Lower my gaze or look through girls Problems of lowering the gaze in West

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ironic Alikum Salam o Rahmatullah I haven't really tried. So you are in your last session or soul wants it, to look through a woman, okay. And I read so many articles and watched videos of you and others saying you have to know your case, you must not look at them for now, since like, two years or so,

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two years ago, so I found out about this. And since then I just kept not looking at everyone at home, and I looked down. And this caused me into massive trouble.

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This was part of the reason. It just, some people said to me, I should go to a psychiatrist and

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information about musim to the government because of this, you could write a book about this. So it got me into massive social trouble because it didn't do it. They think I was insane. So even though I have extremely good grades, and now it also I got humiliated.

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People laugh at me at school. Now, should we know do do this or not? Because I told other people to do it. Many of them got weak. I personally, I know, almost none of them. I can with certain DC. Okay, he doesn't. Jonas Jonas, what did I tell you?

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Look through but so many others say you have to look down. So why are you coming to me?

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Tosh is good. Something else?

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Why are you coming to me? If you know my opinion, you have two opinions. One says, lower your gaze don't look, even if your teacher speaks to you, even though women dadada and living in Germany or in France, or places where they're hostile against Muslims, you're facing trouble. You're facing hostility? And you saying that? What should I do? The other opinion which I told you, for those who are unable to coexist and live, you should not look eye to eye, you should look through them as if they do not exist. And don't focus on the person in front of you. But they cannot say that you're not looking at them.

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Because you are looking at them. But you're looking through them. So I gave you the solution. You insisted on taking the other people's opinion. What should I do? Why are you coming back to me?

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So it's a no brainer. Living in the West, when it's hostile against Muslims, and you do have to encounter and interact with females? Islam tells you to lower from your gaze, a little mini Nya, what do men have sorry, him. Not all of it. Because if you want to lower your gaze, you're going to hit the lamppost. Or you're going to have an accident. If you're going into the mall, you're going to trip and fall on your face, if not bump into women, because sorry, I didn't see you I was lowering my gaze. This is hardship that Islam tells you not to put yourself into.

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You have the right to have the first gaze, which does not

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mean that you're concentrating and looking and getting closer and your photographic memory knows exactly how the woman is shaped? No. It's a random look. So there's a woman I just look somewhere else. That's it. But if I have to encounter my professors, my teachers, my,

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maybe someone I'm dealing in business with, I have to look. But again, I don't look them straight in the eyes and smile and flirt and try to crack jokes, so that there would be some chemistry and then my plates are yours. No, this is not acceptable. Look through them. So I told you how to make life easy. You insist on taking the other opinion. Again, why are you coming to me? And Allah knows best