Mirza Yawar Baig – Seerah is the Answer #7

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Somebody's gonna have to love you wanna go to

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the show attitude

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really revolves and revolved around the whole concept again we come almost full circle which is

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the issue the issue of identity. So one aspect of identity is my word is law, but it comes also from this belief that me first

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whereas Islam and Islams approach has always been the other one first.

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Now, the point I want to make to you is this.

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We are not talking here about selflessness.

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We are not talking here about altruism. Although this looks like that.

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We are talking here about what I call positive selfishness.

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And the reason I call it positive selfishness and why I want to make a point here is because at the end of the day, what motivates the human being is wi I fm? What's in it for me?

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The only FM station everybody listens to is which FM station wi I fm what's in it for me that they're ill from the Quran about this? Allah subhanaw taala said Yeah, are you are Lavina mono hull, loco Mala TJ deja Ratan tungee Caminada. Aleem?

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Allah subhanaw taala asked a question relating to the individual and the individuals desire or you believe Shall I show you a trait which will save you from a grievous punishment.

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What comes thereafter, Allah could have said this, without this particular sentence, straightaway, Allah subhanaw taala would have said what he wanted to say, which is the ayat which comes after this, but Allah did not do that Allah subhanaw taala knows our psychology because he created and therefore Allah is first drawing our attention and to draw our attention Allah subhanaw taala is using our own self interest as the way to draw attention. There are many Hadees of Rasulullah is a Salam where he began with this question to the Sahaba Shall I tell you this? Shall I show you this? Shall I tell you which is better?

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Our mothers are you the My Munna Ravi Allahu anha. One day prayed Salado Fajr with rasool Allah, so salah.

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And then abishola Salam left our house and he went out.

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And he came back close to the time for Salah.

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So when he returned, he found her sitting in the same place.

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So he was surprised.

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And he said to her,

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have you been sitting here from the time I left you in the morning? I remember from the time of struggle,

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especially in the Middle East, to the to the lotto is a very long time.

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So it's another version, maybe maximum, maybe around five 530 in the morning. And Serato God is around say 1230. So we are talking about at least four to five hours, maybe even six hours.

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So he said have you been sitting for time? She said yes.

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He said What were you doing? He said I was making bigger jasola.

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So he said Shall I tell you something which is better?

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Something which will give you more reward than this, but it's only four kilowatts

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for sentences.

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She said please tell me

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this is the teaching officer Salem his method, where he would first draw attention to the benefit of something before presenting it because when you draw attention to the benefit of something, then people immediately their attention is drawn towards that they want to listen to that because now they see maybe I will gain something from this.

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So he said say the following

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Subhana Allah he will be him the other the fall.

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He wore either and I've see he was in authority. He was Amida, the Kalima, the, he said say this four times and Allah will give you the reward of five six hours of liquor.

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So, when we learn what must you do?

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Practice, so let us do it now. Straightaway no need to do it. So, Allah he will be him the other that will be worried enough See, he was in Arthur Archie Amida Lima, the sober ha Allah he will be the other philosophy worried on I've see he was in a daughter she he want me the current EMA the sober law he will be harmed the other will be he he worries enough see he was you know, he he was Amida the Kalima the last time. So Baja and Allah he will be the other be worried on up see he was in Hatha Roshi Amida Lima.

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We ask Allah for his for his riddoch

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see the beautiful eschar of rasa salah. See this one?

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This one is a digger of Allah which glorifies Allah subhanaw taala is

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in words which are impossible to describe except in the words of the nebulous Allah

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Subhana Allah he will be handy all glory and magnificence and purity

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and all praise and tanks is for Allah subhanho data alone.

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How much are the other healthy

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equal to the count of all that he created?

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The purpose of vigor is to reflect not simply to say it reflect how much of prayers and how much of thanks equal to the number of things that he created

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we don't even know how many things he created

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that we have no clue

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but even if we look at what we know

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we're sitting here look outside there is a hedge

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I'm not talking about the big trees that did legend down below.

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Do you know how many lives there are there

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you and you know how many grains of sand are there in the earth in which that plant is there

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so reflect

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keep on looking blades of grass.

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waves in the ocean

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breeze blowing

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radio waves

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it's all Krishna Allah subhanaw taala.

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And I can list endlessly

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and remember I'm not even talking about the animals and human beings These are small numbers.

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Just one numbers

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compared to the grains of sand. How many animals are there

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other than

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worried enough see how much praise how much tax until you are pleased

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until you are pleased

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was in at the Hershey. According to the weight of the Throne of Allah subhanahu

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wa Midata Kalamata Murthy

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equal to the ink that is required to write the praises of Allah Subhan Allah

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to write the word of Allah Subhana Allah

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see the beautiful zikr

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so now he says LM used to teach like this, he used to teach in ways where he would ask people he would draw attention to their

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interest and then he would tell them what to tell them.

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So now,

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when we are looking at attitude,

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as I said, we are not looking at selflessness because there is no such thing.

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We are not looking at altruism which is doing benefit for others only without any benefit to you to yourself because there is no such thing. Islam is real.

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Islam is a realistic religion. It's real.

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Islam recognizes that when we do good for others, we benefit much more than them.

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We benefit from as a human being you benefit from the contentment it gives to your heart. You benefit when you see the smile on somebody's face, you benefit when the other person you see that you have relieved their suffering, it makes you feel happy, it makes you feel at peace. And then of course in terms of the akhira, the minimum that Allah subhanaw taala gives is one is to tell. And then in the ayat of surah baqarah, Allah subhanaw taala said he gives one is to 700 and then Allah said, use our EVO Lima Yasha

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wala who use our a foodie Masha Allah will Ingres according to His grace and majesty

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which means there is no boundary to that

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anyone and remember this reward is not only in the ACA, this reward is in the dunya Iwakura.

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So when we say putting others first, first and foremost, let us understand that we are not doing anybody any favor. When you are putting others first. You benefit more than them you benefit. You gave that person 20 Naira, he only got 20 Naira, you got

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10 times 2000 Naira worth of benefit. And that is at the minimum level. Maybe Allah gave you 14,000 Naira and then Allah gave you without his app for giving 20 bucks to somebody. And then on the day of judgment, this you will find in your book of deeds before Allah's Wilda and shall

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so who is actually gaining and that's the reason why I say forget the word sacrifice no such thing.

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Sacrifices tandoori chicken

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that's it because the chicken lost his life he'd got nothing in return you ate the chicken so tandoori chicken sacrifice

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No, everything else has a return

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whatever you do has a return

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and that return comes from the people and the return comes from Allah subhanaw taala both

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now in that context, see what

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we learn from the

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Rasulullah Salah Salem generosity of course has no bounds and we know so many things now which are seldom used to give and give and give and give and give.

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One time they were coming back from one of the gods what.

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And one of the companions of Rosa Salem was riding a camel which was a very weak looking camel.

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And it was very slow. So the animal was weak and slow.

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So rasuna bold is Camelback next to this band.

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And he said to him, he started talking to him and he was joking with him.

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So he said to him, now when you go home, I'm sure your wife must be so happy that you are coming back and she would have put out you know good carpets and cushions and things for you

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easily as well of where carpets which cushions I bought nothing we have a poor man

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and of course my wife will be happy but we don't have all this all these luxuries.

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So as soon as I said

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he asked him more so he said that he married his lady who was much older than him because he had sisters father died mother died he needed somebody to look after them. So he married his lady more as a caretaker for the rest of his family. So the lady was

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then I will get Tim

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will erase with me.

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He said he has all of this camera is his camera is not moving. I will let you

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know let's exchange you right my camera video camera.

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Then we'll race so he said okay.

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So Russell changed. He went on to this band scabbards weak camel and this man went broke. I was reading the Surah Surah sort of scam. As soon as the VESA mounted his gavel is Gavin became the fastest girl in the whole place.

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He started running right in the front.

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Then Amazon said to him, Sell me this gamma.

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Allah you want the gavel? Please take it. No, no, no, you have to sell it.

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So then there was this whole conversation how much was the ramp to the ramp and the ramp at the bottom and whatnot finally, and there was another them kept on pushing him to less to less to less.

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Finally, he agreed on a price which was very high

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in gold

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so when they got to Medina

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Rasul Allah is Allah

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gave the gold to Billa Delano. And he said, No, with regard to Madeira they went their individual ways home and then next one in his Rossum saw this camel was tied outside his house because the camera was bought the man brought it in, tidied outside his house. So now he's done a salaam gave the goal to Villa Villa and he said go and give the goal to this man and give this camel back and tell him that this is my gift

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putting somebody else had

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another story of one of those IV I forget the name.

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He went to the market he saw there was a man who was standing with his horse

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which was for sale

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so this person asked him

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he said How much for the horse? And the man said 400 Then or dinner I don't know whatever it was 400

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so this is I can I can I ride the horse to test it I say please, you rode the horse came back.

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He said the price of this horse is not 400

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Now normally if that combination, what do you expect? You think that you're going to drive it down right price? That that's what normally it means.

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He said the price of the sauce is not 400.

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So the sale the salaries are well what how what would you like to give?

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So he said no increase the price.

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Increase the price is not 400.

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Now the seller is very surprised. He said increase the price.

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I thought you were telling me decrease the price now increase the price. This horse is worth more than that. Increase the price.

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So he said okay, 500 is a no.

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This is what more than that increase the price.

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He said six is no.

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Increase. He's at seven. It's a no.

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He said 800.

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He said yes.

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Then he said why are you selling this horse for 400 dinner when you know the price is 800.

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So desire, he said because the man who was selling? He said because I'm in need.

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I have a problem. I'm in need. I have to sell the horse. And if I asked for the actual price, maybe nobody will give it so I'm selling it cheap.

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So it's a no, here is 800 Vera. I by the hospital

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Suzanne now said they told me I was selling the house because I had a need and so on so on. Why did you pay more for it?

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You would have bought you know it is worth 800 I also know it's worth 800 But I asked you a 400 You didn't not bargain or anything. I asked you for that. But you're gonna give me 400 and thought, Okay, I've got a great bargain I'm going on. Why did you insist or why did you pay me the real price?

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He said because rasuna Sarzana told us not to take advantage of others. He said I want your horse. I don't want your problem.

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I'm buying your horse I'm not buying your problem.

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So I pay you what the horse is worth.

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Issue of putting others first. You are the beneficiary

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