You’re Trustworthy, But Are You Responsible

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The speaker discusses trust and responsibility in relation to sharing information and delivery. They emphasize the importance of trust and responsibility in the context of sharing information and sharing material. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of trust in bringing together the two of them and offers feedback on their experiences.

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Sit down with a comb and welcome to another raw vlog handler. This time, I don't have to say what I usually have to say at the beginning of these. And that is, it's been a while since I've done one of these handler recently, I did a Rob log in which we spoke about the topic of trust, but specifically trust when it comes to information that we may share with other people. Today, I want to speak about trust as well continuing on with this topic. But I want to speak about an aspect of trust that is sometimes not thought about. And that is, when we're talking about a mana, we're not just talking about trust or trustworthiness, we're also talking about responsibility, or being responsible. So

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you may have somebody who is trustworthy, but not responsible. And likewise, you may have somebody who's responsible, but not trustworthy. So for example, let's say you have a friend, they're trustworthy in the sense that you trust them, meaning, let's say you gave them $100, to go buy something, you know, they're not going to run off with the money, you know, they're not going to try and cheat you. But the question is, are they responsible, they may not be responsible to do what you told them with that $100. On the other hand, we said the person may be responsible, but not trustworthy, meaning they are responsible enough to carry out what you told them to do, but can you

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trust them. And when it comes to being somebody who is trustworthy, or someone who is I mean, in the concept of America, in Islam, we're talking about both. So we aim to be both somebody who is trustworthy, and also somebody who is responsible. And likewise, in our friends, when we're choosing friends, we want someone who has both you can trust them. And also they are someone who is responsible. So part of our Sonic etiquette and our morals is that we strive to be both trustworthy and responsible. And this can be with information, as we talked about previously, that we trust the person with this information, also, that they can be responsible with that information that we have

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shared with them. But also it can be something other than information, something material, it can be money, for example, give someone $100 to save for me, are they trustworthy? Are they responsible to save that $100? And then give it back to me when I need it back? Or to pass it on to someone? Here's $100 go give it to so and so? Do I trust them to do it? And also, are they responsible to carry out you know, that delivery of that, that money, the $100? Or it can be something that is not money, but something that has material? Let's say I give someone I don't know, here's a phone, can you go give this phone to somebody else? And once again, are they are they are they trustworthy? And number two,

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are they responsible to do that? Now on the receiving end, for us, when somebody gives us an amount when a man is placed with us, we have to feel that sense of responsibility because this is not only a trust between the two of us, it's a trust between us and Allah has Penwith data as well. And that spiritual factor can make a very big difference. Or I should say, it does make a very big difference. Because the spiritual aspect of it means that it's no longer about the actual item, or the information or the money or whatever the the the the object is, it's about trust, it's about responsibility. So let's say it's, you know, 50 cents instead of $100. Well, if we if we feel a

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sense of responsibility to this person, and to a loss penalty, Allah, that is not about the quantity, it's about that trust that is placed with us. So it should make no difference how valuable or not we think something is whether it's 50 cents, or $10,000, we would treat it exactly the same, we would treat it as a trust that is placed with us. And that's why we keep that in mind. That's why we keep the aspect of the spiritual implications of taking on that trust, taking on that responsibility. And that is why I usually say if we have doubts in our own responsibility, then it's better to err on the side of caution, meaning we may sit we may think of ourselves as trustworthy

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and inshallah data were trustworthy. But our responsibility are we try, are we responsible, if we don't deem ourselves to be responsible enough to either hold on to what has been given to us, like we said, it could be information, it could be money, it could be something, are we responsible have to hold on to it, or sometimes as we said, an amount needs to be passed on to someone, here's, I don't know, $100, or, as we said, even 50 cents, go give this to so and so person, if we don't think we can handle the responsibility, then is better not to take it. Because once again, it's not just that trust between us and not in them, you know, and that should be enough of a deterrent as on its

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own but also, to add to that it is a trust with Allah has power to Allah, we are taking on this trust with Allah as well. And that's why, as I said, and I know some people may disagree with this, but if we don't believe ourselves to be responsible enough, we shouldn't take on that responsibility. Whether once again, whether it's something which has very little value or something that is very, very valuable information or not money, whatever it may be, but I would also like to hear your thoughts on this topic. How do you feel about this? How do you

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feel about the issue of trustworthiness and responsibility. And also, I'd love to hear about some of your experiences when it comes to real life dealings with people. What have you experienced in this room? And as always, Allah has pointed out and knows best inshallah. Tada, I'll see you in the next raw vlog. Take care set on what a coup de la heat or workout