The Day After Ramadan

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Feels weird to eat and drink during the day doesn’t it? That’s a good thing!


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how becoming more aware and more conscious of all the blessings of Allah's subhanaw taala will lead to stronger and more consciousness. They encourage the audience to be aware of the blessings and praise his giving, as it will greatly affect their behavior and become stronger and stronger in their consciousness. The speaker also mentions that they cannot do anything until they become more aware and aware of the blessings.
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So, feels weird to eat and drink today, doesn't it? You might have even stopped yourself a couple times until you realize that you're not fasting today. Well, what happened is that you became or you have become conscious of these blessings of Allah subhanaw taala the blessing of eating and drinking, you spent the last 30 days being very specific about when you eat and drink. So now you're very aware of this blessing almost passed out. My bond has transformed you. It is made you more conscious and consciousness is really the essence of taqwa. To be conscious, aware of a loss of Tiana and being aware of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala is from taqwa. And that is what

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Yvonne has done for you. Last pentameter. Allah says we're in Derick De Niro, Mata la Hinata suha, that if you tried to count the blessings of Allah, you would be incapable of doing so. Because of Ramadan, you have become conscious of just two or three blessings almost kind of tada and look how much it's transformed you imagine if you became conscious of more and more blessings of law. So lesson number one for us is to try to get ourselves to become more aware and more conscious of all of the blessings of Adam. And as we said, being aware of the blessings of Allah really feeling the blessings of Allah will make us spiritually stronger and will bring us closer to Allah subhanaw

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taala and lesson number two obviously, is that now that we are conscious of these blessings of Allah to Allah, that we praise Allah for these buttons that he's given us so every time we take that sip every time you take that bite sale handling law say All praise belongs to the last panel.

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I'll talk to y'all later inshallah tada take care of somebody come over to law he will but I can't do