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Whoever said the woman you believe fell into the level when he didn't want to sit down

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Why should one in the law why the hula sharika

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Why should one no Mohammed Abu hora solo

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yo yo levena Amano taco la hapa Ducati he was in LA one two Muslim on

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yo yo Hannah Soto Cora Bakula de holla Takumi nuptse noir Hayden

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wahala caminhar Xhosa

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What does the mean humare john and Catherine one is

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what the law let alone a v one our home in the law. How can it come?

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Yeah, you have Nadine Amara choco la hora ponen sadita UCLA Kamala Khan

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way of filicudi Nova con

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woman nuclear in Nevada Sula, who fought it further falls on alima

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and then when the Hydra Academy cut on the law

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well, Hayden had you had you Mohammed in Salah law Ronnie, you are sending them?

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What's your law Morimoto de Taha?

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Welcome no more death in VEDA?

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What Couldn't you be the atom Malala what could you

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see now?

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we were kings

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I don't

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know what a Hema

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one of the greatest hold effa ever live after the Sahaba intervene.

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Who the wall

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he was sitting outside

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and clouds start passing over him.

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And he ordered the clouds and he say rain right here.

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But the clouds did not follow the orders of huddling Allah see the rather it follows the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And it proceeded

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on Alana on each.

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He said I do not care.

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Whatever you rain, whatever your water touch, the result of that would come to me. That's how big his land that he will was

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Parana Rashid,

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no European King would be appointed.

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Without his approval.

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They rule the world. We rule the world once we were kings.

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But today

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no one cares about Muslims.

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No one worries about their opinions and as they will nobody asked about their opinions or worry about what they want to say or do

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we are weak, but large in number.

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And the messenger overlord sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about our situation.

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And he said one day you will be useless.

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Auto SATA data are a common among nations were feast on you.

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They were coming from the east and the west. And they were feast on you, your people your resource your children.

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One of the Sahaba of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could not comprehend. How could that be possible? We were only 313 Sahabi in the bottom of bed. And we defeated Ornish the superpower of that time, and he posed a question to the messenger overlong and he said Yato Salalah a woman bit Latina yo ma

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are we few in numbers? Is that why the enemies of the law are feasting on us? Is that why they don't care about us bother to get your money so money You are so money what I can

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but you useless as a phone that runs over the running water

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useless. Now the Muslims nowadays we are according to CIA Rahim Allah. We are

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2.1 billion Muslims

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2.1 billion Muslims, but our sisters been raped

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and kill in Palestine. Our brothers been burned a life in Boma everywhere that you see everywhere that you look every direction that you turn to Muslims or a Jew.

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Perhaps Yes, once we were kings So what happened?

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Where did we go wrong?

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What happened to our nation?

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Very soon.

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See, we used to follow Mohammed Salah la vida usnm

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no disrespect to anyone who's sitting here, but we hardly follow the Dean of Mohammed Salah law Ronnie.

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You are not. We think by praying or performing five daily prayers. My name should be added next to other books on Oman.

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You and I we assume or we sing. Because Because we go to Hajj you know, luxury Hajj, you pay 10,000 14,000 and you go and you sleep in five star hotel and you eat the demos Did you know delegates? And we think we shouldn't be like how to be worthy

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as a result,

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but the Sahaba Now listen to them.

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The reason that they became successful

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is because they followed us follow us so the law is the law sallallahu it he was

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a solo law. Mecca The young man in our in who were in LA, you have never used to sneak out of his desires Allah La Rani, us and everything that he did. It was a revelation. And he had an example to follow. Know, before that Adam, no Ibrahim moves on to the rest of the province. And the message would I can let you know how the law but the law.

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A law says those are the people in my log guided. So follow that guidance, do not deviate from that.

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And then he went out.

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And he went to the city of McAllen. He said yeah yohannes o la ilaha illAllah to flip through, or people say there is no god worthy of worship, and you would be successful. Guess what, or according to you and you and I and our understanding the messenger over life asking these people to say their Shahada and they will be successful, but they understood differently.

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I would not have understood it different. Abuja understood it different. Just because you see that ilaha illa law is not everything that is required. In

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and you and I

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we think and we relax. And we say la ilaha illa Allah, I am a good Muslim. I just pray so that Asia Don't you see brother Sorry, I'm wearing my hijab brother. Sorry, don't you see I'm a Muslim with my little tiny beer under the law, but that is not enough.

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Because Abu Jan could have said the same thing. I'm going to gender but he understood that means there's more into La Ilaha Illa ma

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so the Sahaba they accepted Islam and his urban Indian as me and I'm older than us unity in an email an amulet

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or law we have heard a caller saying oh people believe in the law. So we believe in Allah. Allah have mercy on us. And then a last panel with the ANA talked about the Sahaba and he mentioned amongst MP Mary Jo nataline tiara. What are they doing under common saw amongst the Sahaba there are men and women

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the business job work degrees would not distract them from their D

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and then Allah gave them the glad tidings la casa de la de la hora mini in an Edu by you Luna Cata Tisha Jana a la said allies please with the believers all Mohammed even a good one they giving you the allegiance.

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Now you're gonna love

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what they did about the unknown to become one of the worst nations ever lived.

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To continue hydro mutton originated in PNAS tomorrow and

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they became the best of all nations. What did they do? What are the law known as human? They follow the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they follow the teaching of Rasulullah sallallahu I knew he was selling them and they thought their lives belong to snom not to degree that should be put on the wall, not money they should be deposit in that account, not chosen to run after them without worrying about that asset. No, they thought the line was giving to them. So they conserve a lot, which is the reality.

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Also happy symbol so having most of you may not know

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Abdullah even nice. How many of you heard of him?

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I belong, known as how many of you read his biography? How many of you told taught their children and say to their sons, son, I want you to be like Abdullayev in the old days. But because none of us did that. Why? Because we don't know about him.

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We don't

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live in a nice

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when the enemies of a law were shots, they were paralyzed. They could not analyze and understand how could Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam bring them this Arabs from the desert

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and give them the strength to rule the world.

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So the one of the enemies of Allah

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set you soldiers.

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When you meet the enemy, when you meet the followers of Mohammed,

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bring me one of them. I want to ask him, how and what do you do? What do you have to give you this motivation to do what you did? So the capture of the lie Be honest.

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Abdullah haven Oh, nice. Again, he was not known for his on like, he knew like he was not known as, like a ob. He was not known as a as a tation. Like Abdullah, he'd been in my sorority alone. He was not known for his, like Abdullah heavner. But he was not known for his hokum like

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none of us knew him.

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So they kept you out of the line.

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So the enemy, he said, Bring him to my palace. And they brought him to his palace. And I've lived in the old days where the symbol outfit will lie about the light, it is not the outfit. That is the problem. The problem is what the outfit is concealing uncovered is the heart inside that chest. That is the problem. So have the law have been known as was drunk.

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So the man said, the ruler said, I'll send you free

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for you to reject and denounced the Dean of your profit of the library. He said.

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He said because of the religion we live on because of it, we die.

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Now you and your boss tells you listen, you can pray for Juma or you can have time for Sadat to vote because this is not a must. And we say yes sir. Yes, sir.

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But this man, he said, become a cafe. And I will send you a free essay now he will never have.

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And then he said then He then

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took our kill you and Tama art, it is your choice.

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And then he sent it to the soldiers take him back to the south. They took him back to the south A

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few days later there bought him and said, Listen, the kingdom ruler said, I'll give you half of my wealth for you to reject the deen of Muhammad and become Christians Like us

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on the final enemy of that type, and that part of the world were Christians.

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And he said, No, what law what a what a net even for fraction of a second.

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And then the man said sent him back. They sent him back. And he said to him, the ruler said, I know one thing that this young man would never resist.

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What was it?

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He said, I know. Bring me the most beautiful women in the country. beautifier hair, give her whatever she needs for her to look nicer and more beautiful. And they took this beautiful young lady and they put her in

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The cell alone with Abdullah hibino. Nice.

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A lot of young people, what do you do? You say Bismillah tabarrok Allah, I'm a prisoner. Nobody would know. No.

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But Abdullah even nice.

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He said en la c'mon.

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I see you walked in front of him. And he said on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And she tried to talk to him, and he said, and Islam in Delhi, Calcutta wallarah eva fee, and she tried to seduce him left and right. And he will go on record and see Julian was a tation. Until this young lady she screamed for Hanukkah Hola, journeymen Guna for la isla Andrea who had your own Amerasian, she said, I don't know what this we would just do, whether this is a walk or a man take me out of this place.

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And then the ruler said, Bring him to me.

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They bought into him.

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And then he bought

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oil and he boiled oil

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in a container that was big enough for human beings. And he bought Muslims were prisoners. And he started dropping them one after another in that boiling oil. And only ashes and bones will come to the surface. And then he said to live in a nice, you had been nice or sensible or nice, except my religion accepted my offer. And you can go free, Garland our law? No,

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no. And if they take him and kill him as well. And he turned on when he turned, he cries so the soldiers was holding his arms. When they saw the labor unit one is crying. One of them rushed back and wanted a man and they say no, we broken his crying.

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Got in tune he bring him back. So they brought him back.

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Are you ready to accept my religion on an even my you kick us into why you're crying? He said I'm sad. Because I have one soul to give it for the sake of the law. I wish if I had 1000 souls, so you can kill one after another.

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That is what the difference between us and them. And that's why they were kings. And we not. That's why

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one of the Sahaba I'll be alone. See here. Sometimes I remember when my parents was sending me to this country. And as a little boy, my brother was on his knees. And he says, Hey, when you go to Canada, do me a favor, study hard. Get a degree and come back as a doctor so you can make a lot of money.

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That was what our parents taught us. Because we want our children to be successful, to drive nice cars, to have a nice house and perhaps to marry a beautiful young lady. But that is not the ultimate goal. No,

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this 100 comes to the messenger overlord out army unknown. His name nobody knows his name. We don't even know unless you go deep to the books of Sierra to the books are involved with john and his search for his name. None of us would just come up with his name like that.

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He comes to the messenger overload for over a year or so a lot. Extend your hand so I can give you my allegiance. So he gave me his allegiance and the Lord

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Subhana Allah, He says those guys corner and look how many of Kabbalah when he was describing the Sahaba It was so beautiful how we used to describe and he's a Pakistani powered by the way and he used to say Mandela era for our souvenir price metaphor or homage in Juma menorah, Mandela, Mandela de terre de mon ami Guna Jeeva Jeeva Obama said Nana Mugen Bihari vihara Goodman

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is Surah one a Naka Yamaha Shimon Jabara number 10

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what are the top four Nara? He said some kind of law, he said, we used to be like mountains on the top of mountains, you know, he man, not excess weight he man.

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He comes.

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And he fights with the messenger overload. And he serves. And he said, I want to take care of the camels because I'm a bet when I'm one of those days.

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One man comes to him and he says, this wealth is yours. And I mean men from what from whom they say from the Messenger of Allah. This is from the Jihad that you did recently.

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And he took the wealth. He took the gold and the silver and went to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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Put it right in front of the messenger overlong. And he says to him, Yara Sala la mirada had to he said, What messenger over law, it is not for this that I gave you my allegiance. And it's not for this, that I followed Tara in an ad a murder by attending, what did you give me allegiance for or an

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agenda for me to be killed for the sake of the law and to go to john c his ultimate goal not this dunya. But to go to gentlemen, my ultimate goal

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is dunia.

00:20:38--> 00:20:44

Not like them or the loved one. And that's why the rule and we don't

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I'm not given the tablet I mean, look at our son and what he did or the last one, look, Salahuddin or the last one or him. Look, Mohammed noted in zinc, what he did, Rahim Allah, all of those people, they give their lives for the sake of a law and they became kings, true kings, not like us.

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Last, but not least,

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out of the people that I really want to touch upon,

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is a man that he's been his biography been tempered with.

00:21:26--> 00:21:34

His life biography being ruined by many different hands. And this is Sultan Abdul Hamid the second

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the last

00:21:38--> 00:22:02

this man some hand a lot. Majority of you may not know and you just may read what they teach us in a secular education that he was a tyrant that was in his his freediver was very strong. He is the man that refuse to sell Palestine and because he refused to sell Palestine and messed it up saw his halifa was destroyed.

00:22:04--> 00:22:05

But guess who destroyed the

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because the Navy is Allahu alayhi wa sallam clearly stated and he told us inside a Muslim

00:22:19--> 00:22:27

and I will conclude with this hadith the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Sal Toby Antara

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he say ask my Lord for three things. I repeat this howdy is almost everywhere I go, to show you to show you the problem of the oma lies on this particular this particular study. The messenger over law said, I asked my Lord for three things he gave me two and he denied me one.

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He gave me two

00:22:54--> 00:22:54

and he did not

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allow you liquor.

00:23:02--> 00:23:07

I asked my lord not to destroy my home with natural disasters.

00:23:08--> 00:23:11

And Allah said Dr. Mohammed, it is yours.

00:23:12--> 00:23:36

Say I have been asked my Lord, not to La La suddenly de la la him out when he is pretty happy about that he would not appoint an outside enemy that would destroy them. And Allah said to Muhammad, it is yours. Yeah, Mohammed Pato was the Torah be an ayah Allah, who's been in a home shed.

00:23:37--> 00:23:49

And I asked my Lord, a law do not cause the friction and the problems on my own or to destroy them. And Allah said, that is not your cm.

00:23:50--> 00:23:59

So the only ones that brought us from being kings, to being servants are you and I,

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the only one who did that to us, because Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah chose us to lead.

00:24:09--> 00:24:11

And he said to

00:24:13--> 00:24:17

us, you want the best nation that a lot ever created, our sisters,

00:24:19--> 00:24:39

our sisters, they were the best of all. Unfortunately, nowadays, it hurts me when I see it, see or hear sisters saying you know Islam is not giving us our rights. Islam is suppressing us and here to fight for women's rights.

00:24:40--> 00:24:59

When Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah honored women before men in many aspects, you know, my dear sisters, you know, the first person who said that I should let you know in the law. What I said when a man with a lawsuit of law was assistant teacher of the alumni

00:25:01--> 00:25:46

The first person who died for the sake of Allah, who was killed for the sake of Allah gave her life for the sake of Allah wa sumaiya just was not a brother Mashallah. And we put our chest and said Mashallah, I did something for some, no, they did something for us. And that's why the strength of Islam, not in us, it is in them. And this is what we lost. And that's all when you have people from the west, what come to you and say, you know, fight for your freedom, fight for your rights, you know, with this Oscar that you wear, the scarf that you wear, this niqab that you were to read over, you know, go off for your freedom, Allah honor them before us.

00:25:47--> 00:25:51

And this is what they need to understand. Because of them.

00:25:52--> 00:26:11

Because of them, they become mostly mad at me not only towards happy loans, as a lights didn't end up or an ally, we will be better since we've got a better sense, fathers and husbands and brothers.

00:26:12--> 00:26:17

Our is a My dear brothers and sisters, is for us to come back to this team.

00:26:18--> 00:26:45

Our honor is for us to come back to this Dean. And the day that you pick this on not to read for Baraka forum, Milan. net to catch it and then put it on the shelf till next we'll move on, but to act accordingly, that is the day that once once again you can be kings, rules and lead, not to abuse anyone because that is not the deal but

00:26:46--> 00:27:09

rather, to guide them. The beauty of Islam is upon Allah, you explain to the people with true Islam is and they themselves would accept this. You don't need to force anybody because Allah is ordering you not to force anybody to become a Muslim in the Quran. And he said Nicole has indeed you cannot force anybody to become a Muslim.

00:27:10--> 00:27:11

A by the law.

00:27:13--> 00:27:17

If you really want to, once again, be where we used to be.

00:27:19--> 00:27:55

Leaders of the nation's leading people to righteous righteousness, guide them to the right right path, then it is for us to come back. It is must for us to come back to the dean over law, apply. Learn it steadies the worst enemy of Islam, and I repeat the worst enemy of an Islam. Muslims. If you think America is the worst enemy, you're wrong, if you think you know the European currency countries are the worst enemies of Islam. You're wrong. The worst enemy of Islam is you and

00:27:56--> 00:28:05

you and I so the day that we can come back from that is the day that once again we can be kings chisako lawhead salaam alaikum warahmatullah