Finding Peace #23 – To be spared from Hellfire

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Another gift my brothers and sisters Islam that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had left behind and told us to recite every morning and every evening right after fudger and before muddling four times if you say these words you will be spared from the punishment of Hellfire what other gifts Do we need in our lives to know that if we decided this insha Allah tala consistently with full faith and conviction in sha Allah tala we will be spared from the punishment of Hellfire inshallah, what are these words alone me a Satoshi Luca whoosh hidoe hamara thar Sheikha one Ecotec wa Jamia Hello pika and Naka unfollow hula Illa Illa and our the kalasha recollect what anna Muhammadan Avi Luca was on

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lot I have entered the morning and of course when you reach to the evening right before mother if you say allow me um say two or a lot we have entered the evening oshi Luka I bear witness to you while Hamlet are Sheikha and the bears of your throne, one Ecotec a and your angels watch me Our whole kicker and the entire creation all what you have created and not get into law, what the kalasha recollect indeed you are Allah subhanaw taala alone without any partner less recollect wonder Mohammedan are the Duka was with Mohammed Salah lot is alum is your servant and Messenger once you say these my brothers these simple words in the morning and in the evening you will be

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spared from Hellfire not only in Ramadan my brothers and sisters in Islam not just because we are in Ramadan recite this we our program is in Ramadan and beyond to find peace contentment and to connect and reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala so that we don't lag behind after Ramadan is over so memorize these words and make it a habit once you get up. perform your fudger recite them four times and before negative recite them again four times in sha Allah tala we will be spared from Hellfire me Salaam Alaikum wa