, we better and we must respect that. And this is the teaching the beauty of Islam. Not only that, Islam is all in

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us to help the environment. And that's why you're not allowed to pollute water. You're not allowed to cut trees unnecessarily. You're not allowed as a matter of fact, to cut grass, unless you have to. You're not allowed to kill any living being including mosquitoes and little things like that, unless there's a direct harm to you.

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And when we do this, and we benefit others, whether the human animals, then God would love us. And I'm inviting all the people who are watching this, that listen, stop being selfish. Stop being selfish, self centered person, stop worrying about yourself alone, and live for others because when you live for others, God will take care of you. And this is the formula that a lot of people miss understood. God

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Thought in according to the teachings of the Prophet, that if you are so much engaged, helping others, so much concerned about the well being of others, then God will take care of your affairs. And for him for example, I have a teenager boy or maybe you have you may have a teenager

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